Super Mario Boards Mafia 2021: Rogues in Rogueport - Lounge Thread

Waluigi Time

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Alright, time for my closing thoughts.

I really had a blast playing this game. Lots of good discussion and engagement, all around it was a great time. I can easily say this is the most fun I've had on the Boards. Special thanks to @Rowlf the Dog for helping all of us newbies learn good gameplay, and of course to @Dimitri A. Blaiddyd for taking the time to organize this whole thing.

I'd also like to give a shoutout to @Alex95 for that final gambit. If nothing else, it made the cop reveal a heck of a lot more interesting than it would've been otherwise, and it was without a doubt the highlight of the game for me. Props to @Hooded Pitohui as well for the excellent roleplay.

My suggestions for the future would be what I've already said elsewhere, cut the night phase in half and remove the Ms. Mowz role - I obviously appreciated the extra help but it's probably a little too broken.

Either way, this was a great experience and I hope to see more mafia games here in the future. Shmaluigi has more work for him, after all!

Glitz Yoshi

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After some time, Cat Glitz Yoshi started to twitch. The blue on him seem to crack, as if it had been paint. Then, came out a red Cat Glitz Yoshi out of the blue paint.
Cat Glitz Yoshi (Red).png
: "You thought I was finished? Nope. I'm still alive. And thanks to you, I can be my true color now. Speaking of colors. Here is the full line up of all of the Cat Glitz Yoshis."
Cat Glitz Yoshi (Green).pngCat Glitz Yoshi (Red).pngCat Glitz Yoshi (Blue).pngCat Glitz Yoshi (Orange).png Cat Glitz Yoshi (Pink).pngCat Glitz Yoshi (Black).pngCat Glitz Yoshi (White).png
Cat Glitz Yoshi (Red).png: "Anyways. Back to my thoughts on the game. It was really fun. I thought it would of been pawsible to win. That is, up until Waluigi said 3 people where innocent and then I realized that this was a losing game for the mafia. 2 cops are OP. We could have done better if we had what is called a godfather, that is, someone that would of been innocent under a cop check. That would probably have balanced it out more. Though, it could been even just one. Also to note, if I had convinced Alex and HP to remove Waluigi Time from the game instead of convincing them of Goombuigi (on Night 2), then this game wouldn't have been losing for the mafia. Also, if I knew the doctor would protect themselves, I probably would have gotten rid of Waluigi Time that night and convince the others to get rid of Andrew for at least one mislynch. Even if it would of been minor at that point. Speaking of getting rid of Andrew, had he claimed to be a doctor at all, I would have also claimed to be a doctor. I already had planned that situation. I would of said that I protected Trab, Duck, Luigi 64DD, and Shmaluigi. And in the above mentioned, myself could of been added. And I somewhat enjoy trying to see how far I would make it as mafia. But, the mafia knows who the mafia are and are just trying to not get lynched. Oh. And that Red Yoshi I was talking about. In actuality, I am he, if you haven't noticed. Anyways. Now that I have been mafia, I feel like I can make a mafia game. I already had this one idea of a mafia being on the Comet Observatory and calling it Space Mafia. I read on the Among Us Wiki of it's Space Mafia name. So, that is where the idea came from. And that's all I have to say. (pulls out a button) Copper later."

And Cat Glitz Yoshi hits the button and teleports away.


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I may be dead, but this was overall a great time! I've never played a forum Mafia game before, so this was a fun experience. Might pop into more games later, should they happen.

For suggested changes, echoing Waluigi Time on the use of two role-reveal roles, and also two bulletproof roles. Seems a little too much, either just one of both or limit them more. Give the Mafia a chance, yo.
idk about shorter days, I think 48 hours was enough time to work out cases, shortening if need be, and NS was on top of things to keep the game running smoothly.

And I want to point out again that Mafia is a role play game, not just strictly role play. While I liked seeing everyone's efforts to stay in character and having fun, it definitely detracted from the game when used by those that were more unfamiliar with how this process worked at points, adding irrelevant characters and scenarios that otherwise would not have worked in a game like this. Shoutouts to Revin, Waluigi Time, Pitohui, and Luigi 64DD for their excellent displays and creativity, however.

Additionally, as this is a game, it works best when all players are active. I'm not going to say don't sign up, but please be more aware of the events happening in something you signed up to participate in.

All in all, fantastic game, a lot of fun, and thanks for playing!

Rowlf the Dog

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this was a fun game! i've said in other venues, and as many have said here, the rolebalancing needs some work, but as far as the actual running of the game went, NS handled everything quite well! i really enjoyed the discussions we had in the first three day phases, it made for good gameplay and i'm sure will be fun to look back on when reading through it again. i wanna give a special shoutout to the mafia team for doing so well despite how much things were stacked against them. if there hadn't been the double combo of wt and l64dd clearing three people each, i think that alex, pito and ytssm could have made it a lot further into the game, and maybe even won.

this is probably the first game i've played where almost everyone was roleplaying in addition to normal gameplay, and while i do share concerns about people not quite getting how to play, i think it was a fun addition that makes for a more interesting playing and reading experience, so shoutouts to all the folks who put together some really nice, fun roleplays!

as a final note, i've said this elsewhere, but i'm planning on hosting my own mafia game probably sometime around april, depending on a few scheduling concerns. i'm putting it out there now so that people can be aware and hopefully get excited, as well as making sure there's advance warning for anyone else who is now thinking of hosting games so that there's less potential schedule conflict. i hope you'll look forward to it!

Charlie Brown

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Whew, it's about time I won a mafia game again! The last one I won was my first mafia game Awards Mafia 6 in 2017 (not that there's been a whole ton in between)! This is the first time I've won while actually still alive though, so that's pretty great.

Overall I had a fun time! Good efforts from the mafia, and yeeeeaaah, me and WT clearing half of the players was a bit rough, but hey, part of that was just good luck on the innocents side and bad luck on the mafia side.

Fun fact: when I was choosing the three players to check night 1, I chose Waluigi Time and Goombuigi but couldn't quite decide between two choices for the last. I kid you not, I literally rolled a die to choose between Linus and Trab. If it had happened to land on Trab, then the check would have came back mafia, meaning I would have to figure out if WT, Goombuigi or Trab was the mafia out of those three. Given how WT was almost voted off day 1, the game could have gone very differently if the dice roll had given a different result (I also would have had my power longer!).

Anyway, roleplaying was cool in this game, a bit unusual for mafia but it mostly worked out here. Kudos to Revin, Pitohui, Alex, WT, and Goombuigi for their in-depth roleplays. And same to the people with slightly simpler rps like Yoshi the SSM, Blueberry, Linus, etc. I still appreciated those even if you didn't type out long in-character paragraphs!

Yeah, so it was a lot of fun getting back into mafia. I even have a couple ideas for games now. Not gonna commit or anything yet but it's worth considering... Good job hosting this NS and I look forward to the future revitalization of mafia on this site!

Glitz Yoshi

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
So a dice decided that you got Linus. I guess the dice decided that you needed to clear Linus after he used his bulletproof. Yeah. It was Linus on Night 1 and Blitz on Night 3 where there were no bodies found. Blitz could of been night 2, but I convince them of Goombuigi.