Mario vs Donkey Kong Switch

The Minis games are good. Might not be everyone's cup of tea but they're underrated games.
Yeah, just cause there isn't tons of variety between the games doesn't mean the games weren't good to begin with
I Disagree. . .

Mario Does NOT need a Lemmings game; I Can't stand how the Mini-Marios are so ****ing Helpless
You're right, we should be giving the Minis guns and molotov cocktails and stuff and teaching them self defense and how to jump so they can rescue themselves
I tried out the demo and thought it was alright. I've played the original GBA game (though I've never completed it), but like the Super Mario RPG remake, this is very faithful to the original. I really enjoyed the jazz-style soundtrack when I played through the demo, I'm definitely gonna listen to it all once the game comes out.
maybe i just didn't test it out too well, but it seems mario no longer gets stunned/killed by long falls and i don't know how to feel about that. it didn't impact the gameplay a whole lot, but it was funny.
He still gets stunned, but you have to fall from a height that would've killed you in the original game. The original height to stun you is now harmless. There wasn't enough height to test if there is still a possibility to die, but the animation of Mario landing on his head IS in the files.
I don't know if I should create a "Remaining Mario vs. Donkey Kong (Nintendo Switch) articles" because of a few reasons:

  1. It's a remake of a game with just two added worlds
  2. It doesn't seem worth it because there's not many levels left

If Princess Peach: Showtime! has a level system or such, then I'll create a thread for that! I had way too much fun with my "Remaining Super Mario Bros. Wonder articles" thread.
I like the game's difficulty. Its not too easy like most of the games on Switch but not overly difficult. I feel it has the right amount of balance.
Last time I checked, I don't think Toad's name is spelled out in the title either
I like to think that Toad is probably the best choice for a second player compared to Luigi because of the inherent abilities in play. In this game, Mario has a limited jump despite some acrobatic options like the handstand. Luigi would probably be a high jumper and might break the level's design that would've been made for Mario's abilities (like I guess Super Mario 64 DS). Toad, on the other hand, is known to be a low-jumper, so he is the better candidate for a second player, not to mention how the game already have Toads so he's an easier inclusion.

Also not to mention how it's nice to have a Mario game where it's just Mario without Luigi for once, especially when Luigi have several games where he gets to be the main character without Mario included.

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I like Toad in because I like Toad more than I like Luigi.
Would you say that Toad being in this game makes it convenient to mod in Toadette (or Baby Luigi, I guess) if you got around to mod this game?

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Well if changing voices is a thing, then we'll be golden.
Would you say that Toad being in this game makes it convenient to mod in Toadette (or Baby Luigi, I guess) if you got around to mod this game?

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Yes of course. Another reason he's better than Luigi.
They took the "Come back here you big monkey!" out. That's outrageous.
I find the "Oh you m-monkey, you sonuva-blariarato" (or something like that) the unfortunate exclusion, even if I understand its exclusion since they would basically admit that Mario is foulmouthed. Unfortunately the people who can hear "They're forty dollars!" can't interpret this line in a more readable fashion...

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I just noticed that the Mini Mario parts were changed in the remake.

In the original, the Mini Marios' heads were not complete, so basically their head and cap form one unit, like below:


What about the remake? You see the background there? The Mini Marios heads are complete, which means that the caps are meant to be detachable from their heads this time.


Is it old news already? Since this is something I only noticed and it's more than a month since the game was released.

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Mini-Land Mayhem! is my favorite game in this series by far, it might be the nostalgia blinding me tho. I only tried the demo for Mario vs. Donkey Kong and I didn't fall in love with it so I didn't buy it.

It makes me sad how much this game is slept upon, I used to create so many levels in the construction zone that, now, will forever only live on my devices and will never see the light of day. I wish this game was more popular and more alive today.

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