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Very belatedly, the rest of the Day 3 screenshots.

Hunger Games

The final game of the night, and of the event, was, as it had been between 2016 and 2018, Hunger Games. As far as I know it was mostly unchanged mechanically from 2018, although some parameters like the speed of the snow rise were changed with the aim of shortening the game. The goal was to have games lasting about one hour with multiple rounds being played, but despite the changes, while it was a somewhat shorter game than previous events, it still lasted several hours which kept us from playing any additional rounds. It also, like last time it was played, eventually turned into a Windows 3D pipes screensaver game.

After sitting out 2018 I played Hunger Games for the first time since 2017. I didn't get mad at like I did in previous years but it still isn't really my game; even for the part of the game where I was doing well I didn't really enjoy it that much because what I ended up doing felt too mean-spirited for me personally. I'm biased since I've never cared much for Hunger Games conceptually but it's the game I most feel could use an overhaul; given how teams invariably form I feel like it would benefit from having some sort of group win condition added.

Anyway, on to the screenshots. This is an account written from my perspective so it mainly focuses on what I did and is not intended to be objective.

The final door, feat. Zange.

22 as in past years (or at least as in 2018; I don't remember how involved he was before he revamped it with the snow system) ran the games, and given how much work went in to Feenik (at least I don't think it was a deliberate stylistic choice) the Hunger Games lobby ended up being very bare-bones.

22 explains the snow mechanic.

The airdrop.

TFP gets buffed.

TPG wanted to play but given how earlier in the morning it was for him wasn't able to make it. He wanted to get in the second round but unfortunately that never happened with how long the first ran.

Turb and Pitohui traded blows early.

Pitohui was the newcomer (along with FWD) I was most worried about facing, so between that and the altercation with Turb when I saw him I immediately went after him. Turns out that, and this should have been more obvious, skill at text-based battle royale games doesn't carry over.

The other person I faced early and I think basically the only other person I beat in the final rankings was Perch.

The turning point for my game was when, descending into a cave looking for more iron, I happened to find a lava source. Remembering how effectively VocalBeat had used it in 2016 (mainly against me, which I was really mad about at the time), I crafted a bucket (I'd actually found a considerable amount of iron) and took it with me. With it I had some success in the early-mid game, but not very much and basically just ended in everyone being united against me as teams started to form up (which, in my personal opinion, is probably because the pure battle royale concept just isn't really very fun).

Retrieving the lava source.

Noticing GBA mining underneath me.

The forest fire.

By this time 22 and Edo's group had already started to build up the wall, even before the snow rise was really forcing the 3D pipe game, which was a problem for me. I realized that my only chance to place decently was to get up the wall above them and flush them out, which I attempted and basically failed besides dropping Edo off his farm. After that I didn't really have a chance to finish close to last.

The wall fort grows.

Snow Hell Nation.

This picture clearly speaks for itself.

After abandoning my attempts at raiding the main wall fort I went after TFP and Nex instead. I ended up dying to being unable to tell where the snow was in water, which apparently was a holdover from it being impossible to make the snow replace non-air blocks in 2018.

Snow beginning to rise above ground.

Nex acted quickly to escape the snow.

TFP was caught on the ground and despite Nex having gotten away first kept claiming he had to save him. I still don't know how he managed to not die.

At around this point the game solidified into a mainly Marioboards team of GBA, TB, Turb, and Uniju and a team of Edo, 22, and their friends from off site, with TFP and Nex as a minor faction and Woglril as an independent. Me, Perch, Pitohui, and Zange had been eliminated. There may have been other players but I don't remember. It isn't really accurate to call the former the "Marioboards" team when Edo and 22 were on the other team and TFP and Nex were on there own, but for simplicity I'm calling it the Marioboards team here.

Marioboards group.

Edo and 22's group.

Uniju and GBA's hot tub as 22 bridged.

Edo and 22's group flanking Marioboards.

After the attack the Marioboards group regrouped with Woglril from what I remember, starting with GBA managing to get to her platform from the respawn airdrop.

Nex and TFP's position was attacked next. Nex had a good opportunity to recover somewhat and drop 22 here but despite me and a bunch of other people yelling at him he didn't manage to take it.

I think this is from the Saving Private TFP arc when TFP and Nex's team sort of joined up with the GBA-TB-Turb-Uniju one.

Woglril tends to do really well in Hunger Games by just ignoring everyone else and turtling (I think she won at least one of the 2016-2018 games) and once again she was one of the last players standing before finally losing to Dodo at the very end.

Top 10 Saddest Battle Royale Ends.
(I just realized I typed "tfp" here instead of "tpg". Their acronyms are too similar. I forget if I corrected myself at the time; I assume I did but I don't think I screenshotted it.)

During and immediately after the final battle.

