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- Mario Awards XVII Opening - Roserade
- M1. Favorite Major Character - winstein
- M14. Favorite Mario Kart Item - Lakituthequick
- M2. Favorite Supporting Character - BBQ Turtle
- M9. Favorite Game Mechanic - Hooded Pitohui
- M15. Favorite Mario Kart Course - GBA
- M10. Favorite 2D Platformer - Waluigi Time
- M19. Favorite Classic Game - MightyMario
- M17. Favorite Sports Genre - TPG
- M3. Favorite Boss Battle - Yoshi the SSM
- M8. Favorite Soundtrack - Zange

- Intermission and bloopers

- M3. Favorite Mario RPG Character - InsaneBlathers
- M5. Favorite Power-up - Reverse Input
- M4. Favorite Mario Movie (2023) Portrayal - Waluigi Time & Meta Knight
- M16. Favorite Mario Party Board - Zange
- M18. Favorite Retro Game - Booguette
- M11. Favorite 3D Platformer - Smasher
- M17. Favorite In-game Track - TPG
- M12. Favorite Bowser Battle - Magolor04726
- M6. Favorite Enemy - Fawfulthegreat64
- M20. Favorite Modern Game - Casual Koopa
- Mario Awards XVII Closing - Roserade
- Bonus Stars - Lakituthequick
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With special thank you’s to GBA for the redraw

Greetings, beautiful Awards Ceremony readers! I hope you've been enjoying the festivities thus far! The day of the ceremony is my favorite day in this community every year - where else can you see such an evident display of talent, creativity, passion, and a desire to strike fear into the hearts of a Mario forum? For all of you who have presented already: thank you! For all of you whose presentations are still upcoming: thank you! We’re all so excited to see what you’ve cooked up for us to delight in.

I feel that I say something similar whenever I step into new leadership in this community, but sitting in the Director’s seat has been a surreal experience for me. Who would’ve thought that the annoying, if not ambitious, 9-year old marioman1213 would eventually be introducing the Mario Awards? In that regard, I'm very honored to be here. Remaining a part of this community and growing alongside it over these past eleven years has been absolutely wonderful, and I’m so proud of the triumphs we have all collectively shared. Regardless of if you’ve been here two years or sixteen, I’m very glad to have experienced this time with you.

Enough gushing! We’ve got presentations to present! Go forth, and enjoy all that our Mario Awards Ceremony has to offer!

Up next is winstein with M1 - Favorite Major Character!


Justice is not limited, it is a universal quality

[Daisy and Waluigi are standing in front of the audience, each holding their microphones]
Daisy: Good night, everybody, and for the others, good day. Today, we're presenting the Favorite Major Character Award of 2023!
Waluigi: Are you ready for this long-running award? Clap your hands when you are!


Waluigi: [Holds up a few letters containing the results] We've gathered your votes, counted them, and finally it's the time you've been waiting for: the results! I can't wait to reveal the results from our biggest stars in the Mushroom Kingdom.
Daisy: [Snatches some of Waluigi's letters] That's right! Now without further ado, we'll announce who are the most popular!


Daisy: [Reads through the letters with the results] From 13th to 10th, we have... Diddy Kong... [Diddy Kong waving] Donkey Kong... [Donkey Kong showing off his muscles] Kamek... [Kamek waves and holds his wand] ...and Bowser Jr.! [Bowser Jr waves]
Daisy: [Hold hand next to her ear] Are we excited yet? [Applause]
Daisy: [Gets excited] Yes we are!
Waluigi: Fun fact: Diddy Kong and Kamek are this year's new contestants! [Thinking to himself in anguish] (Why can't it have been me??)


Waluigi: [Reads through the letters with the results] Next up, we have our equally lucky contestants: Toadette in 9th, Toad in 8th... Princess Peach in 7th, and Bowser in 6th. [Toadette and Toad are holding hands, while Peach waves with one hand and hand on her lap. Bowser is waving while eyeing fondly on Peach] Here they are now.
Daisy: [Side-eyeing Peach and Bowser] Is it me, or did Bowser just have an eye on Peach? Looking to run off with her as usual?
Waluigi: [Rolls eyes] You're saying that the princess is going to another castle? As if!


[Rosalina moves in from the left, while Wario moves in from the right]
Daisy: Moving up the ranks, get ready for 5th place: Rosalina...
Waluigi: Followed by 4th place: Waaaaario!
Daisy: [Turns to Waluigi] Say, aren't they an odd couple? They make an odd pair next to each other.
Waluigi: [Turns to Daisy] If they have a team name, it is probably "Avaricious Stars".


Daisy: [Holds up three fingers] With the honorable mentions mentioned, we're in TOP 3!
Waluigi: Is it them? The same 3 winners as recent years?
Daisy: [Elbows Waluigi, shocking him] Who knows? We'll let the results speak for themselves!
Daisy: Heeeere's Yoshi in 3rd! The one we can depend on, the one who is a joy to other people's lives!
[Yoshi comes fluttering and flapping his arms in joy]
Waluigi: [Finger on cheek] And he's also good for jumping off when you need a boost from a pit!
Waluigi: [Expression of coyness] Just kidding.


Waluigi: In 2nd place: Hurrah to our only hero, the big red that is Mario! [Nonplussed] Wait, that doesn't really rhyme.
Daisy: The mighty, yet modest and mirthful Mario! Let's give this guy a standing ovation! [Imitates a clapping motion]
[Applause sounds from the audience]


Daisy: [Eyes gleaming] Finally, the thing you've been waiting for, the 1st place winner! Are you ready?
Waluigi: [Annoyed] It doesn't take a genius to guess who this year's winner is.
Daisy: We have the loveable, laudable, loyal, lucky, likeable, legendary...
Waluigi: [Points to the left] Let's not get too loquacious and get to the point.
Daisy: [Pats Waluigi's shoulder] Aw, no need to be lackadaisical!
Waluigi: [Showing his hand] Anyway...
Daisy: [Points towards the stage] Without further ado, he's... Luigi!
Waluigi: [Shrugs] Over 10 years in the winning and nobody's got to outrank him! Will he stay as the top dog, or will he get knocked off from the perch? Find out next time next year, folks.


Daisy: Thank you everybody for turning up and staying with us for this year's award! Once again, we would like a round of applause from everyone!
[Applause as curtains draw, Daisy and Waluigi bow to a clapping audience]


Waluigi: I've worked hard to show up in every occasion but I'm not a Major Character? Where's my respect?
Daisy: Come on, it can't be that bad!
Waluigi: Yeah whatever, some think I am still a big joke even after 20 over years of hard work.
Daisy: [Pats Waluigi's shoulder] Look, maybe there are people who hate you for who you are, but don't let that get you down! I think your hard work is super admirable. I know you are, anyway. That's got to earn you some fans!
Waluigi: [Sheds a tear] ...thanks Daisy. But don't tell anybody I shed a tear, you got that?
Daisy: [Looks at time] OK... Whoa! Look at the time!
Daisy: [Runs towards the changing room] We're got to go to attend the Favorite Supporting Character award! Let's go change and get there before it's too late!
Waluigi: [Runs behind her] Right behind you!


Number of votes
Percentage of votes
7Princess Peach925.51%
10Bowser Jr.593.53%
12Donkey Kong452.69%
13Diddy Kong271.62%
Total Votes: 1671
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is Lakituthequick with M14 - Favorite Mario Kart Item!


