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"Goodness, wait up! Stop the shiiiiiip! Stay at the docks, I beg you!"

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"I have my passport right here! Ready for boarding, stamped, checked, what have you--"

"Oh, introductions, right. Aren't we all doing that? That's normal, isn't it? Well, nice to meet you and all that."

"My name is Rei, just Rei is fine, nothing else to it. I've been working as a freelance photographer for a while, I suppose. I'd heard about, what was it... the Carcass Vermilion something... so now I'm here, and..."

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"Ahaha, sorry. I tend not to remember things very well anymore, so I always have to write them down. This blazing heat really doesn't help, but, you know, once-in-a-million-billion-years opportunity and all."

"Yes, the Sargasso Vermelha and its fragments are of particular interest to me. Quite vibrant green, not dissimilar to Bushroot over there. I'd love to study them, if opportunity provides!"

"...Well, weather aside, it's wonderful to take pictures of people's smiling faces. I mean, it's the best way to remember them by! The comet is just a nice bonus."

("That name and picture on the passport is... ahh, well. Everything else is right.")

("But still...")


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"Are you... coming on to me?"
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"Hahaha, my bad, sorry. Slip of the tongue. You do remind me a bit of someone I was quite fond of, though!"

"Buuuuut hey, the doctor seems like a pretty big meanie. I'll need some other things to study if push comes to shove and Mr. Sholmes's case falls through... would you mind letting me take some photos later? Maybe of you just shy of activating that shard security system? Oh, um, or your beak, or your buds... I didn't know you could have both of those at once."

Dr. R. Bushroot

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"M-my, how forward...
Mr. Rei, your request would have my face as flush as a beetroot right now if I still had any red blood in me.

In any case, I'm not opposed to your invitation, but maybe we ought to get to know each other a bit better first. This cruise will last us a fair amount of days, after all, there is no cause for urgency.."


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Oh my, it seems I'm uncharacteristically late. Pardon me! CEO of NFF Services and secretary extraordinaire, Koyanskaya: summer SSR edition, at your service! Empty your wallets for me, okay? ♡


...Except I'm finally on vacation, so I'm not offering any services at this time. Unfortunate! I look forward to making your acquaintance regardless. And by that I mean I will gouge out your eyes if you ruin this for me. That's non-negotiable.

Oh, but do feel free to bother me if you have relevant information pertaining to the Sargasso Vermelha. I must admit, I am curious about that particular celestial body. Couldn't care less about the people who worship it, though. Mankind are such banal creatures, quick to assign divinity to any natural phenomena beyond their comprehension. My interest, on the other hand, lies in...more personal reasons.

Of course, I've received my passport. Some of the information in it doesn't appear to be up-to-date, but I assume this issue will be rectified in due time. Orientation meeting concluded.
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🌻Ashita wa nanika ga kawaru ka na?

Oh, but do feel free to bother me if you have relevant information pertaining to the Sargasso Vermelha. I must admit, I am curious about that particular celestial body. Couldn't care less about the people who worship it, though. Mankind are such banal creatures, quick to assign divinity to any natural phenomena beyond their comprehension. My interest, on the other hand, lies in...more personal reasons.

Of course, I've received my passport. Some of the information in it doesn't appear to be up-to-date, but I assume this issue with be rectified in due time. Orientation meeting concluded.

"Someone else who's interested in the comet, huh?"

"We could be useful to each other, in that case. Unfortunately I haven't collected much of interest so far. I was planning on going over Dr. Acraman's research on the subject tonight over dinner... Though that may not be possible after today's events."

"Well, if you'd join us I wouldn't be opposed. Truthfully while other matters are more important I'm certain you are aware you're a rather beautiful woman and even if not for the better of purpose of sharing our information sharing a fine Argentinean-style meal with you would not be something I was opposed to."

"I believe there's an extensive selection of drinks available as well. Speaking for myself, my preference is for whiskey or shōchū but Argentinean wine is very well regarded."


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Luigi 64DD

Enter a dimly-lit study at night. Outside, the sound of traffic rushing by at breakneck speeds is enough to overwhelm, but in here it's nothing more than mere banal white noise. Otherwise, the only sound to be heard is that of the clock on the wall as it ticks futilely.

