MKWii Tourney (August 15th, 2009, 3p EDT)

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Okay this post will be modified constantly. Displayed here will be the brackets, winners, losers, and what have you.

If your involved and have not yet given me your FC you gotta PM me here, message me on the wiki, or reply to this thread.

1. Must choose random for track selection.
2. You can not change your character/vehicle combo once you enter the tourney.
3. No Hacking.

WarioLoaf (HOST Friend Code): 3437-3432-4892 [Using Wario in the Flame Runner]
Wayoshi (HOST Friend Code): 1161 0116 4813 [Using Yoshi in the Mach Bike]
Baby Mario Bloops: 1246-9550-0087 [Using ]
Booman: 1247-5466-6116 [Using King Boo in the Shooting Star]
Castle Toad: 2320-7610-4505 [Using Rosolina in the Flame Runner]
Hyper Guy: 1118-4952-8906 [Using Koopa in the Standard Kart S]
LuigiMania: 2750-3390-2041 [Using Luigi in the Sprinter]
MC Hammer Bro: 3609-5161-5073 [Using Mario in the Standard Bike M]
Plumber:0989-2320-7114 [Using Waluigi]
Sting Chameleon: 3738-5862-2428 [Using Bowser Jr. in the Sneakster]
SuperLuigiFan: 3823-9617-3850[Using Baby Luigi in the Bullet Bike]
Super Yoshi: 5456-0230-0476[Using ]
Tucayo: 0860-3898-5223 [Using Koopa in the Magikrusier]
Turboo: 2363-6063-1287 [Daisy in the Mach Bike]
VioletLuma: 4382-2903-4866 [Using ]
Yoshi Boo 118: 4855-0071-9823 [Using King Boo in the Shooting Star]
Zero777: 2105-9885-0432[Using Rosolina in the Flame Runner]

[size=10pt]No winners yet. 1st - 4th place will be posted here

More to come.

Keep Rockin.


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Re: MKWii Tourney (August 15th, 2009)

mine is 0860-3898-5223


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Re: MKWii Tourney (August 15th, 2009)

I PM-ed you it....did you get it, if so, put it up please.

EDIT: Thanks!

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Re: MKWii Tourney (August 15th, 2009)

It's not too important, but just so everyobdy knows, I've registered everybody's friend codes on the list so far. ;D

Also, nobody's going to cheat? Because that'd be unfair. :mad:


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Re: MKWii Tourney (August 15th, 2009)

There will be rules & standards posted very soon. We will probably require all-random

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(I was gonna pick Mii, but he was too slow)
1. Koopa Troopa
2. Standard Kart S

I've noticed that I've managed to get my race rank up by 600 in an hour by using that little guy. ;D


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May I join?

My FC is 3738-5862-2428
Character: Bowser Jr. (stat bonuses be damned)
Vehicle: Sneakster

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miss sara it seems i'm stuck on
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FC: 2363-6063-1287
Character: Daisy
Vehicle: Mach Bike

Put me down as Turboo, I've already registered on the wiki but I'm not listed here.


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Something's come up and I can't participate. Very sorry.
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