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I'm gonna vote and not put reasons because fuck you, I can. I want to see characters that I like win, and will use my powers to make this happen

7. Marge Simpson
6. Death
5. Candice ??? Candice
4. Scottish Mario
3. Punished Luigi
2. The Erudite Goose
1. The Ernest Fine Brothers

also Endorse: gangsta mario because he's my one submission and I can do that
I'm gonna vote and not put reasons because fuck you, I can. I want to see characters that I like win, and will use my powers to make this happen
Yeah. Voting without reason but for those I want to win. Ok. Here is my list.
#1: The Erudite Goose
#2: Toadette
#3: Isabelle
#4: Punished Luigi
#5: Quickbot
#6: Shmwario & Shmwaluigi
#7: The Doctor
I would also like to Endorse: Glitz Yoshi.
"Siiiigh. There's really nothing to do around here anymore...

...ehhhh? A tournament?
And Senpai's entered it without telling me?!
Then, surely the greatest kouhai is eligible as well ♡
After all,
these to-tal-ly weird battle-fetishy humans are sure to recognize my cute and crushing combat potential! ☆
It's absolutely self-explanatory! The name 'BB-chan' alone will have them quaking in their boots~"

Several weeks later...



" votes...? N-not a single one...???"


"...It's three in the morning here, BB.
Surely, if your pipes have sprung a leak again, you could call Mr. Bushr-"

"It's not that, dammit!
There's this tournament I signed us up for as a team,
and no one's voted for us!"

"I'm in a tournament...?
To be honest, I'm not trained for sustained combat, so this is troubling...
...but I haven't done anything exciting in a while, so I'll let it slide.
Disregarding the obvious, you couldn't think of anyone else's name to throw in?
Miss Polly or Mr. Greenwood could've gone with you, right?"

"Look, just write some biographies up,
and tell them about all the times
you killed someone or whatever, alright?
Man... what a pain in the ass..."



The Terrible, Tantalizingly Talented BB-chan!~ (she/her)

An oddball of a Londonite girl who's frequently chasing after her "senpai", Herlock Sholmes. No one's really sure what her deal is. It could be said Rei knows, but... it's more like something he'd rather ignore.
Typically fights with a regular ol' kitchen knife, or a stick she carries around that can transform into a comically large syringe (she calls it the "Bishop's Staff of Rulership," and treats it as more valuable than it really is). She also carries around a magical cell phone (that she basically stole from Rei).
She's mostly the kind of person who beats people down through sheer annoyance rather than any physical strength, especially due to her stature, but since she's actively forcing herself to take the lead as a "wicked, cute little devil heroine," she commands the pair in battle.

+: Skilled at distracting the enemy. Namely, if the arena has some kind of phone, she's able to call the line and compel opponents to answer. She's also able to utilize aspects of her own phone, i.e. flash photography, to momentarily startle opponents.
+: Rather light on her feet. Running through the jungle and a cruise ship and stuff takes, like, a lot of work ☆
+/-: Adaptable. She doesn't tend to make concrete plans, but rather simple outlines of how to deal with a situation. As a result, she's skilled at rolling with the punches and new moves opponents might throw out (provided she can dodge), but she doesn't have many ideas on how to win in combat outside firing and forgetting.

-: Easily distracted by anything to do with her senpai. She'd have a hard time fighting to win against him, and even talking about him can rile her up under the right circumstances.
-: Haughty and overconfident, yet gets flustered easily when she's backed into a corner. Adaptable or not, she gets insanely heated up about combatants that are just better than her at what they do, even if she tries her hardest not to show it.
-: like fucking 5'1". she will die if you punch her


Rei/Midori/Matcha...? I suppose the last one's what Miss BB's been saying. (he/him)

A rather uncanny person without much information to his name; formerly the Communications Officer for the S.S. Circinus. Now lives in Port Montague mostly doing a collection of odd jobs, including freelance photography.
He's familiar with a variety of weapons, including knives, guns, rockets, clubs, frying pans, and so on and so forth, but he's relegated himself to just being BB's backup fighter with a hammer. He has the strength to swing it around, at least.
The pair's powers are rather ephemeral and don't have much basis in physical equipment, so they've forced themselves to just stab and bonk people while using parts of their magical abilities as distractions... it's a bit pathetic, at least according to him.

