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Awards Murder Party
The game where everyone kills each other, again :dry:

It's back! The disastrous strategy game returns just in time for my holidays to begin. This time, there have been some additional tweaks and changes to the formula, so please make sure to read the rules thoroughly!

Murder Party: Gameplay overview
The gameplay flow is quite simple. Unlike mafia, this game consists of simple Rounds, combining the Day-Night cycle into one to make the game flow quicker. The basic rules and gameplay are as follows (please note: some things may be subject to change once the game itself starts):
  • Players will be divided up into teams of 2 or 3, depending on how many players we get. Each team's goal will be to completely eliminate everyone who isn't on their own team.
  • Each Round will last 24 hours.
  • Every Round, each player can send me a message in their Team conversations indicating that they would like to use an Action from the provided list (See section below). They will be provided results at the end of the Round, after which the next Round will begin and they can once again submit actions.
  • During the Round, there will also be a public facing lynch that takes place. Players may discuss among themselves who they would like to vote out of the game, which will happen according to standard lynching formats from other games. Votes must be posted in the thread, not along with Night Actions.
  • Once a Round has finished, players will be sent results which tell them whether their chosen action passed or failed, as well as any other players they saw, based on who else visited that player, as well as who that player visited
    • For this game, you will probably also be able to see what actions they used, since data suggests that people who murder usually immediately just say that they did so in the thread anyway (this feature TBC)

List of Actions:
The following is a list of universal actions that may be submitted by ALL players. Please note that Murdering will not roleblock in this game.
Murder - Kills another player, removing them from the game.
Protect - protects another player, preventing ALL kill attempts against them
Roleblock - prevents another player from doing any actions

Depending on how I go for planning, there may or may not end up being a few special rolebased Actions as well. I'll let you know once the game starts/

Signups and start time
A few things to keep in mind if you sign up:
-You need to be able to be on the forums at least once per every 24 hours to submit your Action and also a Vote for each Round
-There is an extremely high probability that you will die. Don't roleplay your most cherished characters that you want to use in the future (unless you want to revive them afterwards like a COWARD).
-Remember, this is STILL a ridiculous idea that could possibly be over VERY quickly!! Aim to have fun and don't take things too seriously lol

With all that out of the way, sign-ups are open! As I stated in the tournament thread, I'd like to get it started relatively quickly, but I also want to keep the sign ups open for a decent amount of time, so exact timing is yet to be nailed down. Tentatively, I'll be aiming for a start, since I think that gives enough time for people to see it and sign up.

1. MCD
2. WT
3. Flygon
4. Rose
5. Shoey
6. Perch
7. Fanta
8. Flotzo
9. BBQ Turtle
10. TPG
11. LJS
12. MoonAge
13. YtSSM
14. FWD
15. Turb
16. Snack
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...If the price is right, of course. You all've got plenty of gold to give me at the end of this as gratefulness for letting you live, yes? Yeeees?



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Thanks for the signups everyone! The game is currently scheduled to begin on time at , at which time roles will be sent out and the game thread will be put up. Signups will close probably half an hour before then, after which I'll finalise roles and teams and we can get started straight away. Thanks for your interest, and happy murdering!


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Wow! Just like " Dangan Ronpa " , my most favorite bideogēmu! A party sounds fun now that I'm back for good!

"Hauuu~... Kyle my beloved.

"Who knew we were distantly related through having the same great-grandather...? So I'm here for them reading the will, I guedess ka?"

"...You don't remember me? ...Oh, um ...Haha."

"G-Gomensorry... We haven't actually met and don't know eachother, but, umm, I'm xX_IkemenWaifuDess_Xx on MyAnimeList and like ages ago you once replied to my post about Kira Kira Ganbarekko Meguru-chan and said you agreed with me that it was an underrated classic of the magical girl genre and that I had awesome taste..."

"That was the first time a guy who liked Meguru-chan called me awesome... Usually they just call me slurs. Or ask if I'm legal."

"Oh, um, for short you can call me @IkeDess...That's what I am on Twitter and Tumblr these days. Or, um, Bryony. My real name's Bryony. Bryony Malheureux..."

"Or if anyone wanted to call me B-Bryony-chan... That would be alright but you don't have to... Hahaha... D-Doki doki suru yo dess..."


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Thank you all for playing! I once again appreciate people being so willing to play such a short game on such short notice, and I'm much happier about how this one turned out than the last. A couple of things:

If you would like to be given access to ALL of the team chats, please react to this post with "Wow 😮"

If you would like to be given access to just ghost chat, please react with "Sad 😢"

If you would like to be given access to ALL of the team chats AND ghost chat please react to this post with "Thinking 🤔".

And now, the best part of a Murder Party post-game: the action flowcharts!

Red = Murder
Green = Protect
Blue = Roleblock

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:


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Wow, talk about a program.
What was that? A royal drama? Analogue horror?
Perhaps it was a mystery program? The mystery being what the hell it is.
I should've just watched the Immortal and the Restless reruns.


What happened Clara?


Hahaha, Clara, we didn't participate in murder.
We participated in Awards Murder Party - Game Thread - Ending: So long-a, Murder Party!

I'm going to rip out a vital organ out of your body and-


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this game was a lot of fun, and I really feel like it helped the Murder Party formula expand out a little bit into something a bit more interesting with the dynamics of lynches and teams. at some point I would like to host one of these, and probably try introducing role actions as well as scramble up team sizes a bit so it's somewhat less open-and-shut with regards to knowing exactly who is on what team in the endgame.

i think this game is really coming into its own as a quick and easy elimination game, and I am excited to see where it goes in the future, which is a big change from my opinions of the last murder party which i thought at the time was a broken concept.

but that comes later. for now i will be playing a decidedly not quick and difficult elimination game.