Super Mario Boards Mafia 2021: Rogues in Rogueport - Game Thread (END - A New Dawn for Rogueport)

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Glitz Yoshi

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Cat Glitz Yoshi (Blue).png
Cat Glitz Yoshi: "Very good. Very good indeed. You saw through my deception. Sure. It took you to cop Andrew, who was protected last night and would have been removed from the game otherwise. Good game everyone. But, did I come here just to announce myself. Nope. It is time for my finale!"
And with that, Cat Glitz Yoshi pulls out the Gold Star and uses it's power to become big and orange.

Cat Glitz Yoshi (Orange).pngMacho Cat Glitz Yoshi: "Look at me. I'm so big. I am now called Macho Cat Glitz Yoshi. And the only way to defeat me is to cast a vote against me. So, if you want to win, Vote: (Macho) Cat Glitz Yoshi."

Charlie Brown

y is loogi sadd?? plese halp himn
Poll Committee
: Honk Honk Honk hoonkonk! (Oh ho ho, what a splendid spectacle! The final maleficent individual reveals himself for all to look upon! My dear dino, I do wonder if you have revealed your true form much too soon, but I suppose it was merely inevitable and thus best to get on with it hastily. And to think, you were the sole one to be kind enough to bestow a morsel of bread upon me. Oh, how the bitter winds of deception blow, how quickly one once thought a friend, an enemy becomes....

Honk honky-tonk. (Let me dawdle no longer. I motion to Vote: Macho Cat Glitz Yoshi (Yoshi the SSM) henceforth.)

Honk honk hoonk honk hon-- (And so we reach the end of our intrepid conquest. Upon this occasion, I am moved to speech, so let me deliver a protracted and profound oration to conclude our endeavor. 'Twas the best of times, 'Twas the worst of times. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of... a prosecutor, a scientist, a dinosaur, and a young boy... Or to take arms against a sea of... rouges..., And by opposing end them. Fourscore and seven years ago, our foregeese sou--)

uh fricking oh.png


Honk honk honk honk honk.... honk!?

Addam Origo

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Day 5 is now over!

All votes are now locked. An update will come very soon, please be patient while I sort things out.

Vote Tally:
OptionNumber of votes
Yoshi the SSM6 (Reverse Input, Blitz, Yoshi the SSM, Waluigi Time, Linus van Pelt, Luigi 64DD)
No votePower Flotzo, Andrew, BlueBerryBlue

Please, take note that this intermission with last longer than usual, but fret not, the update will come today. Thank you for your patience!

Glitz Yoshi

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Cat Glitz Yoshi (Orange).png: "Only three people didn't vote for me, as they didn't vote at all. Well, it was a fun game. Because now... I know what it's like to be... mafia. This isn't the end of my journey. Not by a long shot. It is only... the beginning. Because now, I feel like I can host a proper (in terms of me being able to, not in terms of any of the other mafia games were not proper) mafia game. And you better fear my fur-y. But... I am kind of sad that I lost two games in a row on different sides. Oh well. Also, the innocents have had the purrfect game... this time. Anyways. Stay tune after the end post for my final thoughts on the game."
And when his lynch happens, Macho Cat Glitz Yoshi becomes Cat Glitz Yoshi again (being the color blue again as well) and lays flat on the ground.
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Addam Origo

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The citizens were tracking down the traces of the last Mafia member who tried to attack Zess T. last night. With more and more clues leading them to him, the bandit immediately understood that he would soon be done for if he did nothing but wait.

That is when he decided to go right into Rogueport’s plaza and display his true power. With the power of a Crystal Star that he had stolen, it made him stronger and bigger. He then believed assured that he could get rid of the residents of Rogueport with ease.

Some inhabitants then tried to fight him, but with no success. He was way too strong for them. The authorities then also took a chance at fighting them, believing that they would have more luck than the poor defenseless inhabitants. Unfortunately, it was not the case.

The bandit then start charging among the citizens and the buildings, causing lots of injuries and damages along the way. The citizens of Rogueport believed all hope to be lost. That is when all the Crystal Stars suddenly appears in Rogueport’s Plaza.

The Crystal Stars then made the citizens of Rogueport understand something. Since the start of their fight against the mysterious Mafia, their bond has deepened. Those bonds help them along their way, and together, their strength was impossible to overcome.

With that knowledge from the Crystal Stars, the citizens of Rogueport decided to fight together against the bandit in order to end the chaos. The fight was incredibly long. Those who had witnessed Mario fighting against the Shadow Queen never believed to see a fight that could compete against that one.

After a long day of battle, the bandit’s energy was completely exhausted. The citizens with the help of the Crystal Stars then put a complete end to the Mafia’s chaos in Rogueport. The town’s folks were still sad for those who fell in this war, but they knew deep down that their death would not be in vain. It was finally time for a new dawn to start at Rogueport, and… maybe a new name was in order.

Yoshi the SSM was lynched. He was…


Reverse Input was...

Power Flotzo was...

Andrew was...

Blitz was...

Waluigi Time was...

BlueBerryBlue was...

Linus van Pelt was...

Luigi 64DD was...

Thank you for playing!

Any discussions from now on should be done in the Lounge Thread.

Waluigi Time

Wiki Patroller

Whew, that was something else. That lousy mafia has finally been defeated.

Well, looks like our time together has come to a close. It's been an honor to work with you all, and hopefully Shmaluigi will see some of you again. Shmaluigi would especially like to give credit where it's due to Detective Fulbright and Mr. Goose for their invaluable help in this investigation. Shmaluigi couldn't have helped bring justice to this town without you.

Now, if you'll excuse Shmaluigi, he hasn't slept in five days, so he's going to be at the inn for a while. Until we meet again, farewell.

Rowlf the Dog

Ace Pianist
Ha ha ha! All's well that ends well! Thanks to the goose and Detective Schmaluigi, it looks like we dealt with that threat with minimal casualties.

What happened to my partner in justice was a tragedy to be sure... but at least I can take solace in the fact that justice has been served in this town, once and for all.

Now, I've got to get going, so this is where we part ways. But if you ever need a champion of justice to come running to help you, you know where to find me. And remember...

In justice we trust!



Charlie Brown

y is loogi sadd?? plese halp himn
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Honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk!


Man, that whole mafia gig was, like, totally wack, bro. I was sooo duped out, man, like it was straight stupid how those jerks messed us up like that. But yo, we turned that baby around man! We like totally styled on them! That Shmaluigi dude and Fulbright, man, you guys rock! And all my inno homies, you da real ones. Like, I totally made a miss by droppin' on my powers, but it turned out straight cuz' I confirmed the fuzz and he caught 'em, man! Totally rad!

Wuzzat, you wonderin' what happened to my fancy talk? Oh yeh, I'm past that, man, straight dropped that into a well man! Didn't mean to do that, my bad, but now I got this here SOCK! We groovin' up here in this joint!

But yeah, I'm bouta head out, gotta go up and chill with the fam down south. The ocean, man, can't resist it, I, like, got this feelin' like I gotta fly out there... But for real, I ain't gonna forget you peeps, the memories of this happenin' are, like, totally gonna be *cough* imprinted upon the deepest corners of my recollections forever more until the very day I breath my last *cough*. Oh sorry bout that man, something musta jammed up my throat there for a straight sec. Anyways I gotta get goin'!

Adieu and farewell! *COUGH* I mean, later skaters!
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