+: Able to utilize any telephone poles in the arena to temporarily attract and subdue opponents towards them. More effective on spirits and those who are directly interacting with the astral plane.
+: Perceptive regarding physical weaknesses. He's rather familiar with the inner workings of the human body, so while it's not especially helpful against combatants with unique anatomical features (e.g., plant-duck hybrids), it does give him a vague idea of which part will crumple the fastest beneath a hammer.
+/-: Tends to think of a plan from the beginning and can't adapt on the fly like BB - he does poorly under pressure, so his game plan is usually to quickly identify a weakness and form a full, rigid strategy around it. While this'd perhaps mean they cover their respective weaknesses...

-: ...the two have trouble cooperating. It's more notable on his part, since he has quite little patience for BB at times, especially if they're on the losing end of a fight.
-: Still human himself, despite any benefits being a mage might give him. His stamina isn't great anymore, notably - being relegated to odd jobs and fiddling with a camera does that.
-: If the arena's not set up for his powers, he can't do much beyond the support role he's been relegated to. Performing a seance or reading different languages usually isn't important in a fight, really...

Additionally, due to the nature of both his and BB's abilities, the phones and poles can be destroyed by other combatants before they get a chance to use them, should they be present.
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Hello there, readers of unknown fate. Our paths have aligned. In this moment, for however long you may have left before we diverge once again, allow me to tell you a tale to pass the time.

---Ah, I see you're eager to hear my story. Very well. I shall try to keep it brief, so listen carefully.

A long time ago, at the edge of one universe, a curious oracle performed a forbidden ritual, spawning the Red Comet. This comet is known by many names, as it carried an entity capable of travelling between universes and timelines. It carried arcane knowledge from a universe fraught with despair, delivering power beyond control to any world it arrived in. It carried change, whether desired or not.

...aha. So, you might be familiar with it, too. Very good.

Of the many worlds touched by the comet since its creation, there is one in which it always terminates. A world forgone by the stars itself. One that, until the comet's arrival, was not meant to exist.

The many watchers of fate know this particular event is immutable, but the lead-up to its occurance is radically different, depending on observation. The comet messes with such chronicles, you see, as change is the natural rival of fate. In spite of this, one timeline was ultimately documented, and our observations have ceased for the time being. The world of its terminus currently knows peace.

However, whilst picking through the tapestry of timelines of this world which appeared before us, an impossibility appeared. Such things are amusements to a humble stargazer.

So, dear listener, in the moments before our departure, I shall speak now of a version of this world's timeline that radically divulges from any rationality. The stage was set from the actions of that curious oracle at the far end of space and time, but this would be as if the actors burned the script and danced on its ashes, causing the show to take a dramatic turn towards the absurd and improbable.

This tale is about the most unthinkable timeline I've observed in my many eons as a watcher of the stars.

Unfortunately, I've named it. Not like an artist christening their work with an abstract on its existence, but like a curator putting a relic on display in a museum, for all to marvel at its curiosity...

This tale is about...

The Dr. Acraman Succeeds Timeline


(...Hm. It seems we've arrived quite late. Maseonhunters will have to enter an even longer hiatus; the networks won't appreciate that...)

Ah yes, are you the organiser? Unfortunately, Sirius and I are very busy men, and you'll have to forgive me for our report being tardy. There are a lot of appraisals to undertake, artifacts to duplicate, and profit to be made. People-watching is... arduous. Regardless, our preparations may be much later than anticipated, but we shall not waste your time any further.

From 7 votes to 1:
1. The Ernest Fine Bros.
2. Scottish Mario
3. Cornelius
4. Punished Luigi
5. Prince Peach and Seam
6. El Presidente
7. Gangsta Mario

(How curious. I recognised a great deal of names on the full list we were told to assess. Some, I crossed weapons with on that island...)

