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Killing Game is a role-playing forum game created by Fun With Despair inspired by the Danganronpa series. Each week, one player is eliminated by another, and the remaining players must solve the resulting murder mystery case. The objective is simple, kill or be killed! The game has been a staple of previous Awards Seasons on the Super Mario Boards, and this year, Roserade and I are hosting a different take on the format.

So what the heck is a Randomizer KG? Unlike previous KGs, the roles and map have not yet been finalized, and that's where you come in! Everyone is able to submit potential role attributes and map locations, which will be randomly selected to create the roles and map you'll see in the final game. A Google Forms link for submissions will be provided further below in this post. It's open to anyone, even if you don't plan on signing up for the game, and you can submit as many suggestions as you have!

This is a free-for-all game, with no specific teams, factions, or alliances. Beware of your fellow players, as they are likely to conceal the truth about their own actions and motives at any given time. Don't forget that this is just a game, so don't take any of this too personally.

Expect this to be a much more lightweight game than your typical Awards KG. This isn't about being a huge showstopping spectacle or being packed with features, it's just about having some fun!

  • This game is intended for older players. Please only sign up for the game if you are 15 or older. Any players below the age limit will not be allowed to sign up or will be immediately replaced as appropriate.
  • Be respectful to the other players, hosts, and spectators. Tensions can run hot at times, but please don't make overly crude, grotesque, mean-spirited, or otherwise inappropriate comments or night actions. If you disagree with the hosts, please take it up with us privately instead of making a big public issue out of it. Follow the forum rules and everything should be fine.
  • No cheating. Exploiting private information only known to the hosts or other players to give yourself an unfair advantage is not allowed.
  • Directly quoting any private communications with the hosts is not allowed. It would ruin the mystery if you could prove what the hosts have sent you, or make it appear that way. Don't directly quote your night results, role details, or anything of the sort. Barely changing them (i.e. replacing "You do <x>" with "I do <x>" in your night results) also counts as a violation of this rule. Always make sure to paraphrase!
  • Stay active. Because of the relatively small player count and expected runtime compared to other KGs, we want to make sure that the users who do get to participate remain active. We'll be lenient for some inactivity if you notify us in advance, but if you don't participate at all for one set of day/night phases, we will work on replacing you with someone else.
  • Avoid metagaming. This isn't a concrete rule, but try to avoid accusing players based on their actions in past games. It usually doesn't end well.
  • To maintain the fairness of the game, please do not reveal role attributes that you submitted to the randomizer, or room details that are not listed on the map. We also ask that spectators respect this rule.
    • You may freely discuss role attributes that have been revealed upon player death, and any room details that are already public information.

This game will follow the scheduling structure of Awards Killing Game: Odyssey from last year. The day/night phases will run on the same days every week, with the rest of the week being used to prepare the case.

During the night phases, players will have up to 24 hours to PM the actions they want to perform that night to the hosts. This can include attempting to kill another player, using role powers, exploring and interacting with map locations, and performing other freeform actions. There aren't any limits to night actions (besides the forum rules and limits of the game, of course) so have fun with them and be creative! Incentives will be provided to encourage players to submit a kill attempt. If it is impossible for a kill attempt to succeed or no one submits, the game will jump ahead to the next night phase. Two nights in a row without a successful kill will cause weird things to happen...

During the intermission phases, the hosts will work on assembling the case for the next day phase. This is a good time for you to work on presentations, cough cough

During the day phases, players will have 50 hours to solve the case by sharing details from their night results and investigating the map by posting in the game thread. Voting will open later in the phase to determine who the culprit was. Incentives will be provided to encourage players to choose the correct culprit. The player with the most votes will be eliminated at the end of the phase. In the event of a tie, there will be a real-time debate after the end of the phase.

We will be working with the assumption that all players start on equal footing in regards to what they can or cannot do in their night actions. In lieu of stats, roles will be used to give players advantages/disadvantages in these areas. If roles cannot be used as a determining factor (i.e. two players get into a fistfight, and neither of their roles affect physical combat) it will go to a coin flip. Baby wheel!!!

Each player will receive their own personal Dressing Room, an area on the map similar to the cabins from Awards Killing Game: Odyssey. Dressing rooms are only accessible by their owner, and can be used to store items. However, role powers may allow players to access other dressing rooms, so be careful with what you store in there. You will start here by default in your night actions, but unlike AKGO, there are no debuffs associated with them, so you don't have to return by the end of the night if you don't want to.

Team-up kills between two players will be allowed, however, if anyone involved in the team-up is caught and eliminated, the surviving player will permanently receive two additional randomly selected negative attributes to their role. Be careful before deciding if you want to do this!

A Discord server will also be provided for players and spectators to join. Players will be required to join the server as it provides an easier method of communicating in real time during the game. All players will also receive a private channel to use for their own purposes, including direct communication with the hosts.

Also, a few notes:
  • You cannot attempt to obtain fingerprints from an item and compare them to another player.
  • You cannot conduct sweeps of large areas in investigations to find items.
  • You cannot submit to protect another player unless your role allows you to do so.
  • You cannot move as a group to ensure that there will be witnesses.
  • Disguises will not be perfect.

