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I was thinking of making an awards rp with tons of mario references and stuff.
The twist is that the environment, plot, and npcs are controlled by me to an extent (basically the same way a dungeon master controls a D&D game)
And the EXTRA twist is that you have to use an obscure mario character.
But first I'll need enough people to sign up in order to know if this warrants enough attention to become official.
So give me your main username, time zone, and pick an obscure mario character to play.
Also, provide advice and/or suggestions if you want because it helps.

1. SuperShyGuy, playing as
Tumble, the magical die from Mario Party 3
2. MightyMario, playing as
Mouser, a mouse from Super Mario Bros 2 who uses his bombs to destroy good dreams
3. Long John Spaghetti, playing as
Friendly Floyd, a friendly salesman from the Super Mario Adventures comic
4. Toadettefan, playing as Wanda, the fairy of a mythical forest from Mario and Wario
5. Kirbyo, playing as Dimentio, the time and space bending villain from Super Paper Mario

1. Fantanoice, playing as Lady Bow, the leader of the Boos of Boo Mansion in Paper Mario
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Marge Simpson

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I'll be a replacement because I don't think my timezone will play well with you

User: fantanoice
Time: UTC +10 / Aus EST
Obscure character: Lady Bow


writing for the `Shroom, saving Popstar from doom
Oh yeah, I planned on having the villain be an npc I can control
So you can play Dimentio but he has to be good (maybe with a secret agenda though)
Also, Dimentio isn't very obscure
Ok, I'll have it be like, a backstabber or something! Also, Super Paper Mario itself is very obscure, burried behind games like TTYD and Sticker Star.