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Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Paper Mario58934.42%
2Mario vs. Donkey Kong23413.68%
3Mario Party19511.40%
4New Super Mario Bros.18110.58%
5Dr. Mario1337.77%
6Mario & Luigi995.79%
8Mario Tennis583.39%
10Mario Kart512.98%
11Mario 3D games211.23%
12O. Education titles30.18%
12O. Mario + Rabbids30.18%
14O. Mario & Sonic20.12%
15O. Donkey Kong Country10.06%
15O. Mario Golf10.06%
15O. Mario Picross10.06%
15O. Wario Land10.06%
15O. Wrecking Crew10.06%
Total Votes: 1711
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Fawfulthegreat64 is up next with F3 - Worst 3D Level!

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Hello, hello, hello!
Good day to all in attendance-- unless you're orphans. It is I, Count Olaf.

Yes. Hold your applause. As you may know, F3 is dedicated to the most dreadful, upsetting and unpleasant 3D Mario levels, as voted on by you our dear viewers. As I've been described with those terms before, I hereby declare myself the only one for this job. Not that I agree with those allegations, mind you. I prefer "handsome, good looking, the world's greatest actor!" which you wouldn't know if it set your house on fire.

I understand this isn't an "expected" format for a FTG presentation, but expectations are meant to be broken. Please tip generously, especially those of you with enormous fortunes.

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Pachinko Game (SMS)32419.67%
2Lily Pad Ride/The Toxic Waterfall (SMS)23114.03%
3Wing Mario Over the Rainbow/Over the Rainbows (SM64)19011.54%
4Corona Mountain (SMS)17010.32%
5Darker Side (SMO)915.53%
6Champion's Road (SM3DW)814.92%
7Sling Pod Galaxy (SMG)633.83%
8Dark Side (SMO)553.34%
9Rolling Gizmo Galaxy (SMG)543.28%
10Fuzzy Time Mine (SM3DW)452.73%
10Stone Cyclone Galaxy (SMG2)452.73%
12Bubble Breeze Galaxy (SMG)422.55%
12World 1-1 (SM3DL)422.55%
14Broken Blue Bully Belt (SM3DW)412.49%
15Grandmaster Galaxy (SMG2)352.13%
16Luncheon Kingdom (SMO)311.88%
17Boss Blitz Galaxy (SMG2)181.09%
18Gold Leaf Galaxy (SMG)150.91%
19O. Cosmic Cannon Cluster (SM3DW)50.30%
19O. Grumblump Inferno (SM3DW)50.30%
21O. Rainbow Ride (SM64)40.24%
22O. Gusty Garden Galaxy (SMG)30.18%
23O. A Beam in the Dark (SM3DW)20.12%
23O. Cloud Kingdom (SMO)20.12%
23O. Honeycomb Skyway (SM3DW)20.12%
23O. Loopdeeloop Galaxy (SMG)20.12%
23O. Lost Kingdom (SMO)20.12%
23O. New Donk City (SMO)20.12%
23O. Red Hot Run (SM3DW)20.12%
23O. Ruined Kingdom (SMO)20.12%
23O. Sirena Beach (SMS)20.12%
23O. Snow Kingdom (SMO)20.12%
23O. Wet-Dry World (SM64)20.12%
34O. Bubble Blast Galaxy (SMG)10.06%
34O. Cascade Kingdom (SMO)10.06%
34O. Chapter 7: Time for Analysis (M&SatOGT2020)10.06%
34O. Chompworks Galaxy (SMG2)10.06%
34O. Cool, Cool Mountain (SM64)10.06%
34O. Dire, Dire Docks (SM64)10.06%
34O. Dreadnought Galaxy (SMG)10.06%
34O. Dusty Dune Galaxy (SMG)10.06%
34O. Gelato Beach (SMS)10.06%
34O. Grand Finale Galaxy (SMG)10.06%
34O. Hazy Maze Cave (SM64)10.06%
34O. Lake Kingdom (SMO)10.06%
34O. Lethal Lava Land (SM64)10.06%
34O. Luigi's Purple Coins (SMG)10.06%
34O. Metro Kingdom (SMO)10.06%
34O. Noki Bay (SMS)10.06%
34O. Pianta Village (SMS)10.06%
34O. Piranha Creeper Creek After Dark (SM3DW)10.06%
34O. Red Coin Chucksters (SMS)10.06%
34O. Rolling Ride Run (SM3DW+BF)10.06%
34O. Rolling Roller Isle (SM3DW+BF)10.06%
34O. Sea Slide Galaxy (SMG)10.06%
34O. Snowman's Land (SM64)10.06%
34O. Special 8-5 (SM3DL)10.06%
34O. Sweet Sweet Galaxy (SMG)10.06%
34O. The Sand Bird is Born (SMS)10.06%
34O. The Secret of the Dirty Lake (SMS)10.06%
34O. Tick Tock Clock (SM64)10.06%
34O. Toy Time Galaxy (SMG)10.06%
34O. Twisty Trials Galaxy (SMG2)10.06%
34O. Vanish Cap Under the Moat (SM64)10.06%
34O. Wooded Kingdom (SMO)10.06%
34O. World 1-1 (NSMBW)10.06%
34O. World 18-8 (SMM3DS)10.06%
34O. World Crown-8 (SM3DW)10.06%
Total Votes: 1647
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Ninja Squid is up next with F10 - Worst Game Mechanic!


