minecraft games: revenge


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Minecraft Games 2019: 2020: 2021: Revenge
minecraft games is back from the dead

Spleef • Murderer • Porkchop • Apples

Shine Runners • Hockey • Pit Fight

Payload • Hunger Games

each day will have about four hours of intense gameplay action with assorted events
*times may be subject to change
With a chance to win REAL* prizes!
*in minecraft
Direct your Minecraft client to
to join Minecraft Games 2019: 2020: 2021: Revenge
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Hey there, everyone.

As the date for MC Games 20192021 approaches, we are still feverishly working to bring everything to completion and make this event as enjoyable as it can be. Sadly, we've endured some unforeseen setbacks and scheduling bottlenecks, and we're going to have to delay the event for one more week.

Therefore, MC Games will take place one week later than originally planned. The dates in the OP have been updated thusly and are correct (the first weekend of September).

To compensate for the delay, we would like to offer you a glimpse of what we've been working on — the 2021 Games Hub — and what you will be able to explore fully if you choose to join us for this event in September. I will put it in spoiler tags in case you rather want to keep it a surprise for yourselves.

If you are interested in partaking in the festivities but aren't already on our server, make a post in this thread and also include your MC username, so we can put you on our whitelist once the time comes.

We hope to see you at the MC Games.















Is this thing running? Hello?

I tried to wire up a distress beacon, but this thing got banged up pretty good. Transmitter didn't work, so I had to rig up a replacement with a waterlogged smartphone, twelve potato batteries, and two floppy disks I found in a crab shell.

It's telling me this signal can only be sent to systems running on Xenforo forum software and I have no idea what that means, but I think it's fine as long as this broadcast reaches... anyone, really.

Uh, so in case someone is reading this... like, help. Yeah, "help" seems pretty appropriate.


It appears like I've washed up on the shore of some uncharted island. I am not quite sure what happened, but I remember the space station we were stationed on going into meltdown and us making a mad dash for an escape pod. Evidently that must have worked, since I'm here and alive, instead of blowing up in space.

Unless of course I am dead and this is the afterlife. But I don't think you're supposed to wake up in the afterlife with a cubic ton of sand lodged in your underwear, so I'm reasonably sure this place exists and is real.


I don't really know where I'm going, but I figure I might as well document what I am seeing. The most striking landmark I can immediately make out is a large, tower-like structure with light emanating from it. I tried approaching it because I was looking for a restroom, but the thing seems to be locked up pretty tightly. I don't know what's up with that.

I did find some inscriptions that seem to suggest the tower opens at a certain time of year, but that time is still a couple weeks off, so I'm leaving it alone for now.


It's been three or four days now, and I've met some other survivors who made it to the escape pod bay in time. It seems like bits of the space station exploded and fell down onto the island and in the ocean. That sounds kind of cool if it didn't also mean we're stranded.

We got together and built a makeshift encampment from station debris and materials we've scavenged from nearby locations. We also dug into some underground ruins that provide shelter from the weather and cold. It's actually pretty cozy, if a bit primitive.


The local climate seems pleasant and the landscape is lush and bountiful. Having to hunt for food is something I still have to get used to, but it works I guess. The local fauna seems docile; I haven't run into much trouble yet, but I'm also staying away from the wild boars. They look mean.


Occasionally I am coming across these ruined structures. I guess this island used to be inhabited once, but I have yet to encounter any people other than the guys back at our camp.

Though judging by the state of these buildings, whoever lived here died a long time ago.


We haven't mounted any expeditions past the mountains yet. It seems foolish to go at that alone, so we're going to hold off on that until we've got some kind of plan.

This lake is as far as we have gone out so far.


It has been a week and a half now, and I am beginning to get the lay of the land. It's really quite not so bad after a while. I think I'm going to take a stroll.


Something strange happened. I dug up a strange carved statuette and it's intriguing me. I think it has been cut from some kind of rock, and it is emitting an electromagnetic field. My electronics really do not like being around this thing, but I think maybe we could harness the properties of this and use it as a power source.

On further examination, these statuettes appear to be all over the place, hidden in various locations. I don't know the origin of these curious relics, but somehow I feel compelled to find and collect all of them now.


Wait, who are these guys? Can it be? Is there other intelligent life on this island?

