Sheep Mafia 2021 Game Thread - Night 5: Baaaaaaaaaaa :(

Rowlf the Dog

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Welcome again to the Sheep Mafia Game Thread. This is where all the proceedings of the game itself will be taking place, as well as important information being reiterated in this opening post. For other information, such as basic gameplay explanations and the list of roles, head over to the lounge.​
Lakituthequick (@Lakituthequick)Lynched Day 3Sheep
ThePyroGuy (@Kazumi⠀Mishima)Killed Night 1Sheep
Koops (@Koops)Alive???
Shy Guy On Wheels (@⠀⠀⠀)Alive???
GBAToad (@Keiji Shinogi)Killed Night 2Wolf
Goombuigi (@Goombuigi)Killed Night 3Cop
Hooded Pitohui (@Hooded Pitohui)Alive???
Yoshi the SSM (@Yoshi the SSM)Alive???
Alex95 (@Alex95)Lynched Day 4Sheep
Waluigi Time (@Waluigi Time)Lynched Day 5Sheep
Ninja Squid (@Nederlandse Spoorwegen)Lynched Day 2Sheep
Power Flotzo (@Rimi Ushigome)Killed Night 3Wolf
Shoey (@Matlock)Alive???
BabyLuigiOnFire (@Redshift)Alive???
fantanoice (@fantanoice)Alive???
Luigi 64DD (@Charlie Brown)Killed Night 4Sheep
InsaneBlathers (@InsaneLemmy)Alive???
Magolor04726 (@My Random Themes theme )Alive???

  1. There are two factions in this game, the Sheep and the Wolves. The sheep win by lynching all the wolves. The wolves win by equaling or outnumbering the sheep.
  2. There are two phases, the Day phase and the Night phase. During the day phase, players may vote for players they think might be a wolf, and the player with the most votes at the end of the day will be lynched. During the night phase, the wolves will kill a player, and all players with a nightrole can send in their power.
  3. No quoting, screenshotting or otherwise publicly sharing your role PM or any other messages sent to you by the host. If you do this, you will be modkilled (removed from the game) IMMEDIATELY!
  4. Be active. If you sign up for the game, it is expected that you will play it. Frequent participation is the key to a good, fun and dynamic mafia game. You don’t need to be around 24/7, but checking in at least once per Day phase (and Night, if you have a special role) is strongly encouraged. Reminders will be sent out during the first few phases to inactive players as a grace period, but if you remain inactive through the course of the game, I reserve the right to remove you and replace you with someone else.
  5. No posting in the game thread after you've died. You may post in the lounge, but you are not allowed to reveal any information, suspicions or any other kind of speculation that could affect the course of the game. This applies to spectators as well.
  6. No lynching is allowed, and will count as a normal vote. Similarly, if the votes are tied between any number of options, this will result in a no lynch.
  7. Role-claiming is allowed, but, again, you must not quote any parts of your role PM. (e.g. saying “I’m the cop” is ok, regardless of whether it is true or false, but directly quoting the flavour text is not).
  8. Please try to keep the majority of game-related chat inside official channels i.e. the Game Thread. It's ok to chat about it informally outside the thread, but there should not be any major sharing of information in channels not created by the host, like private player-made Conversations/PM groups.
  9. Day phases will last 48 hours, while night phases will also last 48 hours. Extensions will be given if needed.
  10. These rules are subject to change. If any changes are made to them, I will announce them in the thread
  11. Failure to abide by any of these rules will result in warnings and/or modkills, at the discretion of the host (i.e. me).


Over the hills, in a faraway land... there lies a small pasture, where a flock of sheep live an idylic life, eating grass, lying in the shade, going "baaaaaaaa" and doing many other sheep-like things. They want for nothing as they spend their days in blissful ignorance to anything that lives outside their side of the fence. After all, each one of them knows that, as long as their beloved shepherd Fred watches over them, they have nothing to fear as they settle themselves down for the night...

It is now Night 0! This phase precedes the starting of the main game, and therefore no night actions will actually be submitted. Use this phase to confirm that you have received your role, introduce your RP character and other similar things (if you haven't done them already!). The game will officially start .
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Señor Oveja
¡Hola camaradas! I am new on this bonito prado, pleasure to meeeeet y'all lanudas y lanudos.
Oh, but wheeeere are my manners, ¡mi nombre es Señor Oveja!
I am seguro that all of us will geeeeet along just fine.
Señor Oveja
After my gran viaje I am fairly tired, so I will now take mi sieeeesta.
¡Nos vemos mañana!
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Rowlf the Dog

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Night 0

The sheep of the pasture spent the night blissfully sleeping. As the sun began to rise, the sound of various sheep began to arise throughout the pasture as they each woke up.





