Super Mario Maker 2 VS Tournament - Sign-ups open


The Luigi-fied Goomba
Poll Committee

What is this tournament about?
This tournament is a race-to-the-finish style tournament taking place in various Super Mario Maker 2 courses, in which players will face off in 1 vs. 1 matches. The player to make it to the end of the course first will win the round, and the player to win the most rounds wins the overall tourney.

How is the tournament structured?
Each round will take place on a certain course designed by myself. Each round will span a week's time (although extensions can be granted if necessary), with the course for the respective round being published and available to play from Monday, 6 PM CET each week. Throughout the rest of the week, the players will be able to practice the course for themselves before facing off against that round's opponent. Players should post their results by Sunday, 6 PM CET. Depending on how many players sign up, the tourney will either have a Round Robin structure (for 10 players or less) or a Swiss structure with 10 rounds (for 11+ players). I will use Challonge to record the results.

How do I start a round?
You'll have to use the "Play with Friends" option in the Network Play category. Prior to starting your match, you will need to download the respective course to be able to play it. Afterwards, you select that course and the "Multiplayer VS" option.

What kind of courses will be featured?
They will be courses designed specifically for multiplayer play, although each will be slightly different in structure. Some will have separate areas for each player, similar to many Multiplayer Versus courses, while others will have a single area for all players to traverse, akin to the traditional Super Mario games. Some courses will rely on strategy and platforming skill, but others will focus on timing or puzzle solving. My goal is to incorporate a variety of courses to challenge all sorts of skills, and to somewhat even out the playing field (for example, players who aren't as good in precise platforming would have a chance to make a comeback in timing-based courses etc.).

What if I don't complete my match in time?
If multiple people don't submit a match in time, the round will likely be extended by a week or a few days, depending on what the players would prefer. If one or two matches haven't had results sent in time, they will be able to submit results during the following round. In a Round Robin structure, it would be fairly simple to move to the following round, but with a swiss structure it would be more difficult to do so. So, in that case, I would just mark the match as a draw immediately.

If after the following round, the players still wouldn't be able to complete their round, I'd mark the results as a draw (or a forfeit, if one player has made a considerable effort to schedule but the other hasn't), to prevent matches from previous rounds snowballing too much onto current matches.

How many players will the tourney have?
I am looking for at least 6 players to participate, with 20 players maximum.

When will the tournament take place?
I am currently planning to start the tournament in mid-late June (with round 1 starting on either the 13th or 20th of June), so that it can conclude around early September at the latest. Depending on the number of players that sign up, the tournament will take between 6 and 10 weeks, excluding any potential extensions.

To enter this tournament, you must own Super Mario Maker 2 and an active Nintendo Switch Online membership for the duration of the tournament.

Other notes:
I will not participate, as I feel it would be an unfair advantage for me to play on courses designed by myself.

I am considering having a separate 2 vs. 2 category as well, but I don't know if there would be enough demand for that. Let me know if you'd have any interest in such a category.

If you have any feedback to give or questions to ask, please let me know in the thread! The rules may be adjusted based on such feedback before the game begins.

With that said, sign-ups are open! Please post in bold to sign up, and preferably, post your Nintendo Switch friend code and times when you'll be available.