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The world's greatest idol~!
Core 'Shroom Staff

A new way to play that party game spin-off you know and love! It's a real life board game with Boards users as the characters you can play as! Play as your favorite Boards user - or even yourself! More users will be released in the future.

By popular demand, the first board release in the series is Koopa's Tycoon Town! We hope to release a wide variety of boards from each game in the future, but we know a lot of people love this one dearly <3

We hope you enjoy this first version of Mario Boards Party!​

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Koopa's Tycoon Town (MP8)17514.02%
2Horror Land (MP2)1068.49%
3Shy Guy's Perplex Express (MP8)1008.01%
3Space Land (MP2)1008.01%
5Peach's Birthday Cake (MP)957.61%
6Bowser's Pinball Machine (MPDS)816.49%
7King Bob-omb's Powderkeg Mine (SMP)645.13%
8Waluigi's Island (MP3)624.97%
9Kamek's Library (MPDS)554.41%
10Magma Mine (MP9)504.01%
10Mario's Rainbow Castle (MP)504.01%
12Western Land (MP2)473.77%
13Neon Heights (MP7)453.61%
14E. Gadd's Garage (MP6)372.96%
15Pagoda Peak (MP7)362.88%
16Faire Square (MP6)262.08%
17Shy Guy's Jungle Jam (MP4)221.76%
18Sweet Dream (MP5)161.28%
19O. Yoshi's Tropical Island (MP)70.56%
20O. Megafruit Paradise (SMP)50.40%
20O. Wario's Battle Canyon (MP)50.40%
20O. Woody Woods (MP3)50.40%
23O. Kamek's Tantalizing Tower (SMP)40.32%
24O. Bowser Land (MP2)30.24%
24O. Chaos Castle (MP10)30.24%
24O. Toadette's Music Room (MPDS)30.24%
27O. Bowser's Peculiar Peak (PM:IT)20.16%
27O. Castaway Bay (MP6)20.16%
27O. Chilly Waters (MP3)20.16%
27O. Clockwork Castle (MP6)20.16%
27O. Creepy Cavern (MP3)20.16%
27O. Deep Bloober Sea (MP3)20.16%
27O. DK's Stone Statue (MPDS)20.16%
27O. Goomba's Booty Boardwalk (MP8)20.16%
27O. Mushroom Park (MP10)20.16%
27O. Pirate Dream (MP5)20.16%
27O. Pirate Land (MP2)20.16%
27O. Toad Road (MP9)20.16%
39O. Airship Central (MP10)10.08%
39O. Blooper Beach (MP9)10.08%
39O. Bob-omb Factory (MP9)10.08%
39O. Bowser Nightmare (MP5)10.08%
39O. Bowser's Warped Orbit (MP8)10.08%
39O. DK's Jungle Adventure (MP)10.08%
39O. DK's Jungle Ruins (MP9)10.08%
39O. DK's Treetop Temple (MP8)10.08%
39O. Eternal Star (MP)10.08%
39O. Goomba's Greedy Gala (MP4)10.08%
39O. Grand Canal (MP7)10.08%
39O. Haunted Trail (MP10)10.08%
39O. King Boo's Haunted Hideaway (MP8)10.08%
39O. Luigi Board (MP10)10.08%
39O. Mario Shuffle (MP:SR)10.08%
39O. Mystery Land (MP2)10.08%
39O. Perilous Palace Path (MP:IT)10.08%
39O. Shy Guy's Shuffle City (MP:IT)10.08%
39O. Snowflake Lake (MP6)10.08%
39O. Toad's Midway Madness (MP4)10.08%
39O. Toy Dream (MP5)10.08%
39O. Whomp's Domino Ruins (SMP)10.08%
Total Votes: 1248
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is Booguette with M18 - Favorite Retro Game!


Some random gamer
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Toads and Koopas, guys, gals, and other pals, It is my honor to bring to you this year’s presentation for the Super Mario Boards Awards Ceremonies for FAVORITE RETRO GAME! My name’s Booguette, bread loving Boo and former ‘Shroom writer. Now without further ado, let’s get into the awards!

For these awards, I have written a small poem relating to each game. Enjoy!

5th place

Since this game first hit the 64
It's been loved by many
And is welcoming more

Recently announced, It’s coming back!
And it makes me happy
That in fifth place we have..

With 6.80 percent of the votes (99 votes), it’s Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars! I have never played this game before, but I know that a large crowd of people have a special place for it in their hearts. I’m looking forward to trying the remake for the Switch!

