Mario Golf: Super Rush Speed Golf Tournament (Cancelled)



Remember those Mario Golf: World Tour tournaments that we had years ago? Well now with Mario Golf: Super Rush we can have the same thing but with the added inconvenience of having to play together at the same time!

Tournament Rules:
Matches will be online 4 Player Speed Golf matches, using the High Score ruleset, with 6 Holes, no start advantages. Star/Superstar Characters will be allowed. Mii Characters will not be allowed. As for course selection, the entirety of this tournament will take place on Bonny Greens, a course that is unlocked by default. Each round will start in a different hole, with more details on this to be provided at the beginning of the round. If for any circumstance a group ends up with less than 4 players, change the rules to accommodate. When creating a lobby, use the following options:


  • Password: Disable
  • Permission: Friends only
  • Golf Mode: Speed Golf
  • Players (including CPU): 4
  • Character Restrictions: No Mii Characters
  • Format: High Score
  • Course: Bonny Greens
  • Holes: 6 H
  • Tees: Tournament
  • Wind: Normal
  • Special Shots: On
  • Time Advantages: All start same time

Rounds will be created by one of the members of a group with the above rules during the scheduled time period. Each player will get points based on their placement in a round. (1st 4 points, 2nd 3 points, 3rd 2 points and 4th 1 point). A screenshot of the results must be provided by at least one player. After all rounds are completed, the player with the highest score wins. If two players tie for first, a 3 hole sudden death match will be played to determine the winner. There will be 3 rounds played, however this may change depending on the amount of players that sign up.

As players can not use the same character in a lobby, and for the sake of avoiding arguments, you must choose a character when signing up. You do not have to use that character, however if there is any conflict of interest in character choices, the player who signed up with that character will be given priority to use that character. (If more than 16 people sign up this may be altered to a list of four characters.)

Required to sign up:
Switch Username and Friend Code
Preferred Character

Sign Ups:
  1. Ninelevendo (Nin11do sw-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx), Character tba, AEST (UTC+10)
  2. Hooded Pitohui (Ovie Val SW-6880-0428-3118), Luigi, EDT (UTC -4)

Sign-Ups will close on , after which a survey will be sent out to players to work out available times to form groups. Round 1 will then begin on .
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Sign ups have now closed, and since we don’t even have enough people for a 4 player match, I’ve decided to cancel the tournament. If anyone wants to play some causal rounds in the future, send me a pm and I’ll be sure to respond, but otherwise, thanks hooded and shoey for signing up anyway!