A mustachioed man sits at the desk in the middle of the room. Across the desk are sprawled a mess of newspapers, folders and other documents. The man fidgets between rustling through the papers and twirling his mustache with an air of impatience. After a few minutes of this, he gets up to head to the kitchen with the intent to make a cup of black tea, but upon catching eyesight of the range-oven combo something in him seems to deflate, and he returns to his desk to fidget all the more impatiently.

At last, a knock at the door breaks the tempo of the calm air. "Come in," the man sighs. The door creaks open, instantly admitting in the maelstrom of noise from the street. The guest, on the other hand, enters with a near-silent pitter-patter of feet and a soft fluttering sound as a few feathers drop to the floor.

"It's about time you arrived. I find it rather impetuous to keep a man of my stature waiting."

The visitor lets out a mirthless chuckle, though it sounds to the man more like the horn of a bicycle.

"Honk honk honk. Hoonk howonk honk honk. (My most cordial greetings to yourself in due return. I am quite beholden with gratitude at your... ebullient welcome to this your abode." The visitor cranes his very long neck wryly, a pipe dangling from his beak. "Honk hofonk hoonk honko honk. (However, I am afraid it becomes me to call before your most fervent attention that the glorious excellency and status you profess to bear upon your person is naught more than a darkling shade of a distant bygone past.)"

The man at the desk scoffs. "You're quite welcome. A very bold, even reckless statement you make. If I still had my royal chefs, I'd have you dressed with marinade and roasted in the ove--ov-- the ov-- on the spit. But you're wrong. Those infernal fiends may have robbed me of my rightful throne and the outer vestiges of my glory, but no one can take away my divine right and the glory of my distinguished lineage. Not to mention my rather becoming visage."

"Honk hink honk. (Once and time again, my souls fill with honor to behold such a humble host.)"

The man rolls his eyes. "Yes, very funny. Your sarcasm is nearly as obnoxious as your magniloquence. But onto the business at hand. What have you discovered? Have you found out any more about that which I've tasked you to investigate?"

The visitor breathes in deeply through his almond-shaped nostrils and begins to wiggle his pipe. "Honk. Honk honk honk. Honk honkoo honk honoka honk honkhonkhonkhonkhonkhonkhonkho-- (Yes, very well. I find it becoming to recount from my recollections of that tale about which I have previously conversed with you, or my voyages in the distant dwellings of thieves and scoundrels. It was on this most hazardous isle that, through the powers bestowed upon me and my most excellent newly discovered compatriots, we, together as one, though not without copious straining of trust and strife, penetrated forth through the deceptions of our foes, whom, for all too lengthy periods of deliberation, we had once believed and professed to be allies, and finally vanquishing the ne'er-do-wells, not merely by the workings of one of our number, but, through the combined talents and potent deductive abilities of several of the companions who, even to this very day, I still consider to be very dear acquaintances and friends, in so doing together ushered forth a new era of--)"

"Alright alright, I've heard all of this before! Despite their murderous acts you never detected any supernatural power in the Rogueport mafia! I know! You told me all this when we first met! What about the merchant? The man I asked you to speak to? Are the rumors about him true?" spat out the man.

"Honk. Honk honk honk honk honk-- (Ah yes, of course. When I approached the man on my conquest to converse with the fellow, who, I might add, was of a much greater physical aptitude than I foresaw, and obtain valuable information on the veracity and truthfulness of the whisperings that have spread throughout the countryside concerning his person, he was residing amidst an awesome metropolis that bestowed my mind with many amazements and creduli--)"

"What did he say about the rumors that he survived an encounter with a dark magic?" The man now had both hands on his desk and was nearly off the edge of his chair.

"Honk. Honk honk honk honk honk honk. (Indeed. The seller of wares you previously entreated my person to enquire of recounted unto my ears a woeful tale of a massive tower in which a vast and diverse assortment of personages had been bid to come make their residence in. Alas, the intrepid opportunity turned to a baneful nightmare as members of their number began to engage in the slaughter of their fellow men. But, the aspect that appeared as most mysterious and alarming was the devious and diabolical force behind it all."

The visitor's face becomes troubled as he goes on, in contrast to the man at the desk whose face lights up with interest.

