Issue 171 Community Gallery - Open Invitations

Hooded Pitohui

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Hooded Pitohui
Hello, readers of The 'Shroom and members of the Mario Wiki community! A few of you have known this is in the works, but we're now at a stage were we can share this publicly. As part of issue 171's focus on celebrating Palette Swap and FunkyK's 100th issue as Palette Swap Director, we'll be featuring a community gallery of artwork in issue 171 in June!

This is an open-invitation gallery, so any and all members of our community are welcome to submit a piece of artwork they've made and have it featured alongside the art of other community members in the issue.

There are no skill levels, no votes to cast, and no competition to fret over. This is solely an exhibition, so you don't have to worry about crafting the perfect piece of art. No matter your practice with art, think of this as an opportunity to show of something you've made and to spend some time honing your artistic skills. There's no strict theme, so put together anything related to Mario, the Mario Wiki, or the Mario Wiki community!

To submit and have your submission featured in the gallery, please send your submission, privately, to Hooded Pitohui and Roserade no later than June 12th.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and ask them privately, or if its a general question that might answer questions others have, toss it into this thread.

We look forward to seeing your creativity shine!