Celestial Guide
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Bullet Bill18212.22%
2Triple Red Shells16711.22%
3Crazy Eight/Lucky Seven1409.40%
4Super Star1208.06%
5Golden Dash Mushroom1187.92%
6Spiny Shell1127.52%
7Red Shell1117.45%
8Super Horn1036.92%
9Bowser's Shell734.90%
10Chain Chomp573.83%
11Dash Mushroom493.29%
13Fake Item Box412.75%
15Banana Peel332.22%
16Fire Flower211.41%
18Coin Box100.67%
18O. Mega Mushroom100.67%
20O. Boomerang Flower80.54%
21O. Giant Banana60.40%
22O. Heart40.27%
23O. Coin30.20%
23O. Piranha Plant30.20%
23O. Thunder Cloud30.20%
23O. Yoshi's Egg30.20%
27O. Ice Flower20.13%
27O. Super Leaf20.13%
27O. Triple Dash Mushrooms20.13%
30O. Feather10.07%
30O. Galaga Boss10.07%
Total Votes: 1489
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is BBQ Turtle with M2 - Favorite Supporting Character!

BBQ Turtle

Crazy sponsors lady.
Wiki Administrator
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Toadbert FLUDD.png

MCD Geno.png

MightyMario Kylie.png

SSM Petey.png

BBQ Polterpup.png

Turb Cricket.png
CoCo 9Volt.png

Jazzi Fawful.png

Blathers Ludwig.png

Rose Olivia.png

GBA Penny.png
Goombuigi Huey.png
SGOW Dixie.png
WT Ashley.png
TPG KingBobOmb.png
Zange Nabbit.png
Winstein Birdo.png
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Anton King Boo.png
LTQ Funky.png

64DD Poochy.png
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Flotzo Cappy.png
Perch Captain Toad.png
Toadettefan Daisy.png
Pito Waluigi

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
2Princess Daisy20313.29%
3Captain Toad1338.70%
5Professor E. Gadd1077.00%
6Funky Kong956.22%
8King Boo795.17%
13King Bob-omb452.95%
15Dixie Kong281.83%
16O. Huey40.26%
17O. 9-Volt30.20%
17O. Fawful30.20%
17O. Ludwig von Koopa30.20%
17O. Olivia30.20%
17O. Penny30.20%
22O. Cranky Kong20.13%
22O. F.L.U.D.D.20.13%
22O. Geno20.13%
22O. Kylie Koopa20.13%
22O. Petey Piranha20.13%
22O. Polterpup20.13%
22O. Young Cricket20.13%
29O. Alien Mitzi10.07%
29O. Baby Yoshi10.07%
29O. Donkey Kong Jr.10.07%
29O. Dreambert10.07%
29O. Fronk10.07%
29O. Goombario10.07%
29O. Goombella10.07%
29O. Grindel10.07%
29O. Iggy Koopa10.07%
29O. Kiddy Kong10.07%
29O. Koopa Kid10.07%
29O. Koopalings10.07%
29O. Lady Bow10.07%
29O. Luma10.07%
29O. Orbulon10.07%
29O. Starlow10.07%
29O. Stuffwell10.07%
29O. Tippi10.07%
29O. Vivian10.07%
29O. Wanda10.07%
Total Votes: 1528
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is Hooded Pitohui with M9 - Favorite Game Mechanic!

Hooded Pitohui

The Bird with Batrachotoxin!
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
Poll Committee
Hooded Pitohui

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Cappy/Captures (SMO)31120.91%
2Bros. Attacks (Mario & Luigi series)1349.01%
3Partners (Paper Mario series)1328.88%
4Gravity (SMG)1318.81%
5Timed hits/action commands (Mario RPG titles)1117.46%
6Kart customization (Mario Kart series)1026.86%
7F.L.U.D.D. (SMS)936.25%
8Two racers (MK:DD!!)916.12%
9Wario transformations (Wario Land series)593.97%
10Anti-gravity (MK8)563.77%
10Poltergust (Luigi's Mansion series)563.77%
12Badges (Paper Mario series)543.63%
13Unique character playstyles (WW:GIT!)432.89%
14Gooigi (LM3)402.69%
15Gliding (Mario Kart series)342.29%
16Egg mechanics (Yoshi series)231.55%
17O. Power-ups20.13%
18O. Cape Feather (SMW)10.07%
18O. Course creation (SMM & SMM2)10.07%
18O. Dimensional Flipping (SPM)10.07%
18O. Invincibility10.07%
18O. Jump Boosts (Mario Kart series)10.07%
18O. Jumping10.07%
18O. Microgames (WarioWare series)10.07%
18O. Midair Spin Jump (Super Mario series)10.07%
18O. Paint Hammer (PM:CS)10.07%
18O. Safely escorting enemies (SMG2)10.07%
18O. Skating (SMG & SMG2)10.07%
18O. Underwater driving (Mario Kart series)10.07%
18O. Water Skip (DKC3)10.07%
18O. Wheelies (MKW)10.07%
18O. Yoshi transformations (Yoshi series)10.07%
Total Votes: 1487
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is GBA with M15 - Favorite Mario Kart Course!


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Posting on behalf of GBA.

The MarioWiki Awards DMV


[A note taped to the door of the abandoned DMV flutters in the wind beneath a 'CLOSED' sign, while a small roomba-like robot bumps into walls on the inside. It rams into the glass door, shaking the paper loose, before changing direction and retreating. It's screaming the entire time.]

Here, at the MarioWiki Awards DMV, we know how important it is to make your rear end stand out when slamming into someone else on the racetrack in an adrenaline fueled rage, which is why (on top of kart insurance and anger management lessons), we offer Vanity Plates to all MarioWiki drivers. Of course, each plate needs to be applied for, justified by the customer, and approved by a member of the Awards DMV. Many a cup of coffee has been spilled over the thousands of applications we receive to ensure, with no room for misinterpretation or offense, that all license plate applications are clean, appropriate, and sportsmanlike to all drivers on the Mario Kart roads before being approved.

Which is why we don't look at the applications anymore. They aren't. Ever.

Our hardworking coffee machine slash paper shredder slash newly promoted application processing robot, the MADMVB, designed by LTQ, handles every single customer now, rejecting or accepting their applications. The rest of us have fled to Kokomo via a reputable cruise liner until forever.

But, before leaving the bot to run the DMV on its own, we decided to use our last vestiges of productiveness to introduce thirteen vanity plate backgrounds, with opinions on the best courses based on focus group testing from applicants. We hope these colorful, people-pleasing designs will inspire a fresh, appropriate wave of customized license plate applications. We have faith the bot will continue to- oh it's broken again!! Forget it!!!!!!!

Applications are now closed indefinitely.

Thank you for using the MarioWiki Awards DMV, where we put the bile in automobile!

