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Congratulations! You are among the lucky contestants who have won a tour of the Waluigi Time Cereal Factory! Now you can see how the magic happens, snag some free samples, and even meet Waluigi Time and Shbig Changes! What could possibly go wrong?

Welcome to the long-awaited Waluigi Time Cereal Mafia. This is a light-hearted and highly experimental mafia game that features ridiculous new roles and includes a wide variety of old and new mechanics that probably don't belong in mafia but are here anyway, so don't take it too seriously. This isn't your typical mafia experience, you'll probably be confused and spend a lot of time questioning why I thought any of was a good idea. We're just here to have fun though. Hopefully.

(And uh, probably don't try including features from this game if you ever host a mafia game.)

  1. This game has three factions, the Innocents, the Cereal Killers (mafia), and the independents. The Innocents win by eliminating all of the Cereal Killers. The Cereal Killers win once the number of Innocents and Cereal Killers is equal. Independents have their own unique win conditions that vary based on their role. Once either the Innocents or Cereal Killers win, the game ends.
  2. Day phases will last for 48 hours and Night phases will last for 24 hours. During Day phases, the players will vote for someone to lynch. During Night phases, players may use their night actions.
  3. Please format your votes as "Vote: Super Arrow". You can retract your vote by typing "Unvote".
  4. Voting for No Lynch is allowed. Voting for Random Lynch is also allowed! A tie will result in one of the options with the most votes being selected randomly.
  5. The usual rules of roleplay still apply, try not to be too disruptive by making posts that don't contribute to the game. The character you choose to roleplay as may have effects in specific scenarios which will be made clear, but generally roleplay is just extra and does not affect the game itself.
  6. If you really want to do this, you can be revived if you make Waluigi Time Cereal and send me a picture. I will only do this once per player, and only if you were not modkilled.
Fun Features:
  • Items: Items are back! There's a bunch of different items in this game you can obtain that give yourself a boost, mess with your fellow players, or just do nothing. Items can be purchased from the Shop with Waluigi Time Coins, which can be earned by accomplishing various tasks during the game, or randomly by visiting...
  • Locations: Locations are back too! Now I'm going to be real, locations in mafia sounded like a pain so I've made them a lot less important. Anyway, you can choose a location to visit each night, and different things can happen depending on where you visit.
  • Status Effects: Status effects also return but for the sake of the sanity of everyone involved they have also been made a lot less important.
  • NPCs: Taking inspiration from the Killing Games, NPCs have been brought to mafia! Will this be a total disaster? Possibly. The NPCs are all fully functional players with their own alignments, roles, playstyles, and knowledge. You can interact with them in any way you can with a real player. Trust them, or not, at your own risk.
  • Forbidden Actions: Also from the Killing Games, each player now gets their own personal forbidden action! Don't commit it or you'll drop dead on the spot.
  • Role Requests: Yep. We're doing it. If you REALLY want to make things even worse, you can make your own busted role, submit it to me, and you just might be able to use it in the game! Please make sure to submit these before sign-ups close. (Depending on what little semblance of game balance there is, your idea may be modified or rejected.)
  1. Try to be as active as you can otherwise you will be replaced. At a minimum, please try to participate at least once per phase.
  2. Do not share major game information, speculation, or opinions outside of the game thread or host-created PMs. Casual discussion of the game in outside sources is fine.
  3. Roleclaiming is allowed, but do not share or directly quote your rolecard.
  4. Do not post in the game thread or host-created PMs (not including Ghost Chat) if you are currently dead.
  5. Breaking any of these rules will result in you being modkilled.
  6. Rules may be subject to change if I realize I forgot something incredibly obvious.
I'm currently looking for a minimum of 16 players to get this game started. There is no maximum amount of players! Sign-ups will close on and the game will start 24 hours later. You are also welcome to sign up as a replacement if you would like.
  1. @Dimitri A. Blaiddyd
  2. @The Pyro Guy
  3. @Reko Yabusame
  4. @Flygon64
  5. @Reigen Arataka
  6. @Alex95
  7. @Yoshi the SSM
  8. @Han Brolo
  9. @Mija
  10. @Flint Lockwood
  11. @Roserade
  12. @Gary Oak
  13. @Hooded Pitohui
  14. @Ash Ketchum
  15. @Toasty Toad
  16. @Sygna Suit Red
  17. @Huey
  18. @Aru Honshou
  20. @Delfino Plaza
  21. @Hobbes
  22. @BBQ Turtle
  23. @Queen
  24. @Sou Hiyori
  25. @JamesCalebJackson(ghost)
  26. @MCD
  1. @Van Wile
  2. @Araceli
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