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Somewhere in an idyllic pasture, a flock of sheep roams about happily, enjoying the simple life of grazing on grass without a care in the world. Little do they know, there’s something sinister lurking in the shadows, looking for another delicious meal…

Welcome to Sheep Mafia, the reboot nobody particularly asked for, but that you’re all getting anyway!

What is mafia?

Mafia is a hidden role strategy game which primarily consists of two factions, the Town and the Mafia. In the case of this game, we will be referring to them as the Sheep and the Wolves, respectively. The Sheep faction’s goal is to eliminate all members of the Wolf faction. The Wolf faction’s goal is to equal or outnumber the Sheep faction (e.g. if there are 2 Wolves and 2 Sheep remaining, then the Wolves would win in that scenario).

The game is split into two primary phases: The Night phase and the Day phase. During the Night phase, players who have been given special roles will be allowed to send in actions to the host, which each have their own effects. Roles in this game will be detailed later in this post, but the most important night role is the Nightkill, a factional power which is shared by the Wolf team, and allows them to remove one player from the game every night. During the Day phase, all players are able to participate by engaging in discussion and voting for players they want to have removed from the game who they believe to be a wolf. The player who receives the most votes at the end of the Day phase will be lynched, and they will be removed from the game, and the game will proceed into the Night phase again. In order to make sure they are voting the correct person, the Day phase usually involves a great deal of discussion, accusations and deduction, and is where the majority of the game is played.

If you’re a new player and want more information or clarification regarding any of the game mechanics, feel free to ask me and I’ll do my best to guide you through. Mafia is a game that can often be easier to learn by playing than by reading, so don’t be afraid to just sign up and learn from there!

A word about roleplay

The previous Mafia game that took place here, NS’s excellent SMB Mafia 2021, had a rather unique feature in that most of the players were roleplaying in some form or another. While this was great fun, and added a unique flavour to the game, I feel like I should add in a small disclaimer for prospective players. While roleplays in mafia games can work well as enhancements, they are NOT the primary focus of the game. Mafia is a structured, strategy-based game which focuses on deductive reasoning and strategic deceptions, and it includes specific goals and contributions for each player that are perhaps not found in other types of games you’d find in other sub-boards. Any players signing up for Mafia games should be aware of this, and if that isn’t up your alley, I would recommend that you look in the Roleplay board instead.

Now, that’s not to say roleplays are forbidden or even discouraged! On the contrary, I think the roleplays were a fun, positive addition, as long as they were done right, and I would love to see some of that creativity and engagement find its way into this game as well. Players in this game are more than welcome to roleplay as whatever character they like, but please keep in mind that the primary gameplay should always be prioritised over roleplay.


  1. There are two factions in this game, the Sheep and the Wolves. The sheep win by lynching all the wolves. The wolves win by equaling or outnumbering the sheep.
  2. There are two phases, the Day phase and the Night phase. During the day phase, players may vote for players they think might be a wolf, and the player with the most votes at the end of the day will be lynched. During the night phase, the wolves will kill a player, and all players with a nightrole can send in their power.
  3. No quoting, screenshotting or otherwise publicly sharing your role PM or any other messages sent to you by the host. If you do this, you will be modkilled (removed from the game) IMMEDIATELY!
  4. Be active. If you sign up for the game, it is expected that you will play it. Frequent participation is the key to a good, fun and dynamic mafia game. You don’t need to be around 24/7, but checking in at least once per Day phase (and Night, if you have a special role) is strongly encouraged. Reminders will be sent out during the first few phases to inactive players as a grace period, but if you remain inactive through the course of the game, I reserve the right to remove you and replace you with someone else.
  5. No posting in the game thread after you've died. You may post in the lounge, but you are not allowed to reveal any information, suspicions or any other kind of speculation that could affect the course of the game. This applies to spectators as well.
  6. No lynching is allowed, and will count as a normal vote. Similarly, if the votes are tied between any number of options, this will result in a no lynch.
  7. Role-claiming is allowed, but, again, you must not quote any parts of your role PM. (e.g. saying “I’m the cop” is ok, regardless of whether it is true or false, but directly quoting the flavour text is not).
  8. Please try to keep the majority of game-related chat inside official channels i.e. the Game Thread. It's ok to chat about it informally outside the thread, but there should not be any major sharing of information in channels not created by the host, like private player-made Conversations/PM groups.
  9. Day phases will last 48 hours, while night phases will also last 48 hours. Extensions will be given if needed.
  10. These rules are subject to change. If any changes are made to them, I will announce them in the thread
  11. Failure to abide by any of these rules will result in warnings and/or modkills, at the discretion of the host (i.e. me).


Due to the amount of beginners who will likely be playing this game, I’ve opted to take a cue from NS and run the game with all roles revealed at the start of the game. This is so that new players can familiarise themselves with some of the new roles which will be appearing in the game which weren’t in the previous one. The roles are divided by faction.


Godfather: The Godfather is the leader of the Wolves, and gets the final say in who is nightkilled, in the case that a unanimous decision is not reached by the end of the night. He also has a passive power which allows him to appear as a Sheep when checked by the Cop (upon death, the correct alignment will appear).

Wolf: A normal wolf which makes up the rest of the team. They have no special powers but are able to engage in discussion on who to nightkill, and can vote during the day phase.