Hello! Do you speak my language? I am looking for help.


Wait, what are you doing? No, this is too close, please!

I'm not hostile! I come in peace! NO!











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anyway this is imminent


Hazukashii serifu kinshi
Uniju :D
day 1 was great and everyone had a blast. remember that you can still play in the hub or engage in any number of unsanctioned game activities 24/7, and we'll have even more games tomorrow


🌻Ashita wa nanika ga kawaru ka na?
First up, an announcement: due to minor technical difficulties and the schedule running very long, Apples to Apples is now being added to the Saturday schedule.

Next, screenshots.


First game of the night was Spleef, a Minecraft classic going back almost to the very beginning of the game. For this year, TB built a whole new, much larger circular arena to house it along with adding new configurations and functionality.

Looking into the Spleef control room.

It was only when I looked through these to find the ones I wanted to post that I realized I'd had clouds on and they came into the Spleef arena.

Spleef has code to prevent stalemates by automatically breaking blocks after a certain time has elapsed. I think someone did explain this during the game, but what's not obvious to the player is that part of the mechanism for it involves teleporting pigs around out of sight, which is why some of us kept calling the mechanic pig or pige.

FWD and Perch kept turning this decorative valve in the ready room. I think FWD was the one who discovered you could turn it.

Edo and Uniju tied a game at one point.

Iron bar mode was controversial. The Australians were bullying TFP I guess. I think I screenshotted this for that line. specifically.

Me and GBA, who had played silverfish mode in testing and kept making Fate/Stay Night jokes about it all game, started a clamor for Worm. 22 was running the game and instead kept making us jump higher instead.

Non-Australian Turb won the Australian Fight.

The ready room got crowded.


Second game on the list was another one of TB's, Murder, which is based on the Gmod minigame. It was mostly unchanged for games, although TB finally coded the long awaited Backlot map.

Crackin still hasn't changed out of his infamous pogchamp skin.

Minecraft Games turnout lead to some seriously nutty game outcomes.

memes (I forget what the memes were and I don't feel like checking the logs).

At one point Nabber ran into the voting booth for the Oregon map and started the game before anyone else could do anything but go into the ready room, with no other votes for any map.

An even wilder outcome. This was one of only a few murderer wins.

At one point I killed FWD, Nabber, and 22 basically all at once on American Vigilante, upstairs in what I think is the salon. The murderer meta with this many people was basically to forget strategy and just start swinging the sword as much as you could.

With so many people and a lot of unfamiliar or less-familiar faces people also had trouble calling out who they thought the murderer was, which resulted in at least two people (and almost Nex too) calling Pitohui "the black guy" when they thought he was the murderer.

Ready room was hoppin.

The high-stakes showdown at the end of one of our games on Higurashi between Uniju and Woglril. Also, it took a very long time for FWD, murder forum game creator, to roll the murderer role. I forget if won or not the one time he did but I think he didn't?

This picture clearly speaks for itself.


Third game of the night (and the last to be played in full, since Apples was cut short and moved to Saturday) was Porkchop. This is a game developed by Groden (and if I remember correctly, his friends) which was first played in this community in the pool at his house in New Princeton, while the games implementation was made by me. I was busy during it running the game and dealing with technical difficulties that interrupted it for about half an hour so I don't have as many screenshots as I do for TB's games.

LTQ, Pitohui, and Rose (all of them 'Shroom staff if I remember correctly) coincidentally lined up on one side of the ready room and were talking about it, so I took a few screenshots of them waiting for the game.

People (including me) had trouble getting into the boats sometimes, and the aforementioned glitch eventually caused green team's boat not to spawn, so a lot of games involved players just running on the ice.

There was a lower turnout after repairs were made and the game restarted, and it benefits a lot from more players, but we did get a few decent games in, including a few nighttime rounds.


I haven't spent nearly as much time as most people exploring the hub yet so I don't have as much to say or as many screenshots to post as I'm sure others will, but after unlocking the darkvision upgrade and heading back to the hotel to deposit some items I really love how the night sky just before dawn looked over the docks, so I made sure to take a few pictures.

Technically the curtains are supposed to be closed to help preserve the illusion of the how the cabanas are built, but I happened to be online very early Friday morning when Turb was just finishing the hotel up and offering to preregister people who helped out with games, and I chose A-3 for having the clearest sea view in the A dock, so I made some unsanctioned modifications myself.

