Picture Pilgrimage - A collaborative Scribble journey

Fawfulthegreat64 has signed up as a replacement.

I will update the tracker as soon as I am able.
Round 9 has started.

Currently drawing are Ninelevendo and Anton.
Up next are Kright and SparksMarioWiki.

Fawfulthegreat64 has now been added to the tracker.
The future order of participants in TRACK 01 may have changed slightly as a result.
Review the tracker on page 1 if you are uncertain.​
Round 11 has started.

Currently drawing are Revin and InsaneBlathers.
Up next are FWD and Meta.

The thread update was delayed by a few hours due to scheduling complications.
The players still received their images on time though, and their turns will proceed as normal.​
Round 15 has started.

Currently drawing is Hearts.
Up next is GBA.

As was suggested to me, I will provide a back end connection between the first entries in each track
to make the final image fully loopable. To this end, my color will be Crocodilian Vermilion (#E34234)
The Final Round has ended.

You can now view the final image in the second post of this thread.
Or click this link to go there directly from here.

You are invited to share any thoughts you have, about the image itself
or the process of this event, either here or in the Awards discord server.​