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Located near the coast, Chaos Town is home to a populace of citizens that go about their days happily and without much to worry about. Well, until now, that is...

Hello, folks, and welcome to the 9th Mafia game I've attempted to host! This game will be a little different from normal, so please ensure you read this post thoroughly before signing up, thanks!

What is mafia? And what's with that big + symbol?

Mafia is a hidden role strategy game which primarily consists of two factions, the Town and the Mafia. In the case of this game, we will be referring to them as the Lawful and the Chaotic, respectively. The Lawful faction’s goal is to eliminate all members of the Chaotic faction. They accomplish this primarily through deductions made using conversations and special role powers. The Chaotic faction’s goal is to equal or outnumber the Lawful faction (e.g. if there are 2 Lawful and 2 Chaotic remaining, then the Chaotic would win in that scenario). They accomplish this through misdirection and deceit, attempting to get the Lawful faction to turn against each other. The game is split into two primary phases: The Day phase, where players vote on who to remove from the game, and the Night phase, where players submit special night actions that can accomplish various things.

However, this will not be an ordinary mafia game! This game is something of a test run for a sort-of new format, hence the "+" symbol to differentiate it from a regular game. The changes mostly apply to the Night phase, so please bear with me as I explain the mechanics!

Mafia+ Gameplay

The goal of this game is to provide a more light-hearted experience that emphasises more freeform actions that will hopefully result in a more unique and funny game than normal mafia. The main distinguishing feature is that the Night action system is more or less being completely overhauled compared to normal mafia games.

During the Night phase, each player will be allowed to submit 1 freeform action. This can be anything from "I punch [player] in the face" to "I go to the gun store and buy a gun". Once all the actions have been submitted, they will be compiled and you will receive results as to what happened during your night, which will include seeing any other players who were in the same area as you, and the specific actions they performed. As far as the submissions themselves, essentially, anything goes, as long as it follows a few guidelines:
-Each action should be directed to either a player or a location. If you choose to direct your action towards a specific player, you will typically be automatically placed in whichever location that player chose to submit their actions in.
-As stated above, you may only have 1 action per night. This is to ensure that night submissions remain manageable. Typically, the previous rule will help keep things in check, but please keep in mind that if your submission is written in a way that tries to do too much, some parts may be ignored or I may ask you to resubmit something simpler. Some examples:
-"I'll go to the gun store and buy a gun, then shoot one of the practice dummies" is fine, since it is minimal and stays within the same location.
-"I'll go to the gun store and buy a gun, then go to the Town Square and shoot [player]" is not a valid action, since it contains 3 actions (visit gun store, visit town square, shoot player), and is also potentially contradictory since the specified player may not be at the specified location.
-Please ensure that all your submissions are mostly family-friendly and fit within the general rules of the forums.
-All submitted actions should have reasonable amounts of believability, relative to your role powers. What this means is that, unless otherwise specified, all players will essentially have the powers and abilities of an "average" human. Basically no superpowers or outrageous actions like blowing up the whole town unless your role lets you do that.
-Your actions cannot cause permanent removal of players or locations (e.g. I kill [player] or I blow up [location]). Any submissions similar to this will be neutered in order to ensure that the mechanics continue (e.g. "I set the gun store on fire" would still go through but would not cause the location to stop functioning).
-Freeform actions more or less replace the usage of "regular" night roles, with a couple of exceptions. The most important of these exceptions is the Chaotic's Factional Night Kill, which will still be used as normal. In the interest of fairness to the players on that team, the Chaotic Night Kill will be performed by a group of faceless Goons, who cannot be traced back to the original players on the team.

To aid in streamlining the submission process, a Map will be provided once the game starts with a short list of locations which can be visited as part of your night actions, along with brief descriptions of each location so you know what is located there. More info will be provided once the game starts.

Due to the altered nature of this game, roles will not function quite the same as normal mafia, but rest assured, they will still be a major part of the game. Each player in the game will be given a unique role which gives them a power only they can do. Most of these roles consist of either special actions that can be submitted as your 1 action for the night, or passive modifiers and abilities that affect how you interact and are interacted with during night phases.

