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Polly Geist


(It's a totallllllly l3git website.)



~Polly 💋

(Help. Roleplay character is Polly Geist. Please put me on whichever ship you feel would be better suited for a newcomer.)

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Rohan Kishibe

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Attention all passengers! 26 of our slots have been taken, and minus one reserved slot, all sign-ups have been filled! Thank you so much for choosing to ride with Starline Cruises this summer. We hope to make this a cruise worth remembering.

Any sign ups past this point will be added as replacements, and while we can't guarantee your position, you may still be able to participate. With games as large as this, it's usually the case that some players may drop out or cannot otherwise play, so please do still sign up if you're interested!

Thank you all for your interest in AKG this year, all three of us are thrilled to be able to bring you this experience. We'll be posting potential game times soon, and stay tuned for further updates as we get closure to departure!



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The unfortunate part is that Killing Game basically requires a form of quick communication for it to function at its best, and that cannot really be captured in a forum thread. While other venues or chat clients could be used in Discord's place, many hosts will default to Discord because a) it's very convenient to set up a special server for this occasion and b) a lot of people already have Discord. That isn't to say that a game couldn't be hosted without a chat client/with a different client, just that it makes the most sense to use Discord right now

I know that if we're on the same boat, I won't be mad about you popping into the server just whenever you're able, checking in and answering any questions we might have. As long as you make the effort to be present when you can, which I'd expect you to, you'll be alright

Hopefully it isn't overstepping my boundaries as a player saying this, rather than a host; as someone who's both played and hosted a few KG in the past, I felt like I had an ability to speak to this

Rohan Kishibe

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Rose explained it well. A player's presence in the game 100% of the time is never necessary, as we have an international community of players, and 48~ hours to solve the case. That being said, while big revelations and questions are encouraged to be done in the thread, it's better for the game to have live chats between all players for small things, as it reduces excessive back-and-forth clutter in the thread and is far more convenient than conducting things entirely on the forum. We chose Discord as our venue because majority of the community is on there, when previously KGs were hosted in IRC.

We want to ensure that everyone is on board with being in the server, for reasons laid out in the OP. LTQ's discord functionality will assist us in ensuring everything remains in ship shape! This is an intentional decision, and you never know if next year it may change, but for AKGO, those without any access to the game's server will not be able to participate this year. Even if you have some access, and are talking at some points during the cases, you'll probably be fine!

Edit: Also server access will be granted closer to game time. Don't fret!
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Herlock Sholmes

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Fun With Despair

...Just one moment, if I may. I apologize for my intrusion, but I'll introduce myself afterwards. I've got something more pressing on my mind.

Since the very moment I accepted my invitation to this most illustrious cruise, I've noticed that something wasn't quite sitting right. No, my friends, I believe there's something foul afoot, murderous intent that awaits us out there on the waves.

Indeed! We're being led into a trap!

But, you need not take my word for it. No, you need only join me in my Dance of Deduction, then all will be laid bare before us!

Two weeks out at sea, life in the lap of luxury, it all seems like the ideal vacation, does it not? All for free too, which is quite the blessing on my budget, believe me! It's the sort of thing that would make the average person exclaim that it's "too good to be true"!

But you see, the cruise itself is not without its purpose, beyond pool parties, coordinated activities, and open pubs. There's a gimmick here, a main attraction, so to speak...

Yes, the Sargasso Vermelha, the very "unique non-periodic comet" that we're all here to see - or the one the organizers have been telling us we'll see, anyway. It's certainly convenient that our astrological phenomenon is one with no prior sightings across the globe, isn't it? All the more so that there's no guarantee of its appearance.

This is why I believe the following: the comet does not exist. No, we have simply been deceived by a familiar piece of iconography, hidden in plain sight on our very cruise pamphlets themselves.

Let us turn out the lights, if only for a moment.

Aha, now do you see what I see?

It's fine if you don't. I'll provide a guide, to make the image clearer for everyone here today.

Now then, take a look at this monochromatic lad here, specifically the only element notably out-of-palette; his red eye.

