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Nintendo sure does sell a lot of products, many of them video games and video game accessories. However, it's obvious that not everything the gaming company sells is actually a video game. For this award we're taking a look at some of the most favored upon merchandise that Nintendo has branded their plumber over. So I thought, what better way to celebrate that than by creating an ad specifically for all of the best items you voted for! It's free advertisement for Nintendo but also not taken seriously whatsoever. Enjoy!

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
2LEGO Super Mario24119.80%
3Plushies (San-ei, etc.)20016.43%
4Original soundtrack releases1088.87%
5Super Mario Bros. Monopoly584.77%
6Super Mario Cereal453.70%
7Super Mario Chess423.45%
8Mario Hanafuda393.20%
9Super Mario Hot Wheels cars373.04%
10My Nintendo exclusive merchandise322.63%
11K'NEX figures292.38%
12Jakks Pacific Super Mario figurines262.14%
13UNO Super Mario252.05%
14Jakks Pacific playsets100.82%
15Super Mario Characters Figurine (2010 Platinum Elite Status Reward)70.58%
16Furuta chocolate egg figurines60.49%
16TAG Heuer Connected × Super Mario smartwatch60.49%
18O. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story stylus set40.33%
19O. Campbell's Super Mario soups10.08%
19O. DVDs of DIC Entertainment's shows10.08%
19O. Epoch's Super Mario Blow Up! Shaky Tower10.08%
19O. Good Smile Super Mario Nendoroids10.08%
19O. Jigsaw puzzles10.08%
19O. Mario Kart Wii keychains10.08%
19O. Mario-branded footwear10.08%
19O. Mario-branded headgear10.08%
19O. Mario-branded T-shirts10.08%
19O. Monopoly Gamer10.08%
19O. Super Mario: Level Up!10.08%
19O. The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition10.08%
19O. Uniqlo x Super Mario10.08%
Total Votes: 1217
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is Ninelevendo with M19 - Favorite Mario Kart Course!

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The world of kart racing is not one for the faint of heart. Of course, there comes the initial thrill. Acceleration. Speed. Adrenaline. But that doesn’t prepare you for the rest of the race. The dizziness from spinning. The whiplash from being hit from behind. The scorching, near-unavoidable heat of a Spiny Shell. It may seem jovial to the outside, even fun at first, but there’s a reason that so few newcomers are able to stay beyond their debut game.

As the news of a new challenge bears its presence, the Mario Awards “Favourite Mario Kart Course Grand Prix”, I’m left conflicted. The trophy and fame may not be worth the trials that one has to endure in order to achieve them, neither is the recognition. Instead, it’s the possibility of beating the near impossible challenge presented that makes it worthwhile. Strengthening the ability to push yourself, the ability to endure the oncoming slaughter despite all the odds being against you, testing your conviction, your resolve. They’re the reasons that I live. If I can’t come first, I have no worth. That is why I must win. There is no other option.

In preparation, I ready my weapon of choice, the Lightning Streamliner 11, custom built with slick racing wheels for maximum speed, a super glider for adequate air mobility and even the latest underwater propellers that allow for underwater racing, provided that the 100% waterproof engine parts are as reliable as they say they are. The acceleration leaves a bit to be desired, but if you’re smart enough to not get hit and skilled enough to nail every corner, this issue becomes negligible once you reach first place and become unstoppable. There is no use in preparing for mistakes. There’s only one person that crosses the finish line in first, and they will always be the fastest. Without the right speed stat, you’ll never be able to achieve the times needed to become the best. The off-road stat is likewise unnecessary. If you’re ever in a situation where you end up off-road, you’ve already failed. Handling is the only other stat that matters. With it, you’re able to turn harder, sharper. The sharper you drift, the quicker you build up a mini turbo. This is a necessary skill that must be mastered in order to keep in front. With this kart, there is no uncertainty in my placing.

Race 1

The day of the first race comes by. I am prepared. There is only one future outcome. The countdown begins. 3. I gaze upon the other racers. Their cheerful demeanour and smiling faces may give the impression that they’re not being serious, that they’re just here for fun. But I know the truth. 2. I start revving my engine. Getting the best possible start is crucial. Remember the exact time. The exact frame. Factor in input delay. Learn your exact reaction time. Improve it. Push yourself until you’re frame perfect every time. There is no other way if you want to succeed. 1. I start calculating my best launch angle. Do I aim directly for the first boost pad, or do I need to factor in a potential push from the opposition in front of me? Which direction will they turn? What weight class is the driver? What’s the weight of the kart frame? The wheels? The glider? Knowledge is power. These are the types of things that you must study, learn, commit to memory. Go! I launch off with a rocket start. Ricocheting off the kart in front of me, I boost under the clockwork-like gears above me and begin to head downhill, toward the first boost pad. No more than 5 seconds have passed, and already the race had been decided.

Race 2

The first course was a test of endurance, and the second was set to be no different. Beginning on a colourful road, we raced around planets and jumped between rings to what can only be described as a stunning spectacle for the watchers. But entertainment can be a distraction, a curse. I had long drowned my joy of hearing engines roar, instead replacing it only with a finely tuned ear for potential faults on the motor. Likewise, I ignored the shimmering display of colours and contrasts present before me, focusing on the optimal path for jump boosts. Does that make me boring? Is my racing dull? These are questions without an objective answer. Regardless, they are ones that you yourself must find an answer to, to really see if you’re able to make the sacrifices necessary for victory.

Gliding down to another planetary ring, I gaze upon the rest of the course in front of me. The terrain has changed completely, going from a refraction of light to a cold, hard rock face. Such a sudden change in terrain and even gravity can cause even the most seasoned racers to lose their footing. Adaptability, flexibility. Endurance, perseverance. These qualities are ones that you must nurture in order to survive, to overcome. Launching down onto the surface of the moon, I make use of the craters to perform tricks for maximum speed. The Chain Chomps may be large, but are predictable, and easy to avoid.

As I shoot upwards through a rotating tube and get send flying towards the finish line, I find myself with a chance to relax. Just a straightforward path to the end, with boosts and jumps lined up in front of me. Or so it would like me to think. The key to speed is learning to make the best use of your surroundings, and with this knowledge I kick the temptation to relax aside and begin my descend to the nearest boost pad. Darting between jumps, boosts and rings, while also keeping close the end in order to keep my glider active, I shoot ahead with unparalleled speed. It may have only saved a second or two, but as with life or racing, it’s the small things that count. With this in mind, I cross the finish line with time to spare.

Race 3

We were down to the second last race. The track takes place somewhere urban, the centre of attention, where people go to have a sense of normality. It’s no place for a high-octane race, but that’s perhaps what makes it so interesting. The sense of duality. One cannot walk two paths at once, and racing is the one that I’ve chosen.

The race begins, and we enter the jungle of glass panes of waxed floors. Taking the route that’s moving the same direction that I’m heading for ore speed, I take the next few corners sharply, ignoring the unconventional terrain around me. After switching sides to take advantage of another moving surface, I find myself presented with a choice, either to head straight and jump off the objects in front of me or take a longer drift towards a boost pad. Which path is faster? Which path more quickly provides an item box? Much like the paths in life, neither path is right or wrong. But you can only make once choice, and whichever one you choose is the one that you must head down.

Taking another corner, I am again presented with another choice, to head closer towards the sky and glide down or take a shorter corner with less boosts. Perhaps the general public feel as if having choices gives them control, gives them power. But the idea of a choice is a farce. There is only the end result. And mine is winning. Flying off the rooftop, I face the final test. It’s perhaps the most dangerous of them all, a place where normal people try to imitate racing on a much slower degree, without even a tenth of the level of skill that should be required to drive a vehicle, and put everyone else at risk: a carpark. Narrowly dodging the crazed drivers, I finish my first lap to once again see the view of the massive complex in front me, the one where it all happens; The mall.

Final Race

At last, I had reached the last race. The homestretch. The ultimate test. The final challenge. In that moment, there was nothing that could extinguish the flame in my heart, the lightning through my veins, the surging determination. I was pit into a city of neon, not too unlike my home town. The flashing lights shot me toward my my goal. Without hesitation, I began a sharp drift through the first turn. Boost panels adorned the outside of the corner, enticing those who think that speed is the only thing that matters. Only an imbecile would fail to realise that sharp turning prevails over gimmicks. Flying over the first jump, I navigate through the rest of the bends with ease. After a second jump I found myself faced with a sudden hairpin turn. But I wouldn’t be here if I was unable to overcome tricks like these. I heave the Lightning Streamliner into its optimal drifting positron and glide through with ease. Once I enter a straightaway, my speed is unparalleled.

Two laps were done. My lead was secure. Red Shells prove to be futile against my defences. The ricocheting Green Shells are fast but predictable. Banana Peels prove to be fruitless. Turning another corner, I even face my greatest threat yet; The Dreaded Spiny Shell. I didn’t have a Super Horn. For some, all hope would be lost there and then. But I am speed. The personification of first place. I can do the impossible. Reach the unreachable. A Spiny Shell won’t be able to stop me. I pull out my final trick, a singular Mushroom. As the grim reaper of 1st place looms above my head, I use the mushroom at the last crucial second.

I made it. I watch behind me as the explosion that I had so nimbly dodged lights up the area behind me. That was it. I had won. Nothing could stop me now. There was no item that could stop me. No racer with superior skill. No kart with a better stat distribution. I had mastered kart racing. I was the best. I was the king of Mario Kart.

But that’s when it happened. During my highest moment, my sweetest victory. It all came crumbling down. A spherical object flew into me, and I was hit sent flying into the air. I tried to quickly recover. One hit wasn’t enough to stop me. But I wasn’t going forward. Backwards, forwards, sideways. I was bounced around while fumbling in my attempts to drive in a straight line. Second place passed, then third, fourth, fifth. Latiku refused to realign me. As I pondered my predicament, I realised that I was not actually out of bounds, nor had a fallen off the track. Sixth. The bumpers were a part of the course, and it was only my lack of knowledge of my surroundings that was preventing me from progressing. Seventh. I was now in last place. No hope of getting enough points to place first anymore. Even the pole positions were out of reach. As I realised this, the roulette above me spun one last time, landing on three Stars. Jackpot. I had lost everything. I’d failed. All my ability, my determination, had been for nothing.

And it was all because of that one singular pinball.

Sitting there, watching the joyous faces of even seventh place pass me, I’m left with time to reflect for the first time in a while. Maybe there’s more to life than winning in Mario Kart after all?

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Waluigi Pinball17513.18%
2Coconut Mall16212.20%
3Rainbow Road (MK7)947.08%
4N64 Rainbow Road (MK8)785.87%
5Maple Treeway775.80%
6Mount Wario725.42%
7Ninja Hideaway644.82%
8Rainbow Road (MKWii)604.52%
9Big Blue584.37%
11Airship Fortress513.84%
12Neo Bowser City/Koopa City483.61%
13Koopa Cape443.31%
14Wario Colosseum403.01%
15Mushroom Gorge342.56%
16Baby Park332.48%
17Bowser's Castle (MK64)261.96%
18Grumble Volcano181.36%
19O. Wild Woods90.68%
20O. Rainbow Road (MK64)80.60%
21O. DK Summit/DK's Snowboard Cross60.45%
21O. Music Park/Melody Motorway60.45%
23O. Cloudtop Cruise50.38%
23O. Moonview Highway50.38%
23O. Toad's Factory50.38%
26O. Bowser's Castle (MKWii)40.30%
26O. Rainbow Road (MK8)40.30%
26O. Rainbow Road (MK:DD!!)40.30%
26O. Toad Harbor40.30%
30O. Cheese Land30.23%
30O. Daisy Cruiser30.23%
30O. Excitebike Arena30.23%
30O. Mario Kart Stadium30.23%
30O. Royal Raceway30.23%
30O. Sunshine Airport30.23%
36O. Bowser's Castle (MK8)20.15%
36O. Delfino Square20.15%
36O. Dry Dry Ruins20.15%
36O. Kalimari Desert20.15%
36O. Mario Circuit (MK8)20.15%
36O. Rainbow Road (MKDS)20.15%
36O. Rainbow Road (SMK)20.15%
36O. Super Bell Subway20.15%
36O. Toad's Turnpike20.15%
36O. Waluigi Stadium (MK:DD!!)20.15%
36O. Yoshi Circuit20.15%
47O. 3DS Toad Circuit (MK8D)10.08%
47O. Berlin Byways10.08%
47O. Bowser Castle (MKDS)10.08%
47O. Bowser Castle 3 (MK:SC)10.08%
47O. DK Mountain10.08%
47O. Dolphin Shoals10.08%
47O. Dragon Driftway10.08%
47O. DS Cheep Cheep Beach (MK8)10.08%
47O. DS Shroom Ridge (MK8D)10.08%
47O. GBA Cheese Land (MK8)10.08%
47O. GBA Ribbon Road (MK8)10.08%
47O. GCN Sherbet Land (MK8)10.08%
47O. Koopa Troopa Beach10.08%
47O. Los Angeles Laps10.08%
47O. Luigi's Mansion (DS)10.08%
47O. Maka Wuhu/Wuhu Mountain Loop10.08%
47O. Mario Circuit (MKDS)10.08%
47O. Mario Circuit 1 (SMK)10.08%
47O. Moo Moo Meadows10.08%
47O. Mushroom Bridge10.08%
47O. Mushroom City10.08%
47O. N64 Bowser's Castle (MKWii)10.08%
47O. Paris Promenade (MK8D)10.08%
47O. Piranha Plant Slide/Piranha Plant Pipeway10.08%
47O. Ribbon Road10.08%
47O. Sherbet Land (MK:DD!!)10.08%
47O. Shroom Ridge10.08%
47O. Shy Guy Bazaar10.08%
47O. Shy Guy Falls10.08%
47O. Sky Garden10.08%
47O. Sweet Sweet Canyon10.08%
47O. Thwomp Ruins10.08%
47O. Toad Circuit10.08%
47O. Tokyo Blur10.08%
47O. Vancouver Velocity10.08%
47O. Wario Stadium (MK64)10.08%
47O. Water Park10.08%
47O. Wii Moo Moo Meadows (MK8)10.08%
47O. Yoshi Desert10.08%
Total Votes: 1328
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is Fawfulthegreat64 with M23 - Favorite Mario RPG Character!