Plate: 12-1. Wario Colosseum
Verdict: DENIED
Plate: 12-2. Big Blue
Verdict: DENIED
Plate: 11. Airship Fortress
Verdict: DENIED
Plate: 10. Ninja Hideaway
Customer: The first half stands for "Way of The Flying Ninja". There are many flying segments in this course, as well as ninja iconography. There are also lots of noses and garlic in this course. I think its very
Verdict: DENIED
Plate: 9. Neo Bowser City/Koopa City
Verdict: DENIED
Plate: 8. Yoshi's Island
Verdict: DENIED
Plate: 7. Rainbow Road (MKW)
Verdict: DENIED
Plate: 6. Mount Wario
Verdict: DENIED
Plate: 5. Maple Treeway
Verdict: DENIED
Plate: 4. N64 Rainbow Road (MK8)
Verdict: DENIED
Plate: 3. Coconut Mall
Plate: 2. Rainbow Road (MK7)
Verdict: DENIED
Plate: 1. Waluigi Pinball
Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Waluigi Pinball18712.57%
2Rainbow Road (MK7)1459.74%
3Coconut Mall1439.61%
4N64 Rainbow Road (MK8)1006.72%
5Maple Treeway956.38%
6Mount Wario875.85%
7Rainbow Road (MKW)845.65%
8Yoshi's Island815.44%
9Neo Bowser City/Koopa City573.83%
10Ninja Hideaway483.23%
11Airship Fortress473.16%
12Big Blue432.89%
12Wario Colosseum432.89%
15Baby Park372.49%
16Bowser's Castle (MK64)362.42%
16Koopa Cape362.42%
18Mushroom Gorge322.15%
19O. Wild Woods80.54%
20O. Rainbow Road (MK:DD!!)70.47%
21O. Daisy Circuit60.40%
21O. Tick-Tock Clock60.40%
21O. Waluigi Stadium (MK:DD!!)60.40%
24O. Cloudtop Cruise50.34%
24O. DK Summit/DK's Snowboard Cross50.34%
24O. Music Park/Melody Motorway50.34%
24O. Toad's Factory50.34%
28O. Delfino Square40.27%
28O. Rainbow Road (SMK)40.27%
28O. Yoshi Valley40.27%
31O. Berlin Byways30.20%
31O. Excitebike Arena30.20%
31O. Grumble Volcano30.20%
31O. Moonview Highway30.20%
31O. Sydney Sprint30.20%
31O. Toad Harbor30.20%
37O. Bowser's Castle (MK8)20.13%
37O. Bowser's Castle (MKW)20.13%
37O. DK Mountain20.13%
37O. Kalimari Desert20.13%
37O. Mario Raceway20.13%
37O. Moo Moo Meadows20.13%
37O. Pac Labyrinth20.13%
37O. Piranha Plant Slide/Piranha Plant Pipeway20.13%
37O. Rainbow Road (MK8)20.13%
37O. Ribbon Road20.13%
37O. Sky Garden20.13%
37O. Sunshine Airport20.13%
37O. Toad's Turnpike20.13%
37O. Wario Stadium (MK64)20.13%
51O. Amsterdam Drift10.07%
51O. Animal Crossing10.07%
51O. Banshee Boardwalk10.07%
51O. Bowser Castle 3 (MK:SC)10.07%
51O. Bowser Castle 4 (MK:SC)10.07%
51O. Cheep Cheep Beach10.07%
51O. Cheese Land10.07%
51O. DK Jungle10.07%
51O. Dolphin Shoals10.07%
51O. Frappe Snowland10.07%
51O. Luigi Circuit (MK:SC)10.07%
51O. Maka Wuhu/Wuhu Mountain Loop10.07%
51O. Mario Circuit (MKW)10.07%
51O. Mario Circuit 210.07%
51O. Mario Kart Stadium10.07%
51O. Mushroom Bridge10.07%
51O. Mushroom City10.07%
51O. Mute City10.07%
51O. NAMCO Circuit10.07%
51O. New York Minute10.07%
51O. New York Minute 210.07%
51O. Peach Gardens10.07%
51O. Piranha Plant Cove10.07%
51O. Rainbow Road (MK64)10.07%
51O. Rock Rock Mountain/Alpine Pass10.07%
51O. Rosalina's Ice World10.07%
51O. Royal Raceway10.07%
51O. Sherbet Land (MK:DD!!)10.07%
51O. Shroom Ridge10.07%
51O. Shy Guy Bazaar10.07%
51O. Singapore Speedway10.07%
51O. Sky-High Sundae10.07%
51O. SNES Rainbow Road (MK7)10.07%
51O. Toad Circuit10.07%
51O. Wario Stadium (MKDS)10.07%
51O. Wario's Gold Mine10.07%
Total Votes: 1488
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is Waluigi Time with M10 - Favorite 2D Platformer!


Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
Poll Committee
Retired Wiki Staff

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Super Mario World21514.52%
2Super Mario Maker 220713.98%
3New Super Mario Bros. Wii19713.30%
4New Super Mario Bros.1147.70%
5Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze1097.36%
6Super Mario Bros. 31057.09%
7New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe936.28%
8Yoshi's Woolly World634.25%
9Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island614.12%
10Wario Land 4604.05%
11Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest573.85%
12Super Mario Bros.352.36%
13Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins342.30%
14Super Mario Maker302.03%
15New Super Luigi U231.55%
16Donkey Kong Country Returns221.49%
17New Super Mario Bros. 2201.35%
18Super Mario Bros. 2151.01%
19O. Wario Land 340.27%
20O. Super Paper Mario30.20%
21O. Super Mario Land20.14%
21O. Yoshi's Crafted World20.14%
23O. Donkey Kong10.07%
23O. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!10.07%
23O. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat10.07%
23O. Super Mario All-Stars10.07%
23O. Super Mario Bros. 3510.07%
23O. Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels10.07%
23O. Super Princess Peach10.07%
23O. Wario Land: Shake It!10.07%
23O. Wario Land: Super Mario Land 310.07%
23O. Wario: Master of Disguise10.07%
Total Votes: 1481
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is MightyMario with M19 - Favorite Classic Game!


Fox Pokemon
Nice art as always, BBQ! Keep up the good work. I also really like how you interpreted my new look. Very cool!

Calamity Coyote

Tiny, toony, and just a little looney
The Classic Game Kerfuffle

Cayde and Zerris loved video games. It was their favorite pastime to sit down on the couch and boot up some Mario Kart or Smash Bros..

They also loved visiting the game store on the corner of Mini and Mega, where games from the GameCube/GBA to the DS/Wii always caught Cayde’s eye.

“Oh, man. That copy of Super Mario Galaxy looks expensive.” Cayde said, picking up the cover with Mario and the Lumas across it. A price tag saying $250 stuck out like a sore thumb.

“It’s, like, THE Mario game to own. It’s in really good condition, too. Wanna get it?” Zerris asked while holding a Mushroom keychain and a copy of Super Princess Peach.

“I don’t have that much money… I wish I could though…” Cayde placed the game back on the shelf and walked to the counter with Zerris. Manning the checkout was a Magikoopa clad in red and white, with orange hair and swirly glasses. His nametag was turned around, obscuring his identity to be only based on looks.

The Magikoopa rang up Zerris’ purchase and handed it to him.

“I saw you were eyeing that copy of Mario Galaxy.
Tell you what. If you two could do something for me, I’ll give you the game at 80% off.” the Magikoopa spoke to Cayde and Zerris.

“Sure, what do you need us to do?” Zerris replied.

“You see, I’ve lost some games that were supposed to be delivered to the store. Somehow, they ended up scattered across New Wikisburg and I just can’t find them anywhere! If you two could get those eight games back, Galaxy is yours. Here’s the list of games. Now, go and rescue my precious merchandise!”

Cayde took the piece of paper and nodded. “Don’t worry. We’ll get those games for you. You can count on us!”

The two exited the video game shop while the Magikoopa watched. He began snickering and flipped his nametag around, now reading Anton.

“They fell for it, Hooded! Those two were as gullible as a Goomba at the DMV!” Anton went to the back and said to a blue-robed Toady.

Hooded Pitohui sipped some coffee. “If it works out. Remember last time you did this? Those detectives who smell like garlic busted you.”

“This time will be different, I swear it! We’ll keep a close eye on that couple… do some mayhem along the way…”

Anton laughed and then coughed loudly.

“Darn Viruses!”
“So, the first games are Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Let’s ask those two if they’ve seen them.” Cayde approached a tea table with Fawfulthegreat64 and Toadettefan discussing something.

“Oh, hello, ma’am! How are you? We’re just discussing the next Mario Party! Do you like those?” Toadettefan happily asked Cayde, her diamond necklace sparkling.

“The parties of Mario are much fun! Like excitement pies made from wow!” Fawful adjusted their new white hat and pink suit.

“Well, we’re looking for some games. Do you know if you’ve seen them? It’s Bowser’s Inside Story and Thousand Year Door.”