Even without the rest of this fellow, the eye makes for a rather familiar sight, a frequently-occurring design in Killing Games across the world. I'm entirely aware this sounds like an unrelated aside, but much like this black-and-white mammal beside me, bear with me as I adjust the image a little. Highlight the important bits, flip it a touch...

...Need I say more?

I believe the resemblance is uncanny, is it not? How amusing, that so subtle a warning would lie right before our very eyes. Unless of course... a Killing Game is why you're here in the first place? But now, who would want something like that?

Perhaps now would be a good time for an introduction. I am the Great Detective himself, Herlock Sholmes, and in conclusion... I propose the following theory as to true nature of this so-called "luxury cruise":

The Sargasso Vermelha comet does not exist, and this once-in-a-lifetime experience is being used as bait for a Killing Game.

Just when I thought I'd finally won something, too!



Ahahaha, wipe that dour look off your face, I'm only fooling around. We're about to embark on a tropical cruise, after all. I figured you'd all have been in better spirits, willing to appreciate a spot of absurdist humor while we wait to embark.

After all, what sort of madman do you take me for. Of course the Sargasso Vermelha is quite real.

You've really got to stay on your toes next time, you can't simply go around believing everything you hear.

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Rohan Kishibe

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Hooded Pitohui and LTQ have decided on their departing times! 🚢

However, it has been decided that, regrettably, we will not be starting the game on the dates listed in the OP (June 16, June 17). This is due to a few reasons, namely end of semester study ramping up on my end, and the original date coinciding with our next 'Shroom release, which is a special edition that we all have to do things towards.

We've collectively decided that pushing the game back a week will allow us to finish everything we need to (particularly rolecard formatting, NPC sprites) with no intense crunch, and ensure that we everything together before the game begins. And I can pass my exams, maybe, that is obviously the least important thing here

Ah, delays.

Rest assured, things should be smooth sailing from here. In this game, no extensions will be granted during day phases. This is because, well, you have 50 hours. Frankly, if you can't solve the case in that time, the killer deserves the win for enduring that length of time.

With these times, we've tried to accomodate a wide range of players by a) hosting this over the weekend when hopefully the majority of people do not have work or school and b) ensuring that, at the very least, the times for attending the end of the cases should be reasonable. There is a lot of last-minute vote switching that sometimes occurs, and it can be very hectic, so we want to ensure everyone is mostly capable of being there, BUT IF YOU AREN'T THEN DO NOT WORRY. These times also allow our hosts to write phase change posts without destroying themselves, or pushing the game back further.

The Voyage of the S.S. Circirnus - Day 0
Night 1 submission deadline:

The Journey of the S.S. Cetus - Day 0
Night 1 submission deadline:

These times will be consistent week-to-week.

For those of you alarmed at how long it might be until you actually get to solve a mystery, we're going to confirm that the game's interactivity will begin on Day 0. You'll be able to explore the cruise ships, meet our NPCs (after their eventual lounge thread introductions), introduce your own RPs if you haven't already, and participate in a special opening event. Furthermore, we will try posting other tidbits and teasers in the lead-up to our start date.

Sometime in the next two weeks, please indicate which ship, Circirnus or Cetus, you would most prefer. You can do this in PMs if necessary, or react to Pito's post below. We will try to accomodate you as best we can.

Thanks for your understanding! 🛳
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Hooded Pitohui

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Hooded Pitohui
Sometime in the next two weeks, please indicate which ship, Circirnus or Cetus, you would most prefer, and if possible your timezone. You can do this in PMs if necessary. We will try to accomodate you as best we can.
To make this easier:

React to this post with "haha" if Circinus is better for you.

React to this post with "wow" if Cetus is better for you.

React to this post with "love" if either boat is fine for you.


🌻Ashita wa nanika ga kawaru ka na?

And just like that, the war was over.

It wasn't long before he was clearing out the small residence he'd been stationed at near the base, getting ready to move on as he always did. It was November now, a creeping chill replacing summer's cicada shrills in the air and the leaves changing colors and beginning to fall from the trees. Soon they, like the cicadas, would all be dead as well. He didn't have very much to pack, which was fortunate given he didn't have much desire to stay any longer. Someone requested he collect a few other personal effects too, for safekeeping on behalf of their owner, but that task went quick enough. There wasn't much of that either. Some stationary supplies, a mechanical pencil and so on, made up most of it.