4th place

A game known
For its secret rooms
Blow your whistle
I toot mine for The ’Shroom

With 8.66 percent of the votes (126 votes) and going at P >>>>>> speed, it's Super Mario Bros. 3! The third 2D Mario game (at least in America), but just one spot away from 3rd place in this award. However, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a decent vote gap…

3rd place

A 3D game with a 2D style
A magical world full of charm and beguile
From mailmen to pink bob-ombs,
This year in Third place We’ll drop…

With 11.96 percent of the votes (174 votes), It’s Paper Mario! The first in a series of beloved games, Paper Mario was the start of modern Mario RPG games.

2nd Place

Multiply its placing by itself,
And you’ll get the Japanese name
Of this wonderful dinosaur world
In which you’ll explore in this 2D game.

Clapping, Charging, whatever you choose,
This game’s got a Chuck for that.
BOWSER spelled in neon lights
This game is where it’s at.

With 17.04 percent of the votes (248 votes), It’s Super Mario World! This is my personal favorite out of these retro titles (I haven’t played many of them though), so I’m happy it got second place!

Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

1st place

Beloved, Revered, Worshipped even,
Is this nostalgic game.
Sentimental feelings come in
Way too many ways.

The superb music,
The all-new graphics,
From this game on the 64.
A little cartridge
Brings so much joy
A game loved forevermore.

Ladies and gentlemen, guys, gals, and other pals, it makes me proud to present in first place for the 2023 Favorite Retro Game Award…

Super Mario 64!

The first 3D Mario game, Super Mario 64 is remembered fondly by many people. Truly a game for the ages, I am not surprised it came in first place.

And that concludes this year’s award ceremony for Favorite Retro Game! It was a pleasure to be able to work on this, and I hope you enjoyed reading it! I’m Booguette, and I wish you all an amazing day!​

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Super Mario 6426818.42%
2Super Mario World24817.04%
3Paper Mario17411.96%
4Super Mario Bros. 31268.66%
5Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars996.80%
6Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island835.70%
7Mario Kart 64684.67%
8Super Mario Bros.654.47%
9Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest513.51%
10Mario Party 3443.02%
11Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins372.54%
12Mario Party 2352.41%
13Donkey Kong Country332.27%
14Wario Land 3302.06%
15Super Mario Kart241.65%
16Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA)211.44%
17Tetris Attack110.76%
18Wario Land II90.62%
19O. Donkey Kong 6450.34%
20O. Super Mario Land40.27%
21O. Donkey Kong30.21%
21O. Super Mario All-Stars30.21%
21O. Super Mario Bros. Deluxe30.21%
24O. Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels20.14%
24O. Wario Land: Super Mario Land 320.14%
26O. Diddy Kong Racing10.07%
26O. Donkey Kong (GB)10.07%
26O. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!10.07%
26O. Dr. Mario 6410.07%
26O. Mario & Wario10.07%
26O. Mario's Picross10.07%
26O. Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World10.07%
Total Votes: 1455
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is Smasher with M11 - Favorite 3D Platformer!


Fox Pokemon
Wow, I really like your presentation, Zange! Those handmade materials really seal the deal for me. It's like this is a real board game you can buy at the store.

Also, I would like to thank Mighty for his amazing writing skills. You told a very cohesive and interesting story, and I really liked how all the interpretations of the users turned out!


The Fool
Forum Moderator
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
Poll Committee
Posting on behalf of Smasher.

Hey everyone! Usually when I present an award it's like a stupid little story featuring Smasher Junior or some other freak, but I've never really enjoyed making those or the finished products. It's not very good. Over the past year though I HAVE taken a liking to streaming a little and am hoping to start streaming regularly in the near future. So I wanted that to carry over into my presentation this year. The plan was to record myself playing everything and show off my lack of skills while revealing the order. That's kind of interesting! Maybe!

...Buttttttt 2023 has so far not been a good year for me at all and it's gotten even rougher the past month or so. I have not had nearly as much time to work on this as I wanted and unfortunately wasn't able to do the recording and editing needed so I had to scrap the plan. However even though I could whip out one of my dumb usual presentations in a single evening I REALLY did not want to do that, so instead, this happened! It's just me talking about every nominee a little. I kept messing up so it took a bunch of takes, it ended up being twice as long as intended, and I STILL didn't have a good take in the end because I screwed up a few times here too but I once again ran out of time so...this is what I have!

Honestly just. Don't watch this. It's not worth it. Just skip to the results below. I'm so sorry. One day there will be a good Smasher presentation I swear to God

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Super Mario Odyssey49531.81%
2Super Mario Galaxy30519.60%
3Super Mario 3D World16410.54%
4Super Mario Galaxy 215610.03%
5Super Mario 641237.90%
6Super Mario Sunshine996.36%
7Bowser's Fury623.98%
8Super Mario 64 DS603.86%
9Super Mario 3D Land402.57%
10Wario World322.06%
11Donkey Kong 64201.29%
Total Votes: 1556
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is TPG with M7 - Favorite In-game Track!


from deltarune
Core 'Shroom Staff
Poll Committee
Greetings, ear havers and audio enjoyers! Herr Guy here, conductor of the talent you are preparing to see now, yes. You may have heard our lyrical signature before many years ago, but we've done great things since! From scoring the emotional woes of one lost childhood, to fine-tuning the musical environment of faraway island escapes... our power has only grown.