Day Phase
The Day phase remains mostly unchanged from normal mafia. During the Day phase, all players are able to participate by engaging in discussion and voting for players they want to have removed from the game who they believe to be Chaotic. The player who receives the most votes at the end of the Day phase will be lynched, and they will be removed from the game, and the game will proceed into the Night phase. In order to make sure they are voting the correct person, the Day phase usually involves a great deal of discussion, accusations and deduction.

This is just a general overview, and there may be certain things I have overlooked, but most of the information should be here, and additional clarifications will be provided as needed. If you want more information or clarification regarding any of the game mechanics, feel free to ask me and I’ll do my best to guide you through. Being the first time a game of this sort has been taken in this sort of format, I expect there may be some bumps along the road but hopefully it will still come together into a fun game!

Lightning Mafia+: Setting and theme

The setting for this game, if you haven't noticed yet, is Chaos Town, a sleepy town home to many... interesting individuals. If you've been following along with other mafia games this year, you may have even met some of them already! But while a few familiar faces will reappear here, now it's time to meet a lot of new faces. Each role in the game is based on a different Chaos Town resident... they may appear familiar to you, but keep in mind that these are all Original Characters, and they may not all share the same alignments, motivations and views as the characters you think they look like. The five characters featured in the logo banner, who will not be featured as roles but still play a part in the narrative and will be properly introduced later, serve as a few examples of the kinds of people you may come across or become during your stay in Chaos Town.

  1. There are two factions in this game, the Lawful and the Chaotic. The lawful win by lynching all the chaotic. The chaotic win by equaling or outnumbering the lawful.
  2. There are two phases, the Day phase and the Night phase. During the day phase, players may vote for players they think might be a chaotic, and the player with the most votes at the end of the day will be lynched. During the night phase, the chaotic will kill a player, and all players with a nightrole can send in their power.
  3. No quoting, screenshotting or otherwise publicly sharing your role PM or any other messages sent to you by the host. If you do this, you will be modkilled (removed from the game) IMMEDIATELY!
  4. Be active. If you sign up for the game, it is expected that you will play it. Frequent participation is the key to a good, fun and dynamic mafia game. You don’t need to be around 24/7, but checking in at least once per Day phase and submitting an action every Night phase is strongly encouraged. Reminders will be sent out during the first couple of phases to inactive players as a grace period, but if you remain inactive through the course of the game, I reserve the right to remove you and replace you with someone else. Additionally, if you feel like you are no longer able to play actively, please be decisive and let me know if you're going to drop out so I can replace you as soon as possible.
  5. No posting in the game thread after you've died. You may post in the lounge, but you are not allowed to reveal any information, suspicions or any other kind of speculation that could affect the course of the game. That kind of discussion should be kept in the designated dead chat. This applies to spectators as well.
  6. No lynching is allowed, and will count as a normal vote. If the votes are tied between any number of options, this will result in a random lynch between the tied candidates. No lynch will lose in a tie.
  7. Role-claiming is allowed, but, again, you must not quote any parts of your role PM. (e.g. saying “I’m the cop” or "I'm Percy the Prank Engine" is ok, regardless of whether it is true or false, but directly quoting the flavour text is not).
  8. Please try to keep the majority of game-related chat inside official channels i.e. the Game Thread and Mafia PM group. It's ok to chat about it informally outside the thread, but there should not be any major sharing of information in channels not created by the host, like private player-made Conversations/PM groups.
  9. Day phases will last 24 hours, while night phases will also last 24 hours. Extensions will be given if needed.
  10. Roleplaying is allowed, but please make it as non-intrusive as possible. In particular, please make sure that all posts are still legible. If you want to do something avant-garde like posting only in emojis or another language, please be considerate of other players and provide a normal English translation where applicable (or even consider just not doing it at all). Please also keep in mind that spending lots of time roleplaying instead of playing the main game is frowned upon by many players. Since this game will likely be less serious than normal, this rule will not be as heavily enforced as it would in a serious game, but please keep it in mind all the same.
  11. These rules are subject to change. If any changes are made to them, I will announce them in the thread
  12. Failure to abide by any of these rules will result in warnings and/or modkills, at the discretion of the host (i.e. me).


