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Last year, I brought this idea up too late and made it too complicated. So I have fixed both problems this year and hope to gather a friendly competition here, which will give you a reason to watch the results come in on August 14th. This is simply for boasting rights, no big prize or anything, so don't even start complaining. :P

Here are the rules:

-You do not have to have voted to participate. You can also participate if you are presenting award(s), see farther down. You also don't have to attend the ceremonies, as I will calculate all of the results of this beforehand, although it will be more exciting to keep tally of your score as we go along - your choice if it's worth it in that case.

-You can do Mario, Fail and/or Userpedia, any single one, combo of two, or all three. There will be four achievements - highest score in each one, and highest combined total (must do all three to qualify for this one, of course).

-You will have a chance to gain up to 15 points per award by guessing the Top 3 (gold, silver, bronze) nominees. Therefore, the max score is 450 for Mario, 150 for Fail/Userpedia, and 750 total (the chances of acing any set is very low). You can get full credit for getting a nominee in the right spot, partial credit for getting a nominee that is in the Top 3 but in the wrong spot, or no credit for picking a nominee not in the Top 3 at all:
--Gold Exacta: 5 points
--Silver Exacta: 3 points
--Bronze Exacta: 2 points
--Any Spot: 1 point
--Miss: 0 points
--Trifecta (triple exacta): +5 points, therefore 5 + 3 + 2 + 5 = 15.

-I'll post an example so the meaning is clear, as well as show some intricacies so you can strategize. If the Top 3 of award A9001 is A, B, and C, then:
--C, B, D: C is in the top 3, but it is put as gold instead of bronze: 1 point. B is an exacta 3 points, D is nowhere to be found, 0 points. Total: 4
--C, D, A: Two spots are mixed up, but they still only count as 1 point each. Total: 2
--A, E, F: Salvaging gold can make a mess a decent amount. Total: 5
--C, E, F: You don't want to do this. Total: 1
--D, B, C: As close to a trifecta as this is, that miss is 0 instead of what would have been 5+5 points. Total: 5
--C, A, B: Getting the right three nominees isn't enough if they're all mixed up. Total: 3
--B, A, C: Again, this is pretty close to a trifecta, but... Total: 4
--As you should see, putting a gold in the wrong spot costs you more points (4) than a bronze (1), and that a trifecta is appropriately hard to earn and fairly easy to give up.

-For any award you are presenting, you will receive a default of 5 points for (this is a small gift for doing the work - slightly above the expected average!). But if you do not get your presentations to me by August 7th, not only do you risk your security in those slot as previously mentioned, you will just get 0 points for each. :D

-Submit your entries here - you are free to edit them until right before the ceremonies begin. Look at other people's submissions if you want, but second-guessing has just as great a chance to add to your points as much as subtracting them! Keeping each award to one line would be appreciated, just putting "A#: A, B, C" will be read as gold, silver, bronze across the line.

Here are the nominees. If you submit a red nominee, you didn't read the document.

Lastly, I have three hints / things you should know:
-No write-in vote made a top 3, so all the right answers are in the link above.
-There were a few ties this year, but only one award out of all 50 had a tie in the top 3. To not make you panic, it was U10, two each for both silver and bronze. While last I year I did something like 1, T2, T2, 4th, for this I did 1, T2, T2, T3, T3, 4th, etc. Give either nominee that got the slot and you'll get an exacta.
-Just because there technically weren't any more ties up high doesn't mean it was very close at times...


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Henry Tucayo Clay
you should also say presenters shouldnt guess their award, why? they will probably get a trifecta.

ill guess them on monday, im still on vacation


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Well that would be in violation of the terms of agreement already on MarioWiki:Anniversary, so while I maybe should have repeated them here, I feel comfortable not doing so as well. :)

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Least fave baby:
1. Daisy. EVERYONE hates Baby Daisy. It's like a trend.
2. Babeh Bowsah.
3. Baby DK.


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Tucayo said:
you should also say presenters shouldnt guess their award, why? they will probably get a trifecta.

ill guess them on monday, im still on vacation
Basically, Wayo is saying you already have the answers for yours, so it would be cheating.

In my presentations, I'll discuss people's guesses.

MOD EDIT: Don't double post.


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Here we go:

1) Galaxy 2) SMB 3) PM:TTYD

1) MP3 2) MP7 3) MP8

1) MKWii 2) MK DS 3) MKDD

1) Super Mario World 2) NSMB 3) SMB

1) Galaxy 2) 64 3) Sunshine

1) DKC 2) DK64 3) Diddy Kong Racing

1) Wario Land 2) Smooth Moves 3) Shake It

1) Kart 2) Baseball 3) Party

1) Island DS 2) Story 3) Island

1) Super Show 2) Comics 3) S M World

1) Mario 2) Luigi 3) Bowser

1) Baby Luigi 2) Baby Mario 3) Bowser Jr.