Though we are but a roaming band of insidious bards and ill-disciplined songweavers, our careers saw new heights last night as we performed at The Pollos Germanos, an overseas theatre of great renown. As my small bands and ensembles covered many familiar musical soundscapes, so did my grand orchestra capture the hearts of many. A recording is provided here, for free!

Now, without further delay, let's present...

We are the New Wikisberg Symphonic Orchestra!

All pieces arranged and rewritten by myself, with help from a guy who only wanted to be credited as 'Mr nuts', who has a great ear for percussion.


Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1The Grand Finale (M&L:BIS)16111.00%
2Jump Up, Super Star! (SMO)1339.09%
3Gusty Garden Galaxy (SMG)1218.27%
4DK Rap (DK64)805.47%
5Coconut Mall (MKW)795.40%
6Buoy Base Galaxy (SMG)775.26%
6Waluigi Pinball/Wario Stadium (MKDS)775.26%
8Break Free (Lead the Way) (SMO)704.78%
9Rainbow Road (MK7)684.65%
10Stickerbush Symphony (DKC2)654.44%
11Dire, Dire Docks (SM64)563.83%
12Comet Observatory (SMG)533.62%
13The Ultimate Show (SPM)503.42%
14Fury Bowser (Disaster) (SM3DW+BF)463.14%
15Staff Roll (SM64)443.01%
16Rainbow Road (MK64)392.67%
17Delfino Plaza (SMS)322.19%
18Steam Gardens (SMO)261.78%
19O. Fossil Falls (SMO)50.34%
19O. Rainbow Road (MKW)50.34%
21O. Battlerock Galaxy (SMG)40.27%
21O. Melty Molten Galaxy (SMG)40.27%
23O. Adventure's End (M&L:DT)30.21%
23O. Aquatic Ambiance (DKC)30.21%
23O. Egg Planet (SMG)30.21%
23O. Rainbow Road (MK:DD!!)30.21%
23O. Slider (SM64)30.21%
23O. Super Mario 64 Main Theme30.21%
23O. The Credits Roll (SM3DW)30.21%
30O. Birabuto Kingdom (SML)20.14%
30O. Bowser Castle (MK:SC)20.14%
30O. Bowser Jr.'s Mad! (MP9)20.14%
30O. Bowser's Galaxy Generator (SMG2)20.14%
30O. Bubblaine (SMO)20.14%
30O. Champion of Destruction (SPM)20.14%
30O. Cosmic Cove Galaxy (SMG2)20.14%
30O. Ending (SMW)20.14%
30O. Event Battle (PM:TOK)20.14%
30O. Ground Theme (SMB3)20.14%
30O. King Bowser (SMG)20.14%
30O. Maple Treeway (MKW)20.14%
30O. Origami Castle (PM:TOK)20.14%
30O. Purple Comet (SMG)20.14%
30O. Sad Sun (PM)20.14%
30O. Seashore War (DKC:TF)20.14%
30O. Simmering Lava Lake (SM3DW)20.14%
30O. Toad's Factory (MKW)20.14%
30O. Vancouver Velocity (MKT)20.14%
30O. Wario de Mambo (WW:T!)20.14%
30O. Wild Woods (MK8)20.14%
30O. World 8 (SM3DW)20.14%
52O. 3DS Toad Circuit (MK8D)10.07%
52O. Afternoon Clearing (WW:SM)10.07%
52O. And My Name's Booster (SMRPG)10.07%
52O. Another's Requiem (M&L:PiT)10.07%
52O. Athletic Theme (NSMBW)10.07%
52O. Athletic Theme (SMB3)10.07%
52O. Athletic Theme (SMW)10.07%
52O. Autumn Mountain Battle (PM:TOK)10.07%
52O. Berlin Byways (MKT)10.07%
52O. Beware the Forest's Mushrooms (SMRPG)10.07%
52O. Big Blue (MK8)10.07%
52O. Boss Battle (M&L:PiT)10.07%
52O. Bowser (SMW2:YI)10.07%
52O. Bowser Battle (PM:SS)10.07%
52O. Bowser's Castle (MK64)10.07%
52O. Bowser's Castle (MKW)10.07%
52O. Bowser's Castle 2 (SMO)10.07%
52O. Bowser's Rage (PM)10.07%
52O. Captain Toad Goes Forth (SM3DW)10.07%
52O. Castle (NSMB)10.07%
52O. Cave Dungeon (SM64)10.07%
52O. Credits (NSMBU)10.07%
