Trick-Or-Treat Sign-Ups: Issue 175

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Hooded Pitohui
Hello, all of you readers of The 'Shroom! As you may already know, The 'Shroom is now fifteen years old, with many, many monthly issues to its name, and, on October 16th, the paper will reach the milestone of its 175th issue. There's no better time to celebrate fifteen years of the paper than when we release a milestone issue like that, and, for this anniversary, we would like to focus on celebrating our contributors, the writers and staff members who make the paper all that it is.

To that end, we're pleased to announce that The 'Shroom is offering a special activity for our readers to engage in this October, one featuring our writers and staff. In the spirit of the spooky month of October, with Hallowe'en as its headlining holiday, The 'Shroom is offering readers a chance to do some digital trick-or-treating!

To do so, we'll be publishing a trick-or-treating guide listing the best houses for trick-or-treaters to visit in New Wikisburg and beyond, but, to do that, we'll need to know who all in New Wikisburg is giving out candy! That's where all of you come in.

If you've contributed a section to The 'Shroom (or have been a staff member) between issue 162 (September 2020) and issue 174 (September 2021, upcoming), inclusive, you can sign up to be featured in The 'Shroom's trick-or-treating October 2021 guide!

Even if you can't sign up to be featured, you'll still be able to enjoy the activity and take part in it come October!

How to Sign-up
Signing up is simple! To sign up and be featured in this activity, send a private message on the forum to Hooded Pitohui, Roserade, and The Pyro Guy that has the following information:

  • A Short Blurb To Introduce Yourself
    • Here's where you introduce yourself to the trick-or-treaters who come to visit you. This should be about 2-3 short paragraphs where you:
      • Introduce yourself, providing your username and telling people about the sections you write for the paper
      • Include something fun you would like to share! It can be anything that's appropriate (don't break the rules of the forum, Wiki, or paper). Tell us a fun fact! Crack a joke! Shill for Awards! Talk about anything you'd like, and have fun with it.
  • The Name and Description of the Candy You're Giving Out
    • Your candy should be modeled on Mario Party 8's candies, and should be named "X Candy," where you replace the X with whatever you'd like (within reason.)
    • For the description, come up with a fun, creative effect that your candy has on people - make it light-hearted, like a Mario Party 8 candy!
  • Your "Address"
    • Don't give us your real-life address! That's not what we're looking for! Come up with a fake, joke address. It can reference your sections, something else you do in the community, or it can be simpler than that.
  • A Reference Image
    • To do this properly, we need a reference image showing us how you would like to be depicted! This can be your OC that you use to represent yourself around the community (like in Awards presentations or the staff portraits in The 'Shroom), or it can be another character or representation of yourself, if you'd prefer.
    • Give us at least one reasonably clear image so we know how to depict you! If you feel you need to send more than one image to give us a clear picture, that's fine.

Example Sign-ups
Confused? Don't worry! GBA gave us permission to use two of the AKG4 NPCs to write up example sign-ups. Check them out below!

Hey, pals. Kammi told me to send a sign-up for your little Halloween party. I had to get a second keyboard after the first one broke, but flimsy keyboards aren't going to stop me from helping a pal in need! I'll leave my sign-up below this line.

Hey pal! It's me, Sledge Shades. I don't do much writing, pal, so I don't have any sections in this newspaper, but you've seen me in awards presentations and that big Awards Killing Game 4 back in 2020. I know you can't have missed me, buddy! Technology, walls, locked doors, nothing holds back Sledge Shades! I'd need some help if I ever wanted to write for your paper, but I could write a section on physical fitness training. How does Getting Hot and Steamy With Sledge Shades sound for a title? Wait a second, pal, why are you giving me that look? It's what you do in a sauna after getting your reps in!

Anyway, pal, I wanted to ask you, do you know anything about this M-Corporated I keep hearing about? I'm supposed to know all the news in the business world, but I don't have a clue what that place does. You don't think the "M" stands for milk, do you, pal? I don't see how anyone could lose money selling milk. It wouldn't surprise me if that's what that company sells. I have some extra milk in the fridge, pal, already chilled. Can I give you some for the road?

Oh! I can't let you leave if I don't give you your candy, buddy. It gets dark out there early at this time of year. You shouldn't be wandering around without light, pal!

Glowbright Candy

Eat this candy, and you'll start glowing brightly, illuminating the area around you.

2020 Hammer Lane, Neo Bowser City

Here's a picture for you, pal!

Before we begin, don't even think about connecting this into the current timeline. Trust me, it's not worth it.

Hey, it's me, Kammi. You might've seen me around a bit, you know, Awards Killing Game 4, bad future, all that? Yeah, it's behind us now, but at least we get to appear as cameos in sample sign-ups now. I'm, um, a little lost on what to say. (Is this as weird as I feel like it is?)

Well, I guess I can talk about what I would write if I were a part of The 'Shroom. I've always thought it would be nice to rate ramen joints around Neo Bowser City. I mean, there's a lot of start-up shops around, but some of those shabby places don't know how to make a good broth. Thankfully, Neo Bowser Skyscraper had one of the best noodle businesses in town installed. (Although it would've been nice if the Deimos Matrix players hadn't completely destroyed the place...)

Ah, I think you should be on your way now. I don't have too much to say, and you've got plenty of places to visit. Although... let me know if you see a weirdo duck in a clown costume, alright? For no particular reason, of course. Here, this should help with that.

Clowngaze Candy

Eat this candy, and you'll become aptly aware of any silly individuals in your area, or any pranks you might be walking into.

2120 Udon Drive, Neo Bowser City

Oh, you need a photo of me, huh? This is the best one I have saved...

If you're still confused, don't be afraid to ask questions! We're happy to clarify anything that needs clarification! Sign-ups will close when October 1st ends, so don't miss your chance to be featured in this activity!

Brawl Stars


I JUST realized M-corporated was mentioned in Sledge Slades thing.

Also I hope to sign-up but I don't know if I'll have time to do it, life is nuts at the moment.


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With the new issue of The 'Shroom released, don't forget to sign up for our trick or treat event! You're invited to join even if Issue 174 is your first-ever issue writing for us!