What did you have for lunch?


The ninth month of the year!
This question is a great universal conversation starter that I use all the time so why not bring it to the Boards. You aren't allowed to post until either you've had lunch, so you can talk about your experience, or if you know EXACTLY what you are having, and if you have something really really gross you might not want to post!!!

I'll post later once I have lunch, I just had the idea for it right now 🍽

Lunch edit: I had 2 PB&Js and carrot sticks
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My route is where my home is so I take 30 min there every day. Ate rice, tilapia, and spinach, good stuff.

Sometimes I just DoorDash Chick-fil-A to my home.
I had lunch at work today, pita bread and hummus, plus boss gave me funn-yuns, chocolate, pistachios, iced tea, and slim jim pepperonis, and I think I accidentally ate some insulation. I think one problem with my eating habits is that I snack too much and have kind of small meals, so I'm trying to have more substantial meals and less snacks, plus that leaves more time for me to do stuff other than eating.
I had lunch at a new barbeque restaurant, got some Cajun shrimp tacos??? They were kinda weird but very good
Costco spring rolls
Oh right yesterday I had Super Mario Spaghettios!!! I can't wait for Nintendo to release Super Mario® Spaghetti-Os® Cooking Simulator®®®
Had Indian-style pizza for lunch, I really like the hint of egg in the sauce.
Today I'm having gas station pizza with pepperoni, bacon, and employee hair on it