52O. Credits (WL4)10.07%
52O. Desert (Super Mario World) (SMM2)10.07%
52O. DK Island Swing (DKC)10.07%
52O. Dreamy Castle Rendezvous (M&L:DT)10.07%
52O. Dreamy Somnom Labyrinth (M&L:DT)10.07%
52O. Electrodrome (MK8)10.07%
52O. Enter Bowser Jr.! (SMG)10.07%
52O. Fight! (Parallel Mix) (PM:CS)10.07%
52O. File Select (SM64)10.07%
52O. Final Battle (M&L:PJ)10.07%
52O. Final Boss (Giant Bowser) (NSMBW)10.07%
52O. Forest (Super Mario Bros.) (SMM2)10.07%
52O. Forever in the Plains (M&L:BIS)10.07%
52O. Gap of Crag (SPM)10.07%
52O. GBA Boo Lake (MK8D)10.07%
52O. GBA Cheese Land (MK8)10.07%
52O. Gooper Blooper Battle (PM:SS)10.07%
52O. Grassland Groove (DKC:TF)10.07%
52O. Greenhorn Ruins (WW)10.07%
52O. Koopa Cape (MKW)10.07%
52O. Launchpad Labyrinth (WL:SI!)10.07%
52O. Lemmy's Grand Finale (PM:CS)10.07%
52O. Luma (SMG)10.07%
52O. Macho Grubba Battle (PM:TTYD)10.07%
52O. Monty Mole's Theme (MSC)10.07%
52O. Moonview Highway (MKW)10.07%
52O. Mr. L, Green Thunder (SPM)10.07%
52O. Mushroom Bridge/Mushroom City (MK:DD!!)10.07%
52O. NAMCO Circuit (MKAGPDX)10.07%
52O. Never Let Up! (M&L:DT)10.07%
52O. Noki Depths (SMS)10.07%
52O. Overworld Theme (SM3DL)10.07%
52O. Overworld Theme (SMW)10.07%
52O. Peach Gardens (MKDS)10.07%
52O. Penny's Song (WW:GIT)10.07%
52O. Piranha Plant's Lullaby (SM64)10.07%
52O. Prisma Splash! (Staff Credits) (PM:CS)10.07%
52O. Proof of Existence (SPM)10.07%
52O. Rainbow Road (SMK)10.07%
52O. Replay & WiFi Waiting (MKW)10.07%
52O. Rock Rock Mountain (MK7)10.07%
52O. Rogueport (PM:TTYD)10.07%
52O. Run, Jump, Throw! 2 (SMO)10.07%
52O. Sacred Somnom Woods (M&L:DT)10.07%
52O. Sherbet Land (MH3o3)10.07%
52O. Shooting Star Summit (PM)10.07%
52O. Singapore Speedway (MKT)10.07%
52O. Snif City Royal Hotel (Pool) (PM:TOK)10.07%
52O. Space Fantasy (SMG)10.07%
52O. Space Junk Road (SMG)10.07%
52O. Staff Credits (PM:TOK)10.07%
52O. Stickerbrush Symphony (SSBB)10.07%
52O. Stolen Koopa Castle (M&L:BIS)10.07%
52O. Story Mode Hub Theme 4 (With Building Sounds) (SMM2)10.07%
52O. Sunglow Ridge (PM:CS)10.07%
52O. Sunshine Seaside (SM3DW)10.07%
52O. Super Bell Hill (SM3DW)10.07%
52O. Sweet Mystery Galaxy (SMG2)10.07%
52O. The Final Battle (PM:TOK)10.07%
52O. The Kingdom Called Beanbean DX (M&L:SS+BM)10.07%
52O. The Short Futon (WL4)10.07%
52O. The Starship Travels (SMG2)10.07%
52O. Title Screen (DM)10.07%
52O. Tomorrow Hill (WW:SM)10.07%
52O. Tough Guy Alert! DX (M&L:BIS+BJJ)10.07%
52O. Tour London Loop (MK8D)10.07%
52O. Tour Singapore Speedway (MK8D)10.07%
52O. Tour Sydney Sprint (MK8D)10.07%
52O. Twilight Trail (PM:TTYD)10.07%
52O. Ultimate Koopa (SM64)10.07%
52O. Victory Parade (PM)10.07%
52O. Vim Factory (M&L:PIT)10.07%
52O. Vs. Mode ~ Overworld (NSMB)10.07%
52O. Waluigi Stadium/Wario Colosseum (MK:DD!!)10.07%
52O. Wii Coconut Mall (MK8D)10.07%
52O. Wizpig Race (DKR)10.07%
52O. World 3 (SMG2)10.07%
52O. World 6 (NSMB)10.07%
52O. X-Naut Fortress (PM:TTYD)10.07%
52O. Yoshi Star Galaxy (SMG2)10.07%
52O. Yoshi's Island (MK8D)10.07%
Total Votes: 1463
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is Magolor04726 with M12 - Favorite Bowser Battle!