And of course, the endorsement. I've appraised its legitimacy myself.

I, GBA, endorse Nobu Sirius and Acraman.

Signed, Sirius endorsement-giver GBA.


Alton, my fellow, they have hot dogs here! We can set up a rival business... Star Dogs! Ohohoho... yes!

If all is in order, you'll have to excuse me.

Dr. Alton Acraman / Sirius Shinkai

The most ideal versions of Dr. Acraman and Sirius Shinkai, two NPCs from AKGO who were denied any development due to their early Night 1 deaths. These versions hail from an impossible timeline in which they were the only survivors of the Starline Cruises killing games, otherwise known as The Dr. Acraman Succeeds Timeline.

General Description
Acraman as he appears in AKGO, but with a slightly more casual outfit, wielding a briefcase filled with arcane, Maseonic gadgets he can use at will. Sirius Shinkai, except as a paradoxical fusion of all three Siriuses in one body. He wears a hawaiian shirt, shorts, sandals, and has a star pendant. When he wants to call upon some of the powers of Sirius, he covers his mouth with one hand, and his eyes begin to glow.

Both of these men are caniving con artists who employ deception, treachery and emotional manipulation to obtain priceless artifacts for reselling, so they lack empathy and can easily tag team someone to appraise them fiscally (as in, the value of the weapons and objects another combatant holds) and spiritually (their mental state, spirituality, etc.), and exploit their weaknesses in both. In any kind of pre battle monologue or discussion, they'd be liable to get the upper hand without the other party being aware. In the midst of a fight, such a trait is less useful.

Having bested the rest of the AKGO cast in an alternate timeline, they have witnessed versions of AKGO combatants fall before each other or themselves, and have watched their weaknesses exploited through first hand experience in order to be the sole survivors of the Starline Cruises killing games. This leaves them more observant and knowledgable of fellow AKGO attendees to an extent, but slightly less knowledgable of those from other worlds. Acraman can utilise his appraisal abilities to bolster their knowledge of other civilisations or worlds as best he can.

Having visited Maseon, Acraman has appraised which of the technological artifacts and weaponry on the island were most valuable to grab before his eventual escape with Sirius, which later resulted in his triumphant success in the historical sphere, elevating his career experience as a museum curator to new heights. He has exceptional taste in everything except condiments. Additionally, a near death experience with a chocolate cookie laced with hand sanitiser has made him dedicate a large portion of his time to being prepared to treat food poisoning at any time, just in case.

For combat, Acraman wields a stolen briefcase from the late (in his timeline) Cel. Acraman stores many such gadgets inside, including collapsable resonance poles, capable of EMPing due to Cel's modifications, magical objects synthesized from the lake observatory generator (in particular, Tomatoes), and a particularly hyper improvised mechanical Ketchup-based machine gun. He prefers to stand back and let Sirius take charge until absolutely necessary, acting as the appraiser of their situation. This results in him becoming slightly flustered when their gambits fail, and while he's aware of this, he still lacks the ability to properly improvise beyond the first iteration of a plan.

Sirius is the ever more relaxed of the two, yet the larger powerhouse. Containing vast knowledge of the three AKGO arcana and their associated magics, as well as a heightened sense of spirituality and understanding of Sterwegenic fate, the entity known as Sirius occupies a vessel known as Shinkai with spiritual knowledge and dirty tricks aplenty, and is called upon by Shinkai covering his mouth. Despite being the entity that created MB-K, the trappings of Shinkai's mortality prevent Sirius from accessing more higher level magical abilities or timeline manipulation, due to the length of time Shinkai's been alive for, but Sirius still wields the authority granted to him by his spirit. Since his tropical vacation of wanton death, Shinkai's become hedonistic, and brash. He might not go along with the most optimal plan in favour of one that just seems cooler.