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Nibroc Rock

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
8Rabbid Peach614.91%
9Count Bleck564.51%
10Rawk Hawk332.66%
11King Olly302.42%
14Broque Monsieur241.93%
15Prince Peasley221.77%
18O. Goombario131.05%
18O. Huey131.05%
21O. Bombette70.56%
21O. Koops70.56%
23O. Tippi60.48%
24O. Admiral Bobbery40.32%
24O. Starlow40.32%
26O. Boshi30.24%
26O. Francis30.24%
26O. Parakarry30.24%
26O. Prince Dreambert30.24%
26O. Rabbid Yoshi30.24%
26O. Stuffwell30.24%
32O. Booster20.16%
32O. Kooper20.16%
32O. Mimi20.16%
32O. Mini-Yoshi20.16%
32O. Mr. L20.16%
32O. Paper Mario20.16%
32O. Rabbid Luigi20.16%
32O. Rabbid Mario20.16%
40O. Beep-010.08%
40O. Bowyer10.08%
40O. Cursa10.08%
40O. Dark Star10.08%
40O. Don Pianta10.08%
40O. Dreambert10.08%
40O. Goompa10.08%
40O. Harhall10.08%
40O. Kammy Koopa10.08%
40O. Kersti10.08%
40O. Kylie Koopa10.08%
40O. Lady Bow10.08%
40O. Lakilester10.08%
40O. Li'l Oinks10.08%
40O. Lord Crump10.08%
40O. Midbus10.08%
40O. Monty Mole auctioneer10.08%
40O. Phantom10.08%
40O. Professor Frankly10.08%
40O. Professor Toad10.08%
40O. Rabbids10.08%
40O. Shadow Queen10.08%
40O. Squirps10.08%
40O. Tolstar10.08%
40O. Watt10.08%
Total Votes: 1242
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is Power Flotzo with M20 - Favorite Mario Party Board!

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Power Flotzo
Greetings, everyone! I'm Glitchman, a creature who has been closely associated with PF since way before he joined this site. You might remember me from that one insanely popular RP thread. Well, a certain someone offered me to do a presentation so I could get some greater exposure. Naturally, I couldn't turn it down!

With the release of Mario Party Superstars last year, the Mario Party series has proven that it can re-release some of its many unpredictable boards for a new generation to enjoy, and that's exactly what this award is going to delve into. In fact, I decided to do one picture for each board in the top 5 in the Scribble Tournament style, complete with a brief description of each. Let's get started, shall we?

In fifth place, with 73 votes, we have Bowser's Pinball Machine from Mario Party DS, the very first Mario game PF played. This board takes place on a pinball machine owned by Bowser (Pirate Goomba much?), and shrunken-down players must venture around the board. You can play a few games of chance to increase your coin count, but watch out! One wrong step and Bowser could send you flying into the Bowser Zone, where he could scorch away your coins and Stars with his Zero Flame! (Or you could get a lucky break and land in the Star Zone instead.)

In fourth place, with 81 votes, is Space Land from Mario Party 2 and Superstars. Players on this board must maintain peace on a space station, but space criminals can chase you all the way back to one end of the board and ruin your lead. Even more dangerous is the countdown timer in the middle of the board: every time someone passes through, the number drops by one starting from five. When it hits zero, Bowser fires his Coin Beam, dropping the coin count of everyone in its path down to nothing!

Shy Guy's Perplex Express from Mario Party 8 takes third place with 91 votes. It takes place on a train, where reaching the front of the train rewards a nice and shiny Star! However, the engine can change depending on which space (Bowser's or Donkey Kong's) you land on, for better or for worse... (Also, we can't go without mentioning how one particular line of dialogue from this board was changed because it sparked controversy.)

The narrowest of margins (one single vote, for a total of 92) separates it from the second-placer, Horror Land, another board from Mario Party 2 and Superstars. This board's gimmick is the time of day, which changes every two turns (unless you change it through stepping on certain spaces). The Whomps blocking certain pathways freeze up during the night, so you might have to change up your strategy to reach a Star. There are also plenty of Boos on this board, so it's easier to steal coins or Stars from your opponents. Additionally, Mr. I can chase you to the other side of the board for a small fee, along with anyone else in his path.

Finally, with 148 votes, Koopa's Tycoon Town from Mario Party 8 takes home the trophy for the fandom's favorite Mario Party board of all time. This board features plenty of risk and reward, since players must earn coins to invest in hotels to earn Stars, similar to a game of Monopoly. More coins invested in a hotel means more Stars, and hotels go through three stages to reach their maximum level. However, Bandits and Bowser can steal coins from your hotels and downgrade them.

And just like that, we've reached the end of the presentation. Here's hoping that Superstars gets some additional past boards as DLC and that the competition for Scribble will put out some great art!

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Koopa's Tycoon Town (MP8)14813.55%
2Horror Land (MP2)928.42%
3Shy Guy's Perplex Express (MP8)918.33%
4Space Land (MP2)817.42%
5Bowser's Pinball Machine (MPDS)736.68%
6King Bob-omb's Powderkeg Mine (SMP)645.86%
6Waluigi's Island (MP3)645.86%
8Peach's Birthday Cake (MP)635.77%
9Western Land (MP2)575.22%
10Neon Heights (MP7)454.12%
11Kamek's Library (MPDS)433.94%
12Magma Mine (MP9)413.75%
13Mario's Rainbow Castle (MP)353.21%
14E. Gadd's Garage (MP6)333.02%
15Faire Square (MP6)322.93%
16Pagoda Peak (MP7)222.01%
17Sweet Dream (MP5)191.74%
18Shy Guy's Jungle Jam (MP4)171.56%
19O. DK's Stone Statue (MPDS)70.64%
19O. King Boo's Haunted Hideaway (MP8)70.64%
21O. Woody Woods (MP3)50.46%
21O. Yoshi's Tropical Island (MP)50.46%
23O. Bowser Land (MP2)40.37%
24O. Megafruit Paradise (SMP)30.27%
24O. Toad Road (MP9)30.27%
24O. Undersea Dream (MP5)30.27%
24O. Wiggler's Garden (MPDS)30.27%
28O. Bowser's Warped Orbit (MP8)20.18%
28O. Chilly Waters (MP3)20.18%
28O. Kamek's Tantalizing Tower (SMP)20.18%
28O. Mushroom Park (MP10)20.18%
28O. Pirate Land (MP2)20.18%
28O. Snowflake Lake (MP6)20.18%
28O. Toadette's Music Room (MPDS)20.18%
28O. Wario's Battle Canyon (MP)20.18%
36O. Blooper Beach (MP9)10.09%
36O. Bob-omb Factory (MP9)10.09%
36O. Boo's Haunted Bash (MP4)10.09%
36O. Bowser Nightmare (MP5)10.09%
36O. Bowser Station (MP9)10.09%
36O. Bowser's Peculiar Peak (MP:IT)10.09%
36O. Castaway Bay (MP6)10.09%
36O. Chaos Castle (MP10)10.09%
36O. Clockwork Castle (MP6)10.09%
36O. Deep Bloober Sea (MP3)10.09%
36O. DK's Treetop Temple (MP8)10.09%
36O. Pirate Dream (MP5)10.09%
36O. Spiny Desert (MP3)10.09%
36O. Towering Treetop (MP6)10.09%
36O. Toy Dream (MP5)10.09%
36O. World 4-3 (MP:SR)10.09%
Total Votes: 1092
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is Meta Knight with M21 - Favorite Mario Party Game!

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Hey everyone! For those of you that aren't aware, I used to write a 'Shroom section that was all around Mario Party titled Party Trick! While I'm totally not above shilling things that I've made, reminiscing on it made me decide to take up this award for presenting. After all, I was the Mario Party guy for quite some time, and holy cow who would have thought that bringing back a whole bunch of stuff from past Mario Parties into one compilation with that addictive classic board gameplay would be such a hit! It's almost as if I've been wanting a blast from the past brought to modern ages for a while! Anyway, it's no secret that a lot of wacky shenanigans can happen throughout the game, a fact that I decided to immortalize on the internet in the form of a video. Enjoy!

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Mario Party Superstars27421.19%
2Mario Party DS14611.29%
3Mario Party 814411.14%
4Super Mario Party1048.04%
5Mario Party 2906.96%
6Mario Party 6856.57%
7Mario Party 3775.96%
8Mario Party 9685.26%
9Mario Party 7655.03%
10Mario Party 10564.33%
11Mario Party 5483.71%
12Mario Party 4433.33%
13Mario Party292.24%
14Mario Party: The Top 100201.55%
15Mario Party: Star Rush191.47%
16Mario Party: Island Tour131.01%
17Mario Party Advance120.93%
Total Votes: 1293
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next are Waluigi Time, Luigi 64DD, Reverse Input, and Ninja Squid with M6 - Favorite 2D World!

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It was a perfectly normal morning before I got roped into this whole thing. Went and got coffee, came back to the office, cleaned out some junk email... Oh, sure, I won a mansion in a contest I never even entered, and all I have to do to claim it is click on this definitely legitimate link. Mhm. I'll get right on that.

As I continued to go about my day, I was interrupted by my phone ringing. "Shmaluigi, private investigator."

The fellow on the other end informed me of his plight - he was a museum curator who had come to his establishment only to find it broken into and one of the artifacts missing. If the thieves went to the trouble of breaking in only to swipe one thing, it must have been something pretty important, I figured.

"Consider it done, sir. Shmaluigi is on the case!"

I arrived at the scene of the crime, though I was surprised to see a familiar face arriving as well. Looks like I wasn't the only investigator on this particular case.

"Detective Fulbright! Shmaluigi didn't expect to see you here."

"Ah, Detective Shmaluigi!" exclaimed Fulbright, "How good to see you again! It seems we've stumbled into quite a case... the curator seemed quite concerned when he contacted us at the precinct."

"Shmaluigi bets we have some catching up to do, but let's get things rolling with the case first."

We went inside the museum, and were greeted by a Whacka popping up under from a cover in the floor.

"Thank you for coming on such short notice, fellows," he said, "I'm the curator here, the name's Dr. Whackaman."

"Please, think nothing of it!" said Fulbright, "Now, what can we do to aid you?"

"Ah, the stolen exhibit is at the end of the room down the first door to your left. I shall meet you both there." With that, he disappeared back down the hole he came from.

"Some tunnel system," I mused.

We followed Dr. Whackaman's directions, and came to an empty glass case with a circular hole on top. Either this exhibit was both invisible and needed air, or we found the former location of the stolen artifact. My bet was on the latter. No need for detective's intuition though, Dr. Whackaman popped out from another hole in the floor nearby to confirm.

"This is it, or at least, used to be," he began to explain, "Normally, there should be a Star Piece here. Came right from Star Road, it's valuable and quite rare, you don't see many from there. Whack-ahhh! I cannot believe this... To think my museum would be desecrated by thieves!"

"So you said it was only when you came in to open up this morning that it was missing?" I asked.

"Indeed. It was definitely here last night, I distinctly recall seeing it with my own two eyes as I left to close down."

"Hmmm. Is there anyone else who may have been around?" Fulbright asked.

"I'm afraid not, I run the place alone. I have the only set of keys, so it must have been a break-in, though the front door didn't seem tampered with."

"Mind if we have a look around?" I asked.

"Certainly, be my guest. I'll be here if you need me."

The two of us went over to the empty case to have a closer look. As I noticed earlier, a perfectly circular piece of glass from the top had been removed and was sitting nearby. You didn't need someone like me or Fulbright just to determine that this is how the Star Piece was removed. As Detective Fulbright continued examining the case, I looked around the room, noticing an opened window hatch on the ceiling.

"Do you normally open those windows up there?" I asked.

"I can't say I ever have, the thieves must have opened it," Whackaman replied.

"Aha! Now, here's something interesting!" Detective Fulbright said, reaching into the case and pulling out a... pointy green thing.

"Dr. Whackaman, may I ask for your expert opinion on what this may be?" he asked, bending over to allow Dr. Whackaman a closer look.

"Hm... I'm not sure. It's certainly not a shard of the Star Piece, I can tell you that."

"It seems almost plantlike," I noted. "From a Pokey, perhaps? Though how one would've gotten in here is anyone's guess, and the color doesn't seem quite right, either..."

I paced back and forth, trying to think things through. Suddenly, Detective Fulbright snapped his fingers. "Gazooks! It's Bramballs!"


"Bramballs, my man! I've heard there's a gang of them from Soda Jungle who've been making quite a deal of trouble recently!"

"Well, Shmaluigi supposes it's the best lead we have. You up for a jungle expedition?"

Some time later, we arrived in Soda Jungle. We disembarked from our Dorrie steed, hot on the trail of the Bramball Gang... or as hot on the trail as you can be when you have no idea where your target actually is.

"You know, this water looks like it would taste good," I commented.

"Now, now, friend, I don't think that's such a good idea!" Fulbright pointed out.

"Yeah, just an observation..."

I tried to put the thought of consuming toxic jungle water out of my head as we made our way through the lush forest, keeping our eyes peeled for anything that seemed even slightly out of the ordinary. Eventually, we came to some particularly thick vegetation, and I noticed some suspicious rustling within. Sure, it could've just been a Goomba or something, but I didn't want to take any chances, so I signaled to Detective Fulbright to stay quiet. I certainly didn't expect a familiar waterfowl to emerge, however.

"Honk! Honk hoonk honk honk! (Forsooth! This very mire I find my person enmired in is filled with mire-osity indeed!)"

"Mr. Goose?!" I exclaimed.

"Haah! Hoink honk hoink Honkiugi honk hulbrighonk. (Ah! My most cordial greetings and salutations, my treasured old companions and friends Detective Shmaluigi and Detective Fulbright!)"

"Hello again, my feathered friend!" Fulbright said.

"Honk honk honkoof honok? (It behooves myself to inquire, what engagements are your venerable personages endeavoring upon in here this location?)"

"We're trying to track down the Bramball Gang, we're investigating a museum robbery and they seem like our most likely suspects," I explained.

"Honk honk! Hoonk hoonk honk... (By a most fascinating coincidence of fate, I am belabored with the very same purpose. The hooligans do commit such troublesome acts against the common peace of man and beast alike...)"

