BLJ through Space-Time


I am 5 parallel universes diagonal to you
Parallel universes exist everywhere...
Observe them all!
Each universe has a number in the MCaRC (Multiverse Contingency and Regulation Corporation), starting from 1 and going up.

1. Be nice, no godmodding.
2. Only one universe per person.
3. Each universe's story has to either focus on, or contain to some degree, a :mario::luigi:.
4. Number your universe in order with the others.
5. Crossovers and adventures in MCaRC-0 are permitted and encouraged! But no ruining other people's arcs.

Taken Universes:
MCaRC NumberStory Arc NameSummary
Multiversal Void​
The void between multiverses, where places like the MCaRC Center and Starlight City make their home.
MCaRC-1The Origin World Universe of canon Nintendo stuff, where all other multiverses splinter off from.
MCaRC-2The Car WashHome to the multiverse-famous Mushroom City Car Wash and its many stories.
MCaRC-3Wash in the CityHome to New Donk City Car Wash and the adventures that play out within.