he also just wants to grill, for god's sake

+ On tonight's episode of Maseonhunters...
+ General underhanded business acumen. Acraman appraises their opponents while Sirius manipulates, and the two devise schemes that require them to work in tandem with both magic and technology.
+ Particular insight to AKGO matchups, having seen the downfall of all of its participants in the Dr. Acraman Succeeds Timeline.
+ Swift and accurate appraisal of the technological and magical aspects of opponents' abilities. Handling them afterward is another question, but if the answer is simple, they'll latch onto it instantly. That's why Acraman has upgraded to having two pairs of glasses on his person at all times.
+ Acraman wields what he believes to be the apex of Maseonic technology, and a Ketchup-based machine gun which nailed him at least two kills.
+/- Sirius is filled with vast magical abilities but remains rooted by his hedonistic vessel, who would rather take the more fun and exciting route during a fight instead of the most optimal.
- General weakness to being overwhelmed if their schemes do not work, and resulting to desperate "random bullshit go"-ing after a point.
- Acraman may leave Sirius out to dry on occasion because he thinks he knows better, and Sirius may simply choose to do something else on his own whim.
+/- They survived their ordeal through sheer luck-turned-opportunity for growth, and as such, Acraman in particular is more aware of his weaknesses, meaning any likelihood for failure will not stem from overconfidence but rather inability to further improvise beyond a few plans or their nature to disagree on the best path forward.
- Acraman's mostly just a guy, and very reliant on his Maseonic technology and also cannot control Sirius' actions entirely.
- Sirius is a spiritual entity and vulnerable to spiritual interference or beings of similar power, moreso now that Shinkai's nature has tamed him further with more vessel occupance.
+ Sirius knows how to rig a grilling device at any time for grilling. Can also be explosive.
- The Dr. Acraman Succeeds Timeline refers strictly to how he fared in his home universe. We may soon see the Dr. Acraman Sucks Timeline in action in mbmb.
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♫ Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated! ♫
misbehavinator_doof (1).png


Perry the Platypus

Check out my brand new Divert the Votes-inator!
I think you know exactly what it does.

I mean- I mean it's literally right there in the name


I will steal all of your votes, and send them right to me! Ahahahhahahaha

Wait a second what do you mean I didn't sign up to the tournament? I thought I mailed in the registration form?

I- I-
Hang on a second where was it


Oh, come on!


Well this is quite awkward Perry the Platypus I- I had a whole thing planned here and um
It was gonna be really cool and there was this whole tragic backstory to go along with it and everything

I- uh- I'm not really sure what to do now


Hey, guys! Long time no see! We're the FINE BROS.


We've been keeping our heads down since the React World Disaster, but now we're back and ready to lend our associates a hand in the Mega Brawl.​


That's right, my fine fellow; my fellow, fine brother. So, without further ado, join us as we react to the TOP 7 ERNEST FINE BROTHERS VOTES.

Vote #7

Honio Pitoki - 1 Point

Whoa! Who the hell is that guy?


That's weird, bro. That guy looks real sketchy.​


I'd hate to meet him in the ring.
Vote #6

Grunt - 2 Points

Yooooo, is that Grunt?​


I didn't know Grunt was here! Wow! Grunt!
Vote #5

Scottish Mario - 3 Points


Scottish Mario? I never would have thought of that.


What would Scottish Mario say? "Och"? "Aye"?​


Haha! Yeah, I bet he would say that!
Vote #4

Punished Luigi - 4 Points




We got a dog to react to this one.​


What happened to Luigi, bro? He got real serious. Damn.


You don't wanna mess with this Luigi.​
Vote #3

El Presidente & Advisor - 5 Points


I love listening to this guy speak. And look at how big his money is!​


I don't know, bro, I think it might be propaganda or something?


Really? That's heavy.​


Vote #2

Sirius & Dr Acraman - 6 Points


This guy's outfit is fire!


Uhh bro? Speaking of? Are we on fire right now?​


Shut up. I'm trying to React.
Vote #1

Marge Simpson - 7 Points


Oh man, our entire studio burned down.


This is React World all over again.​


Oh well, at least we've still got each other.


We don't need a fancy studio just to react to videos. Look at Marge, she doesn't need anything fancy, but I bet she could kick our asses.​


Hell yeah! Go Marge!