Fawful and Toadette both thought for a second and then spoke.

“Yes, we have! Why?”

Toadette pulled out the games and showed them off. Zerris looked at them and made sure they were intact. Discs, manuals, special inserts, all inside.

“We’re collecting them to give back to the game store. They weren’t delivered to it.”

“Oh, no! Here, take them. Make sure they find a good home for a paying customer, you two!”

Cayde and Zerris walked away from the table with the two games, having started their journey on an easier note.

If only it stayed that way.
Next, they headed to The Shroom’s main offices, where they would find New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Paper Mario. In the Critc Corner, Roserade and Goombuigi debated fiercely over which platformer was better, while Power Flotzo wrote it.

Super Paper Mario has a great villain: Dimentio, while New Super Mario Bros. Wii has Bowser. Again.” The Goomba in a green hat responded to Roserade’s comments.

“But, Bowser is cool! He made Kamek wear a dress!” Rose sarcastically said back.

“Why don’t we get the public’s opinion on this? How about…”

Goombuigi looked around until he spotted Cayde and Zerris, the perfect example of the “public”.

“…those two?”

Cayde pointed at Zerris and her as Goombuigi nodded. Sitting down at the table, they waited to speak about either game.

“So, do you folks prefer New Super Mario Bros. Wii or Super Paper Mario?”

Rose and Goombuigi eagerly awaited the two’s response, as Cayde and Zerris looked at each other.

Zerris was the first to speak. “May we see the cover art for them? I feel like seeing it would make me decide.” Cayde then spoke. “Oh, and we would like to play it too. Is there a place we can do that?”

Goombuigi and Rose shrugged. Whatever it took to make an opinion, they guessed.

In the Shroom’s break room, the two were handed the games. As soon as Goombuigi and Rose left, so did Cayde and Zerris out the back door.
Anton paced around as Hooded monitored the two’s progress through Anton’s crystal ball.

“They’ve gotten half of the games now, sir. What’s our next step?” Hooded asked as he sipped another cup of coffee.

“Disguises! Do you like those, my blue-clothed Toady? It’ll be like Halloween, except in the beginning of August!” Anton said clasping his hands together. Hooded rolled his eyes at Anton’s enthusiasm and poured himself some more coffee.

Anton rushed out of the store to go buy some disguises, no matter of Pitohui’s indifference.
Cayde and Zerris approached Figure-8 Circuit, the best track in Mario Kart history. They now needed Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and Mario Kart Wii.

At the stands, a wolf with a red number 30 painted on his side watched a racer in a purple B Dasher Mk. II zoom the course.

“Excuse me, sir, but do know where we could get Mario Kart Wii and Double Dash!!? We need to return them to the video game store.”

The wolf turned around and faced the two.

“Oh, me? I wouldn’t know, but you’d probably be better off askin’ that driver once she comes back.. She’s the fastest one I ever did see, and I’ve seen Sonic race in a kart.” The wolf replied.

“By the way, my name is Chevy. Almost ironic, we’re at a race track and I’m named after a car brand.” Chevy shook paws with the two humans and watched as the purple kart came to a halt.

Labeled CoCo Racing Team, the purple B Dasher Mk. II was driven by a girl who didn’t look younger than 14. She walked to the side of the track and faced the three.

“Yo, Chevs! Who are your new friends?” The tan skinned girl asked, smiling.

“I’m Cayde and this is my boyfriend Zerris. It’s nice to meet you… Ms…?”

“Speed Demon, AKA: Luz Noceda! You lookin’ to race?”

Luz was eager to race anytime, anywhere, any moment of the day. And of course, today would be no exception.

“Uh, actually, we were wondering if you’d happen to have Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart: Double Dash with you by any chance?” Zerris looked at the list and then to her.

“As a matter of fact, I do! But you’ll have to race me first to get them!” She turned to her kart and hopped in, revving the engine.

Cayde and Zerris looked to each other, and knew this would be no easy feat.
A total of five karts were lined up at the starting line. A tall man who had an overwhelming resemblance to Waluigi was driving a Pipe Frame, Cayde drove a Circuit Special, Zerris in a Badwagon, Luz in her B Dasher Mk. II, and a yellow Shy Guy robot in a Landship.

Lakitu gave the signal and the racers sped off, Luz leading the pack. As Cayde and Zerris got left in the dust, they grabbed items to help them. Cayde threw a Red Shell, hitting the Shy Guy robot, and Zerris transformed into a Bullet Bill, zooming through the circuit and catching up to Luz.

“Oh, you’re good! Muy bien! Let’s see you out race THIS!”

Luz drifted back and forth to gain speed. Zerris tried copying the skill, but found himself bonking into the wall. The racers began their second lap and Cayde and Zerris were still in the bottom.

“We need a good way to get to first place!” Cayde got an Item Box and got a Spiny Shell. Perfect. She decided to hold onto it until the third lap.

As Luz rounded the turn coming to the finish line, the Spiny Shell soared overhead. It spun around her and descended down upon its target, catching Waluigi Time and TPG in the blast too.

Cayde crossed the finish line with Zerris in second. The other three finished with Luz in third, Waluigi Time in fourth and TPG in last.

“Wow, I must say that was some good driving out there. Too bad it got cut for time, though. Anyways, I believe you too were asking for some video games?” Luz handed the Mario Kart games to Cayde.

“Hey, you're really good at racing! I’d love to come down here and tear up the track sometime!” Cayde remarked happily and gave Luz a high five, with Zerris joining in.

“Awesome! Hope you two had fun!”
Cayde and Zerris headed back to the video game store before being stopped by two people, one strikingly handsome and a pink puppet frog.

“Hi ho, Posh Kermit the Frog here, are those video games you have?” The frog said, adjusting its felt top hat.

“Oh, yes! I, Ray Trace, the best gamer in the world with a 99 on Metacritic, just loves video games!” The handsome person chimed in.

“Well, this is the video game store… we’re dropping these off.” Cayde replied to the duo.

Ray Trace pulled out a wand and blasted the bag of games. “Mua-ha-ha-ha! Thanks, chumps! Now with all those classic games gone, I finally start selling the modern games! At $69.99!”

The duo transformed into Anton and Hooded Pitohui and the two chased Cayde and Zerris through out the streets of New Wikisburg.

Anton blasted magic at them, transforming objects into weird things and shapes. A tree became a stack of tires. A car became a cow. A lamppost became… a lamppost. Anton was perplexed by that, but didn’t steer him from Cayde and Zerris.

As the chase grew longer and the objects became weirder, Anton and Pitohui had cornered the couple in an alley.

“And now, the final blast!”

A blast of magic fired from the wand toward Cayde, but Zerris deflected it with a trash can lid, making it ricochet back to Anton.

At first it did nothing. Then, a pair of rabbit ears came out of his head. Anton grew wide and gray, his glasses came off, and he grew a big tooth smack dab in the middle of his teeth.

“Nyeh, what the heck am I?” Anton turned to Pitohui, who summoned a mirror for him to look in.

Hooded responded with a chuckle. “It seems you’ve been turned into Big Chungus, the meme.”

“Oh, brother. Listen, any game you want in my store, you can have it for free. I’m sorry for the trouble I caused you two.”
Cayde arrived at her apartment and put down the bag of games.

“Ready to play Super Mario Galaxy, Zerris? It’s really good I hear…!”

She opened the game up and glanced at the disc. An eyebrow was raised, as Super Mario Galaxy 2 was inside instead of the first one.

