Mario Awards Scribble Deathmatch - Round 7: Lost To Time - Results!

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A tournament about scribbles and doodles! Inspired by the fast-paced drawing scenarios in Pictionary,, and various Jackbox games, this event is about scribbling wacky doodles in a tournament format. It's less intensive than a full Mario Awards art contest, while still openly inviting artists of all skill levels to participate and have fun!


Tourney Structure (Real)

- There are 7 rounds! A schedule for this tourney can be found in the second post of this thread.
- Each round lasts for approximately one week, consisting of a Submission Period and a Voting Period.
- The Submission period will last 5 days (Wednesday to Sunday), and the voting period will last 1 day (Tuesday).
- The missing day is to allow cooldown time between rounds, and for polls to be tallied and results to be formatted. For the time being, since there is no vote for this week, you'll have essentially an extra 48 hours to prepare before the first theme is revealed.
- Please keep yourself updated on the tourney bracket! You can find it here or in the second post of the thread!

- During the Submission period, I will send out reminder PMs to each player individually. Use that PM chain to tell me what time and date you would like to receive your prompt and draw a small doodle in response, or catch me in one of the various community discords. My timezone is AEST (UTC +10).
- Interpret the prompt as creatively as you like! Voters might appreciate creativity more than actual skill.
- You'll have a window of 5 days to choose a time, including the weekend!
- Please inform me of any difficulties that might prevent you from submitting ASAP!
- Sadly, I do have to sleep, but I might be able to work out a system that allows me to send prompts during hours where I am not available, we'll see!
- You do not have to organise a time with your opponent, only with me, the host. Though, if you'd like to draw with your opponent at the same time, I'm happy to oblige.
- When you receive your prompt, you have 4 hours to send me a finished scribble. Rules for scribbles can be found below.
--- Just remember: 1:1 Ratio, max 600px digital/10cm physical, only 3 Colours!
- If your submission is invalid, you will forfeit the round, as it is difficult to impose a new prompt on your opponent with short notice. For round 1, I will very likely be lenient as people are still working out what to do, but for later rounds this is non negotiable.

- At the end of the submission period, all submissions will be put into a Google Form and the link will be provided in the thread.
- As tourney participants, It is expected that you will vote in each round, and for each match-up!
- Spectators may also vote as well!
- Results will be tallied after the 24 hour voting period ends, and posted before the new round begins. We repeat this process for 7 rounds, until the tourney is complete!

Functionally, this is similar to the Smash Bros. tournaments, which divide rounds into week-long intervals of time for pairs of players to decide when they want to fight.

- Each week, a theme will be posted in the tourney thread. These themes will relate to Mario, the Awards, and MarioWiki as a whole.
- Participants will face off against each other by drawing small doodles based on a prompt relating to the weekly theme. Interpret the prompt as creatively as you like! Voters might appreciate creativity more than actual skill.
- Both players in a given matchup will individually agree to a time during the week with the host (they don't necessarily have to be the same time). The prompt will be provided when this time rolls around.
- Players will then have 4 hours to submit their drawing to the host in private. You can provide a title for the drawing if you wish.
- At the end of the week, all submissions will be posted in the thread, with polls for each. A 48-hour voting period will be given for spectators and participants to decide who the winner of each match-up is!

Once sign ups are closed, a tournament bracket of 1v1 matches will be drafted. The exact format of this is dependent on participation; with a low number of sign ups we can do a round robin where everyone draws against everyone else, with a high number of sign ups we will do a swiss-style tournament. Elimination will not be necessary. This will be discussed further as we near the tournament's start-date, which will be sometime in June.

If interest is unexpectedly high, I might even have to do 4p free-for-alls for the first few rounds to prevent the tourney from dragging on for months! As this is a new tournament, expect some creases to be ironed out as we work out what works and what doesn't.




Friendly Mushroom
Submission by Skibbity Bob M. Dada, Champion of Crimson
Send It Back
Submission by Kammi K., Queen of Supernova


Because they're simple! The definition of a doodle is "a rough drawing made absent-mindedly". Going overboard is not necessary in this tournament. All of the examples you see in the thread here were drawn in less than 30 minutes maximum, with some being done in roughly 5 minutes. It's meant to be low effort and fun!

However, to mimic the style of the drawing games this tourney is inspired by, and to level the playing field just a little, the following restrictions will be enforced for the duration of the tournament.


