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*cries in being left out*

you said in your sign up post

Give me all the spots you don't have

i had already established that i was able to give out infinite sign-ups to GBA and NS!
if i had infinite spots, the amount of spots i don't have is zero!
i had no choice but to follow your logic and give you all the spots i don't have, which is 0. you got 0 spots

(in all seriousness i had a lot of users and characters to deal with and sometimes things will slip through. i will make this up to you by signing you up 10 times for next year, and providing logical immunity to those sign ups)

I didn't see myself in that one too. TPG, I'm not being mean…but get glasses!! They'll help you see better!

you did not sign up

zelen !!

actual spore creature
ok so i finally caught up and gosh were those awards fun ! i think those were the first ones i Really participated in seeing, before then iirc i only kinda skimmed through a few and just thought they were neat n thats it .. im glad ive intergrated more with the community since and ! Yeah you get my point
im now sure i should sign up for presentations next year too. i have an idea and i hope i wont end up forgetting it by then lmao