Pokémon Masters Mafia (Sign-Up/Lounge Thread)

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Thanks fer all yer help, little critter! Now I've got a real good scoop, so I'll be able to really make it in the investigative journalism world.

awww shooot, no worries lotta! im glad i helped get rid of them pokermen, and now im a real bonafide mafier!! but now i reckon its time to go home
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BYE LOTTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As far as formal thoughts go, most people have shared what I would have said so I'll keep things brief. First and foremost, I'd like to thank Nine for all the effort he put into hosting the game! It was a bit of a bumpy ride on account of the players, but you stuck with it and kept a level head throughout, so huge props for managing to pull it all off! Secondly, in terms of feedback, I'll just echo the thoughts that have been shared a bit in that the balance leaned toward town so future hosts doing a role madness should keep that in mind if they're planning a game, and I'll certainly be making some adjustments to my setup for my planned game in November based on what happened here. Lastly, shoutouts to the people who played and stuck with things, It was a bit of a funky game but we made it through so I'd consider it a success. Special shoutouts to the mafia team, particularly MCD, for managing to make it as far as they did considering how everything just kept going wrong for them, I admire the way you fought to the very end.

tl;dr gg everyone, see you all next game
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