Toad Brigade Mafia (2021) - Game Thread (Endgame: The Destruction of Kamek's Curse)

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Welcome to the Toad Brigade Mafia game thread. This is where the actual game will begin. Rules will be posted below for convenience, but they are the same as in the lounge thread.

1. Day and Night phases will last 48 hours, though that can be changed if needed.
2. Each phase will begin at 10:00 PM CET ( - local time).
3. The game will begin with Night 0, which will be used to confirm role cards, introduce RPs, and set up PMs. This phase will last 48 hours, and afterwards, the game will fully begin with a standard Day phase. Night phase powers cannot be used in Night 0.
4. Vote tally updates will be posted twice during each Day phase, 24 hours and 48 hours after the beginning of the phase. Final results of each Day and Night phase will be posted roughly 10 - 20 minutes after the end of the respective phase, unless stated otherwise by the host.
5. Use the format "Vote: XXX" to vote for a player. If you wish to unvote, simply write "Unvote".
6. No-lynching is allowed, with the format "Vote: No Lynch". Tied votes will result in a no-lynch. No active votes by the end of a Day phase will also result in a no-lynch.
7. Once killed, dead players will automatically be invited to the dead/spectator PM chain. Spectators will have the option to join the PM chain once the game begins.
8. Dead mafia will retain access to the mafia PM chain, however they will be redirected to the dead/spectator PM chain if they wish to discuss the game, and won't be allowed to post in the mafia PM chain.
9. The players with active Night phase powers (e.g. Cop, Doctor, Tracker) should only use their powers in their Rolecard PM.
10. All italic text in posts from the host has no effect on the gameplay, and is only used for storytelling purposes.

1. You have to be active. This means, ideally, to post at least once during a day phase, although there is no hard restriction. If players aren't responding for a prolonged period of time, the host has the choice to modkill them.
2. Do not quote any part of host-made PMs, including the role card, night action results, and the mafia chat. Roleclaiming without quoting is allowed.
3. Do not post in the game thread after dying. In addition, if you died or if you're not a player, you cannot publicly post (here or elsewhere) your suspicions and speculation on the game, with the exception of the dead/spectator PM chain. This is to minimize interference between the players and people not in the game.
4. Private conversations to share vital information about the game, with the exceptions of host-created ones, are not allowed.
5. Failure to follow the rules will lead to the player being modkilled (or given a warning, depending on the severity of the situation).

Captain Toad (Public Speaker) - During the Day phase, the Public Speaker's vote counts as two votes.
Archivist Toadette (Tracker) - During the Night phase, the Tracker can choose a player to track and find out who they used their powers on, if any. They won't learn what powers those are, only who they targeted with them. A mafia's night action will only be revealed if they vote for a person and that person is killed that night. If they didn't vote, or if they voted someone other than who was nightkilled (for example if the mafia who is being investigated votes for player X, while the other three vote for player Y), then it will be equivalent to them not using a night action.
Hint Toad (Cop) - During the Night phase, the Cop can check the identity of a player, to find whether they are a town or a mafia.
Sleepy Toad (Bulletproof) - During the Night phase, the Bulletproof requires the mafia to target them twice to successfully eliminate them from the game. However, they can be eliminated by being targeted once either during lynches, or by the vigilante.
Bank Toad (Doctor) - During the Night phase, the Doctor can choose one player to protect each night, and this player will survive even if the mafia target them that night. They aren't allowed to protect a single player multiple times in a row.
Mail Toad (Vigilante) - During the Night phase, the Vigilante can choose a player to kill. They can only successfully use this power once, afterwards they become a vanilla town.
Toad (Vanilla Town) - A town with no special powers.
Wingo (Godfather) - During cop checks, the godfather appears as town. When voting for mafia kills, they act as the tiebreaker.
Draggadon and Gold Draggadon (Vanilla Mafia) - A mafia with no special powers, however, they have a say in which person to kill during the Night phase.
Mummy-Me (Semi-Godfather) - If the godfather dies, Mummy-Me inherits the godfather's powers. Else, they act as a vanilla mafia.

Ninja Squid (@Addam Origo)Hint Toad (Cop)Killed Night 3
Reverse Input (@Aru Honshou)???Alive
InsaneBlathers (@Insane Shmathers)Toad (Villager)Lynched Day 1
Kirbyo (@Kirbyo)Mail Toad (Vigilante)Lynched Day 4
Luigi 64DD (@Charlie Brown)???Alive
Roserade (@Roserade)Captain Toad (Public Speaker)Killed Night 4
Waluigi Time (@Waluigi Time)Draggadon (Mafia)Lynched Day 3
Shoey (@Matlock)???Alive
Power Flotzo (@King Hippo)Toad (Villager)Lynched Day 4
Ninelevendo (@Ninelevendo)???Alive
BabyLuigiOnFire (@Ray Trace)???Alive
Hooded Pitohui (@Hooded Pitohui)Bank Toad (Doctor)Killed Night 2
fantanoice (@fantanoice)???Alive
Alex95 (@Alex95)Toad (Villager)Lynched Day 2

NOTE: Nothing from the story (in italics) is relevant to the in-game events, I simply added it to 1. give the in-game events and characters a somewhat logical explanation in the universe (as opposed to simply "Captain Toad and the crew have to defeat Wingo and his assistants but they don't know who is who"), and 2. for decoration. I don't mind if you reference events from the story in your RPs, but please don't use them to make judgements or suspicions. Like roleplays, the story is here for decoration, nothing more.
Another note, the links in the story lead to music that you can listen to while reading if you wish.