The last one of these was uncharacteristically loud for a sheep who was happily waking up from a dream about jumping over fences, so naturally the rest of the flock gathered around to see what the commotion was. As they gathered to the source of the cry, they were met with a confronting sight: their dear shepherd, Fred, was lying on the ground, covered in blood. He was dead, and it looked like the cause was bite marks. The sheep were thrown into a state of confusion, which only worsened after they made another realisation: the flock had miraculously grown overnight. Where did these extra sheep come from? Putting two and two together, there was only one possibility: they had been infiltrated by wolves. Upon collectively making this realisation, the sheep really began to panic, running about in circles, stress-eating the grass and going "BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" a lot. Eventually, one of them calmed down enough to realise that action needed to take place, and managed to get the others to follow along. Fred was gone, so now they had to fend for themselves, and fight to avenge him - and save themselves. First order of business: they had to figure out who one of the wolves was...

Fred was killed! He was the shepherd, and he had the power to keep the sheep safe. You're on your own now...

It is now Day 1! Vote for the player who you think is a wolf. This phase will end on

Ray Trace

Wiki Patroller
The dead of the shepherd and the swelling of the sheep numbers has caused quite a commotion among the once peaceful community of animals who rather preferred to loaf around and chew on grass. Among them was a much smaller than average little guy, wading through the crowd and wanting to be the witness of the death. He wanted to be THE first person to comment on this story (though much to his dismay, it seemed like everyone else already knew what was going on BEFORE he did. Unacceptable), so he drew himself up.

Never fear! Ray Trace is here! Yes, I am first! (Ignore the other guys who have witnessed this before I do!) What kind of people would do such a dastardly deed like this! Heh. I love a good challenge and a workout for my brain to decipher this new mystery. Life's been rather boring beforehand...

zote tha mighty

theres nothing to fear except zote
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last game was controlled by fancy longposters with their big words and fun pictures, in a heinous attempt to drive discussion and direct attention where they wanted it to go

i will not be influenced by your drivel, mafia scum

the only thing i trust right now is random chance, so after spinning a website wheel i am asserting that....


is mafia.



Ray Trace

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Ray Trace was rather astounded and impressed by the speed of the accusations being thrown out already.

Ray Trace
Wow! You guys are good! I admire your confidence! But personally, I think voting this early is a bit of a...what do you call it? Walking the shark moment? So I'm not risking any potential innocent lives just because we played Russian roulette. I don't think it's the optimal way to do things around here!

Hooded Pitohui

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: Ah, the perils of the job reveal themselves already. Fred's death is rather unfortunate...

: In large part because he was the only qualified member of the staff we had on the site for this job...

: But we must take solace in good news. Our inventory is unharmed! Our job is only beginning, but it enlivens me to know that I have no reason to file an incident report. Let that boost morale!

: Now, I'm afraid idle chatter must give way to business. Zote, while I admit I was... pleasantly surprised by your enthusiasm for fulfilling your job, I applaud you for being so forward with your accusation. You admit freely that you make a selection at random. The same cannot be said, however, for our compatriot from across the pond. Mr. British Funky Kong (SGoW), would you care to share why it is you so quickly follow in the footsteps of your colleague? Are you hoping to apply pressure early... or do you have a more sinister intention. You wouldn't want to take our inventory for yourself by falsely promoting the lynching of one of your colleagues, would you...?

...well, it's too early to consider this suspicious behavior, but it does raise an eyebrow, I'm sure all members of our Joja family will admit.

Addam Origo

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Judge Judy:
So the case here revolve around the death of the shepherd, right? Alright, but before I give my own judgment. I have a question to ask to some of you who seems very hasty to judge one of us. You should be ashamed of your quick judgment! It really seems that you are inexperienced in judging.

My own question to the plaintiffs Zote, and Mr. British Funky Kong. Why are you judging the sheep Flotzo? Do you have some informations to share with all of us, or your wool would be rather synthetic?

If I don't have a good reasoning from both of you, I will be very very suspicious of you two from now on.

As for my current judgment, I will wait to see what the other sheeps here are considering, but I am more inclined to wait until I have more information before accusing someone for no reason.