“Hey, still a really good game.” Zerris chuckled and the two started playing Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Super Mario Galaxy27719.00%
2Super Mario Galaxy 215910.91%
3Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door15810.84%
4Mario Kart Wii1449.88%
5Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story1016.93%
6New Super Mario Bros. Wii795.42%
7Super Mario Sunshine785.35%
8Super Paper Mario714.87%
9Luigi's Mansion543.70%
10Mario Kart: Double Dash!!533.64%
11New Super Mario Bros.483.29%
12Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga473.22%
13Mario Kart DS362.47%
14Mario Party 8291.99%
14Mario Super Sluggers291.99%
16WarioWare: Smooth Moves261.78%
17Mario Party DS231.58%
18Donkey Kong Country Returns171.17%
19O. Wario Land 450.34%
20O. Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time40.27%
21O. Mario Party 730.21%
21O. Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 230.21%
23O. Mario Kart: Super Circuit20.14%
23O. Mario Party 920.14%
23O. Mario Superstar Baseball20.14%
23O. Super Mario 64 DS20.14%
27O. Mario Party 510.07%
27O. Mario Party 610.07%
27O. Mario Power Tennis10.07%
27O. Mario Sports Mix10.07%
27O. Super Princess Peach10.07%
27O. WarioWare: Touched!10.07%
Total Votes: 1458
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is TPG with M17 - Favorite Sports Genre!


from deltarune
Core 'Shroom Staff
Poll Committee
And how easy it would be for me to pose as a professional involved in that sport without getting caught due to my lack of experience

Too bad they haven't made a Mario Skaters game... I'd rock at that...

8 - Basketball - IMPOSSIBLE
I am terrible at basketball, and I know next to nothing about the rules. I couldn't even get by pretending to be a referee, and I don't think there are any other people involved in basketball apart from the players.

The one time I had a real go at playing, I had to face off against this super sweaty tryhard who got all up in my face as soon as I got the ball. I didn't appreciate this invasion of my personal space, so I bonked him in the face with the ball (as a sort of, 'keep back!' gesture). I lost the game.

7 - Winter Olympics - EASY START, HARD TO MAINTAIN
On the one hand, there are so many officials running around in those Olympic Stadiums that I could reasonably pass as a useless busybody if I just walked around holding a tray of water bottles (or maybe scarves).

On the other hand, for some of these sports I wouldn't be able to last more than twenty seconds without yelling harsh truths at the players, like "PLAY A REAL SPORT", or "WHERE IS THE BALL, YOU NEED A BALL TO PLAY SPORT", etc.

Maybe I would have an easier time watching the freestyle skiing, but that brings me to the other point - it would be cold as hell.

6 - Mixed Sports - NOT A WALK IN THE PARK
For this I am envisioning a real life 'mixed sports event' to be a friendly amateur sports day, with an emphasis on fun. I might even be able to get on the pitch and participate in the games.

Sadly, as soon as my boots touch grass, all notions of 'fun' disappear. I would simply get so riled up and competitive about five-a-side football that my passion would immediately out me as an imposter.

I've never played golf, but I have managed to get onto a course once via a public footpath. I quickly trailed off that path and had a wander around the grounds, beaming with as much confidence I could muster. I think it was closed or something though. There was literally no one around.

When thinking of golf, one thinks of open fields, small scatterings of players who, let's face it, are likely to have trouble with their vision, and meek, quiet caddies who only exist because they won't judge whatever strange lifestyle choice you had to make to become a golfer in the first place. To that end, it seems easy to pose as someone's assistant, who's been called to the course in an emergency, and you're right on your way to the golfer in peril - you just have to take the long way through each hole.

However, golfers are ravenous dogs, and they can smell deceit from a mile away. If you make any sort of misstep near them, as a player or caddie, they'll start firing off question after question of golf trivia, correct you before you even finish your answer, and then complain to the club manager and get you blacklisted from every club in the county.

They 100% have a license to gun down intruders anyway. I'll pass.

4 - Baseball - ???
I have no idea what happens in baseball. It barely exists as a form of recreation where I'm from, so my knowledge of the sport comes from about 5 minutes of watching some poor sap vlog about his experience in the USA.

Still, I'm pretty sure baseball is the sport where you have guys in ridiculous outfits walking around the stands selling crap hot dogs (I bet they don't even come with onions). I could do that for sure, if I could fix my accent.

3 - Olympics - ACHIEVABLE
While I am no Olympian, I almost religiously watch the Games every four years, so I have absorbed much knowledge about the logistical ins and outs simply by watching brief clips of people working in the stadium.

Not only would I fit in as a professional worker, I would BE a professional worker. I'd set out the hurdles, blow whistles, design horrible rock climbing courses, and carefully place boulders on the BMX route to ensure maximum carnage. I imagine it would all be really fun if the pressure of managing one of the most important global sporting events wasn't constantly looming over our heads.

Ideally of course, I would be part of the drugs testing team, because I don't actually have to do any work. I pretend to test the athlete, which I imagine involves jabbing a needle underneath someone's armpit so it looks like it's gone in to an onlooker, then binning that needle and proclaiming them to be drug-free. I prefer the ones who are hopped up on steroids. It raises the stakes. Like in Dragon Ball.


Self explanatory. I already yell at footballers from behind a TV. I'd just put on an ill-fitting shirt, wear a headset, and then lurk next to the pitch and make boistrous remarks and pick my nose on camera.

Average day on the pitch for me, lad.


I played tennis once as a young boy and completely misunderstood the fundamentals. Inspired by the Mario Sports games where each character gets their special 'Mega Move', I decided mine would be to chop the ball high into the air so the opponent wouldn't be able to see where it was landing. I wish they did, though, because it ended up going straight towards a car windshield.

None of that matters, because in professional tennis, one job stands above all. Not the player's role, nor the umpire's. That's right, the joy of being a ball boy is immense. I would simply be in so much bliss, the skill involved in the job would come to me naturally. I'd reduce myself to simple animalistic instincts - stay motionless, or make like a dog and grab that ball.

I expect I'd be invited to an elite league of ball boys, where we shape the future of tennis and allocate ourselves the most famous and connected tennis players to do ballboy-ing for. I'd attend an annual ball boy ball, get caught on camera doing something disastrous to the chocolate fountain, and would be instantly demoted to only working for charity celebrity matches.

Holy shit, is that the guy from the Sonic Movie??

Naturally, Mario wouldn't have a problem doing any of this because he is freakishly talented at everything. I'd like to see him try rugby though. I'd kick his ass.

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Tennis (Mario Tennis, Mario Tennis Aces)25919.24%
2Strikers (Super Mario Strikers, Mario Strikers: Battle League)23917.76%
3Olympics (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games)22216.49%
4Baseball (Mario Superstar Baseball, Mario Super Sluggers)21916.27%
5Golf (Mario Golf, Mario Golf: Super Rush)15611.59%
6Mixed (Mario Sports Mix, Mario Sports Superstars)1329.81%
7Winter Olympics (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games)765.65%
8Basketball (Mario Hoops 3-on-3)433.19%
Total Votes: 1346
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is Yoshi the SSM with M13 - Favorite Boss Battle!

Yoshi the SSM

Dry Bowser
Yoshi the SSM
O'Chunks: "Ey, Glitz Yoshi. What do yeh want?"
Glitz Yoshi: "I am looking at the Favorite Boss Battle list. This list removes the option of Bowser for several reasons."
O'Chunks: "Oh. Me on it?"
Glitz Yoshi: "Sorry. You have 0 votes."
O'Chunks: "WHAAAAA?! Me part of a fighting contest. Me even got votes when yeh didn't. What makes them special?"
Glitz Yoshi: "That's why I am here. So that we can do that together. How does that sound?"
O'Chunks: "Yeh can count on me, Glitz Yoshi."
Glitz Yoshi: "Ok, then. Let's go to our first boss.