Several days earlier, Mario was tasked with defeating Wingo and his assistants, the Draggadons. He spent a day scaling the lands surrounding Wingo's Watchtower, and in no time at all, he climbed the tower and found the bird. Wingo, surprised to see Mario so soon, but excited to fight, swiftly circled Mario, cawking to no end. Determined, Mario performed a triple-jump in an attempt to attack Wingo's head, unsuccessfully. Wingo dodged the attack and flew away. Agitated and even more confused, Mario looked around for options. He heard a whooshing sound from behind him. Alarmed, he looked around and -

BAM! He was smacked in the face with a giga-sized turnip, sending him flying away, close to the edge of the tower.
He skidded to a halt, and remembered that he had a spare Super Star in his pocket. Swiftly, he ate it, and soon felt the invincibility energy from inside him. Yes, he thought, now is the time to attack. Letting his arms sway freely behind him, he plunged forward, backflipped, and head-dived, once again aiming for Wingo's head. What previously was a gnarly smirk on the bird's face first turned into an expression of horror, but soon turned into one of cunning. He pulled out another giga-sized turnip, which he used as a shield against Mario, who, as a result, was deflected back to the ground.

Then, Wingo made an odd screeching noise that sounded like a chant, and a moment later, two Draggadons, one red and the other gold, surrounded Mario from either end, preparing to spout fire at him. Mario panicked, for his invincibility power had run out by that point, and he had no other power-ups in reserve. He dived away from the Draggadons's fireballs, and was about to grab the turnip that Wingo had used as a shield. Unfortunately, Wingo was one step ahead of him. He beckoned to one of the Draggadons, who promptly spewed fire at the turnip. It lit on fire, and Mario, who was running towards it, was caught aback and tried to stop, but slipped and fell head-first on the ground. For a brief moment, he was unconscious. He realized that he needed to get up and fight back, but before he could do so, Wingo smacked him with his claws, sending him flying back, this time farther than before. His body bounced like a marble, closer and closer to the edge of the tower. He tried to stop tumbling, but he was helpless. He rolled, his speed gradually slowing down. But it was too late. He had tumbled over the edge of the tower.

Wingo laughed, proud at his success. Gold Draggadon, however, looked alarmed. Wingo, confused, noticed that the Draggadon's eyes were looking at the edge of the tower. To his surprise, Wingo saw Mario's hands firmly gripping the edge. He motioned to the Draggadon, his eyes as if he said: "Well, don't just stand there! Do something!" The two Draggadons looked at each other, then at Mario. They spewed large balls of fire.

At that moment, Mario's head poked out from below the edge. He instantly realized what was going on. It was a choice between burning and falling. The plumber had to pick his poison.

He had lost the battle, but not the war. Not yet, anyway.

The Toad Brigade was steadily marching through the countryside.
"Look out for Power Stars," reminded Captain Toad for the umpteenth time.
"You've told us that already", said Hint Toad passively.
"What's that?" asked Archivist Toadette suddenly.
"What's what?" asked Bank Toad, studying a map while doing so.
"What?" asked Sleepy Toad, who suddenly remembered that he was supposed to walk, not sleep.

"Is it a Power Star?" asked Captain Toad, excited.
"It looks like something red, and it's falling at a tremendous speed … that can't be a Power Star," determined Hint Toad.
"And there's a big bird - that's Wingo!" exclaimed Archivist Toadette.
"Weren't we supposed to defeat him?"
"I thought Mario was."
"He's spotted us!"
The Toad Brigade ran for their lives.

It is now Night 0. This phase serves as a prelude to the game, and therefore night actions cannot be used in this phase. This phase will be used to send and confirm roles, and to set up PMs. Rolecards will be sent within the next two hours, and I will post again once they are all sent. The phase will end at: (May 10, 10PM CET)
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All rolecards have been sent. Please confirm that you have received them either in their respective PM, or in this thread.

If you're a spectator (aka someone who hasn't signed up for the game), you can join the dead/spectator PM chat by reacting to this post with "Thinking". Players will be automatically added once they die or the game ends, unless they wish otherwise (which you can tell me in either this thread or in the rolecard PMs).

As a sidenote, I've debated on whether to let people who've signed up as replacements join the dead/spectator chat if they'd be interested, but I ultimately decided to let them, and in the event that someone would drop out, I would communicate with them to make sure that they've left the dead/spectator chat and trust that they wouldn't leak anything that may have been said there. Hopefully though, replacements won't be needed in the game.
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"I see we're ready to begin. Very well, then. I'll confirm I have my role, and, uh..."

"Well, I hope I live through the first day, you know? Quite a colorful cast of characters here... Hope we can all get along."


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So that's what that is, huh... A role. Not what I would have picked, but if it's gonna make me that sweet, sweet dough, I'm in! Gwehehehe...


Now, who have we got here... A pink puffball with headphones, guy with a weird vest, robot, random warrior dude, and a red freak of nature. I hope you choke on that roll. Heh.


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Clarification for the Tracker role:

A mafia's night action will only be revealed to the Tracker if they vote for a person and that person is killed that night. If they didn't vote, or if they voted someone other than who was nightkilled (for example if the mafia who is being investigated votes for player X, while the other three vote for player Y), then it will be equivalent to them not using a night action.
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