Shenanigans at Wintendo HQ

Bear Hugger

You might remember me from such films as...
Scott Wozniak: Oh, yeah, I used to be a dumb virgin who talked about stupid Nintendo games. I still do that on the side, but I thought it was time I stopped living off of unemployment checks and actually do something with my life.
Gill Bates: Okay... I’m watching you...

*all of a sudden Buzz Lightyear came in*

Buzz: Hey, can I have a job here?

Don Flamenco

Aaay, mi Carmen...
March 2020: the deadly Tiaravirus disease is spreading around the world. Thus, because of that, all mushroom Kingdom residents are forced to work from home. The employees at Wintendo are having trouble developing games because of those circumstances. Meanwhile, Toadgamer, in his home, is trying to figure out a way to motivate them, as some of them have even left.
Screenshot_20210326-103502_Samsung Internet.jpg

Toadgamer: Alright Bobby! We need to find a way to motivate our employees, because at this rate we'll go bankrupt in no time!
Bobby: Yea sure, Big T, but you don't know your employees very much, so how are ya going to know what they like and all that? Maybe despite how good our ideas will be, there will be at least one employee who won't be motivated.
Toadgamer: You make a fair point.....I know! Maybe we should all have a meeting to discuss this subject;
Bobby: I guess this works.....

Toadgamer then invited the crew to a Doom meeting (aka the mushroom Kingdom equivalent of Zoom)

Toadgamer: aight everyone. Seeing as work isn't going so well with us, we need to find a way to work faster and more efficiently. Any of y'all have any ideas?