where's the her/him pronouns help i'm genderfluid
It's so amusing seeing Mario vs. Donkey Kong slowly go from "yeah it's like Mario Lemmings!" to "what was Mario vs. Donkey Kong again??? that had the mini marios right???" to "...wait this spinoff couldn't keep a consistent gameplay style in a paper bag and the only thing in common with any of these games are those Mario toys".

Sou Hiyori

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Posting on behalf of Ninja Squid.

The Tales of Ninja Squid and the Worst Game Mechanics

'Shroom Research Lab: Hello, everyone! We are here to give a special update regarding a new diary that, according to our research, belonged to the 'Shroom's Statistics Manager. It tells some stories allegedly written by Ninja Squid for a presentation of Worst Game Mechanics. Analyzes are not yet finished concerning the nature of these game mechanics, but our team is hard at work in order to give you a complete report on them.

The diary was not in a very good condition, but thanks to our staff, we were able to collect various texts, as well as some images from this diary. Without further ado, let's take a look at it!

It's no use… Cannot find a single Fire Emblem amiibo anywhere in New Wikisburg.

What!? Well, we wiiiiiiill not be able to play this I guess. That’s unfortunate.

Do we absolutely need amiibo figures to play that game?

Well… It iiiiiiiis call Fire Emblem Amiibo Festival; we need Fire Emblem amiiiiiiiibo figures to play it.

And there's no sight of Fire Emblem amiibo in any stores. It is as if someone else went and bought every single one of them in town.

Those scalpers jerks are at it again it seems…

By the way, where is Ninja Squid? Usually he is the first in sight if we dare to say "Fire Emblem" in here…

I guess it is up to me to look in the basement yet again. If I have to clean another mess of his, I swear…


'Shroom Research Lab: An old photo showing the Statistics Manager, and from our records, a sample of his amiibo collection. We are currently unable to confirm if Ninja Squid was the one buying every Fire Emblem amiibo figures in New Wikisburg that day. We are not exactly sure of who is the author of this picture, but we know that Ninja Squid was starting to suffer from a ghost phobia not long after this picture was taken according to our report.

Ugh my head… Never would have thought this boss would have been soooo difficult. Look now, I don’t have any stickers left.

It would have been much easier if you were not soooo lazy. But no, you couldn't do the simple task of trying to find the right sticker to beat them. I even gave you hints! Therefore, you have yourself to blame for that.

Your hints were utterly pointless and why would I need stickers to make use of my Super Custom N-Zap 85X Deluxe on them? That's so stupid! It's like forcing Mario to use stickers for him to jump on enemies…

Yeah… about that…

Oh look!
'Shroom Research Lab: A picture showcasing two Goombas who were facing Ninja Squid and a crown fairy. We currently have no idea who it is at the moment.

Great… Just great… You are now facing two Goombas. What will you do without any stickers?

