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Alright, presentation sign-ups are now open (Do consider presenting one if you're not already signed up to do so), so I'll be opening up the sign-ups for users to appear in my presentation now too. If I've drawn your character in the big batch of individual images that I've done over the last year, then I won't need a reference for you (unless you really want to give me one), but if you've updated your character in the meantime or I haven't done one for you, then I'm going to need some sort of reference to go from. I look forward to hopefully drawing your characters! :)

Yoshi Star Galaxy

Now on the Wii
Any chance you've got a full body reference somewhere? I'm probably going to need the whole thing rather than just the head.
Not really
I had waluigi time draw that for me for akg5 so I only asked for headshots
But the body is basically exactly the same as animal crossing blathers, the differences are only on the head
Yoshi the SSM
Signing up.
You should know mine, you did my favorite artwork of me.
I have a Mr. Y that you could also add if this is for favorite boss battle.
Yeah. Sure. The 'Shroomfest will be over by the Awards time, so he would be red again... I think. So, here's red.
Mr. Y (red).jpg
Although, if not, here's the cool color Mr. Y.
Mr. Y (blue).png
And remember, Yoshi the SSM is still available for you to use.

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Luigi 64DD

I believe you are quite familiar with my oc at this point. If you can squeeze the goose in there I'll be very much obliged.