For this game, I will be aiming for 18 sign-ups, similar to the number my previous game had. Due to the nature of the game and the planning process, any additional signups will be put as replacements (which, in my experience, are always needed and very much appreciated!).

Sign-ups will be open for roughly 1 week, closing on , after which all the normal things like the game thread and roles will be put up and sent out.

1. turb (Sou Hiyori)
2. Ninja Squid (Caspar von Bergliez)
3. Long John Spaghetti (Luz Noceda)
4. GBAToad (Demon King Nobunaga)
5. Hooded Pitohui
6. Shy Guy On Wheels (Minecraft with Gadget)
7. GhostGirl (Araceli)
8. Waluigi Time
9. Superchao (Reko Yabusame)
10. Fun With Despair (Spamton)
11. InsaneBlathers (W.D. Blathers)
12. Shoey (JamesCalebJackson(ghost))
13. Flygon64 (Sora64)
14. The Pyro Guy (Thanos (Car))
15. Zdrmonster Productions
16. Yoshi the SSM
17. Luigi64DD (Reigen Arataka)
18. Snack

1. Goombuigi
2. BBQ Turtle
3. Alex95
4. MrConcreteDonkey (Not Shane)
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I like to build brown bricks in mafia games


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I'll sign up as long as it's not going to be super RP heavy, since I'm not an RPer.

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At the border of the town a brave warrior finds An Egg. The Warrior approaches the Egg cautiously before picking it up. The Warrior inspects the egg which is the size Ostrich Egg but with the colors of a robins egg. Suddenly the egg begins to to shake startling the Warrior causing him to drop it. The egg continues to vibrate wildly before finally opening revealing a note. The Warrior reads the note which says

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replacement pls

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I'm a replacement. In case someone gets expended.

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I want to sign up :badidea:

Gonna try to be active for this one. Things have cooled down in my life a little bit from when I had to drop out of WT Cereal. Will it stay that way? ... ... ... Well, hopefully during November it will at least. However, I feel like I should warn you that the chance of me dropping is still there. But I figure there are a good number of replacements so I can at least give it a shot and hopefully it will go well this time.


That's what I call hamburgers
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At the border of the town a brave warrior finds An Egg. The Warrior approaches the Egg cautiously before picking it up. The Warrior inspects the egg which is the size Ostrich Egg but with the colors of a robins egg. Suddenly the egg begins to to shake startling the Warrior causing him to drop it. The egg continues to vibrate wildly before finally opening revealing a note. The Warrior reads the note which says
The Warrior looks at the note puzzled when suddenly the wind picks up blowing the note into the air. The note then begins to burn revealing black smoke that begins to surround the warrior. The Warrior swings his sword valiantly attempting to defeat the smoke but the smoke overwhelms him creating a black tar like substance around his right arm. The substance begins to take shape and speaks in a 1940's style gangster voice "It's good to be gack"
Panicking the Warrior attempts to have his arm off to stop the substance which takes shape of a dummy modeled after a traditional gangster who swings around with a tommy gun pointed at the warrior.
"Don't even think about it kid" the dummy says with his finger over the trigger.
"Wh-wh-who are you?' asks the warrior
"The names Scarface kid gut you'll call me Mr. Scarface got it? I'm the goss of this outfit got it?" Scarface asks waving the gun.
"G-g-got it" The Warrior replies nervously.
"Now where are we?" Scarface asks as he looks around seeing a sign that says Chaos City
"Hmmmm Chaos City eh I like it it's got a nice ring to it! And it doesn't look like Gatman is anywhere around here. Chaos eh? I'll give em chaos see. I think this will work just fine see? Get some men, get some guns, and gefore you know it we'll have ourselves a fine outfit haha" Scarface boasts.
The Warrior stands not knowing what to do causing Scarface to snap striking the warrior yelling at him "DIDN'T YOU HEAR ME DUMMY I SAID GET A MOVE ON IT SEE?"
"Ye-Ye-Yes sir" the Warrior meekly says as he moves towards the city.
"That's good kid stick with me and we'll take this city for all it's worth see?"