That's all for now.
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Insane Shmathers

I'm not InsaneBlathers, what are you talking about

Gah! I seem to have come into quite the commotion here! The dastardly wolves have killed the shepherd!
And your response to this...


Is picking someone AT RANDOM?!?


Sir Kong and Sir Zote, this is absolutely horrid behaviour! You'd best explain your thinking here, or you will be cast under a very harsh light in the following days. I haven't participated in such a case as this previously, but I have observed the proceedings of others, and know that more is expected of you than throwing darts with your eyes closed (in a figurative sense, of course). If you're so lazy all you can do is choose a random person and roll with it, and for Sir Kong, simply agreeing with Sir Zote, I'd say you are either wolves with no sense of self preservation, or really bad players, and in case of both the former and latter, I'd recommend you study up, and come back with a better conduct.


And as for my own opinion...


I'm already very suspicious of these two, but until further explanation is given on their part, I cannot make a judgment on whether they are truly wolves, or simply very bad at this line of work. I shall wait and watch for more developments.
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Hooded Pitohui

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: I see that, as to be expected when accusations are slung so early, suspicions already fall onto both Zote and Mr. Kong. Bearing in mind the consequences of seeming too eager to defend someone who may or may not be among those wolves seeking to steal our inventory, I must more firmly communicate my position. I would accuse Zote of suspicious behavior. Zote has been transparent in his thought process. Were he randomly voting near the end of the phase, suspicions of him would be more justified. This, however, is what I believe is called a "pressure tactic." Clearly, he hopes to see Mr. Flotzo's response - and the response of other sheep, wondering who, if anyone, might take the risk to defend him and what their motivations might be.

If any of our number could at this moment in time be said to possess an air of suspicion, it is the opaque bandwagoner, Mr. Kong. Is he trying to add pressure? If he is, why did he feel it necessary? Maybe his motivations are less than honest. Our reputation depends on our ability to guard our sheep, so I don't make these comments lightly. To give my statements more backing, I'll apply pressure of my own and see what comes out of this. For the moment, I am forced to vote: British Funky Kong (Shy Guy on Wheels).

Waluigi Time

Wiki Patroller
So, we've resorted to choosing suspects completely at random already? Shmaluigi can't say he agrees with this strategy. While this is a pretty lousy move if you ask Shmaluigi, however... Mr. Zote was up front with his reasoning, as flimsy as it was. Mr. Kong on the other hand went along with this without question, despite the poor reason for the vote, and did not provide any additional reasoning.
Are Mr. Zote and Mr. Kong both wolves working together? Perhaps, or maybe Mr. Kong is a wolf taking advantage of the innocent Mr. Zote's poor play. Either way, Shmaluigi agrees with the suspicions of his fellow investigators and will Vote: Shy Guy on Wheels for now until we can get some clarification on this.

Glitz Yoshi

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Glitz Yoshi (White).png
: "This is baaaaaaaaaaaad. This makes me so saaaaaaaaaaaad.
I really liked my shepherd, Fred. Why does he have to be dead?
By the way, I understand voting at random. I used that in the Mushroom Kingdom.
That is, in my second game where vanilla was I. And I failed at that game because I didn't use it, but I did try.
But what is really weird is that I did this before the game. And the person I got two out of three times, The Pyro Guy's one is the same.
And the one not the same is this British Kong. This surely isn't wrong.
But currently, it is early in the phase. And all I want to do for a bit is graze.
I will come back when there is more information. Then I will make my full exclamation.
Besides, where I live, it is night. And I am not scare of fright.
Sorry, but I couldn't help but rhyme. But I saw it with Fred and dead and did have the time."
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Insane Shmathers

I'm not InsaneBlathers, what are you talking about

Oh ho ho! Sir...
Oh. Hm, I seem to have forgotten your names, my good fellows. Ah well.


You make a good point, blue-haired homo sapien (and to an extent, the one in the dark grey trenchcoat)! One I had not thought of myself. The possibility of a pressure tactic flew my mind, though the execution seems just a tad... odd? I'm not sure how to explain it. But this does make Sir Kong much more suspicious than I had previously thought. Of course, shedding another layer off the proverbial onion, it's possible he could be joining Sir Zote in the potential pressure tactic, though he seemed much too keen for that to be likely. I suspect bandwagoning, but once more, I shall be waiting for more information to be revealed to make a more tactical and decisive vote.
And what about @fantanoice? Their vote seems very random, without a solid explanation... Sorry to get meta here, but remember these characters are just representatives of our thoughts and should have no effect on gameplay.

