'Shroomfest Debate (Round 4) - WARM BEVERAGES vs COLD BEVERAGES

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Hi, everyone! Welcome to the fourth round of 'Shroomfest, and the first of 2021. I am Ninja Squid, resident ninja and Statistics Manager of The 'Shroom, and I will once again serve as the judge of this court. For everyone who's new here, I suggest you take the time to read the instructions below, and by clicking on the link here. Once done, come join us. To all of you who participated last time and are back, thank you so much for your continuous support!

A 'Shroomfest is a contest between two opposite factions who will take part of a debate over a subject in order to prove the superiority of their side over the other. In order to judge which side of the subject is objectively better, we want the community to send us their arguments and their ideas on the "true" best side. Two team leaders, who will come up with their own arguments to convince you that their side is truly the best, will lead the factions. The debate will then have a duration of three weeks. Will you manage to convince us which side is objectively the best?

What type of beverage do you prefer: Warm Beverages or Cold Beverages?

Warm Beverages vs Cold Beverages 'Shroomfest Debate Committee

In order for you to earn points for each factions, we have opted to divide things into three categories. In order for a faction to come out as the winner, it must win as many categories as possible. For a full explanation of the rules, please click here.

  • VOTES: The number of votes for each side. To cast a vote on the 'Shroomfest poll, click here. Remember to vote once a week.
  • ENDORSEMENTS: The number of users of the community who endorse a team.
    • In order to provide your support, simply write something like this in this thread:
      • Vote Warm Beverages
      • Go Cold Beverages!
      • I support Team Warm Beverages
      • Cold Beverages for the win!
  • EFFORT: The effort that has been put into the debate.
    • In order to provide points into this category, users must participate into the debate by providing:
      • Arguments and Examples
      • Artwork
      • Stories
      • Memes
      • Other forms of creative work that reflect a degree of thought and effort beyond just a few words.

Debate Guidelines

  • The designated judge (Ninja Squid) will open the debate's thread. Following this post, the team leaders (Lakituthequick and Roserade) will hand over their argument, which explains why they support their respective team.
  • For a week, you will provide your own endorsements, arguments and ideas regarding the objectively best answer to the debate's question. You can make use of your own arguments, or by providing art, photos, stories, memes, and other forms of creative work.
  • After a week of debate, the judge will intervene with a brief note, highlighting the best cases from both team, and sometimes even question the various subjects raised by the team leaders and supporters. The judge will then reward with three extra points to the "EFFORT" category to the side that seems to have brought the most convincing or entertaining cases.
  • Following the judge's intervention, the team leaders will try to disapprove, counter-argue or acknowledge the judge’s picks. This will lead to further debating between the two opposite factions. Take note that for the sake of neutrality, the judge cannot take part in the debate.
  • This cycle will repeat itself every week for a maximum of three weeks, offering a chance to win nine extra points for your faction.
  • Once the three-week period has ended, the judge will conclude the debate with a short message and invite the participants to come back for the results that will come out at the release of Issue 169 of The ‘Shroom. Any message or argument posted after this message won't be taken into account during the compilation of the results.
  • Please note that in an effort to keep the debate civil, fun, and lighthearted, please, respect all the instructions. Any inappropriate behaviors (spam, flaming, personal attacks, etc…), and discussions regarding politics, social issues, or any controversial topics will not be tolerated.
  • The debate will end on April 10th, 2020.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for future debates, please contact Ninja Squid, Hooded Pitohui, and Roserade via a forum PM or on Discord.
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(Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash)

Today, we will start our fight for the right temperature of beverages in the break room, which of course is the warm variety. Let me explain why.

For starters, it is almost ridiculous that we have to fight for this in the first place! Statistics already have it that the most popular beverages are tea and coffee. Only after these two do we start seeing cold beverages, which are the alcoholic wine and beer and thus not even suitable for break room vending machines. This is followed by soup, again a warm beverage.

Then, let's see the variety. Everyone already knows I'm a coffee guy, but coffee and tea aren't the only warm beverages. There is also hot chocolate and warm milk, and more seasonally, glühwein and apple cider.
Coffee itself is quite varied as well. There's your average range of espresso to Americano, brewed, filtered, and combined with milk in the form of lattes (I won't judge).
Meanwhile, there are also quite exotic types of coffee. For instance, egg coffee has been prepared with egg yolk, or look at kopi luwak, which uses coffee beans that have been partly digested (and thus yes, defecated) by the Asian palm civet, altering the composition of the beans for added and selective flavour.
If coffee is too bitter for your tastes, tea is always a good alternative. Although less varied, there are still a couple of options, ranging from your average black or green tea to mint or orange flavoured.
As you can see, there's a warm drink for everyone!

