Super Smash Bros. All-Time Merit Ranking (Pichu & Daisy covered in Issue 190!)


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Final week of voting now. It seems pretty much decided already. But in case there's a want to surge Incineroar into the Shroom, you have that option. Otherwise if things stand Corrin and Lucario will be the finale's characters

Corrin 50
Lucario 46
Incineroar 34
Ken 30
Kazuya 22


Star Spirit

No change has happened. Corrin and Lucario are still slated to be the Finale characters and Incineroar the final non-shroom section


Star Spirit

Fighter Number:
Fighter Group: Brawl Veterans
Franchise: Fire Emblem
Game of Origin: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (Nintendo Gamecube, 2005 (US/JP/EU)​

By the time of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Nintendo could get a feeling of the impact of bringing Marth and Roy to Smash Bros. back in Melee. What was once a Japan exclusive series garnered interest and eventually Nintendo took the chance to finally bring the series worldwide. Funnily enough, while some would initially think the first game to release in the West would be about either Marth or Roy to familiarize people. We instead started with a tale of Roy’s father, Eliwood. Though this isn’t Roy’s section, but thought it’d be important to get into Fire Emblem’s releases in the west. After Blazing Blade, came Sacred Stones. Both Blazing Blade and Sacred Stones were many people’s introduction to Fire Emblem

Eventually, the series had to make it’s introduction to the west on a home console. And that’s where Ike comes in, as he’d be introduced as the main lord of Path of Radiance for the Nintendo Gamecube. Ike also played a major part of a follow-up that released on the Wii not long before Brawl would come out. Though uh… the latter game ended up being released in the same month as Super Mario Galaxy. Fire Emblem was pretty niche in the West for a while, it wouldn’t be until games like Awakening and Three Houses really invigorated the franchise. That said, despite the sales numbers. The games Ike starred in I believe are some of the more popular among the more hardcore Fire Emblem fans at least story-wise. It just didn’t translate to sales as well. It probably doesn’t help that a physical copy of either game costs an arm and a leg to get. Most sellers ask for over $100 or even $200 for Path of Radiance. Radiant Dawn is somewhat less daunting to find a relatively decent price for, but you should also expect it to never be less than $60. So if you want to experience both of Ike’s adventures, you better have the cash to spare or otherwise you’ll have to do some careful looking into piracy (I’m not linking any ROMs though, do so at your own risk)

Though even if you don’t know a thing about Ike’s games. I think it can be safe to say Ike is still a decently liked character just from what we get from him in Smash. Who doesn’t like a man who proclaims that he fights for his friends? His large sword is also quite satisfying to land a hit on, he’s the first Fire Emblem character in Smash to be voice acted in English. And in Smash 4 and Ultimate, he has alternate costumes where you can choose his more regular build from Path of Radiance or his more buff looking design from Radiant Dawn. Apparently they even made the effort to make the voice between the two different costumes be a different take from the other. Which… I’m not sure why they felt the need to do. But they did it nonetheless.

I will say Ike’s kind of in a weird spot when it comes to the Fire Emblem characters. He hasn’t been around nearly as long as Marth, but he definitely well earned his roster spot before Brawl came out with 2 games that starred him coming out which is a very remarkable improvement upon the Fire Emblem character he sort of replaced until Smash 4 DLC’s returned them. Though unfortunately his game is not nearly as accessible as the newer Fire Emblems, and despite their general quality. It seems the sales numbers were so disappointing for Nintendo, that Awakening was almost the last Fire Emblem game if it did not become the runaway success it ended up being. Ike has a place in Nintendo history, but sadly might be one of the more unappreciated characters in comparison to many others who have been in Smash.

Nonetheless though, I can say that I like Ike. And I hope you do too!

As with the rather strange in-between of Ike being a relatively popular character, but unfortunately rather diminished stature when it comes to impact. Ike is much lower then Marth is overall. Just under Duck Hunt, but above Greninja. He should still be the 3rd most merited Fire Emblem character by the end of this list

1. Mario
2. Link
3. Pikachu
4. Donkey Kong
5. Kirby
6. Samus
7. Pokemon Trainer
8. Luigi
9. Wario
10. Yoshi
11. Bowser
12. Peach
13. Mii Fighters
14. Mega Man
15. Pac-Man
16. Diddy Kong
17. Banjo & Kazooie
18. Simon Belmont
19. King Dedede
20. Mewtwo
21. Ridley
22. King K. Rool
23. Zelda
24. Meta Knight
25. Ganondorf
26. Mr. Game & Watch
27. Sonic the Hedgehog
28. Cloud
29. Sora
30. Ryu
31. Villager
32. Bowser Jr.
33. Olimar
34. Fox
35. Rosalina & Luma
36. Marth
37. Zero Suit Samus
38. Toon Link
39. Isabelle
40. Inkling
41. Snake
42. Shulk
43. Pit
44. Ness
45. Captain Falcon
46. Sephiroth
47. Robin
48. Jigglypuff
49. Falco
50. Wolf
51. Pichu
52. Duck Hunt
53. Ike
54. Greninja
55. Steve
56. Bayonetta
57. Lucas
58. Pyra
59. Mythra
60. Joker
61. Sheik
82. ROB
63. Min Min
64. Byleth
65. Ice Climbers
66. Wii Fit Trainer
67. Chrom
68. Daisy
69. Dr. Mario
70. Dark Pit
71. Piranha Plant