"Honk honk honk... honk honk honk. Honk honk, Honk honk. Honk. (With tremors and a darkened countenence, the wandering merchant described to mine ears a portent most foul... a demonic beast, possessing horrifically contorted ears and terrible large teeth, clothed with deep scarlet and the black of the night and adorned in an outfit of fineries. This beast possessed no physical form, but manifested upon the sides of the inner chambers of the tower's depths with glaring luminosity most unnatural. The fiend possessed capabilities of begetting alterations in the very tapestry of the history that all living beings reside admidst, that existential reality known as time. It was this daemon that captured those that had unknowingly entered in the midst of its clutches and forced those within to play its horrible slaughtering contest.)"

"This beast, what was it called?"

The visitor turns his head away. "Honk honk honk honk... Hink Hankes. (From my the recesses of my recollection, the fiend was referred to and known by the moniker... Brobdingnagian Transmutations.)"

The man raises an eyebrow.

"Honk honk honk honk. Honk honque honk. (Yet, the merchant revealed to me that a group of their number formed a resistance and, fighting a vast array of shades of their murdered comrades from histories expunged from the course of our reality, escaped from the deathly dungeon with their mortality. In doing so, the beast was thusly destroyed and the dark history that it begot utterly reversed.)"

The man groaned, rolled his eyes, and put his head into his hands. "So the magic doesn't even exist in our time. That's not good enough! I need something to defeat those octogonal interlopers! I need to reclaim my rightful throne! C'mon, is there anything else? Besides, this guy could be a liar in the first place!"

The visitor begins staring at the ceiling pensively, as if caught up in another world. "Honk. Honk honk... honk... honk honk. (Nay. I am certain that the tale is truthful and that this fiend has no existence in our reality, and yet the ever-present call of my senses, that very same beckoning that leads me ever southward... through my mind's perception, I received a faint but certain inkling of a similar devilish power... but it was assuredly residing amidst our reality.)"

The fowl hesitates for a moment, but continues. "Honk honk. Honk honk... honk... honk honk--. (Within the course of that very brief moment, I perceived two great vessels on the watery expanses of the seas, heading towards a beauteous heavenly body in the sky. I sensed a power emanating from that vision. I know not the nature of this power... but it may be a omen of great evil.... And more troubling, I perceived my good friend and ally the detective upon one such vessel. My heart longs to warn him of this possible calamity, but I fear it may already be too--)"

The man instantly rises from his desk and puts one foot upon it, knocking many papers off in the process. "AHA! So there is a magical power! I shall embark on this journey and take it for myself! Then I will use it to return to my country and destroy the cultists once and for all! They shall cower before my glory and the kingdom of Russia shall be restored!"

The visitor wags his pipe furiously. "Honk honk honk-- (I implore you, you should not endeavor to meddle in such arcane--)"

"Silence, bird! I am the king here!"

The visitor shakes his head. "Honk. Honk honk honk. (Very well. Let your own folly rest upon your own head, not upon my feathers. Now, what of the payment you had promised me at the occurence of our last meeting?)"

The man takes his foot off the desk, shuffles through some papers, pulls out a single photograph, and throws it at the feet of the visitor. "Here, take your breadcrumbs, goose."

The visitor picks up the photo and examines it. Pictured is a blurry image of a street corner. In the background, the faint figure of another goose just like himself can be seen, but this one appears softer and wears a cloche hat. The visitor breathes a relieved sigh and smiles tenderly but sadly. "Honk honk hnk. Honk honk. Honk honk honkoof. (My most gracious thanks be on you. This that you have bestowed upon me is all that I will to require of you. Farewell, sir.)"

The Goose turns to leave, but as he opens the door and the roar of traffic once more penetrates the otherwise quiet abode, he turns his head back to utter one final message before exiting.

"Honk. (Beware.)"

With the visitor gone, the man looks down at the floor and laughs triumphantly, his red cap shadowing his eyes. "That silly goose. He does not understand my amazing ability and strength. I can withstand any power, no matter how diabolical. I can tame it and harness it. I am finished hiding, running from place to place, scheming and having to grovel for clues in the dark!"

The man looks towards the ceiling and clutches his singed but extravagant attire, bedecked in many military metals and sashes. "The Zlathlnathnl will never know what hit them. My kingdom, restored. My power, reinstated. My glory, released. This will all come to fruition through the power I gain from this frivolous cruise."

The man grins brightly as the ceiling light bedazzles him in radiant light. "Or my name isn't Czario, rightful tsar of Russia."

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