Lastly, you can easily drink warm beverages year-round! In the winter, they help you warm up in the cold weather. In the summer, they help you cool your body down! Cold beverages can be nice in summer, but in winter they'll just freeze you. Bad!
It's obvious isn't it? Warm beverages are objectively better.
Join the warm side, Luke! We can dip cookies in our drinks!

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Once again, the curtains open on another 'Shroomfest. I admit, this wasn't the person I was expecting to see standing on the opposite side of this courtroom, but it matters not who I face.

phoenix-confident(b) (1).gif

For I will confidently lead any team of mine to victory!


Let's take a look at the world of cold drinks, and why they deserve to keep their place in The 'Shroom Headquarters. Simply put, the pure variety and flavors of cold beverages is exceedingly rich and vast. For those who are looking for something bubbly and fruity, an ice-cold soda will often do the trick, or, if you're not as avid towards their calorie count, chilled sparkling cider is perfect for any celebration. For those who are looking for something dense and creamy, milkshakes and malts deliver all sorts of wonderful ice cream-y flavors straight to our mouths. If you're looking for something purely refreshing, look no further than iced tea; if you'd like something chilled along with your caffeine to really wake you up, iced coffee, blended or otherwise, is just right for the occasion. And how about alcohol? I'm not one to encourage its drinking, but that mug of chilled ale has become such an iconic image that it appears in most fantasy worlds.

What are some of my favorite cold beverages? Why, I'm so glad you asked!
-AriZona watermelon iced tea is probably my favorite thing to drink. The taste is great, the refreshment is fulfilling, and it really fits the mood of any day.
-There's nothing quite like getting your favorite ICEE at the movie theater to enjoy with your feature film! I'm typically a fan of blended blue raspberry and cherry, but any other flavors are typically phenomenal.
-Also at movie theaters I've attended is frozen Minute Maid cherry limeade, which, when given some time to melt, becomes a sensational burst of flavor to go with your popcorn.
-Frozen frappuccino drinks from places like Starbucks? Brilliant, please keep delivering me coffee that's cold and 95% sugar.

There are cold beverages for anyone to enjoy, ranging from an athlete who needs a Gatorade to a child at breakfast who wants some fresh orange juice. I hope you can see now why cold beverages are supreme, and why they should be present in the 'Shroom offices for all to enjoy!


That would be the evidence, Your Honor!

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I'm going to be brief and be frank. There is simply no better beverage than a cold glass of milk. I mean, sure, you can drink milk warm, and maybe that's good on occasion, but it pales in the refreshing and filling preeminence of cold milk, straight from the fridge.

Simple, you say? Milk is a fine way to cool down, it pairs well with any and every dish, and it feels more filling than the equivalent amount of water, owing to its creamier, fattier nature.

More importantly, it retains all of these qualities while being an extremely flexible beverage. You want it creamier and fattier? Go for whole or 2% milk. You want it closer to water while keeping that distinct taste? Go for skim milk! You want something a touch sweeter? Well, what's your preference, strawberry or chocolate?

Talk all you want to talk about coffee being a flexible beverage than can be prepared in many different ways, but you'll have to acknowledge that the humble glass of milk can match it. For this reason, I can't help but endorse cold beverages this month. You defenders of the chilled, I stand with you! Support the side of cold beverages!

In conclusion,



Car Wash Warrior
I'm all for side cold drinks!

There's just so many of them that I like. Juice and Smoothies, as long as they're not too sugary, can give you a great source of vitamin C and other nutrients. Soda is great for when you're watching a movie, or having fast food, chicken wings, or pizza. Milk can go great with anything, especially cookies! Milkshakes are the perfect little treat. And water keeps you hydrated and the most pure drink ever.

I like Hot Chocolate, but I mostly drank it in the winter after playing in the snow when I was young. Coffee is way too blah for me and tea is very flowery in terms of taste. I don't like it at all.

I don't know if Slushies count, but if they do, I would definitely support them! There's so many ways you can mix up all the unique flavors of them. And you can't go wrong with a Froster from the Mac's Mart or Circle K during the summer in Canada!

(Just leave all that alcohol for N. Oxide. He'll happily drink it for me. Especially the champagne. He can't get enough of it!)