But wait, there's more!


(I had to, sorry. It arguably even fits better than the Yu-Gi-Oh joke does because in the opening, rather than the chorus, of You Give Love A Bad Name the lyric isn't just "you give love a bad name" but "darlin' you give love a bad name".)

Around the time Minecraft Games was delayed, I started thinking of adding some new project on to what I was already doing, now that I had the extra time, because I wasn't going to be all that busy and I kind of wanted to do something as a gift to the community and especially to the games developers for all the work they put it in. I had a few ideas that I never really got around to doing and I guess didn't jump out me enough to get me to do them, but the day before the games I remembered I had some card assets I'd made something else and this idea immediately hit me. I wish I'd had it sooner so that I could've gotten them done on time easily instead scrambling while trying to do other last minute work and later while actually playing the games, but, well I didn't. Luckily it mostly involved assets that were already made, so it was feasible enough to do on such short notice. And, while I only had limited space on the cards since I already had the layout so it doesn't quite do everyone's contributions justice, it was a fun way to introduce the work the whole team did in getting games ready.

Most of what's here I didn't make; I made the templates, wrote the cards, put them together, and took pictures of locations around games and New Princeton for backgrounds, but the sprites were I believe mainly made by the people featured in them (most of them edited from official Mario sprites) and then edited by Edo, who made them as art for the last Minecraft Games in 2018, provided most of them for me (thank you also to TPG for getting me a few other sprites), and who is credited on the cards. I also used the official Userpedia logo designed by Anton, and I'd also like to thank 22 and Turb (part of why I preregistered for the hotel was to take pictures there, to be honest) for helping me get the screenshots I needed. The alignments are borrowed from TPG's Minecraft alignment chart.

Gabumon – Island Architect [UR★★★★]
Lawful Good User

2257 – Command & Control [UR★★★★]
Lawful Evil User

Toadbert – Battle Entrepreneur [UR★★★★]
Neutral Evil User

Coming soon...

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LTQ, Pitohui, and Rose (all of them 'Shroom staff if I remember correctly) coincidentally lined up on one side of the ready room and were talking about it, so I took a few screenshots of them waiting for the game.
Oh, I though we were talking about the Hall of Valor :P
Never noticed who was where in this cabin.


🌻Ashita wa nanika ga kawaru ka na?
Day 2 screenshots coming soon after I look through them.

...But first up, an announcement: due to minor logistical/scheduling difficulties, Shine Runners is now being added to the Sunday schedule.

Also, from talking to the people more involved with organization (who I've been bugging incessantly about construction because I personally was hyped for it), construction games will not be ending on Sunday as they have in the past and will instead have a longer flexible deadline and probably just ger judged when people are done with their builds, so if you are interested in construction you don't have to be in too much of a rush or worry about missing out on the hub. There are categories for buildings and for sprite art and there may or may not be a redstone category depending on turnout.

Today's cards;

The Pyro Guy – Pit Boss [UR★★★★]
Chaotic Evil User

(I said I borrowed the alignments from TPG"s chart, and I did with one exception; my layout already had an alignment icon based on a standard DnD-esque nine-alignment system so TPG gets Chaotic Evil as the closet to the Fucked alignment he gave himself. Also, thank you again TPG for tracking down your and GBA's sprites for me.)

Snack – Rinkleader [UR★★★★]
Neutral Good User

GBAToad – Shining Mapmaker [UR★★★★]
Chaotic Neutral User

Coming soon...



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Belated Day 2 (and sort of Day 2.5 because I went back after I woke up to look at construction) screenshots.

Hub & Construction

I've still mainly been taking aesthetic nighttime shots of the hub. There are a few minor spoilers in these shots though; there aren't any unmarked spoilers for relic puzzle solutions, but there are pictures of relics including one that shows the location (though not how to get to it) of one relic. Not much to show of construction yet so it's rolled into this.

Camp Flamingo.

Terra Dock Atoll. The whole hub is great so I feel bad that I've mainly been raving about the hotel but I do like it a lot; GBA did a great job on the landscape, Turb's work on the cabanas themselves is great too, and I really like the music and vibe it has.


