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Hello, MarioBoards users! I'm Goombuigi, and I present to you ... the C3 Rap!

Here, here, here we go

So they're finally here, performing for you
If you know the words, you can join in too
Put your hands together, if you want to clap
As we take you through this Awards rap!

C3! Favorite Artist!

The first artist here, ranked at number five,
Is ZelenPixel, her art is so alive.
She makes sprites, drawings, and things in Spore,
With bugs, Kongs, Piantas, and even more!
One thing's for certain, for without delay,
Zelen posts her art every Saturday!

C3! Favorite Artist!
C3! Favorite Artist!

Next is one of the ties for third place,
For Toadbert101, this is the case.
He makes neat drawings, that's no debating,
His use of color - look at that shading!
And even when it's black and white,
His art is always a delight!

C3! Favorite Artist!

Also at third place is AC director Anton,
On display art he has a ton.
He mostly draws with a crayon,
Magikoopas, Bowser, and so on.
He also writes Half-Baked Reviews,
For you to read if you so choose!

C3! Favorite Artist!
C3! Favorite Artist!

In second place, you know his name,
The Pyro Guy is back again to game.
He makes 2D art for all to consume,
As well as portraits for the 'Shroom.
Not only that, he makes models as well,
And I gotta say, they're impressive as hell!

C3! Favorite Artist!

Finally, it's the artist with gold,
It's BBQ Turtle, her art never gets old.
She's known for her work with colored pencils,
She has learned to master these utensils.
Her art has wowed time and time again,
In the 'Shroom and in Awards presentations.
But the works of all these artists deserve a clap
As we near the end of this Awards rap.

Come on, Goombuigi, take it to the fridge!

Pencils, markers, scissors and glue,
Pens, crayons, erasers and highlighters too!
Ahh, yeah!
Pencils, markers, scissors and glue,
Pens, crayons, erasers and highlighters too!
Ahh, yeah!

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1BBQ Turtle2718.12%
2The Pyro Guy1610.74%
7Koopa con Carne85.37%
9Baby Luigi53.36%
9Waluigi Time53.36%
18O. Mr. Edo21.34%
Total Votes: 149
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

The Pyro Guy is up next with C6 - Favorite ‘Shroom Team!


🌻Ashita wa nanika ga kawaru ka na?
I can't take a look at any of the presentations right now while I finish up mine, but I wanted to pop in to say thank you for the support to the people who voted for – it still feels kind of weird to be a nominee for favorite artist, honestly – and congratulations to BBQ Turtle, all the other community winners, and everyone else who was nominated.

Morpho Knight

Judgement Butterfly
That's amaaaazing


from deltarune
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
Poll Committee

August 13th, 12:03 PM
Ceremonial Theatre
Production Office

I've volunteered to take on an extra presentation to help ease the workload for the staff here. I'm not planning anything special, just a few words for each nominee. It's not like I've got the time to prepare anything, anyway. I'm due to present in just a few hours.

Here's the results and the trophies to give out. Make sure you get the order right this time, ey?
I've gotta dash. See you at the ceremony, and good luck!

C6 Box added to inventory. Contains the results and trophies for the Community Award, C6 Favorite 'Shroom Team.

Alright, let's check this out.


The results are nowhere to be found in this box! Not only that, there are four trophies here...

Why four? Rewards normally come in either a set of three, or one per nominee. C6 has six nominees - Fake News, Fun Stuff, Palette Swap, Pipe Plaza, Critic Corner, and Strategy Wing.

So why four trophies?

Hey, come back here! There's something wrong with this box!

Hey, buddy, go get that guy back and get that results table. Thanks.


I can't wait for confirmation on the results. I've got to find out exactly why there are four trophies...!

August 13th, 12:17 PM
Wozzlewump Printing, LTD
Front Desk

This is the business the Awards Staff have contracted time and time again to print and deliver the hundreds of trophies given out annually to various games, people, and vague concepts. Known across town for speed and quality, it's said to be run by an old street artist, since chased into hiding by the feds. Maybe someone around here can tell me about the strange number of trophies...

May I HELP you?

... Can I help YOU?

Ohohohoho... perhaps, perhaps not. Are you willing to subvert the expectations of reality? Role-reverse our minds and souls?

Who is this guy, and what's their deal...?


... I work here.

Hello. I'm following up on a contract between your business and Wikisburg Mayoral Offices, regarding a shipment of Awards Trophies.

Of course, of course. There's always someone poking holes at what we do here. I assure you - we check and double check our production with the instructions sent by your bosses.

Can you show me the instructions? I'm having trouble wrapping my head around this award I'm supposed to be presenting. There's six nominees and four trophies.

Interesting... come with me.