Narrator Toad: "And they two head towards Ghostly Galaxy. This is where they meet Bouldergeist."
Bouldergeist: "Hello, Glitz Yoshi. Hello, O'Chunks. What brings you here?"
O'Chunks: "We are looking at boss battles to see what makes them special."
Glitz Yoshi: "That's right. And there is a reason we chose you first. While every boss battle except Bowser was possible on the poll, there were only 18 that were listed on the poll. However, you can write out an option if you wanted to. And Bouldergeist is the highest placing write-in at #19 with 13 votes. Which is only just three votes less than #18, Shake King. So, it is impressive considering Bouldergeist was able to do this without both a presence in the poll and any campaign."
O'Chunks: "Ah. That is interesting. So. What makes Bouldergeist special?"
Bouldergeist: "I may look like I am a rock, underneath I have another form. Which looks like this."
Bouldergeist: "In this form, if I take damage twice, I am defeated. But to counter that, I do this after the first hit."
Bouldergeist: "That's right. I get hands. Which not only help me attack, but also makes good defense. That is because they can take a hit for me. Yes, they do disappear, but eventually I will get it back. Unlike my body."
Glitz Yoshi: "Also. Remember the level which we took to get here? That it had Bomb Boos. Those were showing how they work before the boss appeared where you need to use them. What else makes him special is that he also appears as one of five Super Mario Galaxy bosses that appear in Boss Blitz. Overall, a good boss demonstration. I wouldn't be surprised if Bouldergeist becomes part of the poll next year."
O'Chunks: "Looks like a good foe to battle as well. Hard to beat rock without teh explosive Bomb Boos. So, a foe I would easily want to chuck."
Glitz Yoshi: "Yeah. As for story, Bouldergeist doesn't have much. Like, in the first Super Mario Galaxy game, Bouldergeist is mentioned as that monster that kidnapped Luigi. And it is a good subtle story for those interested in it and out of way of those who don't. Which is good for this kind of boss. Anyways. We are jumping forward for #4. Let's go."

Narrator Toad: " And the two then head to New Donk City of the Metro Kingdom."
O'Chunks: "Whoa! Is that a mechanical caterpillar?"
Glitz Yoshi: "Yes. That is #4, Mechawiggler, with 93 votes."
Mechawiggler: *Shrieks*
O'Chunks: "So. What makes this boss special?"
Glitz Yoshi: "Firstly, it is from Super Mario Odyssey, so it is somewhat more recent. Secondly, it is the only required boss from a kingdom of this size... without glitches/exploits of course. So, you are going to encounter it. Thirdly, in order to defeat this boss, you will need to use a Sherm, which is a tank. Yes. A tank in a Mario game. As for Mechawigglers attack, they do electric balls and go from wall to wall trying to hit Mario. But it doesn't do this for its first match in the first phase. I say first match because there is a rematch in the Mushroom Kingdom like the other kingdom bosses. Next, the story. It sucks energy from the city, and you can clearly see that it is a threat. Finally, after it is defeated, you can find a piece of it in the nearby park, which is a nice detail."
O'Chunks: "Huh. Very interesting. Glad yeh are teh brains. Me more brawns. But... this climbing away on teh walls during the vulnerable state and this direct attacking in teh invincible state. It would be bad if it wasn't for the using of tanks."
Glitz Yoshi: "Ok. Well. Let's go to #3 now."

Narrator Toad: "And the two then go to Castle Bleck."
O'Chunks: "Hey! That's Super Dimentio! I still can't believe Dimentio betrayed Count Bleck and took teh Choas Heart for himself."
Super Dimentio: "GREEEEEEN!"
Glitz Yoshi: "Yep. He is #3 at 104 votes. But I will also talk about Count Bleck's fight as well, since he is fought before Super Dimentio. Besides, I voted for Count Bleck. I am also the only one."
O'Chunks: "Yeah. Woo! Ok. Talking about teh count. Anyways. Let's do that and talk about Super Dimentio."
Glitz Yoshi: "Because these two are the final bosses of Super Paper Mario, they have a lot of story to them. And they are both invincible until the Pure Hearts come in and make them vulnerable. With Count Bleck being first, something had to happen in order to restore the Pure Hearts. And that was Mimi and you, O'Chunks."
O'Chunks: "Yeah. I promised me life to the count. An' I was not afraid teh live up teh it!"
Glitz Yoshi: "Also. Because this was part RPG, they both have max HP. Count Bleck is 150 while Super Dimentio is 200."
O'Chunks: "Yeah. Pretty good HPs. But, what about teh fights?"
Glitz Yoshi: "Now this is where I liked Count Bleck's better. Super Dimentio is a big target. However, his body has defense. But not the head. You would think that the moving platforms would make it harder, but it isn't much and some can use this as an advantage. He has the powers of Luigi and Dimentio. He can move around a bit, but it isn't that much. Also, apparently he has Pal Pills-like Luigis, but I have not seen it. But then again, I haven't seen Super Dimentio that much. As for Count Bleck, he moves around a lot and even teleports. He also has dark magic which looks like mini voids. He can also make a bigger void to shuck up the heroes. He can slow down time and speed up himself. Now here is the last point. His movement is random. Which is bad for speedrunners trying to go fast. But for casual players, this makes it more interesting than the Super Dimentio fight."
O'Chunks: "Yeah. Teh Count is pretty cool. Super Dimentio does sound like a good foe to chunk on too."
Glitz Yoshi: "Anyways. Now we are going to #2."

Narrator Toad: "And the two then go to Rogueport and go through the Thousand-Year Door into the Palace of Shadow and go to the very end of it."
Glitz Yoshi: "The last boss, you recognized because you were there. Here. I recognize this boss. This is the Shadow Queen. I fought her in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. She is #2 at 106 votes."
O'Chunks: "Wait. If yeh voted for Super Dimentio instead of teh Count, they would have tied. Hello, Shadow Queen."
Shadow Queen: "What?! I am number 2?! I was the highest-ranking non-Bowser last year and when he is no longer consider I'm second place?! I am the final boss of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door!"
Glitz Yoshi: "Max HP of 150. But not that it matters. You can't beat her without the 7 Crystal Stars, which were used to open the place, go to where they came from and have the residents cheer you on. Here. Shadow Queen, I brought a fake Peach to show you the form you took when I fought you."
Shadow Queen: "Ah yes. I remember this form. Both forms had different powers. But I had to put my whole body around this form to protect myself when we fought. But that didn't end up helping when you brought up the 7 Crystal Stars."
Glitz Yoshi: "Just like the four heroes did before. Yeah. The story is also good for her. Also she could very easily knock you out like she did to Sir Grodus."
O'Chunks: "A very good foe to have a chunk on. Maybe we can have a beatin' o' the ages later. But we do need to go to #1. Let's go, Glitz Yoshi."

Narrator Toad: "And they Bowser's Junior's Robot Reactor where they see..."

Glitz Yoshi: "#1, Megaleg with 123 votes."
O'Chunks: "WHAAAAA?! This is number 1?! This robot thing?! Why is that?!"
Glitz Yoshi: "That is a good question. And what I first thought when I first saw the list. The dome boss of the Terrace, the first dome of Super Mario Galaxy. There are three phases to this. The first phase is climbing up Megaleg where a few Bullet Bills will try and hit you. Just be sure to avoid being crushed by the legs when getting on. Yes. It has its own gravity too. The second and third phase trying to hit the place where you see the Grand Star with Bullet Bills. The third phase is harder because there appears a barrier that regenerates after hitting. Meaning that you either need to be quick or go over the barrier. And this usage of Bullet Bills is shown on the first planet."
O'Chunks: "Huh. It's interesting. But not one I would chunk on. Might be cool if me was a new fighter. But I am not."
Glitz Yoshi: "There is one more thing I want to talk about. You see, there is a fairly easy glitch that you can do to walk on Megaleg while it is inactive. You can't get the Grand Star this way because there won't be any Bullet Bills, but it is still cool. And you will not be softlocked because you can just go to where you normally land and activate Megaleg with the cutscene."
O'Chunks: "Well. That was fun seeing what makes non-Bowser bosses good. Well. Til we meet again, 'ey! CHUNKS AWAY!"

