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What is this board?

This board is the central hub on the forum for any and all activities related to the 2022 anniversary, including its awards ceremonies and the awards season associated with those ceremonies. The ceremonies themselves, informational threads, meeting logs, tournament threads, and other awards-related threads will be found here.

What are the awards? What does this have to do with the anniversary?

The Super Mario Wiki was created on August 12, 2005 at 13:47 PM (EDT) by Steve Shinn, starting off small but accumulating, over time, both articles and a dedicated userbase. In a celebration of the wiki's second anniversary, the wiki's users held an awards ceremony, giving users and visitors a chance to vote for their favorite choices in various Mario-related categories before tallying up the results and and presenting them at a special event.

Since then, we've celebrated the growth and evolution of the Super Mario Wiki and the community surrounding it by continuing to hold an annual awards ceremony around the time of the wiki's anniversary. Much like the wiki itself, the awards ceremony has grown and evolved over the years, adding new ceremonies and switching out categories to keep every award's results relevant and interesting as time passes.

Currently, there are three awards ceremonies (all held on the same day). The Mario Awards (Mario Awards XVI, this year) celebrates the most liked elements of the Mario franchise. The Fail Awards (Fail Awards XIV, this year) highlighting those things in the Mario franchise which we love to hate. The Community Awards (Community Awards XV) celebrate the community that has been built up around the Super Mario Wiki, highlighting the users and projects which make this community stand out.

You an find additional information on the anniversary page on the wiki.

How do the awards work?

Every November, an election is held (through the wiki's community newspaper, The 'Shroom) and an Awards Director is elected to manage the awards process, from start to end, in the following year.

Around March, the Awards Director will create a team of dedicated, hard-working users who serve as the Awards Committee. While the Awards Committee has a few responsibilities, their most important responsibility is the creation of the awards polls. They decide what categories will be represented in the year's awards ceremonies, and what nominees will be on each poll. This takes place through a series of meetings, with logs of these meetings made publicly available and anyone welcome and encouraged to comment and share their thoughts throughout the process.

In June, exactly two months before the awards ceremonies, the polls will be put up and accessible from the main page of the wiki, on the anniversary page, or, in the case of the community awards, on a special page in the June issue of The 'Shroom. Polls remain open for one month.

Between the opening of the polls and their closing, sign-ups open for awards presentations. Users are encouraged to sign up to create something which presents the results of a given awards poll in a fun and creative way. Results are sent out, to users who have signed up to present an award, a few days after polls close, and users have up until one week before the ceremonies to turn their presentations in.

Then, in August, the day of the ceremonies arrives! Over the course of a few hours, presentations are posted to reveal the results of the awards polls (either by the users who made the presentations, or by the ceremony host on their behalf). We come together to watch the awards go up in dedicated forum threads, and gather for a chat party on Discord, where can all easily talk to one another as we watch the awards together.

What do I need to know about making a presentation?

Well, first, know that almost anyone is welcome to sign up to make a presentation! So long as you can complete your presentation in the window of about three weeks between getting your results and them being due, you're welcome to present (unless you've previously been banned from presenting).

You should also know that these presentations can encompass about any digital medium. We've had written stories (including some with pictures and art), goofy and creative concepts, comics (with many different styles), a picture (or a series of pictures), a mashup of concepts, online puzzles, videos, parody songs, image edits, photographed real creations (including food), collaborations between multiple people, playable videogames, and much more. Basically, anything you can think to do will do, so long as you can find a way to make it relevant to the award you're presenting.

Make sure you can get your presentation done (and let us know early if you can't), make sure it's relevant to the award you're presenting, and make sure you turn in more than a plain list, and you're set!

Are these ceremonies and presentations all there is?

No! There's plenty of other activities that go along with the awards. From June to August, you'll find numerous tournaments and games going on, hosted by various members of the community. From videogame tournaments to art contests to forum games, there's plenty you can join.

Check out this thread for more information on awards tournaments and how they work.

There's also some informal traditions that have cropped up over the years, so keep an eye out for those.

Further information:

For more information on the awards, check out the anniversary page on the wiki, ask a member of the Awards Committee (a list of AC members can be found here, once the AC is fully formed), or check out past awards boards.

Enjoy awards season, and have fun celebrating with the community here!