August 13th, 12:21 PM
Wozzlewump Printing, LTD

This place is a lot bigger than it looks on the outside... I can't see an end to some of those hallways...

This filing cabinet contains every specification sent to us this year regarding the Awards. Someone like you always shows up, so I took it upon myself to organise it neatly. See?

You won't find the actual results here though, ho ho! Just the trophy orders. Usually three per award, but sometimes more.

C6 Trophy Order added to inventory. Specifically asks for four trophies. Signed off by the Director himself.
Wow... they really did ask for four trophies. Thank you, Wozzlewump II.

It was a pleasure. I hope next year's check-up will be just as quick as this one.

August 13th, 13:42 PM
Wikisburg Council Library
Study Room 4

I've spent the last hour combing through documents on official Awards procedure, especially regarding distribution of prizes. I've learnt so much already, but nothing that can explain the inconsistency I've found.

Most of this stuff is about something called 'Tokens' and 'The Mushroom Vault', which makes me think I've been reading the wrong book. The only mention of a trophy in the index was a shirt with a picture of a trophy on it that apparently used to be handed out to presenters.

Eventually, I had to ask a librarian for help, and ended up with a pile of decades-old formal writings on trophies. There's a picture of Wozzlewump senior here.

Oh, hang on...!

Trophy Distribution Documentation added to inventory. One page reads, 'in the event of a tie, one trophy will be produced, and shared between the two tied nominees.'

At the back, there's also an archive of historical trophy instructions for each award...

... It says that typically, six trophies are produced for this award! That means that... one of the missing trophies was due to a tie...! But what about the other? I've got to get to the bottom of this!

*ring, ring...*

Hey, one of your weird goons barged into me just now. Said something about a missing results table. Is this true?

Yeah man, AND there's only four trophies to hand out. Something's wrong with this award, but I'm getting to the bottom of this-

Alright, I printed a new results table just now, it looks fine to me. I'll give you a headstart on the results, since you've only got like an hour to think of something. Tied for fifth place are Pipe Plaza and Palette Swap with 15 votes -


Well, your goon just swiped the results. I really don't want to touch that thing, so I'll just let you find it and grab the paper.

Can't you just print out another one...?




... I hate this.

2:04 PM
'Shroom HQ
Pipe Plaza

I tracked down my buddy and swiped the results table from its claw. Having finished its task of getting the results table, it wandered to Pipe Plaza, presumably to watch all the pipes. I can't help but wonder how exactly the trophy thing's going to work, if they really are tied. Can two departments in a building share a trophy?

Still, I need to find an explanation for the other missing trophy. A tie for fifth place explains one of them, but how could...?

Let's just read the results and see where it goes.

Fifth Place - Palette Swap and Pipe Plaza
Fourth Place - Strategy Wing
Third Place - Fun Stuff

First Place - Fake News and Critic Corner

WUHHHHHHHHHNNGHGHHH?!??!?!?!??!?!?!???? IMPOSSIBLE!!!?!?!!

How could there be two ties in a contest between six departments? That's... too coincidental to comprehend...! And how am I going to share trophies... twice?

... Idea.

3:00 PM
Ceremonial Theatre
Front Stage

And up next is C6 - Favorite 'Shroom Team!

Here goes nothing...

Hey everyone. Bit of a tricky situation here. This year, there are not one, but two ties between four different teams in this award. In fact, only Strategy Wing and Fun Stuff have a unique position on the results table! Congratulations to Hooded Pitohui and Roserade for managing those departments, and to Strategy Wing and Fun Stuff for coming in fourth and third place, respectively!

But as for, well, the others... I've only got two trophies left, and four offices to share them between. Luckily, I had an idea. Me and my buddy fast-tracked some... infrastructure changes to the headquarters. As it turns out, Pipe Plaza is right below the Palette Swap office, and those departments were tied for fifth place!

The floor is gone. The ceiling is gone. Two rooms are one.

Haha, yeah. We demolished the floor of Palette Swap so it connects to Pipe Plaza, and we're gonna dangle the trophy on a string so it's basically positioned right between the two. It's pretty great. The 'Shroom directors were fine with it, especially once they found out their departments could keep their own trophies.

As for the two teams tied for first place... Haha, well... oh man. Do you wanna tell them, or should I?


Actually I wanna say it. Okay okay, so. Critic Corner and Fake News, right? Tied. BUT, unlike the teams mentioned before, they aren't adjacent to each other. Vertically, or horizontally. So demolition is off the table. And then we thought, what's the best space for a review department and a fiction department to coexist?