Easy, I'll show them how great I am at aiming with my Super Custom N-Za-

YOU FOOL! I already said that YOU CAN'T do that without stickers. Stop being an idiot you hea-


'Shroom Research Lab: From our research, we find out that Ninja Squid aimed a shot of ink on the crown fairy. We aren't exactly sure yet if there was any serious injuries from this attack, but we know that the crown fairy was made of paper, so it was probably soaked, right…?

Oh, nice! A new legendary hero is joining Rose Garden Heroes! I wonder who it is…

(Credits to Waluigi Time for the art of Shmaluigi)​

OH MY GOD! It is Shmaluigi: Legendary Detective!!! I absolutely need him!

Damn! I don't have a lot of orbs left on my account. Well, let's try to summon him… Let's pray to the gacha god. Please, allow me to get Shmaluigi.

*Sigh* Still no Shmaluigi. I guess I can buy more orbs. It is not that expensive after all.

Oh, COME ON! Why am I so unlucky even after I tried with so many orbs already?! Look now, I don’t have any coins left in my wallet… That is a shame, because I really REALLY need him…

Hang on a second… I think I have an idea…

FINALLY! I have Shmaluigi!!!

*Ahem* NS… Could you explain where all the cash in the 'Shroom's treasury has gone?


'Shroom Research Lab: According from various data we have, it seems that Ninja Squid was put on cleaning duty and had to take charge of various community services in order to repay all the money he took from the newspaper's treasury, but from those same data, the payments were done in a rapid pace. Overall, we doubt that the Statistics Manager actually did these chores and we conclude the money came from elsewhere. We are continuing our research, and a report will be presented to you shortly.

'Shroom Research Lab: That is all for today's report. We hope you did appreciate all the hard works the staff has been putting in order to make you relive the history of the legendary newspaper. In the wise words of another legend: Thank you for reading!

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
2Stickers/Battle Cards (PM:SS & PM:CS)21211.77%
3Content requiring amiibo21011.66%
4Vehicles (MP9 & MP10)1729.55%
5Must use easy mode character in 4 player mode (NSMBUDX)1407.77%
6Joystick twirling (MP)1387.66%
7Gyroscope/motion controls925.11%
8Chance minigames (Mario Party series)713.94%
9Non-boss ring battles (PM:TOK)593.28%
10Button mashing (MP)583.22%
11Camera (3D games)543.00%
12Limited inventory (PM & PM:TTYD)512.83%
13Boilerworks rafting (LM3)351.94%
14Extra life system271.50%
15Star Bits (SMG & SMG2)191.05%
16Dimensional Flipping (SPM)150.83%
17Vibes (SPP)90.50%
18O. Boss ring battles (PM:TOK)20.11%
18O. Cappy (SMO)20.11%
20O. Badges (Mario & Luigi series)10.06%
20O. Bowser Jr. (Bowser's Fury)10.06%
20O. Button Mashing (M&L:BIS)10.06%
20O. F.L.U.D.D. (SMS)10.06%
20O. Giant Bowser10.06%
20O. Jumping10.06%
20O. No partners (Paper Mario series)10.06%
20O. Olivia's hints in non-boss ring battles (PM:TOK)10.06%
20O. Papercraft bosses (M&L:PJ)10.06%
20O. Rocket Nozzle (SMS)10.06%
20O. Star Ball (SMG & SMG2)10.06%
20O. Super Crown (NSMBUDX)10.06%
20O. Timers10.06%
20O. Transformations (DKC & Yoshi's Island series)10.06%
20O. Water meter (SMS)10.06%
Total Votes: 1801
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Koops is up next with F4 - Worst RPG Area!


where's the her/him pronouns help i'm genderfluid
(the world's most elaborate banger)​
I am going to be humming "Look awayyyy, look awayyyy" for the next like, 3 weeks. Can this get put up on like, Bandcamp? I genuinely wanna give you at LEAST a dollar for this one.



Hello and welcome everyone to this year's Awards celebration! It's your favorite local middle eastern MarioWiki community man... and your only one too (this is a lie)! So good to be seeing you again after what feels like a year... (It has been a year.)