Okay, now it's time for those Randomizer submissions finally! You can submit for any of the following:
  • + Attribute: A role attribute that generally provides the player with some sort of helpful ability or trait.
  • - Attribute: A role attribute that generally hinders or restricts the player's abilities.
  • Room: A room that will be placed somewhere on the final game map.
Here is the Google Forms link for submissions. Whether you're interested in playing or would just prefer to be a spectator, submissions are open to everyone. You can submit as many times as you'd like, so the only limit is how many ideas you have! We will be accepting submissions until , and then we will randomly select which ones to put in the game.

We will be accepting a total of 12 players for the game. Any additional sign-ups will be replacement players for the game. Per user suggestion, we will be randomly selecting 12 players to participate from the entire pool of sign-ups, and any additional players will be signed up as replacements. You may also specifically sign up to be a replacement. Sign-ups will open at in your timezone, so be sure to be there if you're interested!

The schedule for the first set of Night/Day phases is as follows:
Night 1 submission deadline:
Day 1 investigation: -

Phases will take place weekly at the same times and dates, so please consider if those times will work for you before signing up.

  1. @Lakituthequick
  2. @Hooded Pitohui
  3. TPG (@TPG+)
  4. Reverse Input (@Revin)
  5. Cosmic Cowboy (@Hot Cocoa)
  6. Superchao (@Raiko Horikawa)
  7. Gabumon (@Lin Beifong)
  8. @BBQ Turtle
  9. Shoey (@Prudence Pimpleton)
  10. MCD (@Nathan Fielder)
  11. Fun With Despair (@Punished (Real) Luigi)
  12. InsaneBlathers (@Hououin Kyouma)

  1. @MoonAge
  2. @Flygon64
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An update in regards to sign-ups!

We received a suggestion to instead change the twelve player pool to be randomly pulled, in part to keep in theme with the game and in part to have more fairness in timing. We think this is a great suggestion, so we'll be putting this into action!

Sign-ups will still open later today, but now they will be open for one week, closing . After that point, we will be randomly selecting twelve players, and all other interested parties will be moved into a backup pool if necessary.

Thank you for your interest, and we hope to see you sign up soon!


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🌟A voice came from above.🌟


Our work is not yet complete.
Though the storm has passed and the aberrations ceased, imbalance yet clouds the realm of mortals.
This I cannot let stand.

To their haven of decay and revelry,
I shall thus send you as my representative.


Though the mortal plane is dull and filthy, you must not lose heart.

You will stand with the humans, as an ally in their time of need.
And as an arbiter in their time of sin.


My loyal and obedient servant. Of you, I ask this:

You must act in a manner befitting of my champion.
You must strive to restore balance to the cosmic equilibrium.
And you must find the missing piece, and send it to join its kin.

Do you understand your holy mission?


Yes, Mother Luma.



Flygon "I'll figure this out later" 64


happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me

hhooooooough bloodo mordder sin sin mew heheheheheh kill kill death stab

evil cat spell number one : replacement sign up
evil cat spell number two : look behind you
evil cat spell number three : mrrp​


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Submissions for the randomizer are now closed, thank you to everyone who suggested something! We'll be working to get everything out over the next couple days so you'll have some time to familiarize yourself with your role attributes and the map before the first set of night actions open.

Night 1 begins !


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Before we get too far into the game, we'd like to make an addition to the rules to make this official:

To maintain the fairness of the game, please do not reveal role attributes that you submitted to the randomizer, or room details that are not listed on the map. We also ask that spectators respect this rule.

You may freely discuss role attributes that have been revealed upon player death, and any room details that are already public information.


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Day 2 Results
Pupmin recruited: 3/3
Pikpak materials gathered: 3/3
Pupmin lost: 4 (Pupmin Extinction)

Today, Moss set about on her first official mission - collecting treasure. Sadly, she passed away in action due to a previously unknown hazard. I am an utter disgrace as a captain... I shan't sleep tonight.

She will be missed dearly by the following...
-The Rescue Corps and their line of Rescue Pups
-The Shipwreck Crew of PNF-404
-Her best friend and fellow space dog, Oatchi
-Her loyal Pupmin, who are facing extinction without her leadership
-Hocotate Freight Employee Louie, who (for his own reasons...) stayed by her side in dire times.
-Captain Olimar

Moss was too precious to leave this world... I'll have to look into what kind of God would let this happen.
-Voyage Log

...It should have been me trapped in there. And those creatures who let them take you away from me... they should have been killed.

Daniel Dyce

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"Yes viewers the Metal Puncher Now In Color is Dead!! For while his fists may have been strong enough to smash metal his body was as mortal as any humans. While he selflessly devoted his life to the pursuit of justice against the evil of metal he knew eventually he knew the odds were he would eventually be struck down. And struck down he was in the prime of his career by that now dead lowlife Schwarzwald. But fear not readers while the Metal Puncher Now In Color might be dead his legacy lives on! Thanks to prolonged exposure to the Metal Puncher Now In Color a certain group of survivors have inherited his patented metal punching ability.
They Are:
The noble Star Spirit ENBY
The reincarnation of Satoru Fujinuma
The blob warrior Hekki
And finally the mad genius Dr. Alexander Wexlyn
Together they form The Legion of Metal Punchers a secret crime fighting group devoted to Truth, Justice, and the Destruction of Metal Everywhere!"