There were all sorts of emotions to be found in the city then, as convoys of trucks departed and the locals waved from the sidewalks, banners on display bidding farewell – relief that peace had returned, a few who were glad to see foreign forces leave town, a certain wistfulness and a worry about the economic prospects the community faced with the departure of the Americans, the base likely to end up a sleepy backup airfield for the Self-Defense Force.

He shared none of their relief. After all, the war ending didn't absolve anyone of their sins.

[Transmission Detected]


[Transmission Ended]
[Information intercepted may be junk data? Will continue analyzing]

The memory of those days never left him and their weight didn't lessen much, but it was several years later before something came across his desk that, by an odd stroke of coincidence, brought them fully back to the front of his mind. It was early in spring then, before the cherry blossoms had begun to bloom.

Really, with shit like this coming up, it called for a vacation of sorts. Fortunately his schedule was free at just the right time...

A plain-looking white sedan of Japanese make navigates the streets of the port town, checking into long-term parking near the cruise terminal. The driver steps out after shutting off the ignition, a young man with a hard-to-read expression compounded by the sunglasses that hide his eyes who dons his grayish-blue suit's coat as he shuts and locks the door, removing the glasses and slipping them into one of the coat's pockets. He smirks.

"The Findelo Archipelago, huh? Nice, nice... The brochures makes it sound like quite the place at least. Let's see, great fishing for marlin, snapper, trevally, and so on... Aah, its been too long since I've been able to do much marine fishing. Well, fishing for white crucian carp is always nostalgic."


"Well, day to day I'm involved in business, let's say."

"You're rather nosey."

"Listen, fellow, if you want a longer story the truth is nothing more than that I am an ordinary middle manager for a general trading company hoping to fish for trevally on his holiday and not intending to trouble anyone. That's all I have to say for myself and I don't expect you to tell me your entire life story either. Now then..."

"They say the comet will look quite beautiful when it appears, don't they?"

Ahahaha, wipe that dour look off your face, I'm only fooling around. We're about to embark on a tropical cruise, after all. I figured you'd all have been in better spirits, willing to appreciate a spot of absurdist humor while we wait to embark.


"...Well, I suppose sometimes it's good that optimists still exist in this world."

The man laughs dryly...


🌻Ashita wa nanika ga kawaru ka na?
IN also Turboo
ummmm... mods? the rules say you have to 15 to join but he's 12...

the part right here

[*]This game is intended for older players. Do not sign up if you're under the age of 15, there will be no exceptions; Any underage players will be replaced immediately.

Kim Pine

Will Eat Your Soul

A lone man pilots his time-traveling spaceship, all alone.

Alone, but at peace, until...



The hull of a ship crashes into his ship, startling him.

"What? ...WHAT?!"


Little did the man know what exactly we was getting himself into. By accidentally crashing into the hull of another ship, this is the one adventure he didn't want...
The Odyssey
By Long John Spaghetti

Dr. R. Bushroot

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"Do I have to do this? I'm not really sure if I want to...

Ow! Hey, stop that! OW! Stop biting!

All right, all right, I'll socialize!! Sheesh!"

. . .

"Uhm, hello there. My name is Dr. Reginald Bushroot."

"Although most people I know just call me Bushroot (among other, less desirable things), so I suppose you may do the same.
I mean, I spent several years of hard work to get my doctorate, but sure, just... drop that part."

"Uhh... I'm single, a botanist by trade, and in my free time I practice gardening, flower-arrangement, and being misunderstood by the law."

"I suppose I am here because my three other colleagues/roommates told me to go on this cruise. They insisted, even paid for the ticket themselves. I am still trying to figure out if it's a plot to get rid of me. Maybe the boat is rigged to sink or, or, some other atrocity will happen!"

"Speaking of atrocities, every plant I've looked at since coming here was made of plastic! PLASTIC! It's disgusting and immoral! Am I the only one who noticed???"