Cop: The cop is able to check a player each night and learn their alignment, finding out if they are a sheep or a wolf.

Doctor: The doctor is able to choose one player per night to protect. That player will be immune from any kill attempts that are made on their life during the Night phase. They are not allowed to protect the same player two nights in a row.

Miller Vigilante: This role contains two components, the Miller and the Vigilante. The miller is a passive role which makes the player who has it appear as a Wolf on cop checks, despite actually having the Sheep alignment (upon death, the correct alignment will appear). The vigilante is a player who is able to perform their own nightkill during the Night phase. They are only able to use this power twice across the course of the game

Public Speaker: The public speaker is the only role in this game which has a Day phase related power. Their role allows their vote to count for double that of any other player in the game i.e., their vote adds 2 to the tally instead of 1. E.g., if there’s 4 votes on player A, and there’s 4 votes on player B including a vote by the public speaker, then player B will be lynched, with the public speaker acting as a tiebreaker. Similarly, if there’s 4 votes on player A, and 3 votes on player B including a vote by the public speaker, then the votes will be considered to be tied.

Sheep: Regular sheep who have no special night or day powers. They still have the ability to vote during the day phase.


Currently I’m aiming for somewhere between 12-16 players for this game, but we’ll see how we go once people start signing up. To sign up for the game, just put a post in bold text and you’ll be put on the list. If possible, please put in your timezone along with your signup post, as I will use this to help me plan out the best time to post phase changes. :)

Sign-ups will be open for a week or two, depending on interest, and the game will start shortly thereafter. For the sake of a rough, provisional timeframe so people know at least a little bit what they’re getting into, I’m aiming to start the game between the 29th​ of March and 2nd​ of April. More details and exact times for closing of signups and starting date will be provided later!

1. Lakituthequick
2. The Pyro Guy (Kazumi Mishima)
3. Koops
4. Shy Guy On Wheels ( )
5. GBAToad (Keiji Shinogi)
6. Goombuigi
7. Hooded Pitohui
8. Yoshi The SSM
9. Alex95
10. Waluigi Time
11. Ninja Squid (Nederlandse Spoorwegen)
12. Power Flotzo (Rimi Ushigome)
13. Shoey (Matlock)
14. BabyLuigiOnFire (Redshift)
15. Fantanoice
16. Luigi64DD (Charlie Brown)
17. InsaneBlathers (InsaneLemmy)
18. Magolor04726
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8th signed up again. This is the second time I am the 8th signed up.

I believe CST.
Or time of my post in my time zone: 9:14 AM.

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Thank you so much to everyone who's signed up so far! We've already passed the minimum amount of signups, and the thread hasn't even been up for 12 hours yet!
We're getting close to the initial amount I said of 16 players, but if there's people who still want to play after that, I'll just make some more slots, so please don't hesitate to sign up if you'd like to join!

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I have to pass judgment on sheep huh? Has anyone told you that this is not a case? Fine, I will do so, but don't get comfy!

I am Judge Judy, and I will quickly settled this, wolves, because I am much smarter than you are. Don't even try to lie to me, because I will know it, or like I like to say...

Now, all of you, sit down! The court will start soon.​


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We are all here to put our skills to the test.

The wolves among us are deadly and vicious.

But we can't give up hope, we'll emerge victorious.

The sheep can rest easy and rest their wary heads.

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Because Owain is back from the dead!"

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Whew, spent all night on that...

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Ah shoot I hope I'm not too late (rp tbd)

CDT btw
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: "Thank you very much for the introduction. Yes. I decided that going forward in the mafia party games that I am going to be Glitz Yoshi. And this is a good choice too. As, 7 colors are available to choose from. And for this mafia, I am going to be white for the sheep mafia."

"Stay tune to Aprilish to see Glitz Yoshi fight against these wolves."


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A dark, oily-looking machine appears.


Diesel: Greetings. It's nice to meet you. I'll admit, this isn't as bad as I thought it would be. At least there's no steam engines around.


Diesel: Speaking of which, you may have heard about what happened to Duck several weeks ago. You'll be pleased to find that I've been asked to come here this time instead of him.


Diesel: Unlike that waddling green kettle, I'm much more competent at this sort of thing. We diesels are revolutionary, after all, and those steam engines are too soft in their boilers to partake in something as sinister as this.

Diesel slithers away into the shadows, with the tiniest trace of oil left behind him.

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Thanks again to everyone who's signed up so far! Now that we have 16 players, I've added in another 4 slots which brings us up to a potential 20 player game, if they get filled. However, I'm also announcing that this will be the maximum cap for players in this game, so anyone who signs up after those slots have been filled will be put in a replacement slot. The reason I'm cutting it off at 20 is so that the game can remain a relatively managable size for both host and players, and so that it doesn't go on too long with too many players. Sign-ups will close a week from now, on (March 24th, 8AM AEDT), or when the final four slots fill. After this date, information like roles and exact starting times will be finalised and sent out. Again, once signups are filled or closed, then people can still sign up as replacements if they want to.

For those who have signed up already: I was planning to start this on a Monday, but it occurred to me that, since the game starts on a day phase, it might be better to start it off on a weekend so all the players (hopefully) have some more free time than during the week to participate. So, my question is, would you all be alright with pushing the game forward to the weekend of the 27th-28th March, or would you prefer starting on the 29th or later as originally proposed?