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i havent participated in these before but im here to support warm drinks and here is why:
- tea
- i love tea it is the best drink out of all the drinks
- i do also enjoy like cocoa and coffee if given the chance
- i do not live in a particularly warm climate so. more hot tea through most of the year!
- also works just as well in summer. not when hot ofc but
- drinking cocoa feels like A Whole Snack im not sure if thats an argument for anything
- ultimately i like both enough but im voting for the side that has tea because tea and im also going to make me some soon
- Tea
im not good at this

Glitz Yoshi

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Yoshi the SSM artwork.png: "Hello again. And I am back for this 'Shroomfest. Oh. Warm and Cold Beverages this time around. Now before I go any further, please don't go hard on me for voting Super Arrow. I am not really into F-Zero. I am more of a Mario Kart person. Also, looks like Lakituthequick is the leader of one side this time.

"Now you would think because that Red Yoshis and fire, you would think that I would be supporting warm beverages. Well, you are wrong. I am for team Cold Beverages. Sure, I do like warm beverages like hot chocolate. But they seem more like for winter time. Something that the North Americas are going out of right now. But my favorite drinks are cold beverages. And I do even drink these in winter. Cold beverages are quiet refreshing. The one that my real life self drinks everyday. That would be Mt. Dew. But in the mornings, I don't drink soda but some other kind of cold drink like orange juice. So, I am for cold beverages for the win."
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Cold drinks allow me to just grab a drink right out of a cooler and fridge without me needing to wait for a microwave or fire to slowly heat it up. That convenience alone is enough for me to prefer cold drinks over hot drinks.

It never dips below 0 C where I live anyway. Only at nights does it come close. Even so I'd be sleeping by then so, yeah.

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finally, I get to the answer the question I have put in a variety of ask threads.

I prefer Cold Drinks for two reasons:
-Convenience: I can easily grab a bottle of water, or pour out a glass of Juice and have it right there ready for me. Hot Drinks, as they are hot, have to cool down first, which takes time. If I need a drink, I need a drink, and I'd much rather not have to wait for one.
-Not sure how to put this one, but beyond that I rarely ever find a time where a hot drink is a better option, even ignoring convenience. Cold Drinks are usually hydrating, refreshing, I'm getting what I want from a drink. Hot Drinks, while they can be nice, just aren't as fulfilling in this way, so I tend to avoid them for this as well.


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I am strongly on the cold drinks side. In general, I prefer the cold over the warm, and it's the same case here. I try to avoid hot drinks as much as I can, because they tend to burn my tongue when I try to drink them hot, and I wait until they cool down. Cold drinks, on the other hand, are refreshing, especially on a hot day when I sweat.


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I'll go with Cold because it is more versatile. You can drink it in winter and it won't be too cold (usually however cold your fridge is). And it's very refreshing in summer. Hot drinks are comforting in winter but you don't want them on a 40 degree day in Australia. Also Fanta is typically served cold.

In saying that, a warm tea in the morning is great for getting you ready for the day.

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As promised, I return with more words! Most of these points have probably been made already, but uh, TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME.
  • Cold beverages are much more convenient, just pull it out of the fridge and you're good to go. For hot beverages, not only do you have to wait for them to heat up, but then you have to wait for them to cool down again! Unless you feel like incinerating your tongue, I guess.
  • Speaking of incinerating your tongue, when have you ever done that with a cold beverage? Never.
  • While those who support hot beverages may disagree with me, cold beverages are great no matter what the weather is. Would you want to drink one if you're stranded outside in the middle of a blizzard? Probably not, but I don't know why you'd be stranded outside in the middle of a blizzard holding a cold beverage anyway.
  • You know water, that thing we're all mostly made of and need to survive? It's delicious when it's cold and disgusting when it reaches room temperature.


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While cocoa is tasty and delicious, and milk is my lifeblood, I must fall to the side of working most of my life next to hot ovens and 400 degree vats of boiling oil, and the sheer necessity of a cold drink to keep me going. A hot cup of cocoa in winter may bring me comfort and coziness coming in from the snow, but unless there comes a socially acceptable way to dunk my frozen toes into it, a cold beverage does its job more effectively.


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Picture it
it's friday night
between 11pm and 2am
you just got home from work
you do NOT have a date
are you gonna drink a cold beer like some sort of weirdo
no you're going to go for the beeg beeg boy drinks
that's right
a nice cup of coffee or a nice hot tea
and are you gonna drink those iced like some sort of baby man
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