MARIO(?): Hint Hunt (Gauging Interest)

Which game do you want to hunt hints in?

  • Mario Odyssey

  • Bowser's Fury

  • Other (let me know in the thread and I'll put it in the poll)

  • Breath of the Wild

  • Luigi's Mansion

  • 3D World Hub

  • Paper Mario: The Origami King

  • Kirby Star Allies

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Hint Hunt
Hello again, hunters. If you played 2018's Super Mario Odyssey Hint Hunt, you're probably aware of the 13 Hint Arts placed in various forum posts. These puzzles provide you with some sort of clue towards a location to find, ready for you to take a picture of and then send to me (in exchange for a big smile).

Now, surely you want EVEN more of these peculiar puzzles. "13? Is that it?" you say, fondly looking back at memories of the artful ARGs. "I need to experience more of these disorienting directions! And ones of a relatively similar difficulty, too!"

Well, you're in luck (maybe). I'm remixing the event and updating it to fit our latest 3D open-world platformer, because everyone loves riddles!

The Rules
*On June 12th, I will send out 6 puzzles to the people who signed up. They would vary in complexity, from clues akin to normal Hint Arts, to puzzles with multiple steps. This ensures that players can choose how much they want to challenge themselves, while still offering simpler clues for those who want to go for easier points.
*The players will have two weeks to interpret the clues/puzzles, find the location, and take a snapshot of it to send to me as their answer. So, they'll have until June 26th to send everything in.
*Once the deadline hits, I will mark the answers and award correct answers with points after this deadline. 2 points for an exact answer, and 1 point for making some progress but not getting the specific answer I'm looking for. (If you're not sure about an answer but want to send something in anyway, tell me your thought process for the solution you've arrived at. It may help your case for scraping some extra points.)
*The players will have an intermission of sorts to think about what they've done, and consider the consequences of their actions. I will distribute the other 6 puzzles on July 10th, and the players will have another week to solve them. Same rules as last time, and the deadline is July 24th. Again, I'll mark the answers shortly after that and award correct answers with points.
*Players will be ranked by how many points they scored, and smiles will be given out accordingly.

There may be more puzzles than 6 per round! I'm saving some bonus puzzles as tiebreakers, in case I need to break a tie between two or more exceptionally efficient hint hunters.

Example Hint
Because I'm charming and gracious I've got a pre-made hint ready for you to have a go at now. Don't send me the answer though, just open the spoiler below when you're done and check your answer. The spoiler also comes with an explanation for how you should have gotten the correct answer, so you can read it and get in the right mindframe for solving a billion more of these.

This is an example of a hint, and that's all you're going to need (and get) to sleuth out the location. Answers in the box below.

So, Magnemites. What have they got to do with Mario? Nothing. You want to pay attention to the glowing parts of their bodies to whittle down the hint to its basic structure.

Then, notice they all have pairs of red and blue squares. This is enough of a hint to direct you towards certain objects and platforms in the game.

Okay, great! You think they're a reference to the Red-Blue panels, which are most prominently featured in Fort Flaptrap. The panels in that fort even match the arrangement of squares in the hint! You've got the general location nailed down, and a screenshot of Mario anywhere on this island would get you at least one point.

But to get the specific location, you should take note of the single green square in the clue. It stands out, so that must be it! This green square corresponds to exactly one of the panels in Fort Flaptrap, so putting Mario on that one panel in-game would get you full marks.

Sorry for the poor screenshot quality - it's a capture of a YouTube video, but it gets the point across. I don't actually own 3D World + Bowser's Fury, but I didn't own Mario Odyssey for the majority of the first Hint Hunt, so it should be fine.
Not all hints will be like this. Some will be more difficult, or easier, or presented in a different medium (poems, videos, quizzes, and such), so there's enough variety for any hunter to throw their hat in the ring.

Anyway, throw in a post here if this is something you'd like to do. Sign ups aren't open, I'm just seeing if people would participate. If you've got suggestions, questions, praise or malaise, send it here. If there's enough interest, I'll go through the formal process of turning this into an Awards Tournament, and open sign ups then.


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i could probably just do it for mario odyssey again if more people want that lol

i'll put it to a poll

Count Olaf

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I'd be down to fiddle around in 3DW+BF or Odyssey. As a possible suggestion, what about Paper Mario: The Origami King? It's new and on a current system so it'd be more likely to get participants than say an older game in the series, and TOK has bigger areas with lots of places to go and potential for hints.


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nah theres options for breath of the wild and kirby star allies

anything that's kind of open-world and easy to explore


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okay gang, one thing is for certain

it's not gonna be bowser's fury lol, either mario odyssey again or Origami King. personally i'd rather do mario odyssey since TOK is massive and i havent actually played the game. if i were to do TOK, i would likely group hints into separate worlds so you dont have to worry about which chunk of the map you're meant to be searching in

if it ends up being mario odyssey again then that would also be great, i'd be doing mostly the same format as last time, but probably with more hints in general because i have a lot of leftover ideas (+ new ones)


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Alright, given that there's been a tie between Mario Odyssey and Origami King, I'm deciding to whittle down the poll to just choose between those two.

Except, I can't remove options for the poll or reset votes, so this post is the poll now!

React to this post with 🤔 Thinking if you want the game to be Super Mario Odyssey.

React to this post with
😮 Wow if you want the game to be Paper Mario: The Origami King.

There can only be one winner. Once the game is decided, I'll formally open up the tourney and sign-ups.
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