Exactly! So if we can't join the teams, we must divide the trophy! It helps that one of them shattered whilst we were caving in Pipe Plaza. So we popped it in the special oven, melted it all down, and put it into two jars. They're pretty much even, so you guys can pick whichever you want. It was a bit of a rush job since we only found out about the results like an hour ago, but trust me it's great. Don't touch the jars, though. I think there's something growing in them.

Anyway, that's about all I've got time for. Congratulations once more to Anton and Doomhiker for their teams' joint victory, and may you enjoy the jar of melted down trophy! You've really earned it!

... Nailed it.

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Critic Corner3626.28%
1Fake News3626.28%
3Fun Stuff1913.87%
4Strategy Wing1611.68%
5Palette Swap1510.95%
5Pipe Plaza1510.95%
Total Votes: 137
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Roserade is up next with C8 - Best ‘Shroom Section Design!

Morpho Knight

Judgement Butterfly
We'll get 'em next year, Palette Swap!

Hooded Pitohui

The Bird with Batrachotoxin!
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
Poll Committee
Hooded Pitohui
critic corner is awesome, still half contemplating on writing for it myself!
Everyone, please do write for The 'Shroom! We'd be glad to have you all, and we'd be glad to help you get ideas and sections together so you can share your passions through the paper!


where's the her/him pronouns help i'm genderfluid
If someone can turn that presentation into an actual Ace Attorney Cutscene I will drink water /pos

Prince Peach

The Tycoon Tyrant
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Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
Poll Committee
Rose's Quarantine Reviews
Written by: Roserade (talk)

Greetings, beautiful Awards readers. Welcome to a special edition of Rose's Quarantine Reviews! We continue to be in quarantine, and I continue to review.

That's right, consider this presentation a special Quarantine Reviews feature! I couldn't make it into the last issue of the 'Shroom, but given the recent rise of the Delta variant of the coronavirus in the United States, it just makes sense to release another Quarantine Review, right?

Today we'll be following our typical format of reviewing three miscellaneous things, except this time, the reviewed things have a theme! I bet you'll never be able to guess what it is.

Super Mario Maker Showcase

Our first section we'll be looking at is Super Mario Maker Showcase, written by Goombuigi (talk). The name puts the section pretty aptly: Goombuigi gives an overview of a number of Super Mario Maker 2 levels, supplies context for their content, and provides his own insights into the levels' strengths and why they're worth playing. Goombuigi's writing style and explanations are enough to give this section merit on its own, so what elevates its design into being something spectacular?

I'd like to direct all of your attentions to this table, screenshotted from the last edition of Super Mario Maker Showcase:

This table is beautifully crafted, immediately communicating to the audience all of the information they need to know about the level in an organized, concise matter. Having the theme on the left above the thumbnail is genius, and keeping the text information on the right for finding the levels makes it an easy hub for the reader to search for the ones that interest them. The additional flourish of the difficulty markers being Mario stars adds a distinct charm to the table, and brings it all together with its Mario theme.

Goombuigi's table design makes Super Mario Maker Showcase shine. He could've stopped at just putting the level name and ID as the section headers, but instead he created a design that gives as much about the level as possible. For that, he absolutely deserves strong accolades.

Rating: 3rd Place

Drawn and Pressed

The next stop on our design tour is the section Drawn and Pressed, created by winstein (talk). In this section, winstein gives an overview of a certain comic strip series, detailing its history and characteristics, and highlighting its traits that winstein appreciates. Once again, this is a section that could easily be very stylistically simple; give the title and a few images to showcase the comic, and you've completed your overview. How winstein presents his work, however, is one of the most unique things I've ever seen from a 'Shroom section.

That's right, dear readers, your eyes aren't deceiving you. What you're seeing before you is, indeed, a gallery and glossary. If you're interested in learning more about the comics, you're highly encouraged to check out the content winstein has provided at the end of his section. I don't believe I have ever seen an informational 'Shroom section provide a glossary of sources before, so its inclusion is awesome, and I appreciate that he continues to give you a taste of the comic past the images he provides in the section itself.

There's not much more to say about the design, but I seriously cannot commend winstein enough for his decision with the glossary, and I'm very happy to see its continued use throughout the section's run. It adds a professional flair that no other Palette Swap section has, which perfectly fits with the class that winstein's "Thank you for reading." message always conveys.

Rating: 2nd Place

Anniversary Announcements

"Hello and welcome to Anniversary Announcements! I have no fancy intro joke this time."
--Lakituthequick (Talk Page * Forum Profile)

Of course, leave it to our resident webpage master to cook up one of the best section designs the 'Shroom has ever had.

