Lost in Space: Galactic Mafia (Game Thread) - Inno Win: The Journey Back Home


I chose this name by random don't judge me please-

This is Lost in Space: Galactic Mafia's game thread. Use this thread for most of the actual game content. Check the lounge thread for more rules and guidelines.

Here are the rules of the game.
  1. Be respectful to others and have fun.
  2. There are two types of phases, a night phase and a day phase. Phase 0 starts the game and lasts for 24 hours. It's used as a period to confirm that you've received your role and introduce your roleplays. Night phases last 24 hours, and Day phases last 48 hours. After each phase, there is a brief intermission while the phase changes.
  3. During a night phase, impostors will vote in a private chat on who will be removed from the game, and crewmates can use their special powers, if they have any. Except Night 1, all night phases begin with the announcement of who was launched, and their role.
  4. During a day phase, there is a discussion and vote on who should be launched. All day phases begin with the announcement of who was removed from the game, if any.
  5. To cast a vote, say, for example, Vote: Yoshi the SSM. The person with the majority of votes will be launched. If there is a tie between two or more people, a randomizer will chose which one will be launched.
  6. If you don't want to launch someone on a day phase, Vote: No Launch. Note that a launch will occur if it ties with No Launch.
  7. The game will go from Night phase to Day phase and back again until either Impostors or Crewmates win.
  8. Any private message or conversation regarding this mafia game must be sent to myself, unless it is a private chat created for the game.
  9. If you want to inform me of something (whether it is a problem or a drop out or anything else important), please PM YtSSM or Blathers. If it is urgent and neither of us are available, email YtSSM.
  10. Don't quote or repost your role card under any circumstance. Failure to comply with this rule will result in your removal from the game and the phase continuing.
  11. If you want to roleclaim in the thread, it is allowed. Be careful though, because Impostors can also roleclaim, and lie about their role. But, again, you must not quote any parts of your role PM. (e.g. saying “I’m the cop” is ok, regardless of whether it is true or false, but directly quoting the flavor text is not).
  12. Please try to keep the majority of game-related chat inside official channels i.e. the Game Thread for alive players. It's ok to chat about it informally outside the thread, but there should not be any major sharing of information in channels not created by the host, like private player-made Conversations/PM groups.
  13. Finally, if you have been removed from the game, do not post in the game thread. Instead, you can use a conversation to post thoughts of who is mafia and innocent, but you can't actually do anything in the game. You can also post in the lounge, but you can't post any thoughts on who is mafia or innocent, whether it's true or not.

Night 0: Blast Away to the Stars
Day 1: No One Can Hear You Scream in Space

Night 1: Shadow Whispers
Day 2: Hope You Brought Your Spacesuit
Night 2: Northern Lights in the Night
Day 3: Eliminating the SUS
Night 3: Have a Donut, it's Good for You

Day 4: The Eclipse Approaches
Night 4: The Forgotten Night
Day 5: Dawn of the Eclipse

Shoey (@Etemon)Killed Night 6Roleblocker
Hooded Pitohui (@Hooded Pitohui)Lynched Day 5Vanilla
Goombuigi (@Goombuigi)AliveUnknown
Waluigi Time (@Shmaluigi)Lynched Day 2Mafia Roleblocker
Shygul (@Shygul)Lynched Day 1Power Booster
Ninja Squid (@Dimitri A. Blaiddyd)Lynched Day 3Vanilla
Power Flotzo (@Kanata Konoe)Lynched Day 4Mafia
Kirbyo (@Pippersquawk)Killed Night 3Doctor
Alex95 (@Alex95)AliveUnknown
Ninelevendo (@Ninelevendo)AliveUnknown
Revin (@Aru Honshou)Killed Night 2Mason
Luigi 64DD (@Reigen Arataka)Killed Night 1Vanilla
GreenWeegee (@GreenThunder)Lynched Day 6Mafia
Shy Guy on Wheels (@Shy Guy on Wheels)AliveUnknown
BBQ Turtle (@BBQ Turtle)AliveUnknown
Fantanoice (@fantanoice)Killed Night 4Vanilla
FWD (@Trip)AliveUnknown

Night 0: Blast Away to the Stars
All was peaceful in the Comet Observatory. Or at least it was... until the mafia attacked. Rosalina and the other Lumas were all evacuated, and the property damage was covered by insurance. But the mafia were still out there. So, 17 detectives were called to investigate and apprehend the mafia, with an assistant, Dash Yoshi, coming along to ensure their safety. Can our heroes prevail in the final frontier? Or will their wit be outmatched?