Thanks for watching everyone. Don't forget to Like and Subscribe to React World.


While we're here, we'd like to offer a shout out and a big Endorsement to our boys Ernest & Ernest. You guys can do it!​


Peace out!
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So... It's-a come to my attention that a mysterious benefactor wants to know what I'm capable of. Well, here we are at the precipice, the beginning of the end. The votes close today, and it's too late for anyone to mount a counter-offensive, even if I lay my arsenal bare for all to see.


This... Is the soldier's way. Even if it means shirking public support... what good is a combatant when everyone knows every move they'll make? For example, if I'd told everyone up front about my universal firearm proficiency, they very well could have entered a "30 Bulletproof-Vest Monster". Luckily, I'm two steps ahead of them. The same goes for my skills in close quarter combat, or CQC for short. They say never to bring a knife to a gunfight, but I'd fully expect someone to do the opposite.

I've still got some connections to the mafia too, don't forget. Renne might have left me for dead, but I've got contacts back in Chaos Town and the World of Plight. Someone's bound to back me up, or send supplies if need be. You don't need to worry about the specifics. An emergency spaghetti ration or two, let's-a go with that. Finally, I've got elite stealth training, taught to me by the best of the best. Good luck trying to find me in the heat of battle, amidst the chaos of war. You'll need it, paisano.


...There. I've fulfilled my obligations. Last minute or not... I don't need your votes to survive. All votes have ever done in the past is send me to the chopping block, why should this be any different?

he scares me


i do not wish to see bushroot get hurt


never underestimate the golden phanto


i just think she's neat


she also scares me




i want to watch the world burn

and of course i will be endorsing Rainbow Dash
Posting this here again so I don't have to keep clicking back and forth between pages.

Sholmes & Dr. Bushroot45✅
Scottish Mario37✅
Perry the Platypus32✅
The Ernest Fine Bros.31✅
Cornelius C. Cornifer31❌
Gangsta Mario31✅
Marge Simpson28✅
Candace ??? Candice28✅
Sirius & Dr. Acraman26✅
Renne & Brennanman24✅
Shmwario & Shmwaluigi23❌
Punished Luigi23❌
El Presidente & Advisor17❌
Nintendo GameCube15✅
The Erudite Goose15🆗
Rainbow Dash14✅
Mr. Xenahort13✅
Prince Peach & Seam13✅
TPG2 & Kingsbournes11❌
Honio Pitoki9❌
Surge the Tenrec5🆗
Wright Forde 'Shroom5🆗
BB & Rei5✅
Nitros Oxide4✅
Glitz Yoshi4✅
The Doctor2🆗
Franziska Von Karma1❌
Final Tally

Accuracy confidence rating is currently 55%
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"I'm here live with Colonel Shoey O'Dell. Tell me Colonel with the field set for the MARIOBOARDS MEGABOARD BRAWL how do you feel about Grunts chances?"

"Let me tell you Coal there's 40 fighters/teams in this here MARIOBOARD MEGABOARD BRAWL each one thinks they're headed to glory. We've got brawlers, we got duos, we got a clown dog, we got a British Robot and his army of other robots, we got a Scottish Mario, a Living Gamecubes, a Fire loving genderbent Oda Nobunaga's, There's even what appears to be a reality warping seven year old from another dimension. Everyone in this tournament thinks that once they step in that ring victory will await. Now that might be true depending on the match up but there's just one little problem Coal. They're ain't nobody in this tournament that can match my mind and my power. So coal if you're asking me what I think mine and Grunt's chances are let's just Grunt has my full endorsement.

"Beaming with confidence for you and your undefeated Koopa champion. But tell me Colonel who do you think in this field will give you and Grunt the most trouble."