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Megaleg (SMG)1239.88%
2Shadow Queen (PM:TTYD)1068.51%
3Super Dimentio (SPM)1048.35%
4Mechawiggler (SMO)937.47%
5King Boo (LM:DM)826.59%
6King Olly (PM:TOK)806.43%
7King K. Rool (DKC)756.02%
8Antasma (M&L:DT)614.90%
9Kaptain K. Rool 1 and 2 (DKC2)564.50%
10Elder Princess Shroob (M&L:PiT)544.34%
11General Guy (PM)463.69%
11Phantamanta (SMS)463.69%
13Kingfin (SMG)423.37%
14Rawk Hawk (PM:TTYD)413.29%
15Raphael the Raven (SMW2:YI)383.05%
16Brobot (SPM)342.73%
17Popple (M&L:SS)292.33%
18Shake King (WL:SI!)161.29%
19O. Bouldergeist (SMG)131.04%
20O. Hisstocrat (SM3DW)60.48%
21O. RoboBrood (SMO)50.40%
22O. Mollusque-Lanceur (SMO)40.32%
22O. Ruined Dragon (SMO)40.32%
24O. Mr. L (SPM)30.24%
25O. Bashmaster (DKC:TF)20.16%
25O. Big Boo (SMW)20.16%
25O. Count Bleck (SPM)20.16%
25O. Doopliss (PM:TTYD)20.16%
25O. Iggy Koopa (NSMBW)20.16%
25O. King Bob-omb (SM64)20.16%
25O. King Krusha K. Rool (DK64)20.16%
25O. Knucklotec (SMO)20.16%
25O. Lemmy Koopa (PM:CS)20.16%
25O. Mega Goomba (NSMB)20.16%
25O. Megahammer (SMG2)20.16%
25O. Miss Cluck the Insincere (YWW)20.16%
25O. Overset Possessor (LM:DM)20.16%
25O. Rudy (WL3)20.16%
25O. Super Peach's Castle of Fury (M&L:BIS)20.16%
25O. Tubba Blubba (PM)20.16%
25O. Wiggler (SMS)20.16%
42O. Axem Rangers (SMRPG)10.08%
42O. Baron Brrr (SMG)10.08%
42O. Big Galoomba (SM3DW)10.08%
42O. Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada (SMG)10.08%
42O. Cackletta's Soul (M&L:SS)10.08%
42O. Chauncey (LM)10.08%
42O. Cookatiel (SMO)10.08%
42O. Cortez (PM:TTYD)10.08%
42O. Culex (SMRPG)10.08%
42O. Cursa (M+RSoH)10.08%
42O. Digga-Leg (SMG2)10.08%
42O. Eyerok (SM64)10.08%
42O. Gator Train (YCW)10.08%
42O. Gobblegut (SMG2)10.08%
42O. Golden Diva (WL4)10.08%
42O. Gooper Blooper (PM:SS)10.08%
42O. Gooper Blooper (SMS)10.08%
42O. Hellen Gravely (LM3)10.08%
42O. Hole Punch (PM:TOK)10.08%
42O. Huff N. Puff (PM)10.08%
42O. Jr. Troopa (PM)10.08%
42O. Kamek (M&L:DT)10.08%
42O. Kamek (YCW)10.08%
42O. King Bob-omb (MP9)10.08%
42O. King Boo (LM)10.08%
42O. King Boo (LM3)10.08%
42O. King MacFrights (LM3)10.08%
42O. Koopa Bros. (PM)10.08%
42O. Kruller (LM3)10.08%
42O. Lemmy Koopa (NSMBU)10.08%
42O. Madame Broode (SMO)10.08%
42O. Major Burrows (SMG)10.08%
42O. Midbus (M&L:BIS)10.08%
42O. Millennium Star (MP3)10.08%
42O. Motley Bossblob (SM3DW)10.08%
42O. Mouser (SMB2)10.08%
42O. Petey Piranha (NSMB)10.08%
42O. Petey Piranha (SMS)10.08%
42O. Phantom (M+RKB)10.08%
42O. Popple (M&L:DT)10.08%
42O. Reznor (SMW/NSMB2)10.08%
42O. Stapler (PM:TOK)10.08%
42O. Tango (SMO)10.08%
42O. Torkdrift (SMO)10.08%
42O. Waluigi (DDR:MM)10.08%
42O. Wario (SML2)10.08%
42O. Wario Dance Company (WW:SM)10.08%
42O. Whomp King (SMG2)10.08%
42O. Wiggler (MKDS)10.08%
42O. Yaridovich (SMRPG)10.08%
Total Votes: 1245
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is Zange with M8 - Favorite Soundtrack!

Ai Hoshino

The world's greatest idol~!
Core 'Shroom Staff
Good evening. This is Zange.

Something I've always wanted to do for a presentation is a medley or sorts, of different songs. Of course, it had to be through a way that would allow me to put a lot of care and effort into it, since taking the songs off of YouTube and doing it that way feels a bit cheap to me. Unfortunately, I've never really had the means to do so up until last year (thank you Signal, a midi editor, for being a saving grace).

And as much as I'd like to make a really BIG medley of a lot of different songs from a lot of different games, I don't think I'd have the time to pull off a big dream like that. Maybe next year, or maybe in my free time.

So instead, I decided to start small, with a medley of the most iconic songs from the top nominees. I wanted to have songs that I thought people would hear and immediately go, "Oh, this is from that game after all!" It only felt fitting to do it for this award since it's about the best soundtracks.

So I present to you the Medley of Iconic Songs from the Best Soundtracks

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Super Mario Galaxy29119.43%
2The Super Mario Bros. Movie15010.01%
3Mario Kart 8 Deluxe1278.48%
4Super Mario Odyssey1248.28%
5Super Mario Galaxy 2865.74%
6Mario Kart Wii775.14%
7Paper Mario: The Origami King734.87%
8Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury694.61%
9Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest624.14%
10Super Mario 64614.07%
11Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story583.87%
12Super Paper Mario563.74%
13Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door432.87%
14Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze422.80%
15Mario & Luigi: Dream Team332.20%
16Paper Mario271.80%
17Super Mario World231.54%
18Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island221.47%
19O. Paper Mario: Color Splash120.80%
20O. Super Mario Sunshine100.67%
21O. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars50.33%
22O. Donkey Kong Country30.20%
22O. Mario Kart: Double Dash!!30.20%
22O. Wario Land 430.20%
25O. Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time20.13%
25O. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga20.13%
25O. Mario Party 820.13%
25O. Mario Party 920.13%
25O. New Super Mario Bros. Wii20.13%
25O. Super Mario 3D Land20.13%
25O. Super Mario Maker 220.13%
32O. Donkey Kong 6410.07%
32O. Luigi's Mansion 310.07%
32O. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle10.07%
32O. Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope10.07%
32O. Mario Kart 6410.07%
32O. Mario Kart Arcade GP10.07%
32O. Mario Kart DS10.07%
32O. Mario Paint10.07%
32O. Mario Party10.07%
32O. Mario Party 610.07%
32O. Mario Party 710.07%
32O. Mario Strikers: Battle League10.07%
32O. Paper Mario: Sticker Star10.07%
32O. Super Mario Bros.10.07%
32O. Super Mario Bros. 310.07%
32O. Super Mario Land10.07%
32O. Wario Land 310.07%
32O. Wario World10.07%
32O. WarioWare Gold10.07%
32O. WarioWare: D.I.Y.10.07%
32O. WarioWare: Get It Together!10.07%
32O. WarioWare: Twisted!10.07%
32O. Yoshi's Island DS10.07%
32O. Yoshi's Woolly World10.07%
Total Votes: 1498
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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M2 - Favorite Supporting Character
  • Where Luigi?
  • DONKEY KONG JR!!!!!!!

