Super Mario Boards Mafia 2021: Rogues in Rogueport - Lounge Thread

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Rogueport is a nasty place, eh? With many thieves hanging out in the corner stealing the poor people who are passing by. While it is something that has become normal for residents of Rogueport, some rather grotesque things have been happening there for a few days which shocks the population. A member of the Pianta Syndicate has been found dead, the palm tree torn from his head! A member of the Robbo Thieves whose spear pierced his heart, and now, a poor Toad who visited the place was also found dead. After some research, it turns out that a gang of unidentified rogues belonging neither to the Pianta Syndicate from the west side, or to the Robbo Thieves from the east side are believed to be behind these murders and that they would seek to take control of the area. Enough is enough! Many residents from Rogueport alongside Ishnail and Don Pianta decided to form a group to identify the culprits and execute them in order to restore peace once and for all.

Will they be able to save Rogueport from those filthy rogues?

Welcome to Super Mario Boards Mafia 2021: Rogues in Rogueport. I am Ninja Squid, and I will serve as your host. This mafia game is intended to be simple enough for newcomers to join in so no maps, special items or whatever shenanigans, but will contain some interesting roles to make it a bit more fun. So, in this mafia game, expect to see some regular roles, such as the mafia, the villagers, a cop, a doctor, and some special roles such as Ishnail and Don Pianta who will be one-shot bulletproofs, or Ms. Mowz and her unmatched flair.

I will be looking for at least 14 players, with a maximum of 24 players. So if you want to participate, I will expect you to be active enough in order to keep the game going smoothly.

The goal of this mafia game is pretty simple. If you are a villager (or a green role), you must eliminate all of the mafia players. If you are a mafia player, you must eliminate all of the villagers (or green roles).

Villager - No specific role during the night.
Bandit (Mafia) - During each night phase, the mafia consults and chooses a player to eliminate.
Merlon (Cop) - During the night phase, the cop will have the opportunity to know the identity of a player of their choice.
Zess T. (Doctor) - During the night phase, the doctor will have the opportunity to immunize a player against the mafia.
Ishnail and Don Pianta (One-shot Bulletproof) - The mafia will have to kill them twice if they want to get rid of Ishnail and Don Pianta. This immunity does not work against the day phase vote.
Toad Bros. Thriff T. and Plenn T. - Villager players. The two players with the Toad Bros. role will always vote for the same option during the day phase. During the night phase, they are able to communicate.
Ms. Mowz - During the night phase, the player with the Ms. Mowz role will be able to know if one of the three players they select are a member of the mafia (they won't know what their specific roles are, but only if one of them is a mafia player). If none of them are, they will lose that power and will act as a villager for the rest of the game.

Once the game is set to start, the procedures of the day phase and night phase will be revealed to you. For now, let's make sure they are enough players who are interested in participating. If you have any questions, or suggestions, please let me know!

1. Trab Pu Kcip
2. Hooded Pitohui (Mayumi Joutouguu)
3. Reverse Input
4. Goombuigi
5. Power Flotzo (PF + Bowser's Fury)
6. Andrew
7. Blitz
8. Yoshi the SSM
9. Waluigi Time
10. Alex95
11. Amoeba
12. BlueBerryBlue
13. Linus van Pelt
14. Luigi 64DD

1. The Green Knight
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Trab Pu Kcip

Melon and Gravy go together.
I'm fairly active, I can check in every day, so In.

Addam Origo

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Alright folks, looking at how the sign-ups is going so far, I must say that I am impressed with how fast this went. There's still two spots left for the minimum players that I needed, so with that said, I think I can go ahead with a deadline for sign-ups and thus avoid this game of falling out of relevance. If everything is going well, I can assure you that it will happen.

Take note that if you are unsure of how this game is working, please just let me know, it will be my pleasure to help you along the way. After all, this is supposed to be a fun experience for everyone.

The deadline for sign-ups will be January 29th at 11:59 PM EST.

Charlie Brown

y is loogi sadd?? plese halp himn
Poll Committee
I'd like to order a sign-up please. Extra crispy~

Addam Origo

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Alrighty folks, we have just reached the minimum number required, and you all know what this mean. The Super Mario Boards Mafia 2021: Rogues to Rogueport is happening! Thank you so much for your participation!

Now take note that the deadline for sign-ups will stay in place for January 29th at 11:59 PM EST, so if other folks here still want to take part of this mafia game, there is still time left.

For every players, once the sign-ups deadline is over, I will put the preparations in motion so that we can start this mafia game as soon as possible. That mean, sending your roles, and opening necessary threads and group chat. So, make sure to say tune!

Glitz Yoshi

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Ah. Purrfect. I can't wait to get started. Yes, I did purr. I had an idea of being a cat in the avatar before this came out. But now, the purrfect idea came. An idea to be a TTYD character, but also a cat. A thing that can be my avatar, but also be what I roleplay as, no matter if I am villager or mafia. Who am I?
Cat Glitz Yoshi (Black).png
I am Cat Glitz Yoshi. Or Cat Mini-Yoshi, as that is the name of the article on the Mario Wiki but without cat in the name. In either case, I am the Yoshi partner from TTYD. And black was chosen for this post because of being somewhat mysterious. I have all of the seven colors of Cat Glitz Yoshi done, so I can chose which color to have.

Sven Svennson.

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It seems Yoshi the SSM has made his own character for the game, so are we allowed to do that?
If so, I'll show mine.
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Sven Svennson.

Time to shine, baby!
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Yes, absolutely! You can roleplay during this game if you want to.

In that case, I'm being a Poison Blooper. I think it makes sense because the poison looks like blueberry jam and I think the character design is very nice indeed. His name is Blueper.

He'd also have a blue bowtie, but I don't know how to edit images.

Addam Origo

Lord of Aletta
Core 'Shroom Staff
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Sign-ups are now closed!

Thank you to everyone who sign-up to participate in this mafia game. Your roles will be incoming, as well as the official game thread. Look forward to it! This thread will now serve as the lounge thread.