Anniversary Announcements has so many strengths, and they become apparent the moment you scroll to its beginning. Every month, Lakituthequick selects a quote from a user in relation to something Awards-related, be it an Awards meeting or a tournament thread. Typically, these quotes are chosen for their humor or relevancy, and they serve as a header for the announcements to follow. I have to say that this is one of the smartest decisions in the entirety of AA, and it's because of how immediately it pulls in any users reading. If you've participated in anything Awards, you want to check in because there's potential that your quote has been selected; if the quote isn't from you, you still get to remember another fun moment you might've shared with your fellow users. The quote at the beginning really bolsters AA's engagement possibilities for these reasons. Am I biased because I've been selected for these quotes twice in the past? Yes. Am I moving on from that fact? Yes.

After the opening has passed, we all get to relish in everyone's favorite: great table design!

The first set of tables you see are the tournament updates, which serve as information portions on the current status of any Awards tournament. The bubbles under each section title are both aesthetically pleasing and immediately helpful, while the blurb underneath gives a fair bit of commentary and context. I believe this is a great form to highlight each tournament, rather than writing all of their updates into one paragraph. All of them get to present their own identity, all while following a stylish appearance.

Then you get into the awards update portion:

Look at these tables! A tab added for poll option changes, blue and red boxes to emphasize whether the award is new or removed, and links to every relevant article for every option. This is an absolutely phenomenal way to communicate information to the reader, and it clearly and effectively demonstrates how the polls have been updated in the past month.

Finally, in the later months of the Awards season, LTQ regularly incorporates interviews into his section, where you get to learn a bit more about one of the committee members. Take a glance at it:

The fact that LTQ will prepare custom sprites of each user’s OC portrait for the interviews is a wonderful touch, and gives the section tons of personalization for each person being interviewed. It also makes the interview easier to digest, rather than just having the usernames in bold.

All in all, LTQ incorporates all sorts of slick table work, eye-catching colors, and custom art to create a section that is an absolute joy to digest the entire way through. It’s remarkable how fun a simple informational update can be to read, when the overall design of your writing is so well-developed. All of the kudos to you, LTQ, and congratulations for crafting an epitome of 'Shroom section design.

Rating: 1st Place

That’s all I’ve got to review this presentation. Thank you for reading, take care, and much love to you all.

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Anniversary Announcements (Lakituthequick)1814.75%
2Drawn and Pressed (winstein)1512.30%
3Super Mario Maker Showcase (Goombuigi)129.84%
4Anton's Half-Baked Reviews (Anton)119.02%
5Mach Speed Mayhem (Superchao)108.20%
5Picross (Goombuigi)108.20%
7'Shroom FM (MrConcreteDonkey)75.74%
7TV Tomorrow (Quizmelon)75.74%
9It's aMAZEing (Lakituthequick)64.92%
10Parallax (Baby Luigi and LeftyGreenMario)54.10%
10Pokédex Power (Yoshi876)54.10%
12Koops, Your Emblem is on Fire (Koops)43.28%
12Rose's Quarantine Reviews (Roserade)43.28%
12Site Seeing (Lakituthequick)43.28%
15Anagrams (BBQ Turtle)21.64%
16NIWA Spotlight (Alex95)10.82%
16Poll Committee Discussion (11th Poll Committee)10.82%
Total Votes: 122
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Roserade & Hooded Pitohui are up next with C10 - Outstanding Community Achievement Award!

Prince Peach

The Tycoon Tyrant
Forum Moderator
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
Poll Committee

roseguy1213 started a live lobby.

Password set: none.

CrestedPitohui is joining your game.

Guest mode set to view mode. CrestedPitohui may view your collection and send messages.

roseguy1213: There you are

CrestedPitohui: Hello, hello! I’m here! Sorry about the delay. This took longer to update than I expected. Anyways, I’m here now. So, let’s see tho

CrestedPitohui: *those cards. Gotterdammerung, I hate character limits.

roseguy1213: I don't know how you've survived so long in these lobbies

CrestedPitohui: Nor do I, but it hasn’t stopped me yet.

roseguy1213: Alright let me get the promotion opened up

roseguy1213: Perfect, here we go

roseguy1213 has pulled a new card!
They've pulled…

World Constructor: Industrious Goombuigi!

roseguy1213: Oh hey look at that!

roseguy1213: I heard that Goombuigi was getting a new promo in this game soon

CrestedPitohui: Oh, Goombuigi has a new card? That’s exciting. It’s good to see some Super Mario Maker Showcase recognition.

