Nintendo's next console (Speculation)

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The Nintendo Switch is coming up on 6 years. While it's a fantasic piece of hardware, it's showing it's age at this point. It's way behind the competition, being from the previous console generation. At this rate, Nintendo might just need a new console. And fast.

But, what would it be? In my opinion, a successor to the Switch would be optimal, but they need to make it distinct enough in order to avoid another Wii U-like failure. So...what's a big corporation to do?

Princess Viola

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I mean it's obvious the successor is going to be a Switch 2 and that's all it needs to be. There's way too much smoke and leaks for it to be anything but that.

Yeah I know 'Oh but there were leaks and rumors about a Switch Pro and that never happened either!' but honestly speaking, there was so much smoke and leaks around the Switch Pro + multiple comments from devs that there was a mid-gen hardware refresh Switch that was cancelled internally, I would say with 99% confidence that Nintendo was totally planning on doing a Switch Pro but a combination of COVID-19, the ongoing global chip shortage, and the original Switch hardware and software still selling like gangbusters made them cancel those plans and instead focus on a complete successor system. (IIRC, I believe the Switch Pro was supposed to be the OLED because all the rumors about the Switch Pro match up to the OLED model except for the chip upgrade thing)

How do they make it distinctive enough from the OG Switch?

Just call it the Switch 2, that's not that hard. People aren't stupid, they'll know that the one with the bigger number is the new model and will be more powerful. The system could otherwise look nearly identical to the Switch in form factor otherwise and it'll be fine. Like nobody complains that new phone models look similar.