"You're more than welcome to join us if you'd like," I offered. "Three heads are better than one, after all!"

"Honk honk honk honk hoonk! (Perchance I shall!)"

"Ha ha ha!" laughed Fulbright, "How wonderful! It's a reunion of justice!"

We pressed on deeper into the jungle, and the trees steadily became more dense. I noticed a sign labeling this region "Bramball Woods".

"What are the odds we find them in here?" I quipped.

"Honk, honko hoonk, honk? (My good sir, that already presents itself as quite clear to all of our cognition, does it not?)"

We carefully traversed through Bramball Woods, and less and less sunlight filtered through the trees as we got further. Nothing seemed too out of the ordinary in here, there were Bramballs around, sure, but they seemed to be minding their own business. What else can you expect from a region named after them, I suppose.

Finally, we stumbled upon a large stone tower. It seemed quite old, and like it hadn't seen use for a while, taking note of the very tattered white flag that flew at its top. Still, I figured that it couldn't hurt to check, and opened one of the large doors, which creaked horribly.

Inside, we found a small, dimly lit room. The only way out of here besides the front door was a warp pipe up on the wall, reachable by large brick blocks.

"Dear me... this is going to require some acrobatics, isn't it?" said Fulbright, with an obvious tone of dread in his voice.

It took a bit of effort, but we all managed to get ourselves into the next room, which appeared to be the tower proper, judging by how high it went up, though there didn't seem to be any obvious way up there.

"Honk, hoonk honoka honk honk? (Alas, by what means of conveyance are our number meant to ascend forth to the highest summit of this construction?)"

"Well, whatever you do, don't fall off, it's a long way down," I said, noting that there was very little ground in here, and that the room extended just as far down as it went up, plunging into darkness. Who knows what was down there...

I kicked the ground, when suddenly it started shaking. My stomach dropped as I thought the ground below us was going to collapse, but instead it started moving, slowly moving up the tower.

"Oh, that was convenient," I said.

One harrowing journey up the tower later, we reached a small room at the top, where we ran into - you guessed it - a trio of Bramballs.

"What the-" exclaimed one of them, presumably the leader, "How did you get all the way up here?"

"Don't you worry about that, troublemaker!" said Fulbright, "You just need to tell us where the stolen artifacts are!"

"Don't know what you're talking about, man," the Bramball said smugly.

"Don't be so coy, it's annoying," I snapped. "The truth is, we have you and your goons caught red, er, suction cupped on video from the museum!"

I have to be honest, every now and then it's fun to bluff criminals.

"Alright, fine," he grumbled, "We don't have them anymore, already made the drop. You gumshoes are too slow."

"Honk honk! Hoonk honk, honk honk honk! (You band of scoundrels! Reveal unto our ears the identity of those whom you granted them, lest I myself in my own power shall take mine smoking implement and usher it forth with great force into that region of your own self in which the unmatched brilliance of the heavenly body above us has no dominion!)"

The Bramballs seemed rattled by that one.

"Whatever, we don't have any more stake in it anyway. The Koopa Troop hired us, said they were taking it off to World 1. THE World 1."

"Many thanks, miscreants! I'll be sure to let the other authorites know that you cooperated with us, even if it was begrudgingly!" Fulbright said as we made our departure.

Navigating to World 1 was, quite frankly, an absolute nightmare. How many World 1s can you have in a kingdom? Shouldn't there be, by definition, only one? But I digress.

"Honk, honk honk? (Now and thusly, what is the nature of our strategem henceforth?)"

"There isn't that much ground to cover, so let's just start looking around!" Fulbright proposed.

We couldn't have taken more than a few steps forward when suddenly, we were greeted by the sight of a Goomba being covered in a splatter of red ink. I had a feeling I knew who was here - the Sticky Warrior jumped down from some floating bricks and squished the poor guy.

"Hey, would you look at that!" the Sticky Warrior exclaimed, "Detective Shmaluigi, Detective Fulbright, and Mr. Goose. It's almost like a Rogueport gang reunion here! Hello, guys!"

"Hello there!" exclaimed Fulbright.

"Honk honk! (My greetings to yourself!)"

"It's good to see you again, Sticky Warrior. So, um, what's with the... you know," I sputtered, motioning towards the Goomba underneath the Sticky Warrior's shoes.

"Oh, this? Well, I was just doing a clean up of the place, so to speak. The Koopa Troop was up for trouble in the corner, and well, I thought I could grab some amusement out of it," he explained.

"Honk honk hooooonk honk honk? (Have any such of their number appeared before your vision as possessing artifacts upon their person?)"

"Artifacts? Hmm... That doesn't ring a bell. Can't say I saw something of the likes in the corner."

"Well, we're on the hunt for them, so if you want to join us, you're more than welcome," I offered.

"It's always a pleasure to assist you Detective. Count me in!"

We marched ahead, the Sticky Warrior leading the way - mostly because he was running ahead of us and leaving us in the dust a bit, making quick work of any members of the Koopa Troop in our path. Eventually, we reached a dead end, and the only way ahead was down a warp pipe taking us into the caverns below.

After a long day of running around all over the place, I felt pretty tired and stopped to rest.

"Hey, can we take a break? Shmaluigi's winded," I asked.

"Phew... justice waits for no man... but I suppose a quick break wouldn't be too bad! Ha ha ha!" Fulbright said.

"A break already?! But we've just started..." the Sticky Warrior groaned.

"Shmaluigi's been at this all day! We'll just stop for a minute," I said, leaning against a wall of brick blocks. Much to my surprise, however, the wall fell over behind me and I ended up flat on my back. "ACK!"

"Honk honk honk! (What in the name of my forefather's gizzard is that appearing hence forward?)"

I got up and turned around, realizing that I had inadvertantly knocked open a secret room! There were all sorts of treasures stored in here, from weird art pieces to Star Coins. Even the stolen Star Piece was here.

"A false wall... This must be where they've been stashing all the stolen artifacts!" I said.

"Hmmm... but where are they taking them to?" Fulbright wondered.

"Honk honk hoonk honk, honk honk, honk. (It is my belief which I opine that our number should take part in a period of vigilant patience and preparedness, or as the goslings in our present age dub it, a stake-out.)"

"Ugh... Sitting around and waiting?" the Sticky Warrior asked. "I'm not sure that's ideal..."

"You got any better ideas?" I countered.

"I... uh... guess not... Well, let's do a stakeout then. Don't come and complain if I am bored."

Detective Fulbright and I set the wall back up to make it appear undisturbed, and we found a rock formation nearby that seemed to be suitable cover while we kept an eye on it. Luckily, we found ways to pass the time...

"Honk, honk honk 9s? (My intrepid rival in this cardboard aquatic contest, do you possess any cards duly labeled as 9s?)"

"Go fish!" said Fulbright, denying Mr. Goose any chance of seeing 9s coming from his hand.

"Nothing yet... We're wasting time guys. I don't think anything is coming," the Sticky Warrior said.

"Relax, it's only been ten minutes," I noted.

Some time later...

"Hey, guys! Look over there!" the Sticky Warrior exclaimed.

"Honk! Honk honk honk honk! (Indeed! Henceforth are the villainous entourage!)"

Sure enough, a few Paragoombas and Koopa Paratroopas arrived and started taking as many artifacts as they could carry out of the secret room. We began following them at a distance as they led us out of the cave, and over some treetops on the surface.

Finally, we followed the baddies to an old castle, presumably their base of operations. It seemed quite old and in disrepair, as if it had only been recently been reclaimed after falling into disuse over many years.

"Tread with caution! These Koopa fortresses can be a pain, and I say that from experience," the Sticky Warrior warned.

We rushed inside, preparing to be met with all manner of traps and lava pits like you'd expect from one of the Koopa Troop's strongholds, only to be met with... basically a crude art gallery. The chunks missing from the stone walls and cobwebs hanging from the ceiling didn't mesh well.

"Honk honk hoonk honk. (That is a most fortunate consolation indeed.)"

We pressed on, encountering no resistance whatsoever, before finally coming face to face with Bowser, the King of the Koopas himself! He was personally overseeing this?!

"GWAHAHA!" laughed Bowser, "I see you chumps have come to admire my new Koopseum!"

"Listen up, Koopa King!" Fulbright exclaimed, "You're in possession of stolen property, so return it now, or face the hammer of justice!"

"Fat chance!" retorted the Koopa King, "I didn't go to all the effort of ordering my minions around just to have my museum dismantled by a bunch of wannabe Herlocks! Now get out of here before I roast you!"

"Honk honk honk honk honk... (The effect of those words upon my ears I find to be most undesirable...)"

"Well, maybe we-" I started to say before being interrupted by the Sticky Warrior.

"Try me, buffoon!!"

With a few words we ended up in battle against the Koopa King, or at least the Sticky Warrior did. The rest of us just sort of ended up in an awkward standstill trying to make heads or tails of the whole situation.

The Sticky Warrior leapt into action, getting behind Bowser and grabbing an axe to cut down the bridge... CUT DOWN THE BRIDGE?!


"C'mon Detective, have more faith in me! I'm not using this axe to cut down the bridge," the Sticky Warrior replied.

Suddenly, Mr. Goose ran in and chomped Bowser on the tail, causing him to make the mistake of turning his back on the Sticky Warrior.

"HEY! Stupid bird!" Bowser growled.

Out of sight, the Sticky Warrior jumped on top of Bowser's back and used him as a stepstool to hop onto the chandelier above, chopping it loose with the axe and dropping it on Bowser's head. Immediately on impact, he was completely obscured by clouds and magical sparkles, and once it dissipated, Bowser was gone. Only a lone Goomba remained his place.

"Um, I... err..."

Other minions of the Koopa Troop gathered around, clearly angry, though not at us.

"You impersonated King Bowser?"

"What a nasty trick!"

"Can't believe I let this guy boss me around!"

Things looked like they were about to get ugly, so it seemed like a good time to leave.

"What do you say we get out of here and leave those guys to it?" I asked.

"Hmmm... I guess I can leave this one up to the Koopa justice system!" Fulbright said.

"Honk honk. (With all certitude.)"

"Fine by me," said the Sticky Warrior.

Thanks to our exploits, the mystery was solved. The fake Bowser's operation fell into shambles, and the stolen artifacts would soon be returned to their rightful places.

Case closed!

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1World 1 (Super Mario Bros.)13611.87%
2Soda Jungle897.77%
3Star World887.68%
4Forest of Illusion877.59%
4Giant Land877.59%
6World 8 (New Super Mario Bros.)716.20%
7Factory (Donkey Kong Country Returns)655.67%
8Autumn Heights605.24%
9Gangplank Galleon574.97%
10Space Zone504.36%
11Valley of Bowser484.19%
12Special Zone453.93%
13Krazy Kremland393.40%
14World 3 (New Super Mario Bros.)373.23%
15Pipe Land353.05%
16World 6 (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island)221.92%
17Pumpkin Zone191.66%
18Dark Land141.22%
19O. Castle Bleck60.52%
19O. World 7 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)60.52%
21O. World 6 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)50.44%
21O. World 8 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)50.44%
23O. Frosted Glacier40.35%
23O. Juicy Jungle40.35%
23O. World 6 (New Super Mario Bros.)40.35%
23O. World Star (New Super Mario Bros. 2)40.35%
23O. Yoshi's Island (SMW)40.35%
28O. Mario Zone30.26%
28O. Peach's Castle (New Super Mario Bros. U)30.26%
28O. Water Land30.26%
28O. World 4 (New Super Mario Bros.)30.26%
28O. World 7 (New Super Mario Bros.)30.26%
33O. Birabuto Kingdom20.17%
33O. Donkey Kong Island (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze)20.17%
33O. Donut Plains20.17%
33O. Macro Zone20.17%
33O. Meringue Clouds20.17%
33O. Sparkling Waters20.17%
33O. World 1 (New Super Mario Bros.)20.17%
33O. World 4 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)20.17%
33O. World 4 (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island)20.17%
33O. World 9 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)20.17%
33O. World-e20.17%
44O. Acorn Plains10.09%
44O. Bright Savannah10.09%
44O. Cliff10.09%
44O. Kongo Jungle10.09%
44O. Krem Quay10.09%
44O. Rock-Candy Mines10.09%
44O. Sea Breeze Cove10.09%
44O. The Underwhere10.09%
44O. Vanilla Dome10.09%
44O. World 1 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)10.09%
44O. World 1 (Super Mario Bros. 2)10.09%
44O. World 3 (New Super Mario Bros. 2)10.09%
44O. World 3 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)10.09%
44O. World 5 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)10.09%
44O. World 6 (Super Mario Bros. 3)10.09%
44O. World 8 (Super Mario Bros.)10.09%
44O. World 9 (Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels)10.09%
44O. World Mushroom (New Super Mario Bros. 2)10.09%
Total Votes: 1146
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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Bringing back a presentation style I did a few years ago, but I hope you enjoy my creative genius nonetheless :D

haha funny joke, you see what i did there? (tbh i just ran out of red and that's the only reason i didnt actually make three)

look i admit this did not turn out the greatest but i had to do this one entirely from scratch, i had nothing on the internet to go off of (also pretend there is also a lucky 7 here for the same reason as there was only one red shell actually made)

very glad i found a pattern that looked much more like the mario kart bullet bills :>

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Bullet Bill15411.90%
2Crazy Eight/Lucky Seven15211.75%
3Triple Red Shells13310.28%
4Super Star1128.66%
5Super Horn1027.88%
6Red Shell836.41%
7Spiny Shell806.18%
8Golden Dash Mushroom775.95%
9Bowser's Shell685.26%
11Dash Mushroom513.94%
12Fake Item Box473.63%
14Fire Flower221.70%
15Banana Peel201.55%
17Green Shell191.47%
17Piranha Plant191.47%
19O. Coin Box90.70%
20O. Chain Chomp80.62%
21O. Mega Mushroom70.54%
22O. Boomerang Flower60.46%
23O. Giant Banana30.23%
23O. Triple Dash Mushrooms30.23%
23O. Yoshi Egg30.23%
26O. Coin20.15%
27O. Giga Bob-omb10.08%
27O. Heart10.08%
27O. Ice Flower10.08%
27O. POW Block10.08%
27O. Super Bell10.08%
27O. Super Leaf10.08%
27O. Thunder Cloud10.08%
Total Votes: 1294
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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Ugghhh, ENNAAA!