Captain of Sky Blue
The King of Koopas is debuting the return of the Studios after our hiatus! It’s sure to be a great show!
Editing, lyrics, performance: Magolor04726
All photos: Mario Wiki
Special thanks: Hooded Pitohui

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Fury Bowser (SM3DW+BF)21614.89%
2Bowser's Moon Wedding (SMO)20414.06%
3Dark Bowser (M&L:BIS)20213.92%
4Bowser's Galaxy Reactor (SMG)18612.82%
5Meowser (SM3DW)1228.41%
6Bowser/Giant Bowser (NSMBW)825.65%
7Bowser in the Sky (SM64)805.51%
8Bowser (PM)704.82%
9Baby Bowser/Big Baby Bowser (SMW2:YI)543.72%
10Bowser/Koopa Clown Car (SMW)503.45%
11Dreamy Bowser (M&L:DT)473.24%
12Bowser's Highway Showdown (SM3DW)412.83%
13"Bowser"/King Boo (LM)312.14%
14Dry Bowser/Big Dry Bowser (NSMB2)161.10%
15Baby Bowser/Mega Baby Bowser (YWW)90.62%
16O. Bowser's Galaxy Generator (SMG2)80.55%
17O. Bowser (SM3DL)70.48%
18O. Black Bowser (PM:CS)40.28%
18O. Bowser/Giant Bowser/Bowser Jr. (NSMBU)40.28%
20O. Giant Bowser (M&L:DT)30.21%
21O. Bowser/Baby Bowser (M&L:PiT)20.14%
21O. Bowser/Kammy Koopa (PM:TTYD)20.14%
23O. Baby Bowser/Mega Baby Bowser (YNI)10.07%
23O. Bowletta (M&L:SS)10.07%
23O. Bowser (M&L:BIS)10.07%
23O. Bowser (SMB)10.07%
23O. Bowser (SMB3)10.07%
23O. Bowser in the Fire Sea (SM64)10.07%
23O. Bowser X (M&L:BIS)10.07%
23O. Corona Mountain (SMS)10.07%
23O. Extreme Snowboarding (M&SatOWGDS)10.07%
23O. MegaDragonBowser (M+RKB)10.07%
23O. Shiny RoboBowser (M&L:PJ)10.07%
Total Votes: 1451
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is Fawfulthegreat64 with M6 - Favorite Enemy!

Paper Mario

SPM Trash
Forum Moderator
Bowser's Minions each have their own ideas to present to the Koopa King. The question is, will he like them?


Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Shy Guys23715.81%
2Koopa Troopas18312.21%
5Dry Bones1077.14%
6Hammer Bros.845.60%
10Chargin' Chucks583.87%
11Piranha Plants533.54%
12Chain Chomps523.47%
19O. Koopalings40.27%
20O. Bramballs30.20%
20O. Buzzy Beetles30.20%
20O. Ninjis30.20%
20O. Shroobs30.20%
24O. Amps20.13%
24O. Blocksteppers20.13%
24O. Bloopers20.13%
24O. Bowser Jr.20.13%
24O. Bullet Bills20.13%
24O. Chuckyas20.13%
24O. Fuzzies20.13%
24O. Galoombas20.13%
24O. Monty Moles20.13%
24O. Scuttlebugs20.13%
24O. Spike Tops20.13%
24O. Spinies20.13%
24O. Thwimps20.13%
24O. Unused Paper Mario: Sticker Star snake enemy20.13%
24O. Whomps20.13%
39O. Biddybuds10.07%
39O. Blokkabloks10.07%
39O. Bowser10.07%
39O. Broozers10.07%
39O. Bullies10.07%
39O. Click-Clacks10.07%
39O. Conkdors10.07%
39O. Dondon10.07%
39O. Duplighosts10.07%
39O. Eep Cheeps10.07%
39O. Fire Bros.10.07%
39O. Freezies10.07%
39O. Handfakes10.07%
39O. Koopa Paratroopas10.07%
39O. Koopa Troopa Cars10.07%
39O. Koopatrols10.07%
39O. Lava Bubbles10.07%
39O. Ludwig von Koopa10.07%
39O. Maw-Rays10.07%
39O. Nabbit10.07%
39O. Octoombas10.07%
39O. Orbisons10.07%
39O. Para-Beetles10.07%
39O. Peepas10.07%
39O. Piranha Planets10.07%
39O. Pom Pom10.07%
39O. Rexes10.07%
39O. Skipsqueaks10.07%
39O. Snailicorns10.07%
39O. Snifits10.07%
39O. Spearheads10.07%
39O. Waddlewings10.07%
39O. Wallops10.07%
Total Votes: 1499
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is Casual Koopa with M20 - Favorite Modern Game!