CrestedPitohui: I’m guessing this one still pairs up well with Ninja Squid’s card series, huh?

roseguy1213 pulled up the following card description:

World Constructor: Industrious Goombuigi

Class: User Card

Pick-ross - Strike at the foe with a hardened stone pick, breaking through any Defense modifiers with equal modifiers to what you roll. DMG - 20x 1d
Basic Strike - DMG - 10x 2d

Play requirements: None

Synergies: Ninja Squid series - +30 Health modifier

"Building up his legacy block by block, Goombuigi's impact will only grow with time and experience."

roseguy1213: Yeah it looks like it

CrestedPitohui: So, do you think you’re going to use this one, or is this one to cash in for Power Moons?

roseguy1213: Oh I definitely want to plug it in somewhere, it's good to have a defense destroyer on the field, especially when most of Ninj

roseguy1213: a Squid's cards are more glass cannon oriented

CrestedPitohui: Seems like you’d want a more defensively-oriented card to go with them. Something with lots of health…

roseguy1213: Let me pull up the most developed deck with NS I have

roseguy1213 is now displaying custom deck "Rogueport".

roseguy1213: In this one, I've been consistently pairing NS with Revin's Unparalleled Investigator card

roseguy1213: Mostly because of Revin's Winning Witness effect and the health boosts it gives him

roseguy1213: Once he has the Fulbright support card in play, it really starts to boost his usefulness

CrestedPitohui: Oh, that’s a good pair. And I’m guessing you’re using the Rogueport field card to get the 1.5x modifier on Fulbright, right?

CrestedPitohui: Are you using the Sticky Warrior card for Ninja Squid too, then? The double power you get with that on top of Ninj

CrestedPitohui: Ninja Squid would make him a powerhouse on that field. But… huh, doesn’t work well for Goombuigi if you want to slide him in, eh?

roseguy1213: Yeah, this card's playstyle isn't suited to just building up attack with the defensive wall beside him, so just having Roguepor

roseguy1213: t in play wouldn't be enough

roseguy1213: I wonder if I have a certain card from a past expansion

roseguy1213: The one that really destroyed the meta before it was nerfed, you know the one

CrestedPitohui: Are we talking about First Death: 2257’s Revival or are we talking about the Great Debate: Ultimate Location Battle?

roseguy1213: The ULB card

roseguy1213: And it's because, on the right, you can see I have the Kamek's Cursed Trap: Pop-Up Prairie Town field card

roseguy1213: So using the ULB, I can play down two field cards - Rogueport and Pop-Up - and get the effects of both, and since Goombuigi series

roseguy1213: cards get a 1.4x modifier on Pop-Up Prairie Town, that ups how strong of defenses he can shatter

CrestedPitohui: Oh, that’s devious. That’s delightfully devilish, Roserade. Two field cards is guaranteed to create confusion.

CrestedPitohui: Wait! Wait! Thought.

CrestedPitohui: Combine it with the Wingo’s Crew card. It gets a multiplier from prairie town and passes the boost along to Goombuigi.

roseguy1213: Wingo's Crew is considered a Mafia-type, right

roseguy1213: Because if so it also gets an attack benefit from Rogueport

CrestedPitohui: I think it is? Hold on, I can pull it up in here, right? Let’s see…

CrestedPitohui pulled up the following card description:

Murder in Flight: Wingo’s Crew

Class: Support Card

Bird of Prey - Passive ability: This ability marks this card as a “Mafia” card. Play this card on any “Mafia” field cards and this card receives a 1.5x boost to its modifiers.
Modifier - DMG - +10

Play requirements: None

Ability: On Swift Wings - This card can transfer any modifiers directly to the User Card it is attached to.

"Wingo’s Crew continues to commit their crimes unopposed, having slaughtered the commendable Toad Brigade."

CrestedPitohui: Oh yes! That’s just what you need. Your deck is full with that, though, isn’t it? Too bad. It’d be good to fit in

CrestedPitohui: one good defense booster for Goombuigi, just in case someone manages to bypass your other two user cards.

roseguy1213: Well, I've kind of just been sitting on this one card I've got in here, because it's functional, but not integral to this one's play

roseguy1213: I'll just take it out right now to get a better look at the deck

roseguy1213 has removed the card Voice of Creativity: Palette Swap Director from the deck.

roseguy1213: It only served as a light modifier, and the Passion mechanic was otherwise unused

roseguy1213 has added the cards World Constructor: Industrious Goombuigi, Great Debate: Ultimate Location Battle, Kamek's Cursed Trap: Pop-up Prairie Town, and Murder in Flight: Wingo's Crew to the deck.

roseguy1213: Christ who comes up with these names, they're so long

CrestedPitohui: <s>Quietly removes my name from the game’s credits</s>

roseguy1213 has renamed the deck to "Goombuigi Deck".

roseguy1213: This feels good

CrestedPitohui: Yeah, I think you made some good changes here. Guess we’ll find out when you try it out.

