Mario Party Superstars

So here's the characters that are in:

Birdo (First game since MP9)
Birdo was playable in Mario Party 8 and 7.
Here's everything I've been able to gather from the Mario Party Superstars showcase and trailer:
  • Returning roster based on existing footage: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, Donkey Kong (Toad and Toadette resume their roles as hosts from SMP, and Boo does not appear to be playable, resuming his role from Mario Party 1-4 as a stage event were he steals stuff for you, Bowser appears to be relegated back to an NPC, as the Bowser Space returns, and he also shows up on Peach's Birthday Cake as a passerby board event)
  • Dice blocks are back to 1-10 values by default, all players start with 10 coins, stars are worth 20 coins, Star steal is back to 50 coins. Various items have had revamped coin values as opposed to nothing costing more than 10 coins from SMP.
  • Battle spaces return, but they disappear after a minigame there has been played. The person who landed on the space also gains +3 coins. Furthermore, battle minigames are now selected via roulette, and regular 4 player games, like Honeycomb Havoc, can be used for battle minigames, not just strictly battle minigames from prior titles. Coin values I saw for the roulette of coin wagers per player were 7, 10 and 20 coins.
  • Older games which used a Mushroom for double dice and a Gold Mushroom for triple dice are now replaced by generic double and triple dice items. A normal Mushroom showed up later in the stream, which adds +5 to your next dice block roll. Cursed Dice Block gives an opponent of your choice a dice block of 1-3 for their next roll.
  • Landing on a same space duel minigames return, most likely for a last 5 turns side effect like in prior games. Board games can seemingly be played for a max of 30 turns.
  • Bonus Stars we know of so far are Slowpoke (the player who walked the least spaces) and Shopping Star (the player who bought the most items, previously in Mario Party 7 and 8, this was awarded to players who spent the most coins in item shops).
  • Chance Time Spaces and Hidden Blocks are both returning.
  • The game supports Joycons, Switch Pro controllers and Gamecube controllers. Additionally, all game modes can be played online. Online games can also save after every turn is completed, as opposed to SMP's online disbanding a board game completely after an internet connection error.
  • 4 player minigames award coins to 2nd and 3rd place players, but 1vs3 games (and most likely 2vs2 ones, which unfortunately were not showcased) do not give coins to the losers.
  • There will be 5 boards in the game, all from the N64 era of Mario Party (Mario Party 1-3). Current ones we know of are Peach's Birthday Cake from MP1, Space Land from MP2 and Woody Woods from MP3. We do not know yet if more boards will be added via free updates or paid DLC.
  • From what I was able to listen to during the stream, but it was hard to take in due to 4 people talking, minigame victory jingles depending on the game are reused and remixed accordingly, and I think the solo minigame win and multiple player win jingles from MP2 and 3 are used. Furthermore, the results screen appears to use either a slight remix of 1 or 2's results screen after every turn or a direct rip updated to suit the Switch hardware.
  • Bowser Coin Beam on Space Land will still show the animation even if no one is in the way of fire, unlike in MP2, in which nothing happens.
  • Item Minigames return, as opposed to Item Spaces from SMP in which a roulette is hit to decide what item you get. So far, we only know that Bobbing Bow-loons from Mario Party 3 is back.
  • Players can now taunt with sticker style reactions, such as Birdo going "Yes!" or "Whaaat?" with appropriate reactions for the sprite.
  • Lucky Spaces return, with an altered outcome. An example pic is right here

Here is the full list of every minigame we have seen so far, be it via trailers, treehouse showcase or Mariowiki documentation. I'll be listing them per game from the main series, both in names and in total count.

Mario Party 1
Face Lift
Hammer Drop
Mushroom Mix-Up
Shy Guy Says
Tipsy Tourney
Bobsled Run
Handcar Havoc

Mario Party 2
Bumper Balls
Honeycomb Havoc
Mecha Marathon
Roll Call
Slot Car Derby
Sneak 'n' Snore
Balloon Burst
Dungeon Dash
Look Away
Sky Pilots
Bowser's Big Blast
Bumper Balloon Cars
Crazy Cutters

Mario Party 3
Cheep Cheep Chase
Snowball Summit
Mario's Puzzle Party
Mush Pit
Parasol Plummet
Rockin' Raceway
Eatsa Pizza
Etch 'n' Catch
Puddle Paddle
Boulder Ball
Coconut Conk
Messy Memory
River Raiders
Storm Chasers
Tidal Toss
Tick Tock Hop
Vine With Me
Bobbing Bow-loons

Mario Party 4

Mario Party 5
Coney Island
Leaf Leap
Pushy Penguins

Mario Party 6
Rocky Road
What Goes Up

Mario Party 7
Pokey Pummel
The Final Countdown

Mario Party 8
We have no minigames from this game seen yet

Mario Party 9
Goomba Spotting
Shell Soccer

Mario Party 10
Rapid River Race
Skewer Scurry

Super Mario Party
We have no minigames from this game seen yet

Unknown Minigame
Tread Carefully (If I were to personally guess, a renamed Treadmill Grill from Mario Party 3)

Overall series rep for minigames and total count, so far:
MP1: 7
MP2: 14
MP3: 18
MP4: 2
MP5: 3
MP6: 2
MP7: 2
MP8: 0
MP9: 2
MP10: 2
SMP: 0

Total minigame count, plus the unknown one: 53 out of 100 minigames this game will offer.