1. All players must draw with a limited palette of 3 colours: Black, White, and one other colour you must specify when you sign up. The extra colour of your choice is meant to distinguish players, and make things a little more thematic! Imagine you're fighting over a box of markers :shifty:

2. All drawings must be done at a 1:1 ratio (a square lol), with maximum dimension lengths of 600px digital, and 10cm physical. If you're unsure, ask me and I'll send you a blank image to draw on, but I can't send you paper unfortunately! Drawings cannot be animated, they must be static, single-frame submissions.

3a. For participants drawing digital: scribbles must be drawn as a square image with a non-transparent, white background. Details on preferred drawing programs, how-tos, and other exceptions can be found below.

3b. For participants drawing non-digital: scribbles must be drawn on a piece of white paper cut to the appropriate 1:1 ratio and size. A black pen, and one other colouring utensil (crayon, marker, etc.) can be used. Providing an approximate HEX code for your chosen colour for the thread and other things is appreciated!

4. Only 4 hours are allowed for one drawing. Submissions after the agreed upon deadline will not be accepted and you will be considered forfeit for that round.

5. If you are participating, please vote in all brackets. The more votes we have the better the judgment is for progressing the tournament. Spectators are encouraged to vote as well!

6. Be a fair sport! Any unsportsmanlike behaviour will be reprimanded and you might be kicked out of the tourney entirely (and banned from other Mario Awards events) if it persists.


Because we have community members with various operating systems and accessibility, restricting everyone to one drawing platform is more than a little difficult. However...

The pencil tool is your friend!
Most drawing programs offer a brush with a hard edge that remains a consistent colour (no anti-aliasing), normally known as the Pencil tool (or Pixel Pen). This is the kind of digital brush recommended for drawing in this contest. Setting your canvas size to 600x600 and using only the pencil tool with three colours will keep you in the clear for appropriate submissions. As we have physical submissions, which by nature aren't one solid colour on the edges, using an anti-aliased brush isn't strictly cause for disqualification, provided you aren't doing massive amounts of gradient shading with its blurred edges. This guideline is to keep entries mostly consistent with the three colour rule and examples shown!

I am definitely not an expert here, but here are some recommendations for free-to-use drawing software:

- Microsoft Paint - the classic, installed on all Windows operating systems. The only problem with MS Paint is that it does not support Hex Codes, only RGB/HSL values. Most online colour picker programs allow you to input Hex codes to get these values, so just be sure to convert them properly and you'll be fine!
- - an online drawing program well suited to doodling. Choose the Blush program, and then set the canvas size to 600x600 before beginning to draw with the pencil tool. You can save your drawing by printing your screen and cropping it in whatever image editor you please (there is no save function). You do not need to sign up or submit images to the gallery, print screening is fine and encouraged by their FAQ.
- GIMP - the classic secret santa gift. Operates similarly to Photoshop, works on Linux systems and is free to download. Supports various file types.
- Paint 3D - the hidden, better version of Microsoft Paint. There is a Hex code inputter for colors, but when drawing with this software, do not use the pencil, but rather the Pixel Pen, and you can adjust your canvas size with one of the option tabs in the top part of the screen.
- you can draw in real life that's okay - unless you live in a dystopia, paper and marker are easy to come by. Just make sure you cut it to be a square and doodle your heart out!

Other examples include: Paintbrush (for MacOS),, and Krita.

I'm willing to be lenient on the program you use (and even the maximum size, provided you can give me a good reason), so long as you can restrict yourself to three colours resembling white/black/your chosen colour and maintain the doodle style! If you're limited by your software, this also means you don't need to use #000000 as Black and #FFFFFF as White, but, those two must remain as close to those colours as possible. Please inform me ASAP if you are using different colours, and your reason for doing so.

As an example, I've had someone ask if Animal Crossing: New Horizons' bulletin board drawing feature is acceptable, and I'll allow that (provided they crop the image to a 1:1 ratio before submitting), because you are very limited by its colour system, even if its black/white aren't perfectly #000000 and #FFFFFF.