Yes? What is it, Moony, my dearest pal?

Did you have the last cup of my herbal tea?

Oh no! No! Nononono! No no! No!

You totally did.

… Perhaps just a sip…

Gohhh, ENA, you know that blend is special! It takes me ages to get what I need and grind it all up right! Here, since YOU drank the rest of it, you can take my shopping list and collect everything!

Ooohhh… Can’t it wait until later? I’m still sleepy…

Nope! I need it first thing in the morning to help with my complexion! Now come on, hop to it! I’m not getting any brighter over here!

Alrighty, let's see... Another skip and a hop around the bend, annddd...

Hm. I could've sworn that the grocery store was right here... Perhaps they relocated? They don't receive too much foot traffic in this neck of the woods!

Oh! Ah, mm mm, salutations, sir! I apologize for blocking your exitation.

🕈︎♒♋︎⧫︎✍☝♏︎⧫︎ □︎◆︎⧫︎ □︎♐︎ ❍︎⍓︎ ⬥︎♋︎⍓︎📪︎ ⍓︎□︎◆︎ ⬧︎⧫︎❒︎♋︎■︎♑♏♑♓︎❒︎●︎✏

What was that? You might be able to assist my endeavors? Oh, thank you kindly!

👎︎□︎ ⍓︎□︎◆︎ ♒♋︎❖︎♏♍︎□︎⧫︎⧫︎□︎■︎ ♓︎■︎ ⍓︎□︎◆︎❒︎ ♏♋︎❒︎⬧︎✍✏

Why, yes, I am in the market for some golden mushroom sprouts! They're right here, on my list!

☟︎◆︎♒✍︎ ☟︎♏︎⍓︎📪︎ ●︎♓︎⬧︎⧫︎♏︎■︎✏☹♓︎⬧︎⧫︎♏︎■︎ ⧫︎□︎ ❍︎♏✏✏

Let me take those off of your possession, kind fun-guy! You are just delightful, thank you so much for your help!

👍♋◻︎⧫︎♋♓︎■︎ □︎♐︎ ⧫︎♒♏❄︎□︎♋♎👌︎❒︎♓♑♋♎♏♐︎□︎❒︎ ♏♓♑♒︎⧫︎♏♏︎■︎ ⍓︎♏♋︎❒︎⬧︎📪♋︎■︎♎︎ ⧫︎♒♓︎⬧︎ ♓︎⬧︎ ❍︎⍓︎ ❒︎♏︎⬥︎♋︎❒︎♎📬📬📬☝♏︎⧫︎⧫︎♓︎■︎♑︎ ❒︎□︎♌♌♏♎📬

I must take my leave now. I am your most gracious servant!

Ah ha! Perhaps the grocery store has moved positions to this most beautiful viewpoint!

No?! I was certain of it! Who couldn't resist such a horizon? It makes me feel as though I could fly!

I'm sure the woman over there feels the same! Hello, miss!

Oh... Another one of you ENAs out here?

"Another one"? I assure you, madame, I am quite my own individual!

Uh huuhhh... Eh, what can I do for you...?

I was hoping to simply indulge in plentiful conversation, but since you ask so kindly... Might you help me procure one of the supplements on this list? Ooo, perhaps I could take some of your pollen? The list does mention pollen near the top!

Whoa whoa whoa! Hold that phone! You can't just ask a lady for her pollen! That's so rude!

O-Oh! My sincerest sorries, ma'am! I meant no offense! I am just trying to get the ingredients I need for my dear friend Moony... I accidentally finished the supply of her tea, and
now she's upset at me, and I don't want to be a bad companion who-

Ugh, fine, here. Take some, if it gets you out of my petals. Now run along, I don't want to see any more of you ENAs around here, 'kay?

Thank you! Thank you! A blessed million times thank you! May you resume enjoying the scenery in peace!

Hoooohhh... I've been climbing these stairs forever, and I still can't find the store...

All I need is one more ingredient... Why does this have to be so hard?!

Is that... Somebody approaching...?


You continue to climb these steps? You are more foolish than those who strung me. Do you not see it? Every action, every thought defined by the threads of fate which bind your tongue, your mind, your heart. Every hope is a flight of fancy, every prophecy a folktale. Are you capable of seeing this? Can you see truth? I lost my sight long ago, and still can I see truth.

These hands, untouched by any living god, speak in tombs unheard. This is the reality for all who see. Our hands will always be disregarded, our gestures undetectable. These steps are nothing more than a folly vessel to ascend the soul, so that perhaps, one could hear, but you cannot truly understand me. Rationalization is meaningless in this void. Dreams are emptiness.

Do you comprehend this? YOU, who watches this tale without consequence, you who witnesses this puppet dance his predetermined jig until the end of millennia arrives. You, who continues to elevate me while simultaneously holding me by strings, with the expectation that they will never break. Do you understand infinity? The universe? Existence? Meaning? Have you learned nothing? Are my communications for naught?

... Yes?


Aw, he left. I kind of liked him.

Ooo! He forgot his rose thorn! This is the last ingredient I needed for Moony's tea! Oh, she's going to be so proud of me once I return!

Oh Moooonyyyy!

ENA? Did you return with what I asked of you?

I sure did! Feast your eyes upon my collection!

Ohohohohooooo! You rapscallion you, I knew you could do it! Start preparing the ingredients, I'll boil up the water for us!

For... us?!

Yes, you goof, I'll let you drink some as well.

Oh, Moony! You're the best friend a girl could ask for!

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
2Princess Daisy18012.98%
3Captain Toad1208.65%
4Professor E. Gadd1007.21%
6King Boo825.91%
8Funky Kong694.97%
11Diddy Kong574.11%
14Dixie Kong271.95%
16O. Fawful70.50%
17O. Bob-omb (PM:TOK)20.14%
17O. F.L.U.D.D.20.14%
17O. Koopa Troopa20.14%
17O. Olivia20.14%
17O. Plessie20.14%
17O. Polterpup20.14%
17O. Tippi20.14%
24O. Bombette10.07%
24O. Captain Goomba10.07%
24O. Choropūko10.07%
24O. Dreambert10.07%
24O. Dry Bones10.07%
24O. Geno10.07%
24O. Hellen Gravely10.07%
24O. Hookbill the Koopa10.07%
24O. Iggy Koopa10.07%
24O. King K. Rool10.07%
24O. Lubba10.07%
24O. Ludwig von Koopa10.07%
24O. Mary O.10.07%
24O. Starlow10.07%
24O. Tiara10.07%
24O. Vivian10.07%
24O. Young Cricket10.07%
Total Votes: 1387
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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Number of votes
Percentage of votes
3Shy Guys1379.96%
6Koopa Troopas825.96%
10Dry Bones483.49%
12Hammer Bros.312.25%
13Piranha Plants302.18%
15Chain Chomps292.11%
19O. Toadies80.58%
20O. Chargin' Chucks50.36%
20O. Lakitus50.36%
22O. Beanish30.22%
22O. Duplighosts30.22%
24O. Bloopers20.15%
24O. Bowser's species20.15%
24O. Ninjis20.15%
24O. Spinies20.15%
24O. Tostarenans20.15%
29O. Birdos10.07%
29O. Boomerang Bros.10.07%
29O. Brocks10.07%
29O. Broodals10.07%
29O. Bullet Bills10.07%
29O. Buzzy Beetles10.07%
29O. Clubbas10.07%
29O. Fake Blocks10.07%
29O. Flame Chomps10.07%
29O. Galoombas10.07%
29O. Koopa Kids10.07%
29O. Koopalings10.07%
29O. Miis10.07%
29O. Monty Moles10.07%
29O. Nokis10.07%
29O. Octoombas10.07%
29O. Pi'llos10.07%
29O. Sea Cactus10.07%
29O. Shroobs10.07%
29O. Strollin' Stus10.07%
29O. Twilighters10.07%
29O. Ukikis10.07%
29O. Volbonans10.07%
Total Votes: 1375
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is Waluigi Time with M14 - Favorite Boss Battle!

Waluigi Time

Get It Together!
Wiki Administrator
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
Poll Committee

So, we meet again, "Mario Boards Dot Com"... FOR THE LAST TIME!

I, the EVIL EMPEROR ZURG, have decided to grace you with my presence for a little PRESENTATION of sorts! So you better APPRECIATE that I am taking TIME out of my INCREDIBLY BUSY SCHEDULE to INTERACT with you fools.

And if you are wondering why I am here, all I have to say is it makes JUST AS MUCH SENSE as the people from those FRIVOLOUS LAWYER GAMES and ALL OTHER MANNER OF SEEMINGLY IRRELEVANT CREATURES who constantly show up at these events. So keep your FOOLISH COMMENTARY to YOURSELF!

NOW, with NO FURTHER DELAY, I, the Evil Emperor Zurg, present to you, FAVORITE BOSS BATTLE! Let's run through the TOP FIVE and see what passes for POWER on this PUNY PLANET!

In FIFTH PLACE is BOWSER! Let me see... It would appear that in THIS SPECIFIC INSTANCE he utilized the strategy of throwing EXPLOSIVES at his enemies from a moving vehicle instead of using it to RUN THEM OVER and then being DEFEATED by said explosives. What a PATHETIC strategy! And after said strategy failed TWICE he instead decided to trade being some sort of TURTLE DRAGON for a much less threatening CAT FORM with the pathetic name of MEOWSER which just makes him sound like a PUNY LITTLE DUST BALL. What a FOOL!!!

Well, you earthlings are off to a VERY DISAPPOINTING START! But that was only number FIVE, I expect to see IMPROVEMENTS from here on out. Let us move on to FOURTH PLACE!

What... That...



This cannot possibly be right, WHERE IS THAT LIST?

I see...

Is this REALLY the best you can come up with? Next year I expect you all to consult ME before VOTING!

FINE, let's get this over with quickly. I do have contractual obligations to fill, after all.

Don't ask me how I got roped into THAT.

FOURTH PLACE is Bowser AGAIN, but this time it was his wedding or some other frivolous Earth event. He acquired a HAT with FISTS but constantly let his arch-enemy STEAL it and use it to defeat him, TWICE!! STOP GIVING YOUR ENEMY YOUR WEAPONRY!!!

Oh, and he ALLOWED HIS ARCH-ENEMY TO CONTROL HIS MIND. How did this get MORE votes than the STUPID CAT IDEA?

THIRD PLACE is BOWSER IN SPACE attempting to lay claim to MY domain! Of course this FOOL continues to fill battle arenas with the instruments of his own undoing. THREE TIMES! And then he FELL INTO THE SUN! Well, surviving that is a somewhat impressive feat, I suppose... But not THAT impressive!

SECOND PLACE actually ISN'T Bowser but is instead an EVIL CLONE. Close enough. Yet despite having ADDITIONAL powers he was still defeated by the ORIGINAL Bowser which, I feel just goes to show how PATHETIC he is.

Finally, FIRST PLACE, the boss that enough of you thought is the best one ever, is Bowser, but he is ANGRY NOW!!! Like ME after seeing these results! As FURY BOWSER he is GIANT yet was still defeated by a plumber wearing CAT PAJAMAS. I need not say more.

This just shows none of you know what a TRUE BOSS is! I will go find Bowser and DEFEAT HIM MYSELF! HAHAHA!

So, we meet again, "King" Bowser, FOR THE LAST-



Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Fury Bowser (SM3DW BF)16613.06%
2Dark Bowser (M&L:BIS)16312.82%
3Bowser (SMG)1078.42%
4Bowser (SMO)1007.87%
5Bowser/Meowser (SM3DW)997.79%
6Shadow Queen (PM:TTYD)745.82%
7Bowser in the Sky (SM64)705.51%
8Super Dimentio (SPM)574.48%
9General Guy (PM)443.46%
9Megaleg (SMG)443.46%
9Rawk Hawk (PM:TTYD)443.46%
12King Olly (PM:TOK)382.99%
13Popple and Rookie (M&L:SS)362.83%
14Elder Princess Shroob (M&L:PiT)312.44%
15Mechawiggler (SMO)302.36%
16Brobot (SPM)282.20%
17Phantamanta (SMS)191.49%
18Kingfin (SMG)151.18%
19O. Bowser (NSMBW)50.39%
19O. Bowser (SMW)50.39%
21O. Antasma (M&L:DT)40.31%
21O. Dreamy Bowser (M&L:DT)40.31%
23O. Bowser (NSMBU)30.24%
23O. Bowser Jr.'s Boomsday Machine (SMG2)30.24%
23O. Phantom (M+RKB)30.24%
23O. Ruined Dragon (SMO)30.24%
23O. Scissors (PM:TOK)30.24%
23O. Shiny RoboBowser (M&L:PJ)30.24%
29O. Bigger Boo (SMW2:YI)20.16%
29O. Black Bowser (PM:CS)20.16%
29O. Boom Boom (SM3DW)20.16%
29O. Bouldergeist (SMG)20.16%
29O. Bowser (PM)20.16%
29O. Bowser (SMB3)20.16%
29O. Bowser (SMG2)20.16%
29O. Cackletta's Soul (M&L:SS)20.16%
29O. Crystal King (PM)20.16%
29O. Elite Trio (M&L:DT)20.16%
29O. King Boo (LM3)20.16%
29O. King Boo (LM:DM)20.16%
29O. Lava Piranha (PM)20.16%
29O. Petey Piranha (SMS)20.16%
29O. Shrowser (M&L:PiT)20.16%
29O. Steak (PM:CS)20.16%
45O. Bogmire (LM)10.08%
45O. Bowser & Baby Bowser (M&L:PiT)10.08%
45O. Bowser (SM3DL)10.08%
45O. Bowser Memory ML (M&L:BIS)10.08%
45O. Culex (Super Mario RPG)10.08%
45O. Dark Star (M&L:BIS)10.08%
45O. Digga-Leg (SMG2)10.08%
45O. Dimentio (SPM)10.08%
45O. Dino Piranha (SMG)10.08%
45O. Doopliss (PM:TTYD)10.08%
45O. Giant Bowser (SM3DW+BF)10.08%
45O. Gobblegut (SMG2)10.08%
45O. Harriet (SMO)10.08%
45O. Hellen Gravely (LM3)10.08%
45O. Hole Punch (PM:TOK)10.08%
45O. Kamek (NSMBW)10.08%
45O. Larry Koopa (SMB3)10.08%
45O. Major Burrows (SMG)10.08%
45O. MegaDragonBowser (M+RKD)10.08%
45O. Meowser (SMM2)10.08%
45O. Mizzter Blizzard (PM:SS)10.08%
45O. Mollusque-Lanceur (SMO)10.08%
45O. Monty Tank (NSMB)10.08%
45O. Morty (LM3)10.08%
45O. Petey Piranha (PM:SS)10.08%
45O. Reznors (SMW)10.08%
45O. RoboBrood (SMO)10.08%
45O. Roy (PM:CS)10.08%
45O. Smithy (SMRPG)10.08%
45O. Squizzard (SMG2)10.08%
45O. Tape (PM:TOK)10.08%
45O. Team Mario, Bowser Challenge Mode (Mario Superstar Baseball)10.08%
45O. The Hisstocrats (SM3DW+BF)10.08%
45O. The Master (PM)10.08%
45O. Torkdrift Rematch (SMO)10.08%
45O. Wario (SML2)10.08%
45O. Wiggler (SMS)10.08%
45O. Yaridovich (SMRPG)10.08%
Total Votes: 1271
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is GBA with M27 - Favorite WarioWare Microgame Stage!