"That's a good question Coal. So i've spent the last few days scouring the competition. I've been taken detailed notes been doing an awful lot of research on everyone in the MARIOBORDS MEGABOARD BRAWL, and i've come to the conclusion that these seven who I have dubbed the "Fearsome Seven" are the most dangerous fighters in the tournament.
In seventh we've got Dr. Bushroot and Herlock Sholmes. They may both be scrawny little beanpoles who couldn't hope to match the strength of Grunt. But Herlock Sholmes he's a master of deduction he's a master analysis. Before he hits the ring he's gonna know an opponents strengths, weaknesses, fears, hopes, desires, blood type, and social security number. There ain't gonna be a fighter more prepared than Herlock Sholmes. Then you got Dr. Bushroot a real psycho a mad scientist who has few equals. The problem with facing off against a mad scientist is that they can do anything they're not bound by the ethical standards of a regular scientist. So until you get in that ring you don't know what kind of creatures he's made, what kind of experimental substances he's covered himself in, What kind of Potions he's drinken to give him self the edge. Then you factor in that these two have already faced more adversity then the majority of people in this field. They've faced off against murderers, sunken ships, and twisted puppet plots. You add it all together and it's clear Dr. Bushroot and Sholmes are the most dangerous duo in this field

Sixth we got General O'Chunks. The man might not seem to bright on it's face but you gotta remember O'Chunks is a experienced General and a master tactician whose only defeat on the battlefield was caused by a treacherous subordinate. In addition the man is a brawler and one of the only people in this field whose strength even comes close to comparing to Grunt. You might say now Colonel don't you think that's a bit of an exaggeration but just remember O'Chunks fought the Koopa King Bowser himself to a standstill.

The fifth most dangerous fighter in this field is the Grim Reaper himself Death for reasons I really don't think need to be explained. I mean he's Death!

Coming in Fourth on this little list might be a little bit of a surprise but it's Gamer Cat. An overcaffeinated cat with sharp claws and a goddamn glock that's an unpredictable trifecta. You step in the square circle with Gamer Cat and you aren't gonna know if the claws or the bullets are gonna fly first.

Taking the Bronze spot on this list we got Toadette. She might look like an adorable little mushroom lass but don't let those looks deceive you. One of the most talented athletes in this field Toadette is a multi sport professional. She plays Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Extreme Kart Racing, why she's even an Olympic athlete. She's one of the most physically impressive competitors in this field her cardio is unmatched her endurance is nearly unmatched. In addition she's a registered doctor with a medical degree from Mushroom Medical Hospital. So not only is she one of the most physically toned competitors in this field but she's also a master of anatomy. Now you might be telling yourself "yeah but colonel this is all great on paper but it wont mean nothing if she ain't got not fighting experience." That's where I say oh you poor deluded fool. Toadette on multiple occasions has helped defeat the Great Koopa King Bowser. She's a fearsome foe and anyone who underestimates her will regret it!

For the silver medalist we've got the flying greaseball Honio Pitoki. He might be a tiny little baby napping Toady but he's got one advantage most people don't. He can fly and anyone that can fly and anyone that can fly has an advantage over anyone stuck on the ground. Now of course there's other people who can fly like that Pegasus Rainbow Dash but here's the thing. Rainbow Dash's flight is based on her wings so she's using stamina as she flies. But Honio Pitoki he's using a propeller he can fly as much as he wants and never get tired. In addition while he might be a disgusting greaseball but his grease is gonna give him another advantage, anyone who tries to grab him is gonna find him slipping right through their fingers. Finally there's his weapons a spray bottle and a coin might not sound threatening but that's where you're wrong. Picture this he's flying around you ducking and dodging as you try to hit him. Finally you start getting tired you make a mistake then BAM he sprays you right in the eyes and suddenly you can't see anything now you're swinging blindly. Then he hits you with his coin and don't be fooled that coin ain't no regular coin that coin weighs and easy 15-20 pounds. So now you're blind getting hit with a 20 pound weight so tell me how long you think you could stand up to that?

