InsaneBlathers' Presentation Sing-ups 3: The Return of the Blathers

Satoru Fujinuma

One more time.

Ok guys! All you need to do to sign up is post your name and whatever OC/roleplay(s) you want me to use in bold, along with the sixteen numbers on the back of your mother's credit card!

Just like the last two years there's unfortunately no guarantee yet that signing up for this will actually mean anything, since I only have a very rough idea of what I want to do for my presentations.

This is basically just you giving me your permission to include your OC/roleplay/whatever you choose if I want to
And you can sign up multiple times with different characters

Hooded Pitohui
Nevermind I can't be bothered to write the rest
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Fox Pokemon
Let's go!


This is my new look that I'm going to use for community events from now on! I took inspiration from a couple other characters I tend to play as in the rp community besides Toadette herself (those being Cream and Oxide), and that's how this new look came to be!

(Note: The purple garment is supposed to be a dress made out of a jacket that was too big for my oc to wear properly without some adjustments. That gray circle near the top of the dress is a necklace made of diamond.
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it's me, Anton, shamelessly copy/pasting what i posted in another one

Brief description of important stuff:
Magikoopa with red-orange hair that extends past the shoulders, with a swirly curl on the top front. Red and white outfits which change based on situation, but default would be similar to white mage robes. Barefoot or limited footwear, glasses that change with expression rather than visible eyes.

If you need personality aspects, there's the obvious food stuff but just ask me if needed

Satoru Fujinuma

One more time.
Ok new directive.

Instead of your main avatars I want to use a roleplay or character you've played in a forum event, if you have one
If you've already done that then no need to worry you can ignore this

I probably should've specified this at the beginning but I kinda forgot so

You can pick whoever you want just make sure you do it
Unless you don't have one or don't have one you want/are comfortable with me using

Time for the mega ping hol up

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Sorry for pinging all of you I'm just worried if I don't you'll all assume that I didn't post anything important and I don't want this to go ignored so

Obviously I won't do this again unless I need to but uh

And if I missed someone I missed someone I guess