You are going to lose this Minecraft Games and you are never going to win another Minecraft Games again. You are never going to win a Minecraft Games again because you fed my goat.
-Turb, probably


Mountains at night. I really like how the sky looks at night in Minecraft when you have night vision on, maybe because it always reminds me of some of the weird nighttime sky colors from Populous 3.

Got my first 3D relic from somehow completing the music puzzle in the mountain ice cave after struggling with it for a while and trying (and failing) to write down the notes.

I've spent an extremely long time working on the palette for my construction sprite and still haven't started actually building it yet.

Wogl's quartz building.

Pit Fight

First game of the day, and the first all-new event played this games (sort of; Apples is also new since 2018, though it's been played extensively since this March, and we did play one round Friday before stopping) was Pit Fight, swapped with Shine Runners (before that had to be delayed a day) so that TPG could be there for it before going to bed. There were some technical difficulties as there has been for pretty much every event, but it mostly went off well.

I feel like I've been saying "pog" a lot more since Minecraft Games started.

Rush for the ready room. It got crowded.

The corner meta returned.

The most significant glitch was that with this many people players fell so fast that sometimes multiple falls were recorded as one, which prevented a few games from ending.

Drip was my personal favorite map and seemed to be pretty popular overall.

My duel with Roserade.

Rose later managed to fall into the pit without dying somehow.

Pit maps are very small.

Mexican Standoff.

cum is impossible


Second game of the night was Hockey. I didn't expect to have it running for games but I managed to finally after several years update it to the new post-1.12 command format, although I dropped plans for a full rewrite with added game mechanics.


Hockey's glitch was that the ult charge code for blue team was broken, so only red was able to get the high-knockback Meteor Stick. After the first few games ults were turned off after we decided to keep playing without them instead of waiting for the code to be troubleshooted, but this will get looked in to after games.

Rose scored the first of two own goals of the night. Sadly he wasn't able to score any other goals and, as own goals aren't counted by the score tallying code, didn't make the goals table for this year.

Goal line action.

Players in the ready room. Thank you 22 for quickly jury-rigging player counters for both porkchop and hockey; it would've been (and was) hard to run the games smoothly without them with this many players.

Pitohui mainly stuck to goalkeeping. In past experience before games I don't think anyone has been able to block shots well, but he stuck it out and did really well with it.

TFP has always been by far the best player at hockey to the point where we, only mostly jokingly, kept wanting more Canadian players to balance him. He dominated hockey during games too, and funnily enough the two best newcomers really were fellow Canadian FWD and one of Edo's friends, Dodo, from Finland.

Mid-game score check feat. Turb being sorry for owning after Uniju called him out.

Turb scored the other own goal of the night, but quickly (in the very next game if I remember correctly) turned it around and scored another goal. He ended up placing third in the goals count and would've placed first in total points (full scores will be posted after games conclude) if not for TFP winning 11 points in a shutout 1v1 round against Dodo at the end.

What hockey looks like up close. I mainly took spectator shots but there should be some good in-game footage whenever the games videos come out.

The face off for TFP's 1v1 match against Dodo and spectators in the stands watching.

Apples to Apples

Apples, moved from Friday, was the third and final game of the night. Like Pit Fight it's another new event for Minecraft Games 2021, coded by 2257 with an arena built by GBA, although it's been being played as a casual game since it was built this March. Unlike most of the other events there isn't much action to capture, but I made sure to catch what I thought were the funniest cards and chat moments.

I'm still not sure what he meant by this.

You can't really tell in a static image but the eighth card here is constantly changing scrambled text.


For Minecraft Games Apples featured an updated deck with a number of new cards, including some relating to this year's awards presentations.

TFP and Nex have been doing most of the hub co-op and sat together at one end of the table for Apples too. Nex was busy trying to google "fuckedous" while we waited for him to judge but when he said that we thought he was googling strippers (the card that he picked that round) instead. Or at least I did.

Some pictures that speak for themself.


🌻Ashita wa nanika ga kawaru ka na?
Hunger Games round 1 is still going (and it may continue for a second round) so no screenshots yet, but since it's after midnight and games are almost over, here's today's cards;

Turb – Cabana Concierge [UR★★★★]
Neutral User

Uniju – Console Guy [UR★★★★]
Chaotic Evil User

The Fresh Prince – Gametest Prince [UR★★★★]
Chaotic Good User

And that's the last of the cards.