Rohan Kishibe

do you ever yearn for the soft touch of a pancake
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee

It was a day like any other in MarioWiki Awards HQ...

that means there were late presentations fucking everywhere and GBA's was once again no exception

our heroes find themselves looking for him once again

Pito: GBA...? Are you around?

Rose: Seems like he's not.

Pito: Well, he did say this was where his presentation was.

Rose: Do you see anything?

Pito: Nope, just his helmet on the ground here. Seems he was playing WarioWare: Get it Together!

Pito: Maybe he made a run for it?

Rose: :reasonable:

Pito: How are you doing that with your mouth?

Rose: It was a very complicated to set-up to this joke but it makes perfect sense! Y'see, Roserade can learn Mimic when a Roselia that was transfered from Gen III has been taught it via Move T-

Pito: Oh.

Pito: Well, this is frustrating to say the least.

Pito: I hate to ask him on such short notice, but do you think TPG will take a 9th back-up at this hour?

Rose: Hold on, look at the screen...! It's-!


Pito: Rose...? Is anyone there?

Pito: Gotterdammerung, I'm going to need backups for our backups. Hopefully WT is around...

Pito: What's that light?

WT: Pito! Finally, someone to shill products to and lobby Porcupuffer votes from... I mean help me out of this mess!

WT: I've been running around this title screen trying to get further inside. There's nothing to do here.

WT: Although I will admit the new ride is sweet. Did you know it can launch bombs? That explode into Cereal?!

Pito: I... see!

WT: I came to check on GBA's presentation as well. You know, the one he posted job applications for playtesting? I thought I could sneak in some advertisements in it somewhere...

WT: But all I found was his GBA, and it seems we're both stuck in the game he was making.

Pito: But Awards is about to start! If you and I are here, that means I need to get back-ups for our back-up back-ups...!

WT: Looks like we need to... Get it Together, in order to escape.

Pito: Did you see Rose by any chance? He was sucked in here with me as well.

WT: Nope, I've just been blasting these little virus-like things with my Cereal Bombs.

WT: There's all of these errors in here, it seems GBA was rushed to finish his presentation again.

WT: While we're here, we could probably fix them up for quality control before we post the presentation on his behalf.

Pito: Well, if he's made a game, perhaps we just need to clear each stage in order to escape?

Pito: At least, I think that's the plot of the Zero Escape series he likes? I'll have to ask Perch when we're out of here.

Pito: Let's try and find Rose!

Character unlocked! Pitohui

Character unlocked! Waluigi Time


STAGE 10 - Reality (Dr. Crygor, Mega Microgame$!)
26 votes

Pito: Hey is that tfp and toadbert?

tfp: Nate,

tfp: nate bro wtf are you doing looking into that toilet

Toadbert: I don't like it

Toadbert: It's too realistic

Toadbert: Why the fuck was gba posting job applications to look at his hyperrealistic toilet

tfp: idk

Toadbert: If i wanted to see content like that i'd check turb's server

tfp: But he gave me these scissors and look

tfp: virsu

virsu: ...

Toadbert: Jesus

tfp: what can you do

Toadbert: staple shit in place i guess

Toadbert: make photocopies and staple them

Toadbert: uhhhhhhh pepe silvia board but as a moveset

Toadbert: idk some Bull Shit

tfp: cmon nate im gonna save u

tfp: lets play some warioware

Toadbert: all right


WT: It seems the other applicants were sucked in here as well.

Pito: We should probably go after them. The more back-ups, the merrier!

Character unlocked! Toadbert

Character unlocked! TFP

STAGE 8.1 - Sports (Jimmy T., D.I.Y.)
33 votes

Pito: PF! PF what are you doing?!

WT: He's getting fit and funky, if that's his desire.

Flotzo: Yeah, I came to check out the job application and before I knew what was happening, they gave me these cool boxing gloves, and I got hypnotised into doing aerobics.

Flotzo: Honestly I don't mind.

Flotzo: Also this is the most I've said to anyone ever since being here.

Pito: Well, we could use your elasticity. Let's go!

WT: Wait... is that a low poly goose amongst the kittens?

Goose: honk

Pito: Bird

Pito: I think we should bring it with us, it's... mysterious.

Character unlocked! Power Flotzo

Character unlocked? Goose(?)

STAGE 8.2 - Feline Fever (Jimmy T., Smooth Moves)
33 votes

Toadbert: another jimmy T stage huh

Toadbert: he's good, does lots of sports stages

tfp: aw yea

Flotzo: There's so many cats dancing here! Look at that one!

Husk: ............

Pito: Hey! I think I see LTQ surrounded by cats in the back of the disco! We have to save him, they're overloading his servers!

Lakituthequick: Actually I'm fine I think

Lakituthequick: please don't save me this is the most relaxing time I've had for weeks since AKGO started

Pito: No can do! We need you alive for the chat party, I'm afraid!

Lakituthequick: Fiiine

WT: Do you think I could sell these cats?

Pito: Do not

WT: Okay but I'm bringing that creepy one with us since you got to take the goose.

Husk: ......................

Goose: honk

Character unlocked! Husk

Character unlocked! Lakituthequick

STAGE 7 - Total Drag (Ashley & Red, Touched!)
36 votes

tfp: fuck yes i love ashley

tfp: twintail port priority

tfp: i'll take this stage bros

Flotzo: Who's the girl next door living in the haunted mansion?

tfp: you'd better learn her name cause it's-

Pito: Renne?!

tfp: who



Pito: Perch, but as a girlboss. She came out of a closet once, and she owns a big mansion, kind of like Ashley.

tfp: ic

tfp: i think

Pito: I guess she took over this one when she got sucked in here like the rest of us?

Renne: Thaaaat's right! I have this cool scythe I can swing at people, too.

Renne: Step back, this mansion's mine.

Pito: That's definitely perch alright.

Renne: Yeah

Renne: I tried to find GBA so I could beat the shit out of him for submitting late

Pito: :reasonable:

Renne: Instead I found another haunted mansion. Honestly, I'm fine if you want to run awards, I'll stay here because again, big mansion.

Pito: Perch, do you think GBA's really behind this mess? Like would he put up an application for playtesting just to trap us all in here and make us play through his presentation unwillingly?

Renne: Yes

Toadbert: Yes

Goose: honk

Pito: All right. I guess we should try beating this stage then.

tfp: arent ashley's microgames about like

tfp: dragging the stylus

tfp: no one here can do that

Siy: I can probably help

tfp: who

Siy: I know how to draw all over the screen!

tfp: all right

Character unlocked! Renne

Character unlocked! Siy

STAGE 6 - The Multiplayer Test (9-Volt & 18-Volt, Smooth Moves)
37 votes

WT: Multiplayer, eh?


Pito: TPG... two...


TPG 2: -DIRECTIVE WAS SET TO: holy shit i forgot about that awards job application can you take care of it-








Toadbert: Jesus this thing is creepy

Renne: kill

Pito: No no, I think 18-Volt's moveset in Get It Together is similar, he might be the perfect fit for their Smooth Moves stage.

Toadbert: And not someone with like, movement??? for smooth moves???

Redshift: No, but if it's a multiplayer test. We can help.

LGM: Sure, but has anyone seen a bathroom?

Toadbert: there was a toilet a few screens bac-

LGM: I'll help out... only if you can let that sink in.

Goose: honk honk honk honk honk


Husk: .............................

LGM: I'll take the left side of the screen.

Redshift: And I guess I'll take the right.


Redshift: That's not, uh-


Character unlocked! LGM

Character unlocked! Redshift

Character unlocked! TPG 2

Pito: All of these applicants and still no Rose. I wonder where he could have gotten to?

Siy: The errors here are really big...

Flotzo: Might be a boss area?

Redshift: Hey, who turned out the lights!

???: Every circus needs a clown, and every game needs its villain!

???: Luckily for you, I am not just a clown or a villain...

???: But the entire evil circus!

WT: Oh no, I know that intro line, that can only be...!

???: Evening, you noxious weeds of my divine garden. It is I... Dark Rose!

STAGE 5 - Anything Goes (Wario Bug, Get It Together!)
40 votes

Dark Rose: And this gigantic mess here is my evil familiar, some random collection of errors and regret in GBA's presentation, I've called it the GB Bugs but honestly I'm not really attached to it.

Dark Rose: Honestly, it wouldn't be a game about Awards if we didn't all have to face a personified horror representing the last minute rush we put ourselves through every year.

Dark Rose: Canned jokes... meta references... this bug has it all!

Goose: honk

Dark Rose: AwardsWare might have sucked me in like all of you, but gazing long enough into this pile of errors, I've decided it's not worth it! With all the pressure we've put ourselves under, awards shouldn't happen this year!

Dark Rose: Plus I found this cool costume just lying around

Pito: ...but who else will do it, while everyone is here?

[From somewhere outside the AwardsWare world] Shoey: NOT ME! Haha you just know the Nintendo microgames are gonna w-

Dark Rose: I don't care! I reject my Awards Committee! Pito!

tfp: he didnt really just jojo reference did he

WT: He's right, this presentation dialogue really IS rushed

Dark Rose: Enough out of character dialogue! Attack!

And so... with everyone trapped fighting Dark Rose inside GBA's AwardsWare presentation... and no one to handle the Awards this year (TPG was found dead from taking on a 12th presentation), the Awards Ceremony couldn't be held...


Don't go anywhere! Part 2 of this presentation is coming like right now probably

Rohan Kishibe

do you ever yearn for the soft touch of a pancake
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee

Turb: Uh... yeah they got sucked into GBA's cap thing

Turb: Fuck!!! I don't know

Turb: I don't have time for this I have to finish my own shit

Turb: I'll call Anton I guess

Turb: Racking up these phone bills with prank calls from god knows- NO I DON'T WANT THE FUCKING CHEESE STICKS

[telephone dialing]

Anton: Hi!!! I'm currently on vacation from anything Awards related so please do NOT ask me to do anything of the sort because its not my job this time!!

Anton: These leftover sparkling mineral waters from my last review aren't going to drink themselves, boys

Anton: ...

Anton: ...fine, i'll save you. Let me just get my flip-flops and a big drink and doctor Anton will be on his way.

Anton: :)

STAGE 4 - Penny's Mix (Penny, Get It Together!)
54 votes

Secret character unlocked! Anton

Anton: taste Liquid Death bitch!!!!!

Dark Rose: Agh! Water! I'm not a Grass-type anymore so I can't resist it! It's even sparkling! Fairy-type moves sparkle, and I'm weak to those!

Dark Rose: Nooooooo....!

Pito: ...

Pito: Honestly, okay. I didn't expect that to make sense but it kind of does.

WT: I guess you could say we got it together?

Toadbert: shut UP

Anton: Another job well done, but I'm really not going to stick around. I've got to make time to review EVEN MORE fizzy water next month. Good luck with the awards!!!

Husk: ............

Dark Rose: ...bwuh

Dark Rose: Sorry guys I uh

Dark Rose: Got a bit carried away

Dark Rose: I saw this cool outfit when I showed up and decided to be Dark Rose for a bit to shake things up

Dark Rose: I think these overdue presentations have gotten to my head.

Pito: It's fine, but we're still not out of here yet. Let's move on.

Secret character unlocked! Dark Rose

Redshift: Seems there's three more stages.

WT: Shoey was right...

Flotzo: They're all...

All: Nintendo-themed!​

Goose: honk

Pito: I guess we'll need our best Nintendo fans for this line-up. Someone who can understand all of their references.

Siy: Maybe...

tfp: sorry boys i was really only here for ashley

tfp: nate join

Toadbert: No

Flotzo: Also no.

Lakituthequick: Too busy worrying about Awards. Not enough cats.

Husk: ......

Renne: Tired

WT: I'm out of Cereal Bombs, hah.... you can fund me to buy more through my supplier by purchasing three boxes of W-


LGM: Out of sinks, sorry.

Redshift: I guess I could, but-

???: Did someone say... REFERENCES?

???: Looks like you're gonna have a...


Secret character unlocked! Ernest Fine

All: ..................

Dark Rose: He's literally designed to fail these courses please can we pick someone else

Pito: No... TPG2 did really well on the previous Nintendo stage despite being not the best pick, perhaps we could take a chance here?

Ernest Fine: I am literally too much of a sex god to understand what you're referencing, but I'll give it a shot.

STAGE 3 - Gamer (9-Volt & 18-Volt, Game & Wario)
107 votes

Ernest Fine: What is... a Gamer, really? Truly, this vexes me.

STAGE 2 - Nintendo (5-Volt, Gold)
170 votes

Renne: Oh my god.

Ernest Fine: Whoa mama. These games are getting a little intense, but fear not, I have absorbed no references whatsoever.

FINAL STAGE - Nintendo Classics (9-Volt, Get It Together!)
218 votes

Ernest Fine: Haha yes.

Dark Rose: Unbelievable

Pito: It seems we did it! Now we can leave the-

WT: Is that...