M3 - Favorite Mario RPG Character
  • Sephiroth

M4 - Favorite Mario Movie (2023) Portrayal
  • Everyone BUT Chris Pratt

M5 - Favorite Power-up
  • The Nut Suit

M6 - Favorite Enemy
  • Bulborb

M7 - Favorite In-game Track
  • Angry birds theme

M8 - Favorite Soundtrack
  • YES.

M9 - Favorite Game Mechanic
  • farting
  • Original, fucking, characters!

M10 - Favorite 2D Platformer
  • Hey pikmin
  • Pizza tower kinda goes crazy/celeste is about depression

M12 - Favorite Bowser Battle
  • I'm just lucky to even get to the final boss in any Mario game.

M13 - Favorite Boss Battle
  • Saddam Hussein
  • Scourge of Hyrule Castle Calamity Ganon (TLOZBOTW)
Shoutout to the 42 people who voted for Bowser in some form even though we specifically said no Bowser.

M16 - Favorite Mario Party Board
  • Louies big restaurant

M19 - Favorite Classic Game (GCN/GBA through Wii/DS)
  • Pikmim 2

M20 - Favorite Modern Game (Wii U/3DS and newer)
  • Pikmin 3

F1 - Worst Power-up
  • the nasty patty
  • These Are All GREAT Powerups! I don't think any of them are bad! :)
  • the gosh darn. p wing. from 3d land. as if id want to play LESS of PEAK GAMING

F2 - Worst Enemy
  • Hammer Bro Haters
  • Nintendo
  • How dare you say Parabones! BTW it's Bloopers

F3 - Worst Obstacle
  • ALL OF THEM!!!
  • ghost
  • Mimi's Slave Labour
  • Miyamoto.......

F4 - Worst Level Concept
  • I like them all. How dare you suggest there are bad levels.

F5 - Worst Game Mechanic
  • Bugs (Not Really A Mechanic But Dang)

F6 - Worst Boss Battle
  • Bowser (SMG) (before you cancel me, I think that this battle is anti-climatic)

F7 - Most Disappointing Update Cycle
  • animal crossing new horizons
  • like every website this year
  • Minecraft
  • Real Flight Simulator
  • Yo mama

F8 - Worst Remake
  • Balls
  • Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (GBA) because FUCK SWANKY KONG!

F9 - Most Forgettable Game
  • Maybe...

F10 - Most Shameless Business Decision
  • All of the above! Yikes!
  • "Fans" whining about trivial issues, ignoring actual terrible companies
  • i legitimately cannot choose ninty is a shit company
  • Super Mario Run's pay-to-play crimes
  • what is this
  • Why should I state this kind of opinions here
Shoutout to the 43 voters who wrote in “everything” or “all of the above” in some form.

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Satoru Fujinuma

One more time.

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
7Rabbid Peach795.60%
8Count Bleck654.61%
14King Olly271.91%
16Broque Monsieur201.42%
17Prince Peasley191.35%
18Rawk Hawk171.20%
19O. Mini-Yoshi60.43%
19O. Rabbid Mario60.43%
21O. Admiral Bobbery40.28%
21O. Lady Bow40.28%
23O. Kooper30.21%
23O. Koops30.21%
23O. Midbus30.21%
23O. Mr. L30.21%
23O. Parakarry30.21%
23O. Prince Dreambert30.21%
23O. Rabbid Yoshi30.21%
23O. Starlow30.21%
31O. Antasma20.14%
31O. Bombette20.14%
31O. Edge20.14%
31O. Mimi20.14%
31O. Ms. Mowz20.14%
31O. Rabbid Rosalina20.14%
31O. Tippi20.14%
31O. Watt20.14%
31O. Yoob20.14%
40O. Booster10.07%
40O. Boshi10.07%
40O. Broggy10.07%
40O. Cackletta10.07%
40O. Dark Bowser10.07%
40O. Elite Trio10.07%
40O. Francis10.07%
40O. Grubba10.07%
40O. Kolorado10.07%
40O. Monty Mole auctioneer10.07%
40O. Nastasia10.07%
40O. O'Chunks10.07%
40O. Paper Mario10.07%
40O. Rabbid Luigi10.07%
40O. Smithy10.07%
40O. Stuffwell10.07%
40O. Village Leader10.07%
Total Votes: 1411
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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Ace Captain
Reverse Input
The Mario series is home to many weird and wacky power-ups, each with their own quirks and gimmicks that set them apart from the others and, in many cases, fundamentally change the way you play through levels. For this year's winner, I've taken the time to make a level in Super Mario Maker 2 which explores the key features that really sets it apart from all the others. I hope you enjoy playing it, or checking out the video playthrough below if you don't own the game!


Congratulations to the Super Bell for taking home the gold!

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Super Bell15610.25%
2Cape Feather1298.48%
3Blue Shell (NSMB)1147.49%
4Tanooki Suit/Statue Leaf1127.36%
5Fire Flower946.18%
6Propeller Mushroom915.98%
7Super Star905.91%
8Penguin Suit805.26%
9Mega Mushroom754.93%
10Master Sword (SMM2)734.80%
11Giga Bell714.66%
12Cloud Flower664.34%
13Ice Flower603.94%
14Double Cherry573.75%
15Hammer Suit563.68%
16Super Leaf533.48%
17Mystery Mushroom513.35%
18Boomerang Flower322.10%
19O. Super Acorn100.66%
20O. Red Star50.33%
20O. Weird Mushroom50.33%
22O. Lucky Bell40.26%
22O. Mini Mushroom40.26%
22O. Super Hammer40.26%
25O. Bee Mushroom30.20%
25O. Frog Suit30.20%
25O. Power Balloon30.20%
25O. Super Crown30.20%
29O. SMB2 Mushroom20.13%
30O. Boo Mushroom10.07%
30O. Bullet Bill Mask10.07%
30O. Garlic10.07%
30O. Gold Flower10.07%
30O. Goomba Mask10.07%
30O. Ice Flower (SMG)10.07%
30O. Invincibility Leaf (NSMB2)10.07%
30O. Invincibility Leaf (SM3DL)10.07%
30O. Mega Star10.07%
30O. Metal Cap10.07%
30O. P-Wing10.07%
30O. Pal Pill10.07%
30O. Spring Mushroom10.07%
30O. Super Mushroom10.07%
30O. Superball Flower10.07%
30O. Wing Cap10.07%
Total Votes: 1522
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Bowser (Jack Black)75850.23%
2Mario (Chris Pratt)15610.34%
3Luigi (Charlie Day)1419.34%
4Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy)1026.76%
5Toad (Keegan-Michael Key)654.31%
6Giuseppe (Charles Martinet)624.11%
7Lumalee (Juliet Jelenic)503.31%
8Donkey Kong (Seth Rogen)473.11%
9Mario and Luigi's father (Charles Martinet)432.85%
10Kamek (Kevin Michael Richardson)352.32%
11Koopa General (Scott Menville)140.93%
12Penguin King (Khary Payton)130.86%
12Spike (Sebastian Maniscalco)130.86%
14Cranky Kong (Fred Armisen)80.53%
15O. Koopa Troopas (Eric Bauza)10.07%
15O. Luigi (Roberto Salguero, Latin American Spanish dub)10.07%
Total Votes: 1509
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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