Finally we've got the gold medalist the most dangerous fighter in the field. The one the only Gangsta Mario. He's got all the powers of Mario the high jump, the ground pound, with the power to double jump. But he's got something regular Mario lacks...guns. He's a man filled with unpredictable anger a beacon of both strength and guns. When you step up against Gangsta Mario he wont hesitate to put a cap in your ass as soon as the bell rings. That wild unpredictability combined with his guns if why I feel that Gangsta Mario is the most dangerous fighter in the field.
My boy forgot to switch on my alarm and I nearly slept past the deadline. For that violation of my schedule, TPG2 has lost my endorsement. Candice would never have let me oversleep as she likely would have chopped my head off at first sight. She gets the endorsement now.
(Side Note: I know weaknesses don't matter since voting is over, but there is one thing I'd like to clarify about Oxide's Speed. It doesn't function like normal super speed. This is because Gasmoxians aren't born with this ability, so Oxide had to take what he learned from racing and apply it to his general movement patterns. However, due to the fact that he wasn't born with super speed, he tires out after a few minutes and has to wait a while before he can run fast again.)
Hello! I'm here with an unfortunate update. In large part due to making progress on this being more difficult than anticipated through Awards season this year, we're going to be officially pushing back the intended date for the MBMB to late October. While we are anticipating making further progress over the next month and are hoping to have adequate time to get this finished in that timeframe, should things not go as planned, we intend to post the story in December, as a holidays celebration of sorts. We will determine where we stand in mid-October and issue an update no later than the 23rd.

We appreciate your patience and your wonderful cast of characters you've provided for this event, and apologize for the length of the wait. We hope to provide you an exciting battle royale event and showcase your characters in action, and we will continue working to present it to you.

Well, we're about halfway through October.

This project is confirmed to be receiving its final pushback, but this time with a hard deadline: you can expect the Mario Boards Mega Brawl to be (real) on December 15th. We apologize yet again for all of these delays, but ultimately we want to create the best possible event for you all, and that requires more energy and time than any of us are able to provide right now. With Issue 200 and other community happenings on the horizon, some pots have gotta be put on the backburner - but don't worry, we'll keep this stew simmering.

To allow for us to actually move on from the Awards season and archive the board once ARKG wraps up, I'll be moving this thread to the Strategy board later tonight, where the actual event will be held in December. Keep an eye out for some mega brawl madness in a strategy subboard near you!

Thank you everyone, and happy spooky month!
A booming voice echoes from beyond...

HAAHOHAAHO! INCREDIBLE SPECTACLES AWAIT! Tonight and tonight only, forty-one entrants step into the ruins beneath Pipe Plaza to duke it out for a chance at riches and fame in the first-ever MARIO BOARDS MEGA BRAWL! A great show awaits, but first, some reminders from your host!

You entered! You voted! You made hopes into reality! But you did all of it months and months ago! So take this refreshment from your host, but don't put down the popcorn, because one's salty and the other's dry! Your votes were added up and translated into points which we used to weigh the dice! That's right, my all-purpose mystical dice accepted your influence and then rolled across my table! Those rolls decided the order in which your soon-to-battle brawlers fell and who came out on top! It's weighted luck, folks! Weighted luck, I tell you!

Second up! You can't spell Free-for-ALL without FALL! Peek between your fingers if you must! Avert your gaze if you so desire! But do know that there will be VIOLENCE! You will see these varied brawlers from across the world be destroyed or die in this arena tonight, and you will bear witness to acts of brutality!

But folks, but folks! Let me be the first to remind you that we are running a PG-13 battle royale here! There may be brutal acts of violence and there may be serious injury, but we will not be dwelling upon the worst of it! I'll remind you also of our LIMITED CANONICITY! Yes! Yes! It may hurt to see your favorites die or be otherwise defeated in this arena! But fear not! YOU - that's right, YOU get to say in your own stories and writing whether or not these deaths actually happened! Only one entrant walks away with the riches, but all entrants are offered my patented revival-and-restoration services after the fight!

So folks, if you feel yourselves getting upset at an outcome tonight, remember it's all in GOOD FUN! Take a breath and spend your time browsing elsewhere, and pardon me for demolishing that fourth wall - the only thing I can't repair!

With all of the disclaimers out of the way, let's get reaaaa-

What's that? You want to know who I am? Why, I'm the turning wheel from which dreams are spun! I'm the host with the panache to start the fireworks! And I'll be seeing all of you real soon!
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