Pokémon Crystal Randomizer - Triple Bingo Tournament!!


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Hello Pokémon Masters!

Welcome to the Pokémon Crystal Randomizer - Triple Bingo Tournament! This exciting event promises a unique take on the classic Pokémon Crystal gameplay and a challenging test of your knowledge and strategy.

Teams of 2-3 players will compete to achieve triple bingo as swiftly as possible. Triple bingo is accomplished by completing enough goals to fill three lines on your bingo board. If you don't have a team, don't worry! You can sign up individually, and we'll place you with one.

This will be a Key Item Randomizer. What that means is, all wild Pokémon, trainer teams, TMs, and more will be shuffled. Additionally, all progression items, such as badges, keys, and HMs, will be shuffled amongst each other. Your team will have to work together, utilizing your knowledge of Pokémon Crystal and the randomized items to advance through the seed and achieve your bingo goals.

The tournament will span five exciting rounds, each lasting two weeks. I'm looking to kick this off on 1st July.

Teams will earn points by completing bingo cards. The point distribution is as follows:
- 5 points per individual submission.
- A total of 15 points if all team members submit. So if both members in a team of 2 submit, they will receive 15 points opposed to 10.

We'll also offer bonus points for the top three fastest submissions each round:

3rd fastest submission: 5 points.
2nd fastest submission: 10 points.
Fastest submission: 15 points.
For teams of 3, we'll only use the top 2 times for these bonuses. This means that a team can garner a maximum of 40 points per round: 15 points for each person submitting, 15 points for 1st place, and 10 points for 2nd place.

By the end we will crown the team with the most points as the winners!

Players may submit multiple attempts, but only their fastest time will count. All submissions must be video recordings and should be timestamped with goal achievements. Once you complete all your goals, press the "Done" button located under Items -> Key Items in the game. The time listed there is your submission time. You may use any tools you like to play, such as an emulator or flash cart, as long as it results in a clear video. We recommend using the Gambatte emulator.

For tournament communications, we will be using Discord. Each team will be assigned a private channel for strategy discussions, locating key items, etc.

To join, fill out the registration form below with your details. You may register as an individual if you're looking for a team or on behalf of your team if you have one already. Please sign up by 24 June to secure your spot in this grand adventure. I'm looking for minimum of 3 teams for this to run.

Sign ups:

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Best of luck, trainers! Let's see who will be crowned the Pokémon Crystal Randomizer Triple Bingo Champions!!

Note: We will NOT provide a Pokémon Crystal ROM for this. We WILL provide the Speedchoice and Randomizer patches for them. Instructions on applying these will be provided closer to the start date.