Dark Rose: Holy shit, did he finally surpass sleep and become a god, again

WT: Grand Benevolent Authority 2 :stark:

GBA: It is me, the Supreme AwardsWare Presentation Writer.

GBA: You have all done well to reach this far.

GBA: You've managed to unlock all characters as you've played through my presentation...

GBA: And witness the results yourselves.

GBA: I didn't get time to edit you all into one pic.

GBA: Congratulations, you have beaten AwardsWare.

GBA: I am never doing this again...

GBA: ...until next year.

GBA: You are free to go... and enjoy the end of the awards show!


GBA: Except you, evil one.

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Nintendo Classics (9-Volt, Get It Together!)21825.44%
2Nintendo (5-Volt, Gold)17019.84%
3Gamer (9-Volt & 18-Volt, Game & Wario)10712.49%
4Penny's Mix (Penny, Get It Together!)546.30%
5Anything Goes (Wario Bug, Get It Together!)404.67%
6The Multiplayer Test (9-Volt & 18-Volt, Smooth Moves)374.32%
7Total Drag (Ashley & Red, Touched!)364.20%
8Feline Fever (Jimmy T., Smooth Moves)333.85%
8Sports (Jimmy T., D.I.Y.)333.85%
10Reality (Dr. Crygor, Mega Microgame$!)263.03%
11Showdown (Get It Together!)212.45%
12Forever Form Baton (Tiny Wario, Smooth Moves)192.22%
13Mysterious Form Baton Found! (Wario, Smooth Moves)182.10%
14Spandex Challenge (Wario-Man, Twisted!)151.75%
15Steer Clear (Dribble & Spitz, Twisted!)101.17%
16Nature (Kat & Ana, Get It Together!)80.93%
17O. Wario Deluxe (Gold)30.35%
18O. Sci-Fi (Dribble & Spitz, Mega Micrograme$!)20.23%
18O. That's Life (Mona, Gold)20.23%
18O. Tomorrow Hill (Dribble & Spitz, Smooth Moves)20.23%
21O. Anything Goes (Wario, Mega Microgame$!)10.12%
21O. Nintendo (9-Volt, D.I.Y.)10.12%
21O. Nintendo Classics (9-Volt, Mega Microgame$!)10.12%
Total Votes: 857
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is winstein with M7 - Favorite 3D Mario Level!

Raiko Horikawa

Live your life according to your rhythm!
Forum Moderator
Chat Operator
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
Posting on behalf of winstein.

Now let's review the list. I've got this list of friends to meet, and the places to go to meet them. Mm-hmm, I see. How much is the estimated time I have got to meet them? Great. Not much time. Luckily, I have a very qualified and accomplished photographer, Lakituthequick, to help me to go to these places. Off I go!

Toy Time Galaxy (SMG): Toadettefan

Gusty Garden Galaxy (SMG): Siy

Bowser's Kingdom (SMO): Ray Trace

Whomp's Fortress/Throwback Galaxy (SM64/SMG2): Lt. John Spaghetton

Wooded Kingdom (SMO): Goombuigi & Flygon64

Bob-omb Battlefield (SM64): Lemwood Lemkins & Turboo

Metro Kingdom (SMO): Hooded Pitohui & Toadbert

Metro Kingdom (SMO) (Another one!): Fawfulthegreat64 & Waluigi Time (and Lakituthequick?)

winstein: Looking at my list, that's it for my itinerary! I've done everything here. Wait a minute! How did you get in this photo when you're the one taking the picture?
Lakituthequick: I'm not called "Lakituthequick" for nothing!
winstein: Oh, of course!

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Metro Kingdom (SMO)23118.29%
2Bob-omb Battlefield (SM64)1219.58%
3Wooded Kingdom (SMO)977.68%
4Whomp's Fortress/Throwback Galaxy (SM64/SMG2)735.78%
5Bowser's Kingdom (SMO)715.62%
6Gusty Garden Galaxy (SMG)634.99%
7Toy Time Galaxy (SMG)604.75%
8Mount Must Dash (SM3DW)554.35%
9The Great Tower of Bowser Land (SM3DW)544.28%
10Good Egg Galaxy (SMG)483.80%
11Sirena Beach (SMS)473.72%
12Cosmic Cove Galaxy (SMG2)463.64%
12Delfino Plaza/Airstrip (SMS)463.64%
14Tick Tock Clock (SM64)423.33%
15Sand Kingdom (SMO)413.25%
16Champion's Road (SM3DW)332.61%
17Grandmaster Galaxy (SMG2)262.06%
18Pinna Park (SMS)191.50%
19O. Freezeflame Galaxy (SMG)50.40%
20O. Fluffy Bluff Galaxy (SMG2)40.32%
20O. Luncheon Kingdom (SMO)40.32%
20O. Seaside Kingdom (SMO)40.32%
20O. Super Bell Hill (SM3DW)40.32%
24O. Bowser's Galaxy Generator (SMG2)30.24%
24O. Darker Side (SMO)30.24%
24O. Pianta Village (SMS)30.24%
24O. Space Junk Galaxy (SMG)30.24%
24O. Tiny-Huge Island (SM64)30.24%
29O. Battlerock Galaxy (SMG)20.16%
29O. Beep Block Skyway (SM3DW)20.16%
29O. Bowser in the Sky (SM64)20.16%
29O. Buoy Base Galaxy (SMG)20.16%
29O. Ghostly Galaxy (SMG)20.16%
29O. Mushroom Kingdom (SMO)20.16%
29O. Shadow-Play Alley (SM3DW)20.16%
29O. Sprawling Savanha (SM3DW)20.16%
29O. Twisty Trials Galaxy (SMG2)20.16%
29O. Wet-Dry World (Mario 64)20.16%
39O. Beach Bowl Galaxy (SMG)10.08%
39O. Bianco Hills (SMS)10.08%
39O. Blast Block Skyway (SM3DW)10.08%
39O. Boss Blitz Galaxy (SMG2)10.08%
39O. Bowser's Galaxy Reactor (SMG)10.08%
39O. Cap Kingdom (SMO)10.08%
39O. Cascade Kingdom (SMO)10.08%
39O. Chainlink Charge (SM3DW)10.08%
39O. Chargin' Chuck Blockade (SM3DW)10.08%
39O. Clawswipe Colosseum (SM3DW+BF)10.08%
39O. Cool, Cool Mountain (SM64)10.08%
39O. Fort Fire Bros. (SM3DW)10.08%
39O. Honeyhive Galaxy (SMG)10.08%
39O. Lake Kingdom (SMO)10.08%
39O. Lake Lapcat (SM3DW+BF)10.08%
39O. Lethal Lava Land (SM64)10.08%
39O. Lost Kingdom (SMO)10.08%
39O. Melty Molten Galaxy (SMG)10.08%
39O. Melty Monster Galaxy (SMG2)10.08%
39O. Moon Kingdom (SMO)10.08%
39O. Noki Bay (SMS)10.08%
39O. Rainbow Ride (SM64DS)10.08%
39O. Ricco Harbor (SMS)10.08%
39O. Ruined Kingdom (SMO)10.08%
39O. Shifting Sand Land (SM64)10.08%
39O. Shiverburn Galaxy (SMG2)10.08%
39O. Slipsand Galaxy (SMG2)10.08%
39O. Super Block Land (SM3DW)10.08%
39O. Super Galaxy (SM3DW)10.08%
39O. Wasteland Giga Bell (SM3DW+BF)10.08%
39O. Whomp's Fortress (SM64)10.08%
39O. Wild Glide Galaxy (SMG2)10.08%
39O. World 1-1 (SM3DL)10.08%
39O. World 5-4 (SM3DL)10.08%
Total Votes: 1263
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Thank you for reading.

Up next is Waluigi Time with M30 - Favorite Modern Game (Wii U/3DS and newer)!

Waluigi Time

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Chapter M30: In Which Tigger Receives A Very Important Letter

One warm summer morning in the Hundred Acre Wood, Tigger leapt from his house into the fresh air, eager for another day of bouncing, when he noticed something in his mailbox.

"Hoo hoo! A letter for little ol' me?"

Unfortunately for poor Tigger, the letter used lots of big, complicated words that he did not understand. Hoping to find someone else who could shed some light on the situation, Tigger resolved to visit his friend Owl.

"Owl, old buddy, ya gotta help me! I got this here letter and I got no idea what's it says!"

"Why certainly, Tigger!"

"Tigger, my boy! This is a great honor! The Awards Committee wants you to submit a presentation!"​

"That's great, makin' prism-tations is what Tiggers do best! ...Uh, what's an Awards Comedy?"

"Why, the Awards Committee is the committee that makes the awards, of course! As a matter of fact, I remember the time my Uncle Horatio was on the Awards Committee, and he-"​

"Hoo hoo hoo hoo! Thanks Owl! I'm gonna ask 'em for the biggest and bestest and most importantest prism-tation they have!"

And so Tigger went off to do just that, leaving Owl to reminisce on his own.

"Hullo all you peoples out there! I'm Tigger! That's spelled T-I-double guh-er, and that's me! And this here's my good buddy, Pooh boy!"

"Hum dee dum dee dum..."​

"C'mon buddy bear, the prism-tation started already!"

"Oh. Hello!"​

"The Awards Comedy asked me to do a prism-tation, so I asked 'em for the biggest, bestest, most importantest prism-tation! Then they sended me the results for Favorite Modern Game, so I'm guessin' that's pretty important!

They also sended me this Switcheroo and a funny little box, but I couldn't figure out how it works! Hopefully it ain't too important, hoo hoo!

So anyways, let's take a little looksies at this box! Now this here's the winnin' game! Although I dunno how you're supposed to play it, but I guess you guyses do since ya like it so much! This one's... Super Mario, Odd Ya See! Ya see?"

"Oh, I see!

...No, I don't. What exactly is so odd, Tigger?"​

"Well, uh... Maybe we'll figure that out as we go!

So uh, lookin' at the box here real closelike, ya can sees that there's a hat fella and a funny little guy with a mustache! Which one do ya suppose is Super Mario, Pooh boy?"

"Hmm... Think, think, think... I suppose the hat looks like he is wearing a mask like a superhero, so he must be Super Mario."​

"Yeah, that makes sense! I guess if hats can play board games, they can be superdy-duper-heroes too! So that must make the mustache guy his sidekick, 'cuz he's got no legs so his sidekick carries him around everywhere to fight the bad guys!

And it looks like the two of them goes a lotta different places in this game! Look at all the pictures on the box! They go to some place with a buncha buildins', and they see a waterfall, and all kinds of other stuff! They even go to costume parties!"

"Goodness, they certainly seem busy, don't they?"​

"Why a course they do! They're superdy-duper-heroes! Just like the Masked Offender!"

"I still don't see what's so odd about it."​

"Well, uh, ya know, maybe they find, uh, lots of odd things, goin' to all those places!"

"I suppose you could be right."​

"GASP! Pooh boy! Look over there! It's Super Mario!"

"Wahoo hoo hoo hoo!"

"Oh bother..."​

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Super Mario Odyssey38627.87%
2Mario Kart 8 Deluxe17112.35%
3Super Mario Maker 21339.60%
4Super Mario 3D World Bowser's Fury1218.74%
5Paper Mario: The Origami King745.34%
6Mario & Luigi: Dream Team684.91%
7Luigi's Mansion 3624.48%
8Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze584.19%
9Mario Party Superstars553.97%
10Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle392.82%
11WarioWare Gold372.67%
12Super Mario 3D Land362.60%
13Mario Kart 7332.38%
14Super Mario Maker251.81%
15Yoshi's Woolly World/Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World241.73%
16Super Mario Party161.16%
17Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker151.08%
18O. Paper Mario: Color Splash90.65%
19Yoshi's Crafted World60.43%
20O. Mario Tennis Aces30.22%
20O. Super Mario 3D All-Stars30.22%
22O. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam20.14%
22O. Mario Kart Tour20.14%
22O. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe20.14%
25O. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D10.07%
25O. New Super Mario Bros. U10.07%
25O. Paper Mario: Sticker Star10.07%
25O. Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition10.07%
25O. WarioWare: Get It Together!10.07%
Total Votes: 1385
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Up next is Superchao with the Mario Awards XVI Closing Script!

Raiko Horikawa

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What can you say about Awards? They were Awards.

But seriously, folks, thanks for tuning in once again! It’s always wild just how much goes into awards, both obviously and more behind the scenes. I’m so happy with all the turnout this year, and I want to give huge shoutouts to every presenter - especially the backups, without whom this would crash and burn. Thanks for another fabulous show, and I’ll see you all again next year!

Rohan Kishibe

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Character unlocked: bad idea

#16: Mario Party Advance

#11: Mario Party 10

#8: Mario Party 9

: Okay so the rest of the presentation is going to have the doodles get progressively higher quality until they're sitting around a table with like these really cool poses and shading talking about how there's only 4 maps in the game, are they sure they're not holding the maps off from the rest of them- and like, it's going to be scribble quality, it's going to be really pretty good, these are just previews of what's to come, I did them as a set and I'll insert the other missing games

: Well that does sound alright, did you finish it yet?

: No



: shit

: None of these drafts are going to work. They're all terrible. "And then they kissed after Yasuko rolled a 10," "her bosom sagged at the thought of getting the coin bonus star," what was I thinking? Awful

: I'm going to need a backup

: But last time I called nobody picked up. I can't go through that presentation setup again. There's only a few hours to go.

: I have to pull out the big guns....!

Even later than before, on the phone...