CrestedPitohui: You still have more pulls, right?

roseguy1213: Yeah I've got two more pulls

roseguy1213: Here's hoping they actually fit the decks I have

roseguy1213 has pulled a new card!
They've pulled…

Alchemical Engineer: Lakituthequick Silver!

roseguy1213: YEAHHH

roseguy1213: I was hoping for this one!!

CrestedPitohui: Oh, goodness, this design is spectacular!

CrestedPitohui: ...but, er, I haven’t a clue what this card does.

CrestedPitohui: Did you just want it for the design or did you have bigger plans for it?

roseguy1213: Well the design is great, yes, but I was really hoping for this one because of its mechanic

roseguy1213: pulled up the following card description:

Alchemical Engineer: Lakituthequick Silver

Class: User Card

Paracelsus's Circuit - Choose any two cards on the field to build a circuit between. All modifiers may move freely back and forth along this circuit on your turn. If you build a circuit between two cards that already have circuits, the circuits will join.
Shock and Awe - Hit the foe with a piece of wiring. Has a 20% chance of causing Stun. DMG - 10 x 1d(2)

Play requirements: None

Synergies: Technology-type Support cards - +20 Defense modifier

"With how instrumental and powerful his coding is, many will liken it to magic. He knows it as his science, however, and views his incredible products with humbleness and grace."

roseguy1213: Just look at this nonsense

CrestedPitohui: Oh, yes, that’s quite the unique ability. It’s something I can see you getting use out of. You do like those oddball cards.

CrestedPitohui: Oh, are you going to pair this with the Cook, Serve, Diode: Club Sandwich Shop card?

CrestedPitohui: If I remember, that one lets you move support cards from your first user card to your second, second to third, or third to first.

CrestedPitohui: Seems like you could pair it up with this for some horrible combo-chain strategy things.

CrestedPitohui: Though…

CrestedPitohui: You wouldn’t use THAT card, would you? Just because you’re using Club Sandwich Shop doesn’t mean you have to use that one…

roseguy1213: My feathered friend

roseguy1213: I am already eight steps ahead of you >: )

roseguy1213: is now displaying custom deck "Tech Deck".

roseguy1213: This one has been functional and I've used it a few times competitively, but LTQ Silver is the card to complete this build

roseguy1213: Check it

roseguy1213: Numerous Technology-type Support cards

roseguy1213: Club Sandwich Shop field card

roseguy1213: And yes

roseguy1213: Even… THAT card.

CrestedPitohui: Metal Maid: Server Quickbot… Okay, fair, I’ll admit that was the most creative of the Maid Winter Banner last December, but, I mean, like…

CrestedPitohui: Okay, no, I’m just still salty that the maid Sledge card is useless in the meta. The one card from the banner I wanted, and it sucks…

CrestedPitohui: The Model of Efficiency: Untiring ‘Shroombot support on Sleep-Deprived Mastermind: GBA is a good pair, though.

CrestedPitohui: You’re really going to get good mileage out of GBA’s defensive boosts with the second turn granted by ‘Shroombot.

roseguy1213: Now consider this

roseguy1213: -GBA's defensive boosts, doubled exponentially

roseguy1213: -LTQ being able to build a circuit modifier on his turn, so that those boosts can be moved across the board

roseguy1213: -CSS allows 'Shroombot to be moved to LTQ from the third to the first slot

roseguy1213: I think you can see where I'm going with this.

roseguy1213: A perfect defensive wall, all supplemented by the third user, Awards Overlord: Anton and his command of his Attacking Minions

roseguy1213: Who, by the way, can use the Sacred Parchment: Awards Records support card to gain a 10x attack modifier and potentially the Grievances effect modifier

roseguy1213: Which can ALSO be transferred around the board by LTQ!

CrestedPitohui: R

CrestedPitohui: Rose

CrestedPitohui: Rose, I think this deck, uh, might be busted.

CrestedPitohui: It’s going to be the ultimate stone wall deck.

CrestedPitohui: Now… do you want to bust it even further?

roseguy1213: I genuinely thought it would be too devious

roseguy1213: But I know exactly what you're about to say and you should say it

CrestedPitohui: If you want to absolutely murder everybody you play against in cold blood, you need…

CrestedPitohui: Slayer of Crowdsignal: Pollsorter

CrestedPitohui: Equipping it to Anton guarantees he gets the Grievances effect modifier,

CrestedPitohui: which you can then pass on to LTQ to enhance his circuit-making abilities.

CrestedPitohui: Forget limits. When there’s nothing stopping you from building circuits just how you want, you will become a god.