1. TPG, The King of Sunset Gold
2. Roserade, The Archduke of Brilliant Rose
3. Waluigi Time, The Master of Deep Purple
4. Hooded Pitohui, The Keeper of Amethyst
5. Reverse Input, The Champion of Dodger Blue
6. Ninelevendo, The Hero of Bright Turquoise
7. LB, The Lord of Casablanca
8. MCD, The Jester of Camarone
9. Zange, The Queen of Spring Green
10. Luigi 64DD, The Arbiter of Neon Green
11. Yoshi the SSM, The Manager of Default Red for Paint
12. Perch, The Undertaker of Burning Red
13. Power Flotzo, The Majesty of Monza
14. Turb, The Ranger of Blood Orange
15. Fawfulthegreat64, The Countess of Heliotrope
16. fantanoice, The Lady of Fanta
17. Lakituthequick, The Architect of Burgundy
18. Toadbert, The CEO of Cash Money
19. Hearts, The Harbinger of Amour
20. Moldomré, The Inquisitor of Mauvelous
21. Mfan168, The Hierophant of Cobalt
22. Alex95, The Gladiator of Silver
23. Koops, The Ghost of Red Berry
24. Smasher, The Priestess of Sapphire
25. Goombuigi, The Adventurer of Goombuigi Green
26. Anton, The Magician of Crayola Orange
27. Edo, The Serpent of Cold Iron
28. SGoW, The Minister of Eggplant
29. BBQ Turtle, The Duchess of Chartreuse
30. Winstein, The Justice of Windsor
31. Zelen, The Herald of Radioactive Green
32. Koopa Con Carne, The Defender of Spring Blues

Reserves - There is no guarantee you will be able to participate when signing up beyond this point, but if someone opts to leave the tourney BEFORE it starts, reserves will be added to the bracket in the order listed below.

33. Kirbyo, The Undiscovered Superstar of Lime
34. Toadgamer, The Governor-Elect of Indigo
35. InsaneBlathers, The Curator-In-Training of Merlot
36. Michelanshoego, The Shoeperintendent of BEEEEF


When signing up, fill out this form:

Colour: #------
Please provide your colour in hexadecimal format (#FF0000, #BEEEEF, etc). A very useful colour picker can be found here. You can provide the name of your colour yourself, or use this tool to generate one. Try to pick colours that are unique from others!

If you can commit to drawing a very simple doodle like the examples shown once a week, this tourney is for you! In order to do this tournament, we'll need like a minimum of 8, but I'll expand the number to accommodate more people as needed.

Remember to have fun and happy scribbling!
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All times should be listed in the timezone you've nominated in your profile.

Round 0 (Preparation) - -
Round 1 (Submissions) - -
Round 1 (Voting) - -
Round 2 (Submissions) - -
Round 2 (Voting) - -
Round 3 (Submissions) - -
Round 3 (Voting) - -
Round 4 (Submissions) - -
Round 4 (Voting) - -
Round 5 (Submissions) - -
Round 5 (Voting) - -
Round 6 (Submissions) - -
Round 6 (Voting) - -
Round 7 (Submissions) - -
Round 7 (Voting) - -


Prompts: Items/Obstacles

Prompts: Creatures/Enemies

Prompts: Awards/'Shroom

Prompts: Locations/Levels

Prompts: Character Duos

Prompts: Wacky Articles

Prompts: Art Contest 2019
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do you ever yearn for the soft touch of a pancake
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Thank you all for the interest and quick sign ups!! We've hit the minimum cap of 8 so I've expanded the slots to 16 to accommodate more players :ashley:

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do you ever yearn for the soft touch of a pancake
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Oh hell yeah

Username: fantanoice
Timezone: aest / utc+10
Colour: Fanta orange (I'll find it later)
I've set your colour to be #F8840D for now but let me know if you change it!

I've also expanded the sign-ups to 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The post was deleted but to address something, I had the time limit for drawing originally set as 24 hours starting from a period you nominate, but I decided that 4 hours after receiving the prompt might be better because even with only 4 hours, people will likely waste a lot of that time and send it to me at the end of the deadline anyway. Indeed, it also discourages overthinking and does put you on the spot for an idea, like the games its inspired by.

However, you will have most of an entire week to pick a small 4 hour period you'd like to receive the prompt/draw in, so in reality its still very flexible. You can draw a doodle in the evening after school/work or on a weekend afternoon. The voting period will likely take place after each weekend to ensure people have the most comfortable times to draw on the weekend itself. You will also have a vague idea of what the prompt you'll receive will be like if you want to brainstorm ideas beforehand, given the weekly themes will be public.

This is the first time the tourney has been run, so I'm seeing what works and what doesn't. If it turns out people prefer having a whole 24 hours, then that's something that will be implemented next time (assuming there IS a next time).

And finally, to emphasize this for everyone, you don't have to spend the whole 4 hours completing the drawing. You can spend an hour thinking of what to draw and 30 minutes scribbling it before sending me your entry for the round immediately.

Hope that clears up any concerns! Try hard and please do not be discouraged!