Casual Koopa

just a little guy
Casual Koopa
M20 - Favorite Modern Game

Um. Oh dear. I'm supposed to be presenting the winning Modern Mario Games right now, but I just got the trophies and they say "some assembly required"??? Who assembles trophies??? Well, I suppose there's nothing to do but try it! Let's see here...

You'd think there would be a manual for these things... I hope I didn't put on any whiskers or tire treads backwards... anyways, congratulations to the winners for being the community's picks as the best modern Mario has to offer! I hope you've all enjoyed the awards ceremony!

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Super Mario Odyssey47231.38%
2Mario Kart 8 Deluxe22514.96%
3Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury1419.38%
4Super Mario Maker 21248.24%
5Paper Mario: The Origami King614.06%
6Mario & Luigi: Dream Team573.79%
7Luigi's Mansion 3563.72%
8Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze553.66%
9Mario Party Superstars463.06%
10WarioWare Gold442.93%
11Yoshi's Woolly World/Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World352.33%
12Paper Mario: Color Splash342.26%
13Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle301.99%
14Super Mario 3D Land271.80%
15Super Mario Maker251.66%
16Mario Kart 7201.33%
17Super Mario Party161.06%
18Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker151.00%
19O. Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope60.40%
20O. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon20.13%
20O. Mario Kart 820.13%
20O. New Super Mario Bros. 220.13%
20O. Super Mario 3D World20.13%
24O. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey10.07%
24O. Mario Kart Tour10.07%
24O. Mario Party: Island Tour10.07%
24O. New Super Mario Bros. U10.07%
24O. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe10.07%
24O. Paper Mario: Sticker Star10.07%
24O. Yoshi's Crafted World10.07%
Total Votes: 1504
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is Roserade with the Mario Awards XVII Closing!


The Fool
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Awards Committee
Poll Committee
With that, our final ceremony of the year nears its close. It truly has been an excellent experience, and I’m thrilled to have led it for you all. This is very far from a one-man show, though, oh no! I want to extend my fullest thank you’s to everyone who assisted through this whole process. Thank you to all presenters and your hard work in making something for everyone to enjoy. Thank you to the entire Awards Committee for sticking through the dumbest debates and weeks of meetings, all with plenty of critical thought and wit. Thank you to my Sub-Director, Perch, for taking on the helm of Fail Awards and continuing to contribute after so many years of existence. And most of all, the biggest thank you I can muster to three people without whom Awards could not have happened this year: Hooded Pitohui, Waluigi Time, and Lakituthequick. I have never known a more dependable and motivated team of people, and I’m so thankful for all of your commitment to this community project and beyond. Working with you all is an incredible joy.

Though it’s about time for us to sweep up the popcorn in this old theater, things never slow down around here! With other Awards events yet to finish and Issue 200 of The ‘Shroom on the horizon, there’s plenty more community projects to engage with. Please, continue to contribute however you can, be it with creative pieces or even simple conversation. Your presence in this community makes it what it is, and we hope to have you all with us for many years to come.

Alright, the lights are starting to dim. While I transition the stage one more time to our final Bonus Stars presentation, I cannot reiterate enough: thank you. Much love to you all.

With special thank you’s yet again to GBA for this incredible art

Up next is Lakituthequick with Bonus Stars!


🌻Ashita wa nanika ga kawaru ka na?
Did you know? This year marks the tenth anniversary of the infamous "A7 Incident" (do not research). For many years, reposting the 2013 edition of "Favorite Yoshi Game" became a timeless tradition until being discontinued several years ago. Over the years, various edits were made to update it for the times.

Now, for this special tenth anniversary rerelease, we've gone back to the source to create a lovingly remasterd high-defintiton edition which, while reflecting the past decade of Awards history, is closer to the original artistic vision as well as featuring stunning, never before seen quality allowed by modern audiovisual technology. We hope you enjoy it.

Edofenrir Auditorium

"And we're back! I'm Shinon, always your super high school level Ultra Director!", said Turboo, calling himself Shinon again for some reason.

"And I'm Perch. Always your co-host.", said Perch, somehow not enthused about still being the lowly underling.

"PERCH! You listen to me second-to-last-in-sip! You were supposed to be enthusiastic! You already made me tally!"

"Let's just play the tape."



"Whenhowtally. Whenhowtally. Whenhowtally."

Grainy footage of an island somewhere

"Hello! This is Turboo, always your Ultra Director, here on Yoshi's Island! We're here doing Award A7, favorite Yoshi game, right at the source."

