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Hooded Pitohui
I won't gush too much right before he's about to post, but I cannot reiterate enough how incredible of a community member, leader, and friend Pitohui is, and I'm so proud of him for placing first.

You've earned this, man. All of the kudos in the world to you

Now that I don't have to worry about posting, I just want to reiterate what I said in the Discord chat.

Thank you all, thank you so very much. I was moved to tears when I saw these results. I am deeply honored, and I don't have the words to express how much your support means to me.

But I also want to thank you all for helping at every turn, helping me, and helping each other. This would not have been possible without some really wonderful folks in my corner, having my back and helping me out, and, while I'd thank every single one of you if I could, I want to really give my thanks to Ninja Squid, Lakituthequick, Perch, and especially Roserade, who does so much for this community right by my side.

Thank you all again, for this honor, for this wonderful Community Awards celebration, and for making the Super Mario Wiki community a wonderful, welcoming, and vibrant place I look forward to being a part of every morning.

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You've unlocked some special content!

Hey, ever wanted to know how MarioWiki World: Bang Bang Dazzling Dreams plays? Now you can!

The card game plays as a 1v1 collectible fighting game, where the deck looks like this:

Cards fall under three different classifications: user cards, support cards, and field cards
-User cards are your primary characters, who attack, use different effects, and have health that can be taken out by the opponent's cards
-Support cards are the ones that will boost your characters, and can be played in two different ways
--Support cards can be attached directly to a certain user card, and have the effects applied there. Each user card gets two support slots
--An additional support card can be play as a general support, that will affect all of the cards on your field in the same way
-Field cards are cards that effect everything on your field, be it what cards you can play or how they interact

You can see this diagram of how they interact right here:

Oh, and in case you're wondering, yes, every deck had a decided-on series of cards, each with their own titles.
They were as follows:

Goombuigi Deck
Users and Supports

-World Constructor: Industrious Goombuigi
-Murder in Flight: Wingo's Crew
-Picturing Victory: Picross Princess Shroob

-Statistical Soldier: Ninja Squid
-Shadowy Bounty Hunter: Sticky Warrior
-Inquiring Minds: Poll Committee

-Unparalleled Investigator: Reverse Input
-Trust In Justice: Detective Fulbright
-Speed Demon: Lightning the Hedgehog

General Support
-Great Debate: Ultimate Location Battle

Field Card
-City of Villains: Rogueport
-Kamek’s Cursed Trap: Pop-up Prairie Town

LTQ Deck
Users and Supports

-Alchemical Engineer: Lakituthequick Silver
-Metal Maid: Server Quickbot
-Coded Cup: Mug of Java

-Sleep-Deprived Mastermind: GBA
-Sleek Execution: Despair Watch
-Model of Efficiency: Untiring 'Shroombot

-Awards Overlord: Anton
-Sacred Parchment: Awards Records
-Slayer of Crowdsignal: Pollsorter

General Support
-Catch-All Cache:

Field Card
-Cook, Serve, Diode: Club Sandwich Shop

Pitohui Deck
Users and Supports

-Printer of Passion: Director Pitohui
-Voice of Wit: Strategy Wing Director
-Voice of Discernment: Critic Corner Director

-Flourishing Support: Sub-Director Roserade
-Voice of Playfulness: Fun Stuff Director
-Voice of Creativity: Palette Swap Director

-Shadow Director: Omnipresent Superchao
-Voice of Imagination: Fake News Director
-Voice of Knowledge: Pipe Plaza Director

General Support
-Keepers of the Beacon: Spotlight Managers

Field Card
-Place of Dreams: The ‘Shroom HQ

Basically: Pitohui and I overthought this a lot and also be ready for a playable demo of MarioWiki World: Bang Bang Dazzling Dreams coming September 14th

zelen !!

actual spore creature
may i go Absolutely Bananas (extremely positive) here over favrotie retired shroom writer oh my GOSH i love the drawings and how much this references Things THat Im Really Into (same for favorite artist) these made me so happy fr thank ypu all so muchhhh
..i also didnt know people liked my funny mario rabbids ramblings that much! huh!!!!
great stuff everyone! now onto catching up to fail awards........


how about a rousing game of pool

thanks for all the votes again, I make some dumb post about it every time but it's nice to see people still think those Shroom ads hold up

MORE OVER thanks for all the favorite artist votes, most of which I don't know the origins of since I haven't posted anything at all besides scribble drawings this entire year :diddy:

also congrats to fake news, I knew you couldn't be dethroned for long