CrestedPitohui: Can you make room for support on Anton?

roseguy1213: For sure, I've just gotta remove the Voice of Discernment: Critic Corner Director card

roseguy1213: A little bit of a shame, it's a good one for Anton's modifier boosts and it's thematically appropriate, but this will do the deck much better

roseguy1213 has removed the card Voice of Discernment: Critic Corner Director from the deck.

roseguy1213 has added the cards Alchemical Engineer: Lakituthequick Silver and Slayer of Crowdsignal: Pollsorter to the deck.

roseguy1213: Anything else you think this build needs?

CrestedPitohui: Let’s see… You have Coded Cup: Mug of Java supporting LTQ, and the Sleek Execution: Despair Watch on GBA for that sweet extra damage on your

CrestedPitohui: opponent if, by some miracle, they do take him out. I’d call that good. I don’t think you can break this deck further.

roseguy1213: Well…

roseguy1213: Maybe there is one way.

roseguy1213: Are you ready Pitohui

roseguy1213: We're going to go FURTHER BEYOND

CrestedPitohui: Oh no.

CrestedPitohui: <s>Rose the world isn’t ready for your “Bikini Battle Banner” deck</s>

CrestedPitohui: In seriousness, let’s see what that game-breaking head you have has in store!

roseguy1213: <s>I spent good money on Bikini Toady and he WILL see the light of day</s>

roseguy1213 pulled up the following card description:

Catch-All Cache:

Class: Support Card

Safety in Storage - Passive ability: Once during your opponent's turn, if they discard or destroy a card or modifier on your field, you may restore it immediately.
Modifier - Defense - 20x 1d

Play requirements: None

Ability: Emergency Backup - Restore a fallen User Card to play immediately. If you do this, discard this card.

"As the source for everything 'Shroom, Userpedia, and all the logs in-between, this domain has become instrumental to the development and preservation of the community."

roseguy1213: : )

CrestedPitohui: You absolute madman.

CrestedPitohui: I can’t believe you actually managed to make this deck MORE broken than it already was. Unless some has a Shoey

CrestedPitohui: card to get around you with some overpowered random effect, I don’t even know who would be capable of grinding this deck down.

CrestedPitohui: You’d need some kind of maximum power attack to even break through these defenses.

roseguy1213 has renamed the deck to " Lakituthequick Deck".

roseguy1213: This deck might be exactly what I need to win the Awards Tournament this year

roseguy1213: What a perfect pull I'm so glad it happened

roseguy1213: I still have one more pull to go, though, so

roseguy1213: Maybe it'll get even better, there's only one way to find out

CrestedPitohui: Let’s gooooooo! Come on Princess of Art: BBQ Turtle!

roseguy1213: In 3

roseguy1213: 2

roseguy1213: 1

roseguy1213 has pulled a new card!
They've pulled…

Printer of Passion: Director Pitohui!

roseguy1213: YOOOOOOO

roseguy1213: WHATTTT

CrestedPitohui: Now, you’ll have to excuse my lack of an articulate response or any originality, but I have to

CrestedPitohui: paraphrase Zelen here if I am to adequately express my feelings on this pull. Ahem…

CrestedPitohui: anufwiesjenfgviwaj

CrestedPitohui: Excuse me, but what? What?

CrestedPitohui: Well, at least this card has good longevity, with as much health as it has. Shame that it doesn’t have much else going for it.

roseguy1213: Okay, so this mayyyyy have been the pull I was hoping for the whole time

roseguy1213: The moment I heard you were in this booster, I had to get this as my pull. I knew you'd get here eventually

roseguy1213: And would you look at that!! You're looking fantastic here, Pito, I love the cravat

roseguy1213: But I do agree that it doesn't have that much practical use, not in anything I have prepped, anyway…

roseguy1213: Ah well, this pull was more for getting the art of you anyway, since you've earned it

CrestedPitohui: I can’t even begin to express how exciting this is to see! I’m floored, flattered, blown away, even!

CrestedPitohui: And, if I do say so myself, that cravat does good things for my look.

CrestedPitohui: It’s certainly a grand card. It’s a high honor to see this card in the game at all. Though…

CrestedPitohui: Something certainly seems off to me about it. I guess it’s just me, but I don’t feel like this card should get the Ultra-Rare label. I mean, just look at

CrestedPitohui: its abilities. It only has any real use when surrounded by other cards that synergize with it.

roseguy1213: Well let's give it a good look-see

roseguy1213 pulled up the following card description:

Printer of Passion: Director Pitohui

Class: User Card

Supporting the Staff - Give all user cards on your side an additional +20 to Health.
Dizzying Display - Hit the foe with the blade of your propeller. DMG - 20 x 2d(3)
Director's Purpose - Allows correspondence with the Keepers of the Beacon: Spotlight Managers card. Look to the other card for more details.