: Yes- No, I know they edited it in Britain

̶̡̨̬̖̰͌̎͒͌̀̀̓͜͝ ̸̡̡̧͈͓͓̭̮̻̯̠̜̳̓̀͊ͅ ̵̟̹͙̈́̓́̈̄͊͛͆̆̊̌̕ ̶̛̰̑͑͌͊̀̓͒̈́͗͛̈́̚͜ ̵̨̛͙͕̝͙̈̽̅͒͆ ̸̢̧̝̦̬̭̭͔̯̏̿̅̓̃̉̐́͒̎͌͋͋͜͝ͅ ̷̛̫̮̝̳͕̰̦̟̬͍͕̇̂̒̔͊͐͐̽̕ ̵̢̢̛̗̘̥͕̫̜̝̲̲̖̪͛̈̀̃́̏̒͆̆ ̵̧͈̗̘̹͈̝̓͋͑͛̽̑͂̏̀́̋̒̐̄͠ ̷̢̢̨̳̭̣̖̟͖̜̺̝̗̝̉ ̴̛͉̠̬͚̭̰̉̈͌̊͂́̔̎̿ ̵̨̥͙̋̄̃͊̀͛͝ ̵̪͓̹̣͈͉̩̣̫̉̆̂͜͝ ̸̧̲̘̩͍͚̭̠͍̠̰̹̣̃̎̑̄̉̏ ̵̧̝̫͖̫̤̖̭̣͉̍̉͋̋̆̅͋͐̕͝ ̸̻̦͙̠͉̹̦̉͋͂́̔͘͠ ̸̛̙̳̭̰̭̼̹̠̬̜͒̋̽ͅ ̴̡̨̛͉̠̖̼̳̫̰̒̓̐̽̓̎̑̈́̕͜ ̸̢̡̰̤͔͓̤̫̥͎̺̫̗̟̽̏͝ ̷̼͍̌͗̂̒͘̚ ̷̡͚̞̟̳̠̟͇̜̤͓͔̯̦̈́͛̏͑̃͐ͅ ̸̥̤̼͆̏͒̃̍ͅ ̶̨̛̮̟̝̳͇͓̺̦͈͉́͛̒̓͝ ̸̡̢̛̫̖̝̗͕̭̞̜̤̤͚̂͋́̒̔͜ ̸̧̨̜̮͓̹̯̭͖̳͙̯̹̃̔͂͑̍̿̈́̅̎̿̚͜͠͠ ̶͔̻͉͈͖̪̣͊̏͂̈͑̑̾̓̓̄̃̀̋̕ ̵̗̙̱͍͐̽̒͌͊͊͂͘ ̴̢̯͖͈͙̰̩̳͚͐̎̓͐͌́̒̕̕̕ͅ ̸̨̧̝̭̹͕̺̬̓́͂̑̓̀͝ ̷̢̢̰͙͗͂̂͂̆̊̆̈͌̎̈́̀͝ ̸̨̧̛̼̘͍̣͍͉͉̳̗̝͖̦̩͑͂̒̓̿͒̀̎̃ ̶̨̰̭̪͇̦̗͌͝ ̸̢̢̧̗̫̥͕̬̏̇̿̑́͛̚̚͠͠ͅ ̷̨̝̭̦̻̙̳͚̙̊͂̀̏̋̊̍͐̑͐́͒̌̐̚ ̸̮̃́̊͐͐́̉̓̀̾̕͝͝͝ ̶̨̗̭̗̳̫̀́̃̐͒̈́̏͝͝͝ͅ ̶͖̠̉͋̐͋̌̂̕͠ ̶̠̿̇͆̽̈́̽̌̄̚̕̚͝͠ ̸̲͙̯̼͉̺̦̖̩̉̅̈̏̀̾̄̀̍̽̈́ ̸̧̛̛̲͐͊̄̀͊̂͐́̚ ̸̡̫͖͒̄̾͒̊̀̇͒́̾̚͜͝ ̷̳͈͚͎͇͚̱̝̹̻̘̩̬̏́̔̂͝ ̶̧͍̖̝̩̦̪̫̙͕͖͉͉͖̭͆̈́̉̊̈̄͠ ̶̘̺̩̞̼̮̗͈́̾̅̈́̎̈͌͗̇͘͝ ̸̺͙̭̯̜͎̪̫͔͉̪̫́̆̀̃̉͝ ̴̡̩̫͚̘̲̲̦̒̓̓̈́̒͌̋̇̍͛̿̑͝͝ ̵͎̜̮́̓́͂̐͒̋́͘ ̸̨͇̮͕̬̻̰̫̱͙̰̣̐̎ͅ ̶̛̻̞̤̏̆̎̇̐͌ ̶̛̝̝̹͙̯͔̏͊̓̔́͠ ̵̪̞͓͈͔̣͆͆͂̏̏͌̃̒͐̈̉̿͘͝ ̵̬̙͓̦͕̰͙̦̟̘̅̈́̑̊̅ͅ ̶̛̳̞͆̔̈̾́̌̀ ̶͚̭̻̜̝͎͇̝̬̏̈́͗͒͆ͅ ̶̤͗͆̂̉̋̈̔̇͝ ̵̧̡̤͚͎̣̞̙̰̣̲͔̞̝̋̓̚͠ͅ ̸̡͈͈͍̗̬̗̩̯͓͉͖̗̄̄̂͒̚͠ͅ ̴̙̩̬̫̈́̂̂̾̎̄͑͐̈̋̇́̎̕͠ ̴̧̢̧͕͈̪̺̣̦̝̮͔̩͌͘ ̵̨̧̩̬͚̺̹͈͎͉̼͇̽̈́̄̈́̈́̆̊̔̐̐̚̚͜ ̵̯͔͓̮̘͖̦̄̑̑̓̓͌͐̚͝ ̶̧̹̦̻̫͔̪̼̻̺̟̬́̉̀͗̚͘͝͠

: Bro I know I'm sorry the americans are stupid meninists

̸̢̻̹̬̮͙̪͈͓̝͇̺͓̥͚͛̐͑̎̆͘̕͜͜͝͝ ̵̨̢̡̢̺̞͚̥͖̤̜̥͚̪͙̱̭͍̩̳̼̪̻̭͕͇̯̖̗̗̈́̓̽̔̋̀͆̑͋̕͜ ̸͔͇͓̣̲̲̯͈̖̖̥̫͇͍̻̲̝̃̃̽͂͂̓̿̋͛̆͛̏͗̾̾̀̋̎̑̒̏̆̅͘͝͠ͅ ̵̛̛̛̮͇̩̣̰̞̰̞̝̯̰̟͎̣̭̣̙̩͍̙̫͖̦͕͍͙̙͂͆̔̏̄̂͐̆̊̽̓̊̑͒̓͑̏̓̄̚͜͝͝͠ ̴̨̧̢͙̗̟̠͇͖̤͕̖̳̖͎̠̖̙͉͙͙͓͕̯̬̥̞̺͇̳͙͍͙̠͇͉̪̌͋̌̊̾͋̋̏̇́̉́̔̇̄͑̄̇̆̓̆̈́̑̌̇̒̚̚͝͝ͅ ̸̨̢̥̦̲̲̥̙͉̥̟͑́̓̋͒́̇̏̉́̃̀̿̓̆̽̂̊̂͆̏̿͗̌̌́̂̇͘̚͠ ̸̬̜̞̳͓̤̤͔̦͇͇̘͇͛̋͜ ̸̧̛̪̋̓ ̵̢̛̛͍̯͕͔͍͇͓̫̞̦̱͕̣̱̫̫͚̰͙͍̪̟̪͎̞͍̦̱̬̜̲͇̥̓̽̍̔̾̀̈́͛͊̃̓̎͛́̆̎̃̈́̆͗̾̋̚̚͝͠ͅ ̶̡̢̨̨̡͎̳͇̥͍̤̤͖͚̤̻̥̳̦̼̗͈̟͇͐̏̓͒͒̌̋̎̂͌̽͊͜͜ ̴̢̧̖͈̙̭̲̪͇͚̖̠̤͚̹̭̠͔̟͍̰̭̥̰̪͖̳͎͐̿̒̽̓̿̌̒̄̄͋̅͗̏̍͊̕͝͠͝ͅ ̴̧̢̤͓͈̖̝̻͚̰̠̗̮͙̦̙̪̮̞͍̻̗͈̲̬̥̠̖͈̰̜̥̩͈̲̊́̎̓̀̀̊̔̐̏̿̕͝ ̸̗͓͓̆̈́̚ ̷̧̡̡̛̛͓̙͉͓̳̲͚̜̱̗͉̥͙̩͕̳̩̹̘͉͈̯̫̯̐͆̈̄̉́̂͗̈́͗̈́͐̒̓̔͒̈̃̄̒̾̈́̕ ̵̧̨̢̡̛̛̛̥͍͈͍͎͚̟̳͎̪̠̈̐̓̈́̔̈́̊͆͆͑͜͠ͅ ̵̝̗̰̼͕̏̓͂͝ͅ ̵̡͎͔̫̣͈͇̘͍̥̳͙̥̜̰͙̩̻̭͙̞͓̌͊̍̊̓̈́̿́̑͋͆̏̓̒̽̃͑̈́̉̀̒̉̊̎̔̒̅͘̚̚̚͝ͅ ̸͚̭͇̄͛̊ ̶͓͋̾̈́̾̒͑͌͒̏̓̃̉̆̑͘͘͠ ̴̰̦̩̪̮͙̘̘̗̜̯̳̹̺̺̱̙̼̙̯̜͖͕̿̅͊́̀̍͒̈́̽͊̾̍͛́̐̌͋͌͆̌͒́͂̿̑̌̚̕͜͜͜͝͝͝ͅͅͅ ̵̮̲̣̖̬̦̝̫̜͙̆͗͑̏̍͌̇̉̽̈́̊͒͌̃̓͒̚ͅ ̷̢̡̧̲̻͖̻̥͈̭̻̳̮̖̟̤̘̖͓̪̤̫̜͇͈̬̭͕͇̣͕̬̺̔͊̔͛͋̈́̒̐̅̅̊̽͛̆̄̒̊̾̿͘̕̕͜͝ ̴̡̧̧͈̣͙̻̝̰̖͇̗̥͍͍̂̆̄̍̇̉͛̑̽̔̎̓̒͒͊͋͝͝ ̴̧̯̟̹̖͉̭̩̦͉̦̘̪̀͜ͅ ̶̨̢̡͎̜̗͚͎̘̟̝̲̱̙̦̲͎̝͉̞̮͖̮̥̗̳͈͈͚͇̝͕̞̈ ̷̨̛̥̯̞̲̱͖̥̰̫̪̬̖̪̫̩͎̹̟͐̀̓̃̇̂͌̂̎̀̌͝ ̶̧̫̹̬̞̬̭̬̤͔̟͓͛̀̽͊̑̄̐̓̒͐̓̾́̐̅̒̀̓̂͒͑̿̀̓̌̃͂̌̒̆͗̽̕͘̚͝͝ ̶̛̗̹̗̫̩̗̩̙̜͙͙̲̖̝͚̗͚̙̜̙̖͖̤̙͍̝̣̺͖̖̱̺͖̲̎̋͂̍̀̉̑̋̈́͆̑̏̃͐̉͐̐̈̓͌̑͋̔͐͛͜͜͝ͅ ̸̧̪͙̳̫̞̰͇̩̗͚̰͙̤͈̥̭̻͇̪͚͍̞̳͓̹͇̼̓̀͐̿͊̑̇̌̀͌̍̄͛̈́͆̏̓͗̿̽̈́̔͋̊͘̕̕͜͜͠ ̸̧̰̾̾̔̿́̋̌͋̂̑̅̀̃̃͋̂̎̑̈́̄̓́̋̂̃̀͊̑̕̚͠͠ ̸̡̧̦̥̜̦̣͚̤͕̥̠̲͓̹͔̤͔̜̬͖͚̬̺̤̱̦͍͔͎̰̱̖͇͖̿̒̏̄͌̇̽͜͝ ̷̧̘̠̫͓̮̣̹̲̖̻̪̙̬͓̣̠̠̦̥̊̈́̊̀̃̈́̃̂̂̋͆̄̔́̉́̔̈́̔͜͝͠ͅ ̶̧̠̠̘̹̘̰͕̬̰͇̠̺̹̗̦͍̣͉̎͑̏̐̇̀̒̃́̃͊̀̊͒̃̐̑̏͌̆̅͆͘͠ ̷̨̢͕̩̝̩̰̬̥̺̠̪̝̹̝̭̲͎̝͔̻̬̥̘͉̖͓͎͊̀͐́͐̅̈͆͗͛̀̀̌̆̄͌̄͐̇͗͑̍̀̌͆́̌͊͑͠ͅ ̷̧̧̢̢̹̙̥͙̤̤͓̩̗̰͈̞̙̯̭̘̞̪̱̮̻̹͚̼̣͖̰̮͉̔̆̋̈́̈͜ ̸̢̛̰͚͍̬͓̲̲̜̭̫̤̜̪͕̟͍̻͓̳̟̪͓̘̖̬͔͔͕̻̙̼̟͛͒͊̈̓̑̔͊̉̓̽̐̇́͐̆͋́̀̈́̉̇̔͛̂̌̈͋͘͘̚͜͝͠ͅͅ ̶̨̨̢̻̦͖̝͖͕̖̖̭̠͈̹͇̝̭͈̒̌̆̈́̊̋̄̾̆̃̚̕̕̕͜͜͜ͅ ̴̨̨̛͕̗̹̠͇̰͇̪̰̙͚̭͚͕͖̟̝͓̯͊̽̾̿̈́̀̋̆̇͑̎͐͑̾̅̄̐͒̏͌̋͝͠͠ͅ ̸̧̡̭̗̯̲̙͖̘̙̺̩̮͈̦̥̱͎̝̙̦̱̼̲͇̗͕͖̃̊ ̸̡̢͙͕̼͎͇͇͕̗̟̗̫̬̫̠̟̫͔̞̞͉̗̲̲̹̼͖͐̆̑̌̆̏͋̆͋͐̔͛͊̈̄͝ͅͅ ̵̢̨̖͓̲͔͈̠̭͇̦̗̝̠͖̩̗̺̝̖͈̙̘̬͑̀̓͂̈́͂̋͐͐́̄̀̾̈́͌̀̽̕͘͝͝ ̶̧̡̡̨̙̣̲̹̯̘͔̯̩̻̹̫̱͔͕͕̘̘̦̜̝̰̝̗͍̈́͑̈́͛͒͐̎͛͌̾͐̓͑̃̋̂̄̒̈́͒̊̈́̇̂̑̈́̽̏̿̚̕͠ͅ ̵̢̨̩͔̺̬̻̖̱̻͖̜͇͈̰̲͇͕̠̭̩̻͎͖̲̭̺̫̔̏̐́̑́̇͐̃͛̓͜͝ͅ ̶̩̗͙̠͇̙͙̭͔̦́̓͆̊̃̓̈́͛̀̽̿̾̽̈́͛̒́̐͐͗̕ ̸̧̨̧̜̗̥͍͖͙̲̞̣̯͇̲͖̱̋̍̊͐̽̿̋̐͐̃̈́͋͗̅̒́̽̐͌͘̚̕͘̕̚̚͘ ̵̨̡̧͍̖͈̜̖͓͖͖̱̱̗̗͓͉̪̲̹̫̭̲̤͛̇̍̒̋́̋̀̍͗̑̈̔͆̓̍̈́̿̒͛̈̉̕͘͠͠ ̴̨̫͖̠͇͈̈̔͊̉͗̒̎̍͑̏̓̀̉͊̈́̾͆̐̆̄̌̽̾̀̍̑̌̐́̏͘͘̕̚͝ ̴̖̘̤͑̓͑̍̎̊͒́̽͊̉̈́̐͋̈́̊̊̍͆̆͘ ̷̧̨̨͍͙̣̳̠̠̠͔̪̝̠͋͌̔̂̉̽̿͆̌͑̿̎̓̅̌͌͐̕͘͘ ̶̡̛̛̝͉͎͈̭̲̩͎̦̳͍̘̀͑͆͒̽̐̄̐̿̂̆̈́̔̽̓̈́̐̅̽̒́̔̄̀͑̐͑̀͘͘͘̕͜͝͠͝ ̵̧̡̨̛̗͉̠̣̣̱̤̣̗͙̩͖̫̟̜̗̬̭͙̲̀̓̒̆̾̒̈́́̂̀̇́̐̀͑͋̉̆̽͆͆̂͋͌͑̔̌́͜͝͠͝ ̴̡̛̜̜̬̼̱̹̳̹̦̜̺͚̹̠̭̲̟̽̀́͋̾͆̓͊͂̂̍̂̈́̾́̚͘͜͝ͅ ̸̱͕̦̱͍̺̏̋̀͑̆̂͊̂̌̈́̅̔͋̈́̏̏̋͊̓̕͜͜͜ ̵̝̳̞̗̪͈͈̳̾͋͋̉͑͛͛͒̄̈́̉͗̿̅̏̏̾̕̕͝ ̴̡̧̳̹͈̣̲͎͓̟̝͙̳̳̪͔͓̫̠͚̬̬͓̖̲͖͔͉̼̺̩̗̦̩͂̌̊͆̓͊̅̂̔̽̊̂͆͒̔̿̔̽̊͑̅̋́̆͛̔͛̽̀͋͜͝͝ ̷̧̢̖̣̖̘̱̫͇̺̭͚̘̬͖̯̝͔̩̑̈́̈́̀̆̎͑̈́̄̋͋̾̾̏͋̈̀̚͠ ̴̛̛̝͓̦̲͍̙͕̜̦̜̥͕̺̲̻̠̪̮̼̼̒̈́̔͐̿̍͋̓̽̍͌̂͛͒̋̒͑̊̈́͛̎̑͂̎̔̕͝ ̶̗͎̖̬͙̼͊͗̆̑͛̃̉́̊̐̍̀̕͝ ̴̨̡̧̥̭̤̱̬̼̯̫̣̯͍̦̹̤̤̼̼̗̣͙̖̖͕̘̯̱͕͎̘̪̼̭̮̆͐̌͛̆͠ ̴̢̡̙͍̬̮̺̻̠̠̭̩̟̖̖̘̥͚̜̿̈́̈́͋́̌̎̅̍͌͊̔̒̚͜͜͜ͅ ̵̹̘̮͈̩͇͙̼͕̰̫̤̘͉̗͈̯̳͇̩̝͛̈͛̾̀͌̂̾̒̈́̀͒̏̾̚͜͝ͅͅ ̶̡̠̞̤̞͕̒̔̐̆̀̎̆̂̄̉̉̇̂̃̚