You of the proletariat might be wondering what my purpose here might be... well... if you are wondering, you're an idiot because you're obviously reading this in the very anniversary threat, stupid! Fail awards are happening and for that reason I must talk bad about everything that appears here, so I will also take this opportunity to assault your ego... kidding! Haha! Ok now that we had a good laugh we're looking at bad RPG areas which I only really signed up for because I know a certain entry is here and I get to release my hatred on it. Alright! We ready? We ready! Let's go!

So, let's jump right into it, we'll be looking at the top 3, and that means our first victim is...

Oh... Yes... You're fucking dead, kiddo.

This presentation is actually anti-Twilight Trail propaganda. There is no other form of content to be found here. Enjoy your stay. You will also kindly refrain from scrolling past this without taking a good look or consequences may ensue. Have a nice evening.

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Joke's End (M&L:SS)1218.99%
2Long Fall Falls (PM:SS)1168.62%
3Twilight Trail (PM:TTYD)1077.95%
4The Overthere (SPM)946.98%
5Sammer's Kingdom (SPM)936.91%
6Sandshifter Ruins (PM:SS)836.17%
7Merlee's Mansion (SPM)745.50%
8Dreamy Mount Pajamaja (M&L:DT)725.35%
9Dry Dry Desert (PM)695.13%
10Drybake Stadium (PM:SS)674.98%
11Shroob Castle (M&L:PiT)614.53%
12Bowser's Keep (SMRPG)544.01%
13Teehee Valley (M&L:SS)533.94%
14Spooky Trails (M+RKB)513.79%
15Toad Town (M&L:PiT)473.49%
15Violet Passage (PM:CS)473.49%
17Flower Fields (PM)453.34%
18Oho Ocean (M&L:SS)342.53%
19O. Boggly Woods (PM:TTYD)30.22%
19O. World 3 (PM:SS)30.22%
21O. Glitz Pit (PM:TTYD)20.15%
21O. Hoohoo Mountain (M&L:SS)20.15%
21O. Origami Castle (PM:TOK)20.15%
21O. Palace of Shadow (PM:TTYD)20.15%
21O. Rustle Burrow (PM:SS)20.15%
21O. Sherbet Desert (M+RKB)20.15%
21O. Spring of Jungle Mist (PM:TOK)20.15%
21O. The Enigmansion (PM:SS)20.15%
21O. The Great Tree (PM:TTYD)20.15%
21O. Water Vellumental Shrine (PM:TOK)20.15%
21O. World of Nothing (SPM)20.15%
32O. Bean Valley (SMRPG)10.07%
32O. Border Jump (M&L:SS)10.07%
32O. Bowser's Castle (M&L:SS)10.07%
32O. Bowser's Hall (PM:TOK)10.07%
32O. Bowser's Sky Castle (PM:SS)10.07%
32O. Dark Bloo Inn (PM:CS)10.07%
32O. Dozing Sands (M&L:DT)10.07%
32O. Dreamy Somnom Woods (M&L:DT)10.07%
32O. Dreamy Wakeport (M&L:DT)10.07%
32O. Eddy River (PM:TOK)10.07%
32O. Fahr Outpost (PM:TTYD)10.07%
32O. Gate Cliff (PM:SS)10.07%
32O. Gauntlet Pond (PM:SS)10.07%
32O. Gritzy Desert (M&L:PiT)10.07%
32O. Keelhaul Key (PM:TTYD)10.07%
32O. Lighthouse Island (PM:CS)10.07%
32O. Mushroom Kingdom (PM:SS)10.07%
32O. Peach's Castle (M&L:BIS)10.07%
32O. Redpepper Crater (PM:CS)10.07%
32O. River Twygz Bed (SPM)10.07%
32O. Scorching Sandpaper Desert (PM:TOK)10.07%
32O. Shaved-Ice Cave (PM:SS)10.07%
32O. Shogun Studios (PM:TOK)10.07%
32O. Shroob Mother Ship (M&L:PiT)10.07%
32O. Spring of Rainbows (PM:TOK)10.07%
32O. Tangerino Grill (PM:CS)10.07%
32O. Temple of Shrooms (PM:TOK)10.07%
32O. The Great Sea (PM:TOK)10.07%
32O. Twilight Town (PM:TTYD)10.07%
32O. Yoshi Sphinx (PM:SS)10.07%
Total Votes: 1346
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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