Zange's Presentation sign ups FLASH SALE ACT NOW!!!!

Ai Hoshino

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Yo what up this is a new thing for me but I have decided to take some volunteers for appearing in exactly one (1) of my presentations this year.


Due to the nature of the idea I have in mind for said presentation, I will only be taking the first four (4) people that sign up.

So if you want in speak now or forever hold your peace.

Please link a reference (or something easily searchable) to your OC in your sign up post tyty (also if you happen to have multiple OCs please pick only ONE)

1. Hooded Pitohui
2. Flygon64
3. Toadettefan
4. Fawfulthegreat64
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Fox Pokemon
Here we go!


This is my new look that I'm going to use for community events from now on! I took inspiration from a couple other characters I tend to play as in the rp community besides Toadette herself (those being Cream and Oxide), and that's how this new look came to be!

(Note: The purple garment is supposed to be a dress made out of a jacket that was too big for my oc to wear properly without some adjustments. That gray circle near the top of the dress is a necklace made of diamond.