This phase will last until , and should be used to confirm that you have received your role, and introduce your rps, if you want.
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The Hero of Bright Turquoise

I have received my role. I hope that everyone w̵i̸l̷l̷ ̸H̶a̶V̷e̵ ̴ ̶A̶ ̸ Ǵ̷̤̀ ̶̮̃ṙ̷̡ ̴̤͖̐̚ ̶͖͂͛ ̴̙̮͆E̸̪̒̀ͅ ̴̰̀ ̴̟̇ ̸͎̏͌â̷̛͓ ̸̧͊̽ ̵̟̆t̴̟͂̑







The Adventurer
Awards Committee
Poll Committee
Hopefully you aren't tired of my Thomas RPs yet.

It was a wonderful day on the Island of Sodor. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the engines on the Skarloey Railway were all puffing cheerfully and working hard. All, that is, except for Duncan. He was pulling a passenger train, and as usual, was complaining about it.

"I get no rest! I get no rest! I work harder than anyone, and yet, I haven't gotten no rest today!" He complained.
"You'll get one soon," his driver soothed him. "This passenger train is the last one of the day. Afterwards, you'll get a nice long rest and a washdown as well."
But that didn't make Duncan happy. "Ye told me that already, an' yet I'm still takin' this train."
"We're almost at the last station," reassured his driver. "You can do it."
But Duncan had had enough. He stopped in the middle of a viaduct and refused to move.
"Come on, Duncan!" exclaimed his driver. "We can't stop now! We have to take the passengers home!"
"I'm not moving," insisted Duncan.
The passengers complained and argued, but still Duncan didn't move. Eventually, Skarloey had to come and push Duncan and his train to the next station.
"The Fat Controller won't be happy about this," he remarked.

And indeed, he wasn't. He spoke sternly to him that night.
"This is no way to treat your passengers, Duncan."
"I dinnae care," he said stubbornly. "I need my rest."
"Very well," replied the Fat Controller, "if this is how you choose to behave, then I will assign you to goods work for the next week."
Duncan, once more, was not happy. "Trucks! Dirty, smelly things. I'm not pulling those."
"Are you scared that they'll run you off the line?" teased Sir Handel.
"Of course not!" exclaimed Duncan indignantly. "Ye wouldnae know how to handle trucks, anyway, so I dinnae know why you're tellin' me this a' all."
He went to sleep, still a very grumpy engine.

The next day, Duncan complained endlessly.
"It's no' fair! It's no' fair!"
"Please," sighed his driver, "we've been over this already."
Duncan scoffed. "I wouldnae complain so much if I was pulling passengers."
"You complained yesterday," contested his driver, "and that's what got you here in the first place."
Duncan ignored him. "Smelly trucks. Smelly trucks."
The trucks were tired of Duncan, so they decided to pay him back. "Hold back, hold back!"
Duncan was infuriated. "Come on, ye stupid trucks!"
The trucks just laughed.
"Shut up!" Duncan barked.
The trucks didn't. Instead, they started chanting.

"Duncan complains all the time,
Wants everything his way,
Thinks his attitude's just fine,
That's what he'd always say.
When he's puffing down the line,
He'll complain all day,
But when someone points his whines,
He'll say 'Go away!'"

"That's enough!" Duncan bumped the trucks roughly. The coupling between the first truck and the rest snapped, and they rolled down the track.
"Fizzlin' fireboxes!" exclaimed Duncan. He chased after the trucks, hoping to catch to them in time.
He approached the viaduct where he had stopped the previous day. The trucks were slowing down, and Duncan was catching up quick, but it was too late.
There was a bump in the rail, which caused the trucks to derail and roll off the bridge. Duncan watched in horror as he was realizing what had just occurred.
"Och no … Now I'll be in more trouble. That's the last thing I need."

Once more, the Fat Controller wasn't happy. He sent Duncan on a night goods run. He tried not to complain, but couldn't help it.
"It wasn'ae my fault that the trucks broke loose! They shouldn'ae done tha' in the first place, but I'm bein' blamed for it! Typical!"

He approached the fateful viaduct. He was crossing when suddenly, he saw fireflies. Clumps and clumps of them. They swirled around, and Duncan stopped suddenly.
"What's wrong?" asked his driver. He froze when he noticed them.
The fireflies flew on the track ahead of Duncan, forming the shape of an engine.
"What's going on?" asked Duncan nervously. "What sort of nonsense is this?"
The fireflies disbanded, and Duncan sighed in relief. He wasn't relieved for long, though, as he felt a gust of wind coming from one side, bashing against his boiler.
"Oh, I don't like this!" he wailed.
But there was nothing he could do. His driver jumped clear, and before he knew it, the gust of wind was so powerful that it pushed him off the rails and sent him plunging down the viaduct.

Duncan emerged from a portal. He looked around, absorbing the sights and sounds. He found that he was in space.
"What am I doing here?" he wondered to himself.
He noticed that there seventeen other characters around him. At first, he looked at them awkwardly, then he decided to introduce himself.


"Hello, my name's Duncan. I'm from the Island of Sodor. Now, what have I gotten myself into..."