Which real life cities from Mario Kart Tour and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe have you visited?

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And, more to the point of the Marioverse forum, how do you feel about their in-game representation from any particular standpoint (topographically, musically etc.)?

I've been to Amsterdam, Athens (though I wasn't even in primary school when I went there, so I barely remember anything), Berlin, and London. Never been to Rome--or Italy for that matter--and Madrid unfortunately, but I so wish I would at one point.

I'm ok with much of the representation these cities were given, but I'm a bit disappointed with Athens Dash's music. It incorporates only a small amount of traditional Greek instrumentation, namely the bouzouki (?), employed briefly in a piece of countermelody and in a solo, and mostly opts for brass and violin to give the level an adventurous and epic, but frankly generic, kind of feel. Instead of sounding particularly Greek, it sounds as though it would fit in any non-descript "ruins"-type level in a Mario game.
Sydney. I live in Australia, dammit!
Los Angeles, Los Angeles, and Los Angeles. I've also been to Los Angeles. Im'a go to Paris next year though.
Pretty much only Singapore. I did go to Australia but not Sydney (only went to Brisbane), and for Thailand it's not Bangkok, at least I don't remember going there.

Did not go to any of the US and European countries that got courses, and didn't go to Japan either. As cool as it is for Mario Kart Tour to have courses from various countries, it's kind of disappointing to see it being more focused in certain continents compared to others.

Thank you for reading.
Only Los Angeles (and yes the Santa Monica Pier) and Paris. Out of all cities I'd like to visit listed, Madrid tops it.
So far it's been Paris, London, Berlin and New York for me. I'd like to visit other European cities though, given my relatively close proximity to them.

As for how I feel about them in Mario Kart, I don't have many thoughts relating to the representation of each city, because frankly, I'm not knowledgeable on most of the landmarks. I really only know the basic ones for most cities.

Paris is the one that I remember most, so it was cool to see the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe in Mario Kart, though I think it would've been cool if you could drive up the Eiffel Tower in some way (maybe glide from the top of it). I also remember, when I first played Peach Gardens in Mario Kart DS, that it reminded me of Versailles, with the calming 3/4 tempo music and the numerous topiaries and patches of green near the castle. Funny how they brought that track back to the BCP in addition to Paris Promenade.
And, more to the point of the Marioverse forum, how do you feel about their in-game representation from any particular standpoint (topographically, musically etc.)?
it's lacking and in terms of continents, way too eurocentric and top heavy. why does the u.s. get two locations. it's like if we got both beijing and hong kong.

western* eurocentric. they could have spread out a li'l more into europe. Warsaw and Istanbul would've been good picks. i was hoping that they'd make a Transylvania track for a Halloween Tour, where they'd combine multiple cities into one and feature the world-famous Transfagarasan track, which would have been the locus of drifts and combos
I've only ever been to Los Angeles, and I stopped in the airports in New York, London, and maybe Amsterdam. I want to add Tokyo to that list someday.

For the representation thing, I would have liked to see the Scramble Crossing in the Tokyo course. Maybe a track from Latin America and one from Africa or the Middle East would have brought the game closer to a clean sweep, but you can't win 'em all.
I think ive been to Vancouver
Rome, Sydney, Paris and London, and i can assure you the tracks captured the overall vibe of those cities pretty well, with the exception of london loop because of how unfitting the music feels
None. Despite living in New York (state) I've never been to the city. Also never been outside the USA, except one trip across the Canadian border as a kid.
I've been to Disneyland which is technically Anaheim and not Los Angeles but it's the nearest thing to me being to one of the cities and Google lists it as part of the Greater Los Angeles area so I'm counting it.

Vancouver is the closest I live by but I have not been there.
Sydney and Tokyo for me

Would love to see more Oceania representation. I know Sydney is the obvious pick, and this is partially Melbourne bias, but it really is one of the more boring cities to choose from. If not Melbourne then Brisbane, Gold Coast and Wellington are all much prettier places.

If they did more Japan picks then Osaka and Kyoto would be cool. If they did Kyoto they could have Nintendo's office in game which would be neat. They both have different vibes to Tokyo so it wouldn't feel same-y.
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