Or is it?


how about a rousing game of pool
well I was at work through most of it but the hunger games was cool

I'm glad people enjoyed the spleef and murder, spleef was a real endurance round of me playing nine inch nails songs on loop for like 2 weeks straight and actually pulling a work ethic out of nowhere

I just found out the mc_games speech's bgm had a bug in the code so uhhhhhhhhhh sorry I made everyone need to stopsound that h (it was supposed to /stopsound @a * which the game let me autocomplete, which i assumed would work, but it actually doesn't, which is really cool and almost thematic)

I've seen none of the hub and have basically no clue what anyone has been talking about for the past three days but I'll get on it soon


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hey guys heres the relic leaderboard:

this isnt like final scores or anything because we're not handing out prizes and people can keep collecting more, i just thought it would be cool to see where everyone was at the end of the event


🌻Ashita wa nanika ga kawaru ka na?

(Narrator: The photograph was staged)

Meanwhile, GBA filled his cabana with fish.

For Hunger Games there will be a lot to sort through on its own and there's the closing ceremony on top of that, so those screenshots will be coming tomorrow. For now though, here's part one of Day 3.

...But first up, an announcement: I'm not sure if Uniju is actually tallying up games scores so since I promised them, here are the scores for Porkchop and Hockey;

Porkchop winsCounting number of times a player was on the winning teamHockey goalsCounting number of goals player scored, excluding own goalsHockey pointsCounting player goals plus all goals (double counting player goals) and all wins for teams the player was on

Hub & Weird House Raid

I've been meaning to walk around the entire coast of the island basically all games now, and I set out today to finally attempt it. However, my first attempt I got mobbed on the coastline south of Camp Flamingo and died. Second attempt I got sidetracked after finding an interesting building. Again there will be some potential spoilers.

This isn't the building, but whoever lived in this house REALLY liked Street Fighter to a degree I found noteworthy enough to take a picture.

Entering the building, I found what I thought was a relic chest, but instead there was an odd book.

I quickly found myself trapped in a loop and had to bail and warp back to camp because I was hungry. I wasn't able to solve it and I haven't really had the chance to do anything co-op yet so I asked if anyone wanted to come look at it with me.

A glitch where underwater red flames were invisible got fixed and Turb was out at the submarine looking for them, so I decided to head there and try myself first after I got back from dinner. I think the sub is one of my favorite locations in the hub so far.

Turb came to look at it with me when I went back and I was able to solve it and get the relic, mainly because I noticed he'd gotten teleported below me and it made me think to pay attention to my altitude, so I was able to cheese it. I wish I'd gotten it legit but I doubt I would have.

I'd started to run low on coins buying arrows and pizza for my travels and after the house I visited the South Sea and discovered how lucrative it is to grind for coins there (not pictured: Uniju asking how to get money).

Shine Runners

First game of the day was GBA's Shine Runners, which was recoded for games and moved from Saturday. The timer was also shortened and items were turned off for games, and one map (the mines, I don't remember the official name off the top of my head) was disabled, partly because it includes rain and unfortunately for technical reasons snow isn't possible in the hub, which would have meant rain would fall in the snow area.

Lobby scenes.

Because of the nature of Shine Runners an inordinate number of my screenshots are just death screens. It's probably the game I'm worse at out of all the events we had this year.

All the in-game ones also have a lot of shine messages. It's a very fast-paced game.

Overview of the somewhat dangerous stage select room.

Everyone always loses it when they see Crackin so he's probably never going to change his skin.

On Final Destination the pace is so fast that everyone quickly realized that the meta is to jump off the edge yourself, because it gives you a second or two of unimpeded shine possession.


Second game of the night was Edo's Payload, which as far as I know is mostly unchanged for games. Despite its complexity and the fact that we got up to an insane sixteen players at once on some rounds it mostly ran very smoothly.

Lobby scenes.

I didn't get what Uniju said in the shot here and I forget exactly what it was but it was something spies and sighing.

Random in-game action shot.

Switching to the reload after shooting but before your shot hits someone results in death messages like this because I believe Minecraft credits kills to whatever item the player has in their dominant hand when a target dies.