That should be everything, I hope you'll look forward to this game as much as I do.
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Alright, Birdo is playable in a Mario Party game again! I really hope that this game fixes all of the flaws that Super Mario Party had. There were many flaws in that game that prevented it from being my favorite Mario Party game (which is still MP10, to this day). Here are the problems that I had with Super Mario Party:

1. Allies are too powerful: Players who are lucky enough to land on multiple Ally spaces will have an easier time winning because they can travel more spaces around the board and have more dice blocks to choose from. Allies aren't going to be in this game, right?
2. Unbalanced character dice blocks: You have overpowered dice blocks like Wario, Boo, and Bowser's dice blocks, and then there's crap like Monty Mole and Koopa Troopa's dice blocks. With the exception of Mario Party 7, the characters have always been equal in every Mario Party game so that way you can choose your favorite character without worrying about who's the best.
3. SLOW gameplay speed: Super Mario Party has so many (unnecessary) animations and it can take a long time for a turn to be over. Just compare how long it takes to get a star in Super Mario Party to the past games on the Gamecube, and you'll see that it takes a really long time in Super Mario Party.
4. Everything is too cheap: Stars only cost 10 coins, stealing stars costs 30, and most items cost 3-5 coins with the most expensive ones costing 10. The game also gives away coins like it's candy, so everyone will usually have a lot of coins and it's rare for a player to not be able to afford the star. The above post states that everything costs more, which is good, but I'm not sure how I feel about Lucky spaces giving so many coins (up to 20, why?).
ok so. the logo for this game felt so off to me and, comparing it to some logos from the previous mario parties, i realised why

you can see the star rush logo is kinda styled similarly, but its got so much more fun and its so much more colorful! look at the rainbow! look at the blue border! the fun pattern on the whole text and not just on the subtitle! and then the superstars logo is apparently styled like, exactly the same as the super nintendo world logo... its so incredibly boring
I think it has to do with the white outline and the blue beveling as well as the rainbow pattern the older logo went for. The newer logo seems more "generic" because the color scheme IS cribbed off the common Mario logo.
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There's 43 mini games that haven't been added yet. Overall this looks WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than Mario Party Top 100. It looks like they really paid attention to what actually ARE the fan favorite mini games, and they're actually including boards from the N64 era. Too bad it's only 5, but at least it's better than Top 100 only having one bland forgettable board.

Hopefully they'll include Bombs Away and Platform Peril. I don't care if it's from either 1 or 2, it would suck royally if Tug O' War got added but we don't get Bombs Away or Platform Peril.
toadette not being playable puts such a significant damper on my excitement of the game

i really wish nd cube stop fucking doing this
All these similar subtitles

I know one day I'm going to accidentally/subconsciously type "Mario Sports Superstars" or "Mario Golf: Star Rush" when editing
It's interesting how Mario Party 1 to 3 gets a huge share of minigames, in which the stream never have any minigames from other Mario Party games when they play the boards. This could imply that the other Mario Party games might either be extra minigames or unlockable minigames on the boards.

Tread Carefully (If I were to personally guess, a renamed Treadmill Grill from Mario Party 3)
Personally I think it's a renamed Sneak 'n' Snore because I felt the description fits that minigame, and Treadmill Grill is too good of a wordplay to change its name. Besides, "carefully" isn't how one would approach a minigame that's about knocking others into fire. That is, unless Sneak 'n' Snore is shown to retain its name (which I didn't see so far).

Thank you for reading.
The roster is definitely a downgrade from Super Mario Party, and it feels even more painful to see Rosalina perform animations that make no sense for someone who's supposed to be calm and reserved.
The roster is definitely a downgrade from Super Mario Party, and it feels even more painful to see Rosalina perform animations that make no sense for someone who's supposed to be calm and reserved.

Because heaven forbid she lighten up for what is supposed to be a fun party.
The roster is definitely a downgrade from Super Mario Party, and it feels even more painful to see Rosalina perform animations that make no sense for someone who's supposed to be calm and reserved.
If the list of mini games aren't finished, then maybe the character roster isn't finished…hopefully.