But for now, I have drawn up a handy chart, if you will, of where my suspicions currently lie.

As seen, when someone contributes in a meaningful way, they get a sheep icon. If they do something "sus", as the cool kids call it, they get a wolf icon. That affects my opinion of them.
This is just a visual guide, however. It doesn't necessarily dictate my feelings.
Anyways, I have contributed my two cents and shall now pass on the baton.

(also, I spent an unholy amount of time on this)

Ray Trace

Wiki Patroller

Ray Trace
Well, I, Ray Trace, most handsome and smartest of all the sheeps, am still waiting for Power Flotzo's input on this heated scenario before I cast a vote, though I do agree with the general opinion that Bri'ish Funky Kong (Shy Guy on Wheels) has acted mighty suspicious by immediately bandwagoning on the original accusation that Zote has made. By the way, although our nice friend Kermit has provided a helpful chart that documents the actions people have done so far, I also wouldn't immediately trust people who appear helpful too in the situation at hand. It's a way for these guys to falsely gain trust from us, and then a moment later, when you least realize it, you find yourself impaled with a knife the night later! They may as well shift the blame from themselves and direct it at others so we all focus and bandwagon on one target!

Ray Trace
fantanoice has said that that they have never heard of a sheep that is 5'10 OR gorgeous hence why that person decided to cast a vote for NS. That is simply not true. I have, in fact, seen 5'10 sheeps that are indeed GORGEOUS to boot. Get out more, open your eyes! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder after all, and you can't see beauty if you shut your eyes!

Ray Trace
We still have several days to go through this before we all jump on what some other guys say, so I'm going to take my time to watch further testimonies from potential participants. Waiting for more info to surface doesn't hurt! And I hope my contribution to this investigation will put me in a favorable position in Kermit's "Seem helpful" category, as I truly deserve!



Wait a second! ... This... looks a lot more complicated than I thought... someone secure that crime scene!

Now that this is been taken care of... I see everyone... has already started making accusations... I guess I can see why, but I know better than any man that a tired mind... does not think straight... That being said, to do something so rash right away... accusing someone of murder is a very serious thing... even a drunk man would know not to do that... if it meant the accused would face death...

Unlike almost everyone else here however, I know I see a possibility that this mistake... wasn't made with malicious intent... so I guess that means I'm still neutral on this... I would still like to hear Zote's reasoning though... Bri'ish Funky here is also someone I would like to inspect, but Zote is the one who started this movement and as such... they look more suspicious to me.

Shy Guy on Wheels

i hate video games.


Alright mate, calm down, it was jus', like, a joke, y'know?

maybe I shouldn't have gone to asda before all this if this is the reaction I get

I just though' a lil, wha' you guys call it... meme lynch? Yeah, one of 'ose. I thought a meme lynch would be a good way to start the game! It appears I'm wrong...

This isn' me bandwagoning either! I had full plan on how I'd do my own lynch! I'd ask who want's to be lynched, and the firs' replier would get my vote! I jus' saw that "Zote" guy's vote and, decided it would be better if we had one meme lynch, then six'y differen' ones.

Now I'm willing to do wha'ever it takes to clear my name, innit. This can even be removing my vote, however I'm rather against doing this right now, as it gives me the slightest edge against the votes for me.


I can see through time
@Rowlf the Dog Nitwit could you please add people's actual usernames to the OP. It's hard to keep track of who's who

To be honest I'm more sus of the posts that didn't vote. It makes sense to put some pressure on Day 1. How else will you get info? We have plenty of time to No Lynch later in the phase.

But currently, it is early in the phase. And all I want to do for a bit is graze. I will come back when there is more information. Then I will make my full exclamation.
This is the most sus to me. It doesn't bring anything to the table even though there were votes out and things to talk about. Gives the impression that we should twiddle our thumbs until we get something. But how will we get something if we're twiddling our thumbs?

Unvote. Vote: Yoshi the SSM

Sorry to get meta here, but remember these characters are just representatives of our thoughts and should have no effect on gameplay.
I don't think you should apologise for playing the game

I have, in fact, seen 5'10 sheeps that are indeed GORGEOUS to boot. Get out more, open your eyes! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder after all, and you can't see beauty if you shut your eyes!
I'll only swipe right a sheep if they're over 6 foot