At one point the payload got stuck on a barrier a Marksman player put up and duped.

Spaceload was always hard to navigate for me before and I hadn't played payload in months before tonight. I got lost a lot.

On what if I remember correctly was the final game of the night, I fell underneath the final platform on attack while we were stalled just short of the goal.

It was a tense game and I was a little surprised we won.


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by the way guys, the event is over now, but you can still play on the hub indefinitely. we're going to be fixing bugs and stuff and adding some features that we wanted to have at launch but didn't have time for, like a hint system. ive been trying to write down all the bugs and rough spots people have been bringing up, but if anyone has any more detailed feedback about the hub (or any other part of the event, really) i'd love for you to write it here

aside from that, construction will stay open until everyone who wants to submit something has done so. we're not handing out prizes or on a deadline or anything so we can just do that


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hey guys, ive made a documentation on my island adventure. i will update this post with them, including a 100% series of clearing the island. will start with MC games first though. unfortunately i had to mute the meadows soundtrack because of copyright so if you see the meadows song come on then you can search for "Kyanpujou no theme motosuko" and play that in the background i guess, sorry for the inconvenience. anyway here they are:

playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3KgYt-iOIWx_8y_eKGGcRlwwFYqBDDJZ

day 1

day 2

day 3

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extra days:

day 1:

day 2:

day 3:

day 4:

day 5:

day 6:

day 7:

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hey you guys someone actually collected all our relics

and by someone i actually mean 3 people!!!

thanks so much to dodo, nex and tfp for playing our adventure all the way to the end


🌻Ashita wa nanika ga kawaru ka na?
And that's the last of the cards.

Or is it?
Lynn Tyrne – Unlucky Saboteur [SSR ★★★☆]
Neutral Evil Non-User

Portrait credit: Kright – Original image source

NPC from Minus World Killing Game 8. GBA and Turb talked about the game in Turb's DnD channel because a different NPC was hosting a DnD one-shot in game and Turb mentioned a glasses girl, so I asked him to post her art and immediately liked her design.

The art I saw first had cartoony opaque/spiraly glasses but I later saw her other art with partially transparent glasses and her concept art without glasses. At the same time I'd been thinking of doing something with shulker boxes in a sprite for a long time, and I settled on an on/off glasses idea because I felt glasses would look the least silly being on top of the rest of the sprite, and a few people had been talking about whether KG characters would get Userpedia coverage if Userpedia still existed today so I hit on the idea of a holofoil trading card.

Cropped and scaled down from the original art, with the number of colors being reduced with the posterize tool in GIMP. The only version publicly posted has partially transparent, fogged up glasses, so I was able to trace the eyes in Inkscape to create a version without glasses. I don't think from what I can see that she has her long lashes in this art, but she does in the concept art, so additionally I touched it up minorly in Paintbrush to add them. The eye color was also picked from the concept art.

Card template and writing by me. Working on and off on it I spent a few days before Games making the card template, converting the original drawing into a 95x87 sprite, and making a list of all the colors in the image and then about a week selecting the palette and building it in game.

Glasses on/off

The effect isn't very apparent but I also tried to create a holofoil-like background by making it an opaque layer with a layer of glass over it

Reverse side

Originally my plan was to build three cards overlapping, but I severely misjudged how big 117x162 blocks actually is so I quickly dropped it and focused on just the one I had the shulker box idea for, and even that was a significantly bigger job than I anticipated. I was wondering how many blocks it actually is so I tried tallying it up and between both sides of the card, the extra ring of blocks in between them for the border (for the holofoil effect it needed to be three blocks thick), the extra blocks for the double-layered background, and the glasses it's about 41,720, give or take a few (I did a silhouette version like I did for the Games dev cards that I never ended up posting so it was easy to get the area of the portrait image minus the character, but I think a few pixels that I marked as part of the silhouette may have actually been part of the background or vice versa). After I wrote this up I remembered the holofoil effect is also on the tab at the top, so it's actually probably a few hundred more than that too. In comparison my 2018 sprite was 2,306 blocks.

Original sprite. She's under cover and playing a role in the time period the art depicts and her actual personality is completely different from what I know but "paranormal terrorist" with this moe art keeps making me lose it.

Was going to post this with Hunger Games and closing ceremony screenshots but I still haven't felt like sorting through those.