1) Roy 2) Ludwig 3) Wendy O.

1) Chain Chomps 2) Koopas 3) Boos

1) Shadoo 2) Shadow Queen 3) Bonetail

1) Mega Mushroom 2) Starman 3) Mushroom

1) Golden Mushroom 2) Mega Mushroom 3) Star

1) PM:TTYD 2) SMRPG 3) M&L:PiT

1) Galaxy 2 2) MLRPG 3) Olympics

1) DK 2) Mario 3) Yoshi

1) Sonic 2) ROB 3) Dedede

1) Super Mario Advance 2) SM 64 DS 3) All-Stars

1) Strikers Charged 2) Super Sluggers 3) Power Tennis

1) Gravity 2) Dimension Flip 3) Yoshi

1) Mansion 2) Woods 3) Super Peach

1) Bobbery 2) Yoshi 3) Kooper

1) Mario 2) SSB 3) DK

1) Bowser Jr. 2) Rawk Hawk 3) Mr. L

1) Mushroom Kingdom 2) Outer Space 3) Rogueport

1) Galaxy 2) SMW 3) PM:TTYD

1) HEAD ASPLOSION 2) Cheese 3) Pirate Goomba

1) Adriels 2) Wikia 3) Referata

1) When Sysops Attack 2) Death to Wiki 3) Lost Adventures

1) Paper Lario 2) Guitar Steward 3) Legend of MW: Twilight Princess

1) Frijjle 2) Mastermind Troll 3) Dry Bones Jr.

1) Ultima Bahamut 2) Moogle 3) Glowsquid

1) St00by 2) Xpike 3) UB

1) N. Wikisburg 2) Uni's Realm 3) Pwnz Place

1) St00by 2) SLNO 3) Girrrtacos

1) Sos 2) WarioLoaf and Xzelion 3) Glitchman and Plumber

1) Birdo 2) Wario 3) Daisy

1) Hotel 2) Yoshi T-T 3) SPM

1) Trial Stew 2) Mistake 3) Dried Shroom

1) Jigglypuff 2) Pit 3) Mario

1) Movie 2) Adv. of SMB3 3) SMW TV Series

1) Hotel 2) Missing 3) Typing 1

BTW, I present F4, F6, F7, and F8.


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Wayoshi said:
Hopefully there will be someone to challenge you...
Yeah...hope I didn't go overboard in comparison. Maybe people will see my post and follow suit.


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Henry Tucayo Clay
(it goes 1st place, 2nd, 3rd)

a1- PM, ML:SS, SM64
a2- mp3, mp2, mp1
a3- 64, wii, ds
a4- smw, smb3, nsmb
a5- sm64, galaxy, spm
a6- dkc3, dk64, dkc2
a7- Shake it, smooth, wl4
a8- party, smash, kart
a9- story, touch, island
a10- smw, smbss, comic
a11- mario,luigi, bowser
a12- baby mario, baby luigi, toadsworth
a13- larry, iggy, lemmy
a14- koopas, shyguys, lakitus
a15- EP Shroob, bonetail, tabby (not our Tabbu :D)
a16- ice, kuribo, wing
a17- blue shell, star, boo
a18- PM, SS, PM2
a19- SMG2, ML3, Winter (it may be a sht as the 1st one, but anyway...)
a20- fox, link, yoshi
a21- lucario, wolf, snake
a22- sm64ds, all stars, DX
a23- power tour, tennis 64, golf 64
a24- dimension, bros, gravirty
a25- LM, SPP, M is M
a26- KOOPER!!!!!!!, Lakilester, parakarry
a27- Mario, smash, yoshi
a28- Jr troopa, Mr L, fawful
a29- MK, BBK, Yoshis Island

U1- D, CHeese, head asplosion
u2- adriels, wikia, scribblewiki (dont know bout this award...)
u3- when sysops attack, rush wiki, L of the F (same)
u4- MW ISland, Guitar Steward, L of MW
u5- MM troll, DB jr., burt
u6- UB, HK, Gonzo
u7- UB, STooby, Uni
u8- RAP's, New W, Uni's
u9- SLNO, Stooby, RAP
u10- Xze, WL, Plumber

f1- MII, Birdo, Daisy
f2- LL, SMB2, ..... SMB
f3- mistake, dried shroom, poison
f4- gommbario, flep, piccolo
f5- jigglypuff, DK, Mario
f6- pinball, MP8, MP7
f7- big bertha, bandit, fuzzy
f8- bdaisy, bwario, bDK
f9- film, SMB3, SMW
f10- Lost levels, MTT, MTT2


EDIT: :)

EDIT2: I think there is :)

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Most hated Baby Characters:
1.Babeh Dayzeh
2.Babeh Wahvio
3.Babeh Donkeh Kong

I'm speaking like that because I'm in the mood for it. Actually, I'm always in the mood for it.