Play requirements: None

Synergies: Roserade series cards and Superchao series cards - Defense +30

"Bringing forward encouragement, advice, and genuine passion, Hooded Pitohui serves as a cornerstone for The 'Shroom and the community at large."

roseguy1213: I don't think I even know what the Spotlight Managers card is off the top of my head

CrestedPitohui: Well… let me see something here. Hold on.

CrestedPitohui: Oh, according to the Wiki, it’s that one!

CrestedPitohui: That was more useful in my head.

CrestedPitohui pulled up the following card description:

Keepers of the Beacon: Spotlight Managers

Class: Support Card

Rallying the Editors - Passive ability: This ability marks this card as a ‘Shroom-type card.
Modifier - RES - +30

Play requirements: None

Ability: Lighting the Beacon - If a ‘Shroom-type card has been eliminated, you may use this ability once in the match to revive it.

Special criteria: The 'Shroom Supernova - Active ability. Must be applied to one Director User card on your field. The following cards must be in play on your field to use it:
Voice of Imagination: Fake News Director
Voice of Playfulness: Fun Stuff Director
Voice of Creativity: Palette Swap Director
Voice of Knowledge: Pipe Plaza Director
Voice of Discernment: Critic Corner Director
Voice of Wit: Strategy Wing Director

Channel the powers of all of the directors to strike every foe with 10x 6d(8) damage. May only be used once per game.

"For many generations, the Spotlight Managers have dutifully shone their beacon on every threat to good writing and the good citizens of this city."

CrestedPitohui: There you are. You have it.

roseguy1213: That's… Quite the lengthy description

CrestedPitohui: Rather fitting, isn’t it?

CrestedPitohui: Jokes aside, this seems like a rather… niche ability. I do recognize some of these cards, though.

CrestedPitohui: I know you have the CC and PS cards. Do you happen to have the other four?

CrestedPitohui: I guess it could be fun to put this together as a gimmick set.

roseguy1213: Let me take a look in my collection

roseguy1213: There's the CC and PS ones, and then there's the FN one…

roseguy1213: The FS one is to the right

roseguy1213: I… oh my god, I think I have all of them

roseguy1213: I didn't even realize, I must've picked them up randomly over the past two years

roseguy1213: Pitohui we can build your power deck!!

CrestedPitohui: Well, well, well… if you have all four, we might as well. This shouldn’t be too hard. We just add-

CrestedPitohui: Hooooo. Oh. Ohohoho. OHOHOHO.

CrestedPitohui: You do realize that the Flourishing Support: Sub-Director Roserade card gives ALL ‘Shroom-type cards a 2x power modifier, right?

CrestedPitohui: And that Shadow Director: Omnipresent Superchao does the same except for defense, right?

CrestedPitohui: These greedy gacha pigs may not care a lick about balance in the metagame but when it leaves the door open for

CrestedPitohui: possibilities THIS fun…..

roseguy1213: So that would mean the three cards would have synergy between health, attack, and defense…

roseguy1213: And with the modifiers of all of the support cards, that gives a perfect setup to build up to the Supernova

roseguy1213: Which becomes even MORE powerful with the multiplier AND the Wit Charm the SW card gives you

roseguy1213: This… this might not be as defensively oppressive as the LTQ deck, but this is a fantastic build on its own

roseguy1213: All of the positions and cards helping to boost you to the top, while you simultaneously give them all of the support you can

roseguy1213: It's almost poetic

CrestedPitohui: Ahaha, for a gimmick deck, this one actually works pretty well thematically. And, hey, if it actually sees any use…

CrestedPitohui: It seems like it will punch through all but the most defensively-oriented decks.

roseguy1213 has started a new custom deck: "Pitohui Deck".

roseguy1213: Alright, I'll get this deck all built up for later use. I'm super glad I'm able to create it in your honor

roseguy1213: Once it's ready, would you be interested in playing a few matches later?

CrestedPitohui: Absolutely! I’ve got all my presentations done, so I’ve some free time. I hope you’re ready to see my deck.

CrestedPitohui: Paradise of Birds is going to… well, honestly, you’re going to totally cream it.

CrestedPitohui: But we’ll give it a go anyways!

roseguy1213: Awesome, talk to you later then 👋

roseguy1213 closed the lobby.

Artwork done by the incredible Kright. Thank you so much!​

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1Hooded Pitohui3324.09%
6Baby Luigi75.11%
9The Pyro Guy64.38%
9Waluigi Time64.38%
12Ninja Squid53.65%
Total Votes: 137
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I won't gush too much right before he's about to post, but I cannot reiterate enough how incredible of a community member, leader, and friend Pitohui is, and I'm so proud of him for placing first.

You've earned this, man. All of the kudos in the world to you

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