The result of Hunger Games not clearing inventories.

Closing Ceremony

With Hunger Games finally over, the closing ceremony was held. GBA, Edo, and 22 all spoke and the teleporter back to Princeton was opened, though everyone immediately returned to Feenik afterwards (and I still had the better part of a week's worth of work to do on my sprite) and I don't think anyone has really done anything in Princeton still since games started, although I'm still hoping the FWD/Zange tour happens sometime soon since I love following along on the Princeton tours for newcomers.

Arriving at the gate of Camp Flamingo for the ceremony.

The attendees and speakers.

22 opening the teleporter.

Some lore notes on this, which include spoilers for some Feenik areas and dungeons, for the shrine books, and for the backstory generally, so be aware; I'm not sure how obvious it is from the game itself (I mainly know it from it being mentioned during development), but story-wise the relics are actually extremely dangerous artifacts with a degenerative effect on the world and people around them. This was the cause of the cataclysm mentioned in the scripture books that left Feenik almost uninhabited decades or centuries before we even arrived, the source of the gray ash you can see in the Forsaken Coast, the source of the same ash in one of the rooms in Barbthroat Manor and presumably at least partly to blame for Balthazar von Barbthroat's madness as mentioned in the diary's of the manor's head maid. You can see here as the teleporter is activated, nothing like that is present, but the power of the relics has already started to corrupt the land around it; if you go there now, you'll see the same gray ash and dead plants around it as in the Forsaken Coast.

Heading home.

Back in New Princeton.

An extra hour in the ball pit.

Feenik isekai.

Once again I think this picture speaks for itself.

Additional Days

This will probably be my last screenshot post unless I finish the redstone project I was working on, so I decided to add on some screenshots I took following the games too. They're divided between construction and other games, funny happenings in the Feenik (potentially with minor spoilers), and a record of my further adventures on Feenik (with major spoilers).


Sprite construction.

Woglril building her demon summoning library.

Demon summoning book.

A few days after games we had some impromptu spleef rounds, including a bracket with me, Boonem, GBA, and Woglril. Boonem beat me in the finals to become the spleef champion.

Funny screenshots;

Looking at Groden through a spyglass.

Mistaken identity.


GBA filled his cabana with fish and you can see one of them clipping from the window of mine.

Why is there a fish on it.

The Gartic Phone experience.

Stuck in a tree.

Stuck in a mine.

Groden is extremely associated with the horse at this point.

The South Sea Drowned spam.


Feenik adventures (major spoiler warning);

The infamous Bog jumps. This may have been from when I logged on after logging off there to find that all the platforms had stopped moving and decided to just take it.

Hint art.

Bear rock above the polar bear cave in the meadows.

Dead tree in Forsaken Coast. I think this may be the same one the hint art of the man lying under a tree leads to.

The day after Games ended I was finally able to complete my circumnavigation of the island. Some of these are dupes I believe but this was all the relics and ingredients the successful attempt netted me, including the big relic from East Sea.

Getting Lake's big relic.

Groden inviting me to swim in Vajabaoth's cavern. I was going to jump down to check for red coins even if he hadn't said they might be down there but I still felt stupid falling for it.

After finally getting to the summit of Karda's Peak it became probably my favorite area on Feenik.

Standing on North Sea's big relic in my treasure room.

GBA added this to a house Groden earlier had horseclipped into.

TFP and Nex completing 100%.

Defeating the melon.

Again I believe some of these were dupes, but the results of my swing through Forsaken Coast and the East and South Seas, including South Sea's big relic.

Someone else defeating the melon.

Solving the mystery of the secret path in the fort. I wanted to do it the intended way after inadvertently spoiling myself on what it leads to so I spent a lot of time trying to figure it out and eventually did.

Solving Barbthroat Manor. The bits of lore to it were really interesting and even if I knew a bit about the solution to its main puzzle from seeing FWD talk about it I liked it. The candle jumps were easier than I expected from seeing FWD attempt it but I played the loot hunt with the Russian church and he didn't so it seems easier in comparison I guess.

I also recently did the pilgrimage walk around the island visiting the nine shrines (which nets you Forsaken Coast's big relic). The town shrine was apparently the only one I still needed, but I really like the religious lore behind Feenik so I wanted to do the full pilgrimage route in order and read all the books and I did keep going, although I got a little lost looking for the forest one and misremembered there being two in the Forsaken Coast. I did another partial swing around because I decided to transcribe them for myself too. Visiting the forest one at the end actually gave me a second copy of the relic.

According to the church in Forsaken Coast, the pilgrimage was customarily made once a year, so if I remember I'm going to invite people to make it again with me at Games 2022 I think.

Getting Hunting Grounds' big relic after discovering the Creepers in the maze under the meadows (which I haven't completed yet).