"Turb! Turb! We have a big problem! Angry dinosaurs!"


Indeed, it was true. All the Yoshis were running wild.

"What could the problem possibly be? Everyone loves Yoshi! Why would they be angry with us!?"

Perch tried to shrug. Sadly though it's hard to shrug when you're a fish.

"Perch! Fetch me my Super Scope!"

This really happened in 1993.

Incidentally, one person wrote in Yoshi's Safari as best Yoshi game. It came in last place.

And so Turb set out on his journey to discover the favorite Yoshi games hidden all over Yoshi's island, with only the help of his trusty Super Scope and his underling Perch to stave off the rampaging Yoshis angrey for some reason. But first, he needed a snack.

Incidentally, 27 people voted for Yoshi's Cookie. It came in fifth place.

After eating all of Yoshi's cookie, Turb decided to skip Yoshi, which inexplicably people had indeed voted for (36 of them in total. It came in at fourth place.) and just go look for the important Yoshi games that most people had actually liked. Not having a map, he set out in the direction of the trippy felt decorations since it at least looked a little different from the rest of the island.

Obviously the reason there would be felt decorations would be because Yoshi's Story was voted the third favorite Yoshi game with 248 votes (incidentally twice as many as Yoshi, Yoshi's Cookie, Tetris Attack, Yoshi Topsy-Turvy, Yoshi Touch & Go, and even Yoshi's Safari got combine. Did anyone even play any of those game?). Turb retrieved the cartridge and continued on to the next level.

"We are going to continue to the next level!", Turb said as he blasted away a crowd of belligerent Yoshis, who shot first. Luckily, his journey would be made easier; he had found Poochy! With Turb on his back, Poochy galloped gloriously off into the sunset towards the next level.

Soon, Turb had arrived at the next Yoshi game; Yoshi's Island DS! I thought everyone hated that game? How did it get 441 votes? Coincidentally, 1,441 votes were cast, so exactly 1,000 people voted against Yoshi's Island DS. Isn't that interesting? Unfortunately, Turb was prevented from entering the area because Poochy wasn't in that game. So, he just destroyed Yoshi's Island DS, which shot first, with his Super Scope. If he couldn't have it, nobody could!

"Hey! I liked Yoshi's Island DS!", said Perch.

"Too bad! Waluigi Time (user)!", said Waluigi.

Turb disembarked from Poochy and examined the Mushroom House in which Waluigi had taken up residence and on which a dingy sign had been posted saying "Waluigi's Taco Stand". He was obviously perplexed. But he was still hungry, seeing as the cookie hadn't filled him up and, being from Arizona, he did like tacos.

"No I don't", added Turb. "I like pasta and half-price appetizers."

"Too bad! Waluigi Time (user)!"

"So what are you doing here?", Turb asked of Waluigi.

Waluigi rolled his eyes. He got that a lot.

"What does it look like I'm doing. I'm selling tacos. Do you want one or not?"

Turb was very hungry, and there didn't seem to be a pasta stand around.

"What kind of tacos are these?"

"Spicy ones."

"Ok, I'll take two."

Perch was so happy. For once in his career Turb had actually done something nice for him. He watched helplessly as Turb ate the spicy taco and fed the other one to Poochy, and then the group continued onward, Waluigi now in tow as well.

"What?", asked Waluigi. "I'm out of spicy peppers for my tacos."

And so the group trecked onwards until they reached a beautiful river valley, nestled in the jungley mountains of Yoshi's Island, marred only by the massive hordes of rampaging Yoshis destroying things. Shooting their way through the crowd, which shot first, they reached the pepper patch, and it dawned on Turb why the Yoshis had been so angrey.

"They're eating the peppers! Who planted peppers here!?"

And so they went inside the hut next to the pepper patch and found Uniju playing the last game, Yoshi's Island, which won first prize with 625 votes.

"Uniju!" Turb screamed. "Why would you plant peppers on Yoshi's Island! We almost died! Do you know how angrey the Yoshis are!?"

Uniju shrugged.

"I hate Yoshis."

"Uh. Ok. Then why are you on Yoshi's Island."

"To grow peppers."

Turb furrowed his brow. Unfortunately at that moment he was swallowed up by a huge Yoshi, who shot first. Waluigi and Uniju took their hats off in respect for Turb.

"A huge Yoshi ate our always super high school level Ultra Director", said Waluigi.

"Well I suppose that proves they're really not all bad", said Perch, secretly happy his boss was gone.

"He never made pudding", reminisced Uniju.

"Yoshi's Island is frightening in the dark.", Waluigi added. "All the Yoshis are running wild."

"What a crummy weekend this has been", said Turb, who had been spit out by the Yoshi. "Well, this sure ain't no E-ticket. Think I'll tell them where to stick it, because I'm never coming back this way again!"

