Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

I'm glad that Mario Kart Arcade GP gave no explanation as to how Mario characters got into Pac-Land, and I'm hoping that this game gives no explanation on how they're gettin' into Mobius/Planet Freedom/whatever it's called. (Although I'm pretty sure this actually takes place in Beijing... Oh no, now they're going to Earth.) Anywho, Mario'd fit into Green Hill Zone great, but recent Sonic games... No. I'm beginning to think that I'll just have to wait and see if I like this one or not.
List of characters I want to see

Mario's team: Mario,Luigi,Yoshi,Wario,Bowser,Princess Peach,Waluigi,King Boo,Bowser Jr.(maybe).

Sonic's team: Sonic,Knuckles,Tails,Dr.Eggman,Rouge,Shadow,Silver,Amy,Metal Sonic
I'm really just kidding... Honestly, I'm impossible to please when it comes to Sonic. May top five favorite Sonic characters are:

1. Miles/Tails/Whatever
2. Buzzbomber
3. Uncle Chuck
4. Rob O' the Hedge
5. Moto Bug

...So Tails is the only non-Badnik or game character on there. This post, as well as my last to this topic, may very well be deleted as spam.
:0 You have 553 posts! One more than my favorite number! Anyway, the only way this game will be good is if Miyamoto makes Sonic Team make it good.
Sonic Team has been acting weird lately. I don't like their new games, so I may very well not like this one. I hope they do better... (BUT I CAN STILL GET TO LABYRINTH ZONE ACT 2 HAHAHA U CANT IM SO MUCH MORE SUPERIOREST MWAHAHA)
Yeah... I kinda like Sonic. There's so much character development and interaction; I wish Mario could have more of that. Tails is in every mainframe Sonic game; we haven't seen Luigi in a mainframe Mario game since... Super Mario World 2...

EDIT: Well, NSMB... But still, zero interaction.
Sonic and Mario don't mix >_>
I think the spinoff they chose is the best way to mix the two. Both of them in a canonical game... *ducks further into bed*
I think that was his point. I don't know why everyone's worrying so much, if it's good, great, if it's bad, oh well. Another crossover/flop.

And I like Sonic Team, but I don't like the new direction they seem to be heading in. They need to pull a NSMB on us and have Sonic return to his roots. I don't think that ALL of the recent Sonic games sucked, but there could have been much more effort (particularly control-wise).
I LOVE eight and sixteen-bit Sonic games. If only Sonic Team would return to them; then I'd be more comfortable with this...
Yeah, the story now go like this:'Ahhh, Eggman is doing something evil! Owwwww, a new lame character that will never appear again is joining us! Oh NO! It was not Eggman but rather (insert random badguy here). Ahhh, the chaos emeral are conveneliently placed there so we can transform into our super form! Oh no, Shadow have dissapeared, will we ever see him again????????"