Mah favourite Babehs:
1.Babeh Bowsah
2.Babeh Yushie
3.Babeh Weegee Luigi


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So there's no confusion, it goes: first place, second place, third place.

A1 -- Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 64
A2 -- Mario Party 2, Mario Party DS, Mario Party 6
A3 -- Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Mario Kart DS
A4 -- Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, New Super Mario Bros.
A5 -- Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario
A6 -- Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong Country 2, Donkey Kong 64
A7 -- Shake It, Touched, Wario Land 4
A8 -- Super Smash Bros., Mario Party, Mario Kart
A9 -- Yoshi's Island DS, Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Story
A10 -- Super Show, SMB3, Super Mario World
A11 -- Mario, Yoshi, Luigi
A13 -- Iggy, Lemmy, Roy
A14 -- Boo, Shy Guy, Koopa
A15 -- Shadow Queen, Culex, Elder Princess Shroob
A16 -- Starman, Mega Mushroom, Fire Flower
A17 -- Blue Shell, Lightning, Red Shell
A18 -- PMTTYD, Paper Mario, MLSS
A19 -- Bowser's Inside Story, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2
A20 -- Kirby, Pikachu, Fox
A21 -- Meta Knight, Sonic, Snake
A22 -- Deluxe, 64 DS, All-Stars
A23 -- Strikers Charged, Toadstool Tour, Superstar Baseball
A24 -- Yoshi, Flying, SM64
A25 -- Luigi's Mansion, Super Princess Peach, Wario's Woods
A26 -- Yoshi Kid, Watt, Bobbery
A27 -- what is this i don't even
A28 -- Bowser Jr., Rawk Hawk, Popple
A29 -- Mushroom Kingdom, Rogueport, Isle Delfino
A30 -- Super Mario Galaxy, TTYD, Super Mario 64

U1 -- Cheese, HEAD ASPLOSION, D-Key
U2 -- ScribbleWiki, Adriels, Wikia
U3 -- Fallenstar, Master Wikians, Death to Wiki
U4 -- MarioWiki Island, Paper Lario, Guitar Steward
U5 -- Frijjle, DB Jr., Wiggy
U6 -- Glowsquid, D, Ultima Bahamut
U7 -- Uniju, Master Crash, Ultima Bahamut
U8 -- Pwnz Place, New Wikisburg, MC Factory
U9 -- Girrrtacos, Mcoolister, St00by
U10 -- lol no

F1 -- Birdo, Waluigi, Daisy
F2 -- Hotel Mario, SMB2, Super Paper Mario
F3 -- Mistake, Dried Shroom, Trial Stew
F4 -- Flurrie, Fleep, Sushie
F5 -- Pit, Jigglypuff, Dedede
F6 -- MK Arcade GP, Mario Pinball, Mario Party 8
F7 -- Bandit, Fwoosh, Lakitu
F8 -- Baby Daisy (the bias here is gonna be hilarious), Baby Wario, Baby DK
F9 -- Film, Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros. 3
F10 -- Master of Disguise, Mario Teaches Typing, Hotel Mario


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I have reason to doubt your theory, young one. :posh:


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Too bad your reasons are inaccurate, since I'm always right. :)


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Hello guys - here are the results.

Ralph 220 - St00by 210 - Tucky 172

St00by had the most trifectas but sucked the most at Userpedia ( Tucky didn't do too well in Mario, which St00by thrived at, but Ralph was excellent in Fail. Consistency was the key for Ralph, with 0 trifectas but still an average of 4.4 per award to win. St00by realized late what the trifecta for A30 was, which would have given him the win by 1. Galaxy > SM64 cost him the points for sure, among other things. Also note that Teaches Typing was on the spreadsheet but not the nominee list - so I acted like those were exactas for ST00by and Tucky in the bonus section as compensation.

I hope to tweak this and get a real competition going next year now that this has gone through a trial run of sorts. Thanks for the participation guys!


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Little did Wayoshi know that Stooben Rooben was kind enough to let Ralphfan win this time.