Edofenrir Auditorium

"So how did you survive, always super high school level Ultra Director Shinon?", asked Waluigi, who had donned a pink apron saying "kiss the the cook" and was pushing a taco cart.

"Yoshis hate peppers. I guess the spicy taco saved me."

Most of all, the audience was left wondering why Turb and Perch had gotten Snack to cobble together a presentation at the last minute like this. They must've known he would cobble it together in an hour or two with little to no inspiration. What were they thinking.

"ONE DOESN'T QUESTION ONE'S ALWAYS SUPER HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL ULTRA DIRECTOR!", shouted Turb, making the audience too frightened to continue that train of thought.

A7 - Favorite Yoshi Game [1441 votes]
1. Yoshis Island - 625 (43.37%)
2. Yoshis Island DS - 441 (30.60%)
[SIZE=7[B]3. Yoshis Story - 248 (17.21%)[/B][/SIZE]
4. Yoshi - 36 (2.50%)
5. Yoshis Cookie - 28 (1.94%)
6. Tetris Attack - 23 (1.60%)
7. Yoshi Topsy-Turvy - 20 (1.39%)
8. Yoshi Touch & Go - 19 (1.32%)
O. Yoshi's Safari - 1

NSY is up next with A2, Favorite Mario Kart Game!

Wow! This presentation is dog shit!!


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AC Hubbub

AC Hubbub
Hot diggity! What an absolutely epic Mario Awards ceremony we just had! The Super Mario Wiki community continues to shine brightly, and it's a testament to the creativity and passion of everyone involved!
AC Hubbub
But before we wrap things up, it's time for one last round of Bonus Stars that will leave you captivated!
Pillar Panache
Not two, not one, not four, but three Bonus Stars this time!
AC Hubbub
Huhu! Indeed! Let's give it up for the first one!

Highest Vote Count Star

AC Hubbub
Huzzah! It is the Highest Vote Count Star! Exquisite!
AC Hubbub
This Star is a tribute to the nominee that received the most votes across all awards, both new and existing! Get ready for this staggering number!

Bowser (Jack Black)

AC Hubbub
Bowser (Jack Black)! Menacing!
AC Hubbub
With an impressive 758 votes in M4. Favourite Mario Movie (2023) Portrayal, Jack Black truly made a splash with fans! His performance as Bowser was an absolute showstopper!
Pillar Panache
He got over half of the total votes! I'm still hearing Peaches in my dreams every night.
AC Hubbub
You should see a doctor!

AC Hubbub
But the excitement doesn't end there! Let's see what the next Bonus Star is gonna be!

Most Written In Star

AC Hubbub
Next up is the Most Written In Star! Wondrous!
AC Hubbub
This Star's all about those "other" box write-ins that took the polls by storm!
Pillar Panache
But we're skipping over invalid, albeit funny, write-ins, even though those would shake up the results a bit.
AC Hubbub
Indeed! Now, don't leave us waiting! This Bonus Star goes to…


AC Hubbub
Bouldergeist! Transcendent!
AC Hubbub
With a beefy 13 votes in M13. Favourite Boss Battle, Bouldergeist received the most votes that weren't official nominees! Just goes to show the impact this spectral boulder had on people's memories!
Pillar Panache
Ghosts getting 13 votes can never be a good sign.
AC Hubbub
Superstitions, Panache!

AC Hubbub
Now, I wonder what our thrilling last Bonus Star will be tonight!

Most Competitive Runner-up Star

AC Hubbub
Zoinks! It's the Most Competitive Runner-up Star!
AC Hubbub
This Star is all about celebrating the nominee that came oh-so-close to winning! Get ready for some intense competition! The winner, or should I say runner-up, is…

Super Mario Maker 2

AC Hubbub
Super Mario Maker 2! Astounding!
AC Hubbub
Securing second place in M10. Favourite 2D Platformer, Super Mario Maker 2 was just 0.54% away from clinching the victory! It's proof that every decimal point counts!
Pillar Panache
My oh my, what a nail-biter!
AC Hubbub
I certainly lost all of mine today! I'm so excited!

AC Hubbub

AC Hubbub
But! Fiddlesticks! That wraps up our Bonus Stars for this grand celebration of all things Mario and the Super Mario Wiki community! We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our incredible audience for joining us on this spectacular journey!
Pillar Panache
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
AC Hubbub
Time to clean up! Good night, everyone!


Fox Pokemon
Man, those awards were pretty awesome! The community sure does put a lot of hard work into their presentations, and I applaud them for it! I hope next year is even better as well!

But now the Mega Brawl is drawing nearer than ever. I can't wait to see who makes it out on top during this epic battle! Let's all fight for the fate of who gets that Warp Pipe!