World of the Spirits


The name's Matz Lunne!
(You had it coming, why wouldn’t I start a Smash RP?)

Here’s the Wiki, if you wanna check!

Welcome to the World of the Spirits!

1. No godmodding.
2. You can add your dream Smash Bros. characters.
3. Don’t kill/revive other people’s characters without permission.
4. Don’t make characters OP.
5. Since this is Smash, fighting is a key part, albeit it isn’t always necessary in Story Arcs.
6. Since Smash has Miis, you can use OCs as a replacement.

With that out of the way, I’ll start!


*Kirby crash-lands in a hill in the Spirit Realm alongside Mario and Link who escaped from Galeem’s attack*

Kirby: Poyo...
Mario: What was that thing?!
Link: I don’t know!
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