: Okay I wont say bro anymore. Can you just help me get something written on time?

̵̞͑ ̷̬́ ̶̈́ͅ ̸̪͋ ̷͉̀ ̴͔̈́ ̴̯͝ ̸͚̽ ̸̹̚ ̴̬̿ ̶̞̐ ̷̛͔ ̵̦͂ ̵͉̓ ̸͙̔ ̶̞̓ ̴̣̊ ̴͚̈́ ̴͓̂ ̸̰̀ ̶̠̑ ̶̠̚ ̶̭͋ ̵̯͝ ̵͎͠ ̷̣̍ ̴͕̂ ̸͕͂ ̵̬͋ ̷̤̐ ̶̼͌ ̷̥̀ ̶͚͊ ̷̰͛ ̵̲̀ ̶̭̏ ̶̥̀ ̸͓̀ ̶̞͠ ̵̨̏ ̴̯͠ ̶̯́ ̶̘̏ ̶̗̌ ̴̞͑ ̶̠̚ ̷͔͊ ̸̮̍ ̶̲͆ ̴̳̇ ̵̧̄ ̸̙̔ ̶̟̚ ̶̟̐ ̵͔́ ̴̫̉ ̷͔̍ ̶̩͌ ̶͈̽ ̵͎́ ̴̖̒ ̸͔͝

: Yes okay I'll send an escape helicopter in a week jesus, I just need some words sent over about the top 3, they're going to kill me-

???: God FINE, I'll do it.

: Thanks

So much later that I got tired of making this joke

: Uhhh hello everybody and welcome to M18 Favorite Mario Party Game 2021, I definitely finished this one prior to the ceremony

: Nobody would have accused you of that if you didnt bring it up

: you got me there

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WARNING: Drarry, Marioshi, microphilia (nonsexual), problematic age gap (18/17), incest (one-sided), cruciatus curse, pre-Durmstrang, darkfic

Chapter One: Lost on the Hogwarts express

It was another fine day in Mushroom land and Mario and his friends were sitting around listening to the latest BTS single on the grass outside Peach's castle. Suddenly they were teleported to a train and were knocked out but when they woke up they didn't recognize anything nearby.

"Where are we" said Mario. Mario was known for being on top of things usually but this was out of his league. He looked to his friend Yoshi for advice.

"It seems we're in a train" thought Yoshi. "I sense a powerful wizard here."

That's right, Mario pontificated. He knew that only wizards could do such a thing to them. However outside of some other schools in other countries Hogwarts was the only wizard school around. And it was definitely the only one with a train. They had to have been on the hogwarts express.

Luigi sat up from the bench on the train holding a strange white stick with buttons on it . "Brother" he explained "I woke up with this in my hand, do you know what it is?"

Peach looked at the three males and knew that they had no idea what was happening. So she steppd in to stay something. "That is a magic wand. you were chosen by wizards luigi"

Mario and Yoshi felt a bit jealous. Despite how close they were and how time stood still for both of them when they talked neither of them were selected to go to the wizard schools. But maybe now that they're on the train together there could be hope for them.

"W-w-w-w-w-well," huffed Luigi "I think my bro deserves it more-"

Suddenly they were interrupted by a door opening. A small strange turtle came out of the door and started to cackle at them, his face turning bright red as a tomato from laughter.

"You fools!!!" he screamed. "I'll turn this train tragic, this ticket sp*stic!"


Yoshi yelled and then he too manifested a wand, but he also had another thing next to it that looked like a nanchak (sp? Sorry to any of my Japanese readers!) and he used his powers to INSTANTLY cancel the turtle. He died immediately and exploded into snow fluttering down. It was a reflection of the power in yoshi's soul, the purity in his heart.

Mario said nothing but he looked into Yoshis eyes and he knew. He knew that he was the one for him. "Dont look at me like that you little weasel" Yoshi scoffed. "We have to get out of here."

Peach told Luigi to cast a teleportation spell and he did and they left to go on to the next area. [Author's note: I need to do research on Mario Party DS. Don't read this out at the ceremony!!]

Chapter Two: Pomona Sprout's greenhouse

Where are we now?? Luigi cried out. He didn't know just like his brother didn't know. It ran in the family sometimes even if they were smarter than most boys because they respected women.

Peach explains that they were in a garden, but because they were on the hogwarts express they were teleported to the greenhouse there. They'd finally made it to Scotland. but there was one problem.

They were all much tinier than they should have been. It was another curse placed on them (Reducio, Yoshi remembered from his dark arts studied and told them). How would they get out of this?

Peach stepped up. She was always eloquent and talent but felt that people only made her the ruler for her looks. She was determined to work past that stereotype and study very hard and earn her position. She was considered one of the smartest in the Kingdom. "We need to defeat that plant" - she countered , pointing to a very overgrown red thing that was drooling looking at them. "I may not have magic but I know I have smarts. That's why I'm going to defeat it."

Mario thought this was bad. He always respected peach and loved her platonically so that's why he didn't want her to die. He didn't have eyes for her soul and felt lost in the world but he'd be even more lost without her.

"Haha," Yoshi interjected. "What, did your mum instill that in you? You don't understand. Wizarding is the world of men, Princess," he concluded. He knew he was better than her and he knew that she didn't even like listening to BTS with them. She probably stanned EXO instead. She was all around a load of bollocks really.

Luigi had to be held back by Mario "You cant say that! What did YOUR mum instill in YOU you daft incel? I bet you've never touched a lady in your life--"

Mario was petrified while he thought "luigi dont" but then he looked up to the sky and saw someething fall down with a crack of thunder. Peach too got a wand but it was shaped like a long sword with a strange tip on top. Maybe a stylus of some sort.

"impossible" Yoshi said.

"No, it is possible, and I'll show you"

Peach used her magic to lift the plant 2.5 meters above the ground [convert this to feet later] and she threw it out of the garden and past the fence. Also she threw a bomb in its mouth with her other spells. They'd won. "Imperium leviosa," she mused, twirling her dress around with a flourish.

"Hmph", Yoshi sighed. "I'll show you. We still have somewhere else to go. I believe we're still stuck in the Mushroom Land cursed to fall asleep all because of that music you brought us." He had to admit Butter was a good song though. "We'll go somewhere else now.

Chapter Three: Super Hallowe'en Feast
Credit to ourstarlesscity on AO3!

Take her to the moon for me, okay?

“W-what? Mario, no! Turn it off - why did i agree to watch this… m-movie? Mother, why are you laughing? This whole film is so fucking sad-” Yoshi wailed, flinging his arms around Mario and sobbing into his chest. “Oh sweet Salazar, I think I might die!”

“There, there,” Mario soothed, patting Yosho back. He sent Peach an amused grin over the top of his husband’s ducked head.

“Princess… What have you put your son and I through? This wretched teleneviser-” Harry hid his snort at Ligi’ mispronunciation of television and resumed soothing his distraught husband.

“It’s just a movie, Draco, it’s okay.” Mario whispered.

‘It’s not! What if my imaginary friend is dying in a messed up ball pit in my head because my brain is broken!” Mario smiled at Yoshi.

“Your brain’s not broken, there’s nothing to be worried about, my love.” He laid a soft kiss on Yoshi’s head and hugged him closer - as amusing as this is, he hated seeing his husband cry.

“Mario?” He looked up at Peach. “Perhaps it’s time for you to put your husband to bed while I care for mine,” she smiled, running her hand through Luigis’ long hair.

Mario nodded.

“We’ll see you… soon? When Yoshi’s not sad anymore.”

“I will forever be sad Harry! ”

As the green flames envelop him and Yoshi, he smiles to himself because, really.

There is no one in the world he could love more than his husband.
Mario and Yoshi teleported to Kamek's Board in super mario party with the others and they were almost blinded by the light there. It was nothing but bright yellow colour all around. How could anyone live like this?

Not helping things was that Mario was jealous - everyone else was selected to be a wizard except him. Yoshi was selected because he was kind and loving beneath his exterior - he cancelled that awful Death Eater after all, just blew him to bits - and Peach clearly deserved it because of her skill. His brother was a no brainer too but he was too scared to use his magic because he'd been worried of killing someone. Mario wanted it to be his time soon but maybe he'd have to confess his feelings to yoshi first.

"Wait," Mario interjected. "There's no board host here. No bosses. All I see are buildings and those blue spaces. Lots of yellow."

"That's very observant. That's because we killed him on the train. He's dead, Harry."

No -

Mario turned around. That was Luigi's voice. Luigi laughed at him and pulled out his wand, now turned into a different similar looking buttoned contraption. "I bet you didn't expect that, big bro."

"Luigi why?" Peach pleaded with him. Tears welled up in her eyes as she knew what was happening once more but couldn't accept it in her heart.

"I'm tired of being the second fiddle to Yoshi always! You never loved me after he came into our lives bro! That's why I cursed us to come here. We're all in a dream and I'm going to get rid of you here and now."

'Luigi it was never about that! I never loved you like that! Gods above you're so below my level and that would be such a problematic relationship that I can't," Mario choked out.

"That's what I mean!" Luigi readied his wand with a killing curse. He pointed it at Mario and prepared to fire.

Yoshi jumped in front of Mario at the last second "Oh no you don't you little fuck!" He was hit, struck dying to the floor, but he didn't instantly die like all the others.

"Yoshi, no, God," Mario cried, wetness streaming onto his mustache. "I always loved you! Don't you fucking die on me!"

"Mario, it wouldn't work," he laughed in pain. "I'm 17... you're a year older... it never would've worked. What would the masses have thought?"

"Just because you're one year below doesn't mean our love isn't real!!"

Mario shouted to the heavens and he, too, was blessed with magic. It was a red controller like his evil Brother Luigis was, but luigi's was in black. "No, that's not-" Luigi said, interrupting himself.

Mario put yoshi down on the ground as he slowly passed away and readied his own killing curse at Luigi. "You took him away from me!"

Luigi put his hands up to his face to shield himself but it was too late. He, too, was cancelled by those who needed to be cancelled. No justice existed in the world, as it was controlled by men's rights activists, just as it always had been.

"It's done."

Peach put her hand on Mario's shoulder. "What are you going to do now?"

"I'm going to honor Yoshi's memory and live on. I'm going to go to Durmstrang and learn the dark arts."

"Let me help you there then."

Mario and Peach did wake up eventually and they were all alive including Luigi and Yoshi, but for the time being Mario went to Durmstrang as he said he would while Peach went to Hogwarts to refine her craft. She graduated top of her class and got the prettiest student award.

[Author's note you went